Friday, February 23, 2007

Creating A Cult Like Following

By JK Ellis
Author of Mind Control 101

Friday, February 23, 2007

Recently I was contacted by a very successful Internet marketer who asked me what I would suggest to someone who wanted to create a cult-like following.

This is right down my ally so I gave him some very good advice that he couldn't wait to put into action but the question got me thinking. What steps are there for anyone who wants people to want his/her attention and wisdom?

The result are 10 ways to build a cult-like following. Of course each one of them could be a book in itself but here goes.

1. Initiation vs. Instruction

There is a marked difference between learning by instruction and learning by initiation.

Most people give instruction. This is nothing more than stating facts and teach processes. Any good teacher does that as well as most bad ones.

Learning by initiation is about creating an experience that makes the learning personal and visceral to the student. A good example of that is the 1984 movie “The Karate Kid” . On the one hand you have the macho western karate instructor who taught his students by instruction in a skill 'n' drill process. On the other hand you have the character played by Pat Marito who says that he will teach Ralph Macchios' character karate in exchange for doing chores. But the chores must be done in a certain way “This way wax on. This way wax off.” Only later does the young hero find out that there was a method to his instructors madness and when he figured it out it made complete sense to him as if struck by a lightening bolt.

There are many things that you could simply tell someone and they would intellectually understand but they wouldn't “get it” as an insight. They would only see it as information. The result is that they may use it or they may not.

Teaching by initiation means holding back on simply telling what the student wants to know and instead provide an experience where the student “gets it” on their own.

The subjective experience of the student is that the lesson is much more valuable because 1) they had to work for it and 2) it is felt more personally.

2. Being Accessible

Someone once told me that “There are no long lines for the guru at the bottom of the hill.”

Making yourself scarce adds perceived value but it also distances you from the masses. If you want a cult-like following you need access to the masses otherwise you're just an ivory tower wannabe.

There is an ingenious compromise.

Be accessible as a person but present your knowledge and wisdom as being rare, expensive, mysterious, and only for those who are truly ready for it.

This compromise allows you to build deep personal bonds with people yet have them want more or your presence... as well as be willing to pay for it.

Keep in mind that one cult leader, 2000 years ago, would speak to anyone who would listen but he granted his most sacred attention to his 12 closest disciples.

You can add to this compromise by having “special times” when you are not accessible to anyone. You can tell people that you are meditating, or doing your “spiritual practice” but you don't have to say anything. It's the mystery of why you are absent that you want to cultivate.

3. Imply Secret Knowledge

The role of simply remaining calm and silent will recur again in this essay so I can't understate it. Here is where silence is worth a 1000 words. Saying things like “Hmmm... There are 100 possible solutions to that within your own mind.” and nothing else implies things that you know and that they should know.

4. Remaining calm as if all-knowing

Any sharp change in your emotional state, with the exception of joy and laughter, should be minimized. Any leader/teacher who goes on an angry rant is demonstrating their own lack of control. If you truly have control it should be demonstrated by an unshakable calm as if everything is happening just as you knew it would.

I've always remembered that the scariest martial artist are the ones that don't talk or threaten... they calmly do what they have to do and walk away.

5. Create a detached involvement as if “you” are in a “higher place”

In doing this people will look to you as if there is something more to you than your mere physical presence.

6. Connect deeply with the individual

Here rapport is vital. When you are with people you need to put aside all of your distractions, obligations and problems to focus completely on the person or people you to whom you are speaking.

7. “Chunk Up” whenever possible

This may be a bit abstract to grasp but it's important to creating an appeal because it forces people to think in bigger terms. When you do consistently if gives the impression that you are always thinking bigger than them.

“Chunking Up” is an NLP term that means referring to something that contains what is spoken about as a subset . It can also refer to something that controls or has a larger reach than the topic at hand.

As an example when a person asks “Do you enjoy adult beverages?” a chunked up response would be “There are many adult pleasures I enjoy.” Here, “beverages” is a subset of “pleasures”.

Another example : Statement: “I'll go with you if you promise to control yourself.” Response “I have no intention of controlling how much I enjoy myself.” Here “control” is a subset of “Enjoyment”.

8. Always allude to the mysterious

This can be done by doing the opposite of name dropping. Refer to a very skilled person you learned from who doesn't normally take students. Mention an arcane text that describes a mysterious process you went through. Mention it took you ten years of study to read between the lines and find the real meaning to the work.

9. God-Like Confidence

Here is where the work of Blair Warren in “The Worlds Greatest Cult” really comes in handy. He describes what's called “The God Complex” which encompasses many of the concepts discussed here.

The God Complex is a great example of “chunking up” because it's about seeing EVERYTHING that can possibly happen as if it's all part of the plan and being okay with it.

The God Complex is about having such a larger view of the world and your place in it so that what you are doing, this very moment , regardless of what transpires will be as if it was meant to you be.

The bottom line is that people are going to judge and criticize you; you'll have deal with money and security issues; relationships will change... no matter what. The God Complex includes all of that in a philosophy that allows you to deal with it in a healthy perspective.

10. Appeal to peoples needs and wants

A deep understanding about what people truly respond to is vital if you want to influence anyone. Each individual has their own wants and needs that you have keep in the forefront of your mind.

Good NLP training will help you with that.

People will also respond to the same basic needs being fulfilled; the need to be needed, the need for hope in a tough time, the need to feel in control, the need blame something else for their troubles, the need to learn about something they don't know or not supposed to know.


The desire for a cult-like following has many benefits and many responsibilities. The hardest of the responsibilities is simply living up to what you are presenting to people. For that reason I always recommend that you live what you teach.

JK Ellis is the author of Mind Control 101: How to Influence the Thoughts of Others Without Them Knowing or Caring

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Portal To The Fourth Dimension

The Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings of Andrew Cohen

A Portal to the Fourth Dimension
One of the many miraculous functions of meditation is that it is a portal to a different dimension. When you go deeply into the meditative state, your awareness detaches itself from the thought-stream. Your identification with emotion, memory, time, and body begins to fall away. You become aware of something very mysterious. Imagine that you have been fast asleep in a small dark chamber, and then you suddenly awaken to find yourself floating in the infinite depth of a vast peaceful ocean. You have literally become aware of a fourth dimension, whereas before you experienced yourself as being trapped, a prisoner of your body, mind, and emotions. When you awaken to this fourth dimension, all sense of confinement disappears. You feel that you have access to the whole universe and also to that which the universe exists within. You're aware of body, mind, time, and space, but there's another dimension that extends in all directions, unlimited by any of it. Meditation is the portal to this fourth dimension, a door to the realization of limitlessness.

Why is this experience significant? Because the infinite context you awaken to is not just a quiet place inside your own head. It is a deeper dimension of reality itself. Life, death, and everything in between, reality as a whole—the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, all that ever was and ever could be—is made up of both the manifest and the unmanifest. But most of the time all we are aware of is the manifest dimension, the domain of time and space and becoming. Meditation will give you the direct, conscious experience of the unmanifest dimension, which is the ground of being itself.

The ground of being is empty. It is an objectless, timeless, spaceless, thoughtless void. But everything that exists has come from this no-place, including you and me. Paradoxically, while empty, this no-place is pregnant with infinite, unborn potential. It is the ground we all emerge from, the womb of the entire universe. When something came from nothing, 14 billion years ago, the nothing did not disappear. That unmanifest unborn dimension is the ever-present ground out of which everything is arising in every moment. And meditation allows you to know this ground within your own experience. Even in the awareness of the body and the movement of thought, beneath it all, in the state of meditation, you become conscious of a current of stillness that is the echo and the reflection of the ground of being. There is a great mystery there. In the infinite depth of that emptiness there arises a knowing, a pure knowing itself that seems to answer all our questions and relieve us of all our existential doubts.

Whenever we journey far enough beyond the conditioned mind—beyond thought, beyond form, beyond time—we will always discover this same mystery. That is why we meditate, so we can awaken to the instantaneously liberating nature of the ground of being. The more profound our experience of the ground of being, the more we begin to emanate that mysterious knowing which is enlightened consciousness itself.

Andrew Cohen

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Shifting The Assemblage Point

Enlightenment by Point of View... Shifting Your Assemblage Point Towards a More Resonate View
By Yari

Enlightenment is the ability to consciously connect to a certain quality of light or energy and to be able to channel that for yourself at will. This is done by hooking one's energy body up to those source rays of light or energy.

I use the term Point of View (POV) in a similar way that Don Juan in the Castaneda books used the term Assemblage Point. At any moment in time we are at a certain POV, which is the sum total of our sensory perception, subtle impressions, thoughts, and emotions at that moment. All spiritual practices are methods of teaching us how to shift our POV to that of a more radiant and resonate POV. Every spiritual tradition has its own favorite POV's. The practices they teach are devices used to obtain these POV's. Mantras, mudras, meditation, movements are all such devices. They only work if they are done with intent to connect. They don't work at all when they have become a boring routine or when they are engaged into with a defeatist attitude. If you are doing your practice because you "should" do it, rather than because you want to do it, it certainly will not work for you. This is why I am pessimistic about methods that focus on the quantity rather than the quality of relationship to the practice. You can chant a certain mantra a million times and it won't help you at all if your attitude towards chanting it is wrong.

I recently heard a meditation teacher state that after 20-some years of meditation he doesn't feel that he is any more radiant--only perhaps more peaceful. Peaceful is OK but if you want to tap into the pure delight of divine radiance at will, well there is no reason you can't. And there is no reason it has to take 20 years. My point being, if something is not working for you, don't keep banging your head against the wall. Try other methods.

Some people are afraid of becoming a basket case or some sort of blissful zombie if they are find a method to tap into radiance. This fear is unfounded. You can be in your ordinary state all day long--even hold a mean and nasty POV, and if you are able to tap into that source that feeds your soul whenever you want to, well let's just say then "you have arrived". You are in effect a shapeshifter. You don't have to be able to change your physical form to be a shapeshifter, just your energetic form.

You can easily shift your POV with psychotropic drugs, but these experiences will not help you have control for yourself, in your normal state. They will give you a taste of what is possible at the far end of the POV scale--an end you probably have little reason to visit, although I am personally not against experiencing these, as long as it doesn't become a habit to use drugs.

The following is a task to start learning to consciously shift your POV: First find a person that can exude radiance. You know what I mean, one of those really shiny, glowing people that can warm you up with a smile. Even if you cringe when you meet this type of person, just hear me out. This is a "stalking" task so drop your judgements and try it. When I say "stalking" I do not mean it in the sense of "search out, follow, and destroy". I mean it in the sense of "search out and find" for a positive, specific purpose.

Where will you find this type of person? I suggest you look in a spiritual study group. I suggest this because you will find that people in these types of groups are at their glowing best. You will have enough contact with them on a regular basis to complete your task but you won't have so much contact with them that you see them at their worst. It doesn't matter what religion or tradition the group is connected to. You are not there for the teachings. Don't look for smart people--this is not an intellectual exercise. The person you are looking for can be of quite low intelligence and still know how to exude radiance. Maybe they don't know what they are doing and cannot really control their own POV, but as long as they can hold it long enough for you to get a fix on their energetic print, it's long enough.

If the study group seems intellectually childish to you, all the better. You won't then get lost in the mental realm and risk losing the focus of your task. Don't stalk a guru or leader of any kind for this task. In fact, it is better if the person you are stalking is younger and without any type of authority at all. Children are sometimes good for this, but since their POV's are usually out of control, it is better to find a young adult. Also don't use a study group connected with your own religion for this. Find one you are unfamiliar with and where you don't know anyone. This means go to the group alone. If you want to learn to shift your POV, you must stretch beyond your habitual comfort zone.

Now when you find this person treat her or him with the utmost respect. Do not be energetically, or in any other way, condescending. That means don't push down on her energy field. The POV you hold towards him is something like "alert and observant appreciation." Address her often by his name and look at her as though he is a precious golden egg--your golden egg that you can never possess. Imagine that this golden egg is very fragile and if you do anything to crack it, even a tiny crack, you lose. Don't play games, don't trick or try to possess him. Don't befriend her. God forbid don't seduce him. The exercise will be ruined if you do this. Treat this person as though if you make a single wrong move towards her, everything you are trying for will be destroyed and you will have to start over again with a different group. That means be careful and don't lose sight of the task goal.

Now that you have found him, feel what her energy body feels like. Feel that sort of glowing, radiant, joyful feeling. Now make your own energy body feel like that. Let his energetic field seep into your energetic field just enough so that you can match hers. You are in fact copying his on an energetic level. But don't take anything from her. Be sure you don't allow yourself to take on his mannerisms in this process--you are not becoming her. This exercise functions on a very subtle level.

Have you ever gone to spiritual groups where the teacher has certain distinct mannerisms, modes of expression, and voice inflections and you notice that certain students have taken these on? This is an example of this type of exercise that has gone too far. Don't lose your identity in this. This is one reason I don't suggest finding a teacher for this task.

Let's say you wake in the morning and you feel basically bad. Maybe you had bad dreams or you just have a habit of waking up in the "feeling bad POV". Now lie in your bed and focus on what a luxury it is to be able to lie in bed. What a blessing to be able to take a few moments to lie there and enjoy it. Feel how good the mattress and the sheets feel. Put one hand on your navel and the other on your heart. This creates a circuit for energy flow. Focus on your heart as you breath in, and your navel as you breath out. Do this for a minute or two. Now imagine your golden egg person. There he is near you (not in bed with you!) just close enough so you can feel her energy. Now let your own energy becomes like his; not in any sort of invasive way, but with total delicacy and respect. If you have a hard time with this, try colors. Imagine she is there and his aura is blue. Now make your aura blue. Imagine her aura is yellow. Now make yours yellow, etc. Don't force anything, just allow it to be so and let yourself completely enjoy the allowing of it being so. Whatever you do, don't turn this into any kind of sexual fantasy. If you do, you lose.

In this practice you are exercising the flexibility of your POV. You cannot shift if you are not flexible. This should be obvious, but it is amazing how many people take a rigid POV when they are doing their spiritual practice. They are the "serious practitioners" who know somehow they will never make it in this life. Didn't everyone always tell them it takes lifetimes? These types even take perverse pride in thinking how difficult the path is that they have undertaken. Well the good news is that it doesn't have to take lifetimes, or even a single lifetime, or even more then a moment. Just do it. Your energy body already knows how. Just allow it to be the case.

In this exercise you are practicing shifting your own POV to be very close to that of someone else--a powerful practice. You can also do it with animals, plants, even rivers or rocks--it is just easier with people.

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Life Is But A Dream

by Paul Levy

When you begin to spiritually awaken, it is like waking up inside of a dream and recognizing that everything you are experiencing is nothing other than a very convincing projection, or display of your mind. The boundary between inner and outer, between dreaming and waking starts to dissolve, and you begin to realize that the same dreaming mind that is dreaming your dreams at night is dreaming your life. You realize that there is a Deeper Dreaming Self that is having a dream and we are it!

This Deeper Dreaming Self is active in us at all times and is continually seeking to express it itself. If we recognize the dreaming process that is happening right now, we can step into it and help it unfold consciously. It will activate our own inherent process of awakening and reconnect us with ourselves.

It is as though there is a dream that is trying to be dreamt through each and all of us -- both individually and collectively. The universe is seen as a field not separate from and through which this deeper, dreaming process is continually expressing it itself.

Recognizing the deeper dream, or archetypal myth that we have been unconsciously acting out in our waking life reconnects us not only with the deeper ground of the psyche but also with other people, as everybody is seen to be fellow actors in a divine drama. It takes one's life out of a purely personal framework and gives it a deeper sense of meaning, which makes suffering so much more bearable.

When you begin to awaken to the dream-like nature of things you realize that waking reality doesn't exist in the way you thought it did, as something separate from you. Saying it is a dream, your own projection, reflection, etc. is the same thing as saying it is nothing other than your own mind appearing in a convincing, externalized display. Everything that happens is seen to be the unmediated expression of your mind, which you now understand can just as easily express it itself in outer events as it does in inner feelings, dreams or intuitions.

This is related to Jung's idea of synchronicity, those "meaningful coincidences," where an inner situation gets mirrored through an outer event. They are examples of where there is a fissure in reality and one gets a chance to glimpse the underlying unity.

By saying that our waking reality is some sort of a dream, which is the same thing as saying that it is a projection of your mind, the implication is that how you view it actually effects how it appears. This is very clear in lucid dreaming, where the dream is realized to be the unmediated manifestation of your mind.

Once you realize this, you don't become conditioned by, and react to, the reflections as something solid, real, and autonomous (as a kitten would looking in a mirror), you just recognize them as your own energy appearing externally. Your relationship to the universe changes dramatically.

Waking reality is seen to be a manifestation of "something deeper," just like the rays of the sun are the manifestation of the sun. In the same way that the rays are not separate from the sun, but rather are a perfect expression of it, waking reality is not separate from this "something deeper" but is it itself a perfect expression of it.

The question then becomes: what would you do if you did wake up in THIS dream and recognize that IT was all your own mind? How would you dream it on if you were to have this realization? Imagine that there are all these other people in your dream who are so asleep that it is as though they have fallen under an enchantment. They've gotten absorbed into the dream and have become so identified with their roles that they literally have forgotten who they are. They are truly suffering a case of mistaken identity. And they're all just aspects of you.

It is like your task is to try and wake up parts of yourself that have fallen asleep. How you do this is totally up to you; it is the ultimate creative challenge. In essence you are figuring out a way to wake yourself up, to break the spell you have fallen under.

As the Deeper Dreaming Self, we are always dreaming each other up in exactly the role that is needed. It is an amazing realization when you discover that we can't help but play the role that other people have dreamt up for us.

For example, you, as the Deeper Dreaming Self (your True Self) have dreamt up this article right now -- at this very moment. And I, of course, by writing it, effortlessly stepped right into playing and fulfilling exactly the role you dreamt up for me. Even to say that someone else stepped into a role that you dreamt up for them is to say too much. As it is all just you. There is no one else.

It is exactly as if you were having a dream and into your dream walked a dream character who was having an awakening (he has become lucid in "his" dream). Let's make it even more real than that, let's imagine that this dream character expressed himself by sending you an article such as this. Who is this dream character other than the awake part of yourself? He knows that he's being dreamt by something deeper. He is a mirror, a reflection, a manifestation of the awake part of you.

It is also no accident that he has delivered this article into your dream; he is trying to engage you. It is your own awakeness appearing in seemingly separate, externalized form. It is clearly your own projection, something you've thrown out of yourself. And it is trying to step back into you. Or better yet, you're trying to step back into yourself. It is a situation that you, as the Deeper Dreaming Self, have clearly dreamt up.

This dream character realizes that the "I" who he thought he was, including the body that he's been identifying with all this time, is not only not who he is, but is itself being dreamt by "something deeper" -- what I call the "Deeper Dreaming Self." Becoming lucid means that he's recognized his true identity with the Deeper Dreaming Self, which is dreaming the entire dream.

This is the same thing as saying that he has recognized his unity with the entire dream, which is realized to be nothing other than the manifestation, or expression of the Deeper Dreaming Self, not separate from it in one iota. Just like the waves of the ocean are not separate from, and are the expression or manifestation of the ocean. It is as if one wave discovered that it was one with the entire ocean, and hence, with all waves. Nothing has to be added, one just discovers an already existing fact.

This awakening dream character has had an expansion of identity from a skin-encapsulated ego, or separate self -- which experiences it itself as being disconnected from the rest of the dreamscape -- to a larger, much more all-embracing identity, which recognizes that the dream is nothing other than a very convincing display of his true nature. This is analogous to having an archetypal death/rebirth experience.

Our dream character also realizes that he can consciously step into this universal dream that we all are sharing and help it unfold. He can help co-create and co-dream the dream to its highest unfolding, whatever and wherever that may be. When he realizes his identity with the Deeper Dreaming Self, he also recognizes that everybody else has the same Deeper Dreaming Self. He realizes that there is just one Deeper Dreaming Self and it is not only his own True Self, but it is the True Self for everyone. He understands that he's not even the slightest bit special, as everybody else is in the same condition, but they just haven't recognized it yet.

At the point when you understand this, is when you become that awakened dream character who can then step consciously into the next person's dream. You then become the mirrored reflection of their own awakened part. And what would you do other than to try and awaken them in as gentle, loving and creative a way as possible?

When enough people awaken to this situation, and this is simply a matter of when the Deeper Dreaming Self dreams that enough people awaken to it, we can begin to create an art happening that we can title "global awakening". This is really a question of stepping into and owning not only your negative shadow, but your positive shadow also. It becomes so easy to project your own enlightenment out there onto whatever guru. It is a question of realizing who you are, for God's sake. I would like to suggest that there is nothing stopping us from doing this right now. And not only that, I would like to further suggest that IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW and it is simply a question of recognizing it.

Don't place any limits on yourself. It is your dream, please dream it all the way, go totally far out, over every edge. If you woke up and realized that it was your dream, how would you then dream it on? Remember, I am not addressing you as the little egoistic self but as the True Self.

I would like to suggest that if you are having a genuine awakening, you have no other recourse than to let the Deeper Dreaming Self dream itself through you. The question then becomes, if we are the dream of the Self, where is this dream going?

We need to really expand our realm of possibilities and realize that we are living a historic time, maybe more amazing then if we lived in Palestine during the life of Christ. We are actually living in the time period where human beings wake up. We need to realize, to see that the universe is dreaming itself awake through us. And it takes the most visionary among us to help further the momentum of the process until it actually builds up a life of it is own, which it already has in us.

Isn’t it just a question of whether you see the situation or not? And if you do see it -- it is not a question of thinking about it but of seeing it -- then at that very moment you become an awake, responsible player in this dream drama you've found yourself in. And not just a player, but writer, director, producer and the audience, too. You begin to realize that this isn't a universe that you are just passively observing but one that you are also actively participating in and co-creating with. At this moment you step into your Bodhisattvahood, which is who we are meant to be. You realize that there is no separate "self" or "other", just "Self". Out of this awareness naturally arises genuine compassion.

Finally, you realize it is total insanity to be waiting for the Messiah to arrive. We are the Messiah.

Paul is in private practice, assisting people in their process of spiritual awakening.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sandalwood Cures HPV

The present invention provides a method for the prevention and treatment of viral-induced tumors, more specifically, human warts. The method uses sandalwood oil and/or derivatives from the sandalwood oil to prepare medicaments for the prevention and treatment of viral-induced tumors (i.e., warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV)) in humans. The method of the invention comprises the topical administration of the sandalwood oil or a composition derived therefrom to the human epidermis and/or to the genital tract as needed. The present invention is also concerned with a unique antiviral composition useful for topical application. The antiviral composition according to this invention is also effective against other DNA viruses such as the DNA pox virus that causes Molluscum contagiosum and may be effective against other DNA viruses such as AIDS virus and RNA viruses. The sandalwood oil compositions are also effective against genital warts and HPV of the genital tract and will prevent cancer of the skin and cervix.
Claim: We claim:

1. A method for the treatment of human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced tumors in a mammal, said method comprising the topical application of sandalwood oil to said mammal.

2. The method according to claim 1 wherein said (HPV)-induced tumor is selected from the group consisting of verrucae warts, plantar warts, flat warts, genital warts and Molluscum contagiosum.

3. The method according to claim 1 wherein said sandalwood oil is obtained from at least one Santalum species selected from the group consisting of S. album, S. yasi, S. papuanum and S. spicatum.

4. The method according to claim 3 wherein said sandalwood oil is in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or excipient.

5. The method according to claim 1 wherein said sandalwood oil is in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or excipient.

6. A method for the treatment of genital warts, and treatment of human papillomavirus (HPV) from the female genital tract in infected females comprising the application of a cream or a douche comprising sandalwood oil.

The present invention generally relates to prophylactic and therapeutic agents for the prevention and treatment of viral-induced tumors, such as warts. In one embodiment, the therapeutic agent is in the form of a soap, comprising naturalsandalwood oil and vegetable ingredients. More specifically, the therapeutic agent is sandalwood oil or an isolate or isolates from the sandalwood oil described herein. Use of the oil or its components as a topical agent for the prevention andtreatment of viral-induced tumors, such as human papillomavirus-induced tumors, is disclosed.


Viruses which induce tumors in mammals are widespread. Indeed, there are over sixty known types of human papillomaviruses (HPV) which are DNA viruses. These viruses can induce the production of tumors. Some of these HPV's have been associatedwith benign tumors, such as common warts, while others have been strongly implicated as etiologic agents in dysplasia and carcinomas in the oral and genital mucosa of the infected mammal.

Warts are a very common skin lesion in humans and are caused by various human papillomaviruses (DNA virus). Each virus is related to a specific clinical presentation of the wart. Warts are infectious and can be autoinoculated and spread toother individuals by direct contact.

Verrucae warts have a rough surface, are lumpy and typically flesh colored. Finger-like projections and sometimes dark specks are present, which are the result of thrombosed capillaries. Usually these warts are found on the face and scalp. Plantar warts are found on the planter surface of the feet and can be deep and painful. These warts occur singularly, in clusters or be spread over a wide area. Flat warts are typically small, flat-topped, flesh colored papules that occur primarily onthe face, hands and forearms. Usually the surface of the wart is smooth and they may appear in the hundreds. Genital warts are soft, flesh colored or slightly pigmented and occur in the genitalia of the mammal and are sexually transmitted. Chronicinfections of the viruses that cause genital warts in women are a serious problem as intra epithelial neoplasia or squamous cell carcinoma may develop. See Oski et al., Princ. Pract. Pediatrics, 2nd ed., pp. 789-790.

There are various therapies for the treatment of warts, but none are considered truly effective as they typically fail to totally cure the lesions and do not prevent recurrence. A discussion of presently accepted therapies can be found in Stone,1995, Cl. Infec. Diseases, Suppl. 20, pp. 991-997 and Sterling, 1995, Practioner, Jan. 239(1546), pp. 44-47. Numerous compositions are presently marketed for wart removal. One such product is Occlusal.RTM.-HP marketed by the GenDerm Corporationof Lincolnshire, Ill. This product is a 17% solution of salicylic acid in a polyacrylic vehicle. The Shering-Plough Company of Memphis, Tenn. produces and markets a product known as Duo Film.RTM. which is a patch containing salicylic acid. Theproduct literature recommends that the wart be washed and dried prior to the application of a medicated patch which contains 40% salicylic acid. This patch is then covered with an additional bandage and the procedure is repeated every 48 hours until thewart is gone, which sometimes takes up to 12 weeks.

Recently, it has also been observed that individuals with depressed immune systems, such as sufferers of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), are prone to HPV infections which can result in tumor growth over their entire bodies, resultingin great mental and physical distress to the afflicted individual.

Current modalities for the treatment of viral-induced tumors involve the removal of the tumor by either: (1) surgical intervention (laser or operative); (2) the application of organic acids, such as glacial acetic acid and/or salicylic acid andlactic acid to "burn" the tumor away; (3) the injection into the tumor of an anti-tumor vaccine prepared from ground tumors; and to a lesser extent, (4) the use of a drug, such as podophyllin, interferons and fluorouracil or 5-FU; and (5) freezing.

While being useful for removing the viral-induced tumor, the current treatment modalities still suffer from one or more of the following drawbacks: (1) they can result in the destruction of healthy uninfected tissue; (2) they can result inscarring and disfigurement; (3) they can result in discomfort to the mammal being treated thereby; (4) they can result in necrosis of the tumor and the surrounding tissue may can result in a secondary infection which may require treatment with anantibiotic; and (5) they do not always result in the destruction of latent viral DNA which may be maintained in surrounding tissues. Furthermore with these conventional treatments, subjects suffer from significant local, and at times, systemic sideeffects, incomplete resolution and frequent recurrences of the tumors, and of course, the expense incurred.

It is also known that phototherapy is used for removing laryngeal papillomatosis tumors. While such phototherapy reduces tumor growth by about 50%, it also results in a generalized skin photosensitivity for at least six weeks, as well as otherminor reactions. Despite the apparent success of this technique, the presence of latent viral DNA is nonetheless

still maintained in the surrounding tissues.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,073,630 discloses a polymeric anhydride of magnesium and ammonium phospholinoleate with antiviral, antineoplastic and immunostimulant properties. This antiviral agent is produced from a selected line of Aspergillus sp. However, the compound is insoluble in water and possesses a high molecular weight (316,000 daltons). Recovery of the compound from the culture is problematic and costly.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,562,900 discloses a composition for the treatment of viral-induced tumors comprising an Aspergillus fermentation extract or a derivative thereof in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,541,058 discloses an in vitro method for testing the effectiveness of antiviral agents. More specifically, this patent relates to a method for screening anti-papillomavirus drugs which can interfere with the early andmaintenance stages of papillomavirus infection. The teachings of this patent are incorporated herein by reference.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,332,215 discloses a method for inhibiting viral proliferation by preventing or inhibiting viral replication or killing the virus on contact. The method uses serine protease inhibitors, their analogs, salts, conjugates orderivatives.

An article by B. M. Lawrence entitled "Progress in Essential Oils", Perfumer & Flavorist, Vol. 16, 49-58 (1991) reviews the work of several investigators on the chemical composition of sandalwood oil. This article reports on several of theoxidation products of the oil and compares the composition of Chinese sandalwood oil and Indian sandalwood oil. The santalol content (santalol, cis-.alpha. and cis-.beta., comprises about 50 and 20% respectively by weight of sandalwood oil) of variousspecies of the genus Santalum, are also disclosed. This article makes no suggestion that sandalwood oil would be effective in treating the common wart in humans.

An article by Dwivedi et al. entitled, "Chemopreventive effects of sandalwood oil on skin papillomas in mice" in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention 1997; 6(4): 399-401, reports that the essential oil, emulsion or paste of sandalwood(Santalum album L) has been used in India as an ayruvedic medicinal agent. In his investigation, a 5% w/v solution of sandalwood oil in acetone was shown to be a chemopreventive agent against 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene initiated and12-O-tetracecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate promoted skin papillomas in CD1 mice. The author suggests that sandalwood oil could be an effective chemopreventive agent against skin cancer.

None of these references suggest or disclose the use of sandalwood oil or a soap containing sandalwood oil as an agent for the treatment of human papillomavirus-induced tumors. There presently exists in the medical community a need for improvedmethods and compositions which provide prophylactic and/or therapeutic treatment of viral-induced tumors such as warts in humans. The present invention fills that need of the medical community.


One aspect of the present invention relates to the use of at least one constituent of sandalwood oil or a soap containing sandalwood oil for the prevention and treatment of viral-induced tumors. Another aspect of the invention relate to the useof a component or components of said oil to prevent and treat viral-induced tumors in mammals, especially humans. One major benefit of the present invention is that that oil and soap do not destroy healthy, uninfected tissues nor results in eithersignificant systemic side effects, local side effects such as irritation, necrosis of tissue surrounding the wart, allergic rashes, scarring, disfigurement or discomfort to the human treated therewith. In fact, the use of sandalwood oil or a soapcontaining the oil has been found to smooth the patient's skin and provide for regeneration of healthy tissue.

Another aspect of the present invention is directed to a simple method for providing prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of viral-induced tumors in humans. An additional aspect of the present invention relates to a method for the destructionof latent viral DNA which is contained in tissues so as to prevent recurrence of these tumors.

Thus, there is disclosed a method for the prevention and treatment of viral induced tumors and skin cancers in a mammal, said method comprising the topical application of sandalwood oil.

Also disclosed is a prophylactic and therapeutic composition for the prevention and treatment of viral induced tumors in mammals comprising sandalwood oil extract, or a derivative thereof, in a pharmaceutically accepted carrier and wherein saidsandalwood oil extract is obtained from a Santalum species selected from S. album, S. yasi, S. papuanum, S. spicatum and mixtures thereof.

There is further disclosed a method for the prevention and treatment of genital warts, cancer of the cervix and eradication of human papillomavirus from the female genital tract in infected females, comprising the application of a cream or douchederived from at least one constituent of sandalwood oil to the affected area of the human body. There is also disclosed a method for preventing cancer of the cervix, said method comprising the application of sandalwood oil to the genital area of afemale for a period of time and at a sufficient concentration to eradicate the human papillomavirus from the genital area of the female. There is also disclosed a method for the treatment and prevention of dry skin, flakiness of the skin, rashesassociated with seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczematous and allergic rashes in a human, said method comprising the topical application of a composition comprising at least one constituent of sandalwood oil to the skin of said human.

The method of this invention is specifically directed to the use of a composition that is suitable for topical application. The initial discovery of the inventors was based upon the use of a soap manufactured by Karnataka Soaps & Detergents,Ltd., Bangalore, India, known and marketed as "Mysore Sandal Soap". The product packaging states that this soap contains natural Mysore sandalwood oil distilled by the government of Karnataka. It is known that this soap also contains vegetableingredients. A second soap manufactured by Alfa Cosmetics, of Bombay, India, known as "Eastern Mysore's Pure Sandal Soap" has also been found effective in preventing and/or treating viral induced epidermal tumors, however, it is somewhat less effective. The "Eastern Mysore's Pure Sandal Soap" lists as its ingredients: palm stearin, rice bran fatty, coconut oil, caustic soda, perfume, sandalwood oil and preservatives. At the time the parent patent application was filed, the inventors had not isolatedthe active component from the sandalwood soap. However, at the time of filing the present application, the inventors, through further investigative effort, have determined that the sandalwood oil component of the soap was responsible for itsprophylactic and therapeutic effects. As of the filing date of this application, the inventors are working towards the isolation of the active ingredient or active ingredients from the sandalwood oil. As used herein and in the claims, the term"sandalwood oil" shall mean: (1) the actual oil derived from the Santalum plant and/or (2) the active component or components (constituents) of said oil.

Sandalwood oil is a pale yellow, somewhat viscous, aromatic liquid obtained from sandalwood and is used chiefly in perfumes and soaps. Sandalwood is a close grained, fragrant, yellowish heartwood of a semi-parasitic plant of the genus Santalum(family Santalaceae), especially the fragrant wood of the true or white sandalwood, Santalum album. Approximately ten (10) species of Santalum are distributed through southeastern Asia and the islands of the South Pacific. The oil is obtained by steamdistillation of the wood. Palm stearin or palm oil is an edible fat obtained from the flesh of the fruit of several palms and is typically used in soaps and lubricating greases. More particularly, palm stearin is a fraction of palm oil. Palm oiltypically contains the fatty acid palmitic acid, which is a waxy, crystalline saturated fatty acid having the formula C.sub.16 H.sub.32 O.sub.2 and may exist in the free acid form or in the form of esters (as glycerides) and most fats and fatty oils, andin several essential oils and waxes. Stearic acid (C.sub.18 H.sub.36 O.sub.2) is one of the most common fatty acids and occurs and glycerides in most animal and vegetable fats, particularly in the harder fats with high melting points. A solid mixtureof stearic and palmitic acids, "stearine", is used for making candles. The soaps are the sodium and potassium salts of stearic and palmitic acids.

One sandal soap listed rice bran fatty as an ingredient. Grains of cereals, such as rice and wheat, have a great deal in common with each other. They consist of three major structures: (1) the embryo or germ of the new plant; (2) the endosperm,which is the storer of nutrients for the germinating plant; and (3) the protective layers of the seed coat, which are regarded as bran by the miller. A typical bran composition (wheat on a dry weight basis) is: lignin-8%, cellulose-30%,hemi-cellulose-25%, starch-10%, sugars-5%, protein-15%, lipid-5%, and inorganic and other substances making up the remainder. It is believed that the rice bran fatty component of the sandal soap is in fact the lipid component from rice bran. It isfurther believed that there are a number of fatty acids with unusual structures that are found in rice bran. One such fatty acid is ricinoleic acid. Coconut oil is a fatty acid oil or semi-solid fat extracted from fresh coconuts and is used especiallyin making soaps and food products. The fatty acid composition of coconut oil is predominantly lauric acid. The composition of coconut oil has been thoroughly characterized and is known in the art. Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is wellknown to be used in the production of soaps and detergents.

Other components such as preservatives and perfumes can be used in the sandal soaps of this invention. At this time, the complete characterization of those components are not available to the inventors. However, continued analysis hasdetermined that the active component or components in the soap is the sandalwood oil. As will be set forth below, the inventors have elucidated that the sandalwood oil is the agent with the outstanding utility for treating or preventing human warts. Inany event, as will be demonstrated below, it has been discovered that sandal soap and sandalwood oil is very effective in treating human warts.

The major components or constituents of sandalwood oil are cis-.alpha.-santalol and cis-.beta.-santalol, about 50 and 20 weight % respectively. While any source of sandalwood oil is effective in the present invention, the Indian oil ispreferred. Oxidation products may also be present in the oil, such as .beta.-santalic acid and .alpha.-tetrasantalic acid. Table I sets forth the constituents of a fresh sandalwood oil and an old oil.

TABLE I ______________________________________ Comparative composition of "Fresh" and "Old" Samples of Sandalwood Oil Weight Percentage Composition Compound Fresh Oil Old Oil ______________________________________ santene 0.01 0.05 .alpha.-pinene* -- 0.02 camphene* -- 0.02 acetic acid -- 0.02 teresantalal -- 0.04 .alpha.-santalene 0.82 1.30 trans-.alpha.-bergamotene 0.12 0.11 epi-.beta.-santalene 0.97 1.40 .beta.-santalene 1.40 1.90 .gamma.-curcumene 0.04 0.06 .beta.-bisabolene 0.07 -- .beta.-curcumene 0.13 -- .alpha.-eka-santalal 0.07 0.49 ar-curcumene 0.26 0.55 .beta.-eka-santalal 0.01 0.19 (E)-nerolidol 0.06 -- .beta.-bisabolol 0.64 0.04 .alpha.-santalal 2.90 7.70 (Z)-trans-.alpha.-bergamotal 0.10 0.30 .alpha.-bisabolol 0.26 -- cis-.alpha.-santalyl acetate -- 4.40 .beta.-santalal 0.56 1.80 dihydro-.alpha.-santalol 0.38 -- cis-.beta.-santalyl acetate -- 2.50 cis-.alpha.-santalol 50.00 22.00 (Z)-trans-.alpha.-begamotol 3.90 1.30 nuciferyl acetate.sup.+ -- 0.33 trans-.alpha.-santalol 0.56 .040 epi-.beta.-santalol 4.10 2.10 cis-.beta.-santalol 20.90 9.80 trans-.beta.-santalol 1.50 0.79 cis-lanceol 1.70 0.29 cis-nuciferol 1.10 0.75 spirosantalol 1.20 0.47 ______________________________________ *presumed impurities .sup.+ probably cisnuciferyl acetate

The chemical make-up of a sandalwood oil varies slightly from source to source, however, .alpha.- and .beta.-santalol make up over 65% of the oil. Table II sets forth the chemical make up of Chinese and Indian oils.

TABLE II ______________________________________ Comparative chemical composition of Indian and Chinese sandalwood oil Percentage Composition Compound Chinese Oil Indian Oil ______________________________________ tricyclo-eka-santalal 0.63ca 0.30 .alpha.-santalene 0.68 1.13 trans-.alpha.-bergamotene ca 0.50 ca 0.10 .beta.-santalene.sup.+ 0.93 0.35

.beta.-santalene.sup.+ 1.37 0.63 ar-curcumene 0.43 ca 0.50 .alpha.-santalol.sup.+ 49.99 48.44 .beta.-santalol.sup.+ 3.78 4.19 .beta.-santalol.sup.+ 18.12 24.57 nuciferol.sup.+ 3.14 5.45 .beta.-santalal 3.44 1.91 .alpha.-santalal ca0.20 0.53 ______________________________________

The santalol content also varies slightly from species to species of Santalum. Table III sets forth the santalol content of various Santalum species.

TABLE III ______________________________________ Santalol content of various Santalum species Percentage composition Santalum Species Origin .alpha.-santalol .beta.-santalol ______________________________________ S. album (1)* China 14.67.3 S. album (4) India 46.6-59.9 24.6-29.0 S. album (5) Indonesia 7.1-48.6 8.7-25.2 S. yasi (1) Fiji 54.0 32.8 S. papuanum (1) Papua, New Guinea 26.3 15.5 S. spicatum? (3) Australia 27.9-35.3 4.0-29.2 unknown (1) India 3.0 10.8 ______________________________________ *No. of samples

In a further embodiment of this invention, the method of preventing or treating viral-induced tumors uses sandalwood oil that is in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier such as oleaginous ointment for topical administration.

In another embodiment of this invention, the active component or components of the sandalwood oil are disclosed for the prevention or treatment of viral-induced tumors.

There is further disclosed a prophylactic and therapeutic composition for the prevention and treatment of viral-induced tumors in mammals comprising sandalwood oil extract thereof or a derivative thereof in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

In particular, the sandalwood oil itself and/or the extracts (active components) of the oil described herein are used for the preparation of prophylactic and therapeutic compositions for the treatment and prevention of viral-induced tumors inhumans. Preferably, the compositions useful in the method are topically applied to the human in need of such therapy.

The method of the present invention neither destroys healthy, uninfected tissue nor results in any local or systemic side effects, scarring, disfigurement or discomfort to the human treated. Furthermore, the use of the present method results inthe destruction of latent viral DNA found in the tumor and the surrounding tissues so that instances of incomplete resolution and tumor recurrence are prevented. The method includes the use of the sandalwood or an extract derived therefrom, for theadministration to an area of the human which is anticipated to evidence viral-induced tumor growth, or an area which presently exhibits viral-induced tumor growth (i.e., warts) to prevent or eliminate the viral-induced tumor. In accordance with themethod according to this invention, "regular use of the sandalwood oil" is meant to mean application of the sandalwood oil at least once a day to the body surface containing the wart(s). A further embodiment of the method of this invention compriseswashing the affected area of the body with the soap, rinsing the area and then placing a small amount of soap residue or oil on the tumor to be treated. It has been determined through clinical evaluation that once the method of this invention isinitiated, the warts begin to shrink, no matter what size, and will totally disappear after a period of two to four weeks of treatment, or less if the oil is applied.


The present invention is based, in part, on the discovery that a commercially available soap manufactured by the aforementioned companies is useful for the treatment of viral-induced tumors in humans. More specifically, the invention is directedto the discovery that sandalwood oil is the active component of the soap.

The initial chemical analysis was conducted as follows. 2.5 g of the sandal soap was dissolved in 15 ml of purified water. The pH was determined to be about 10.26. This solution was extracted, after acidification, with methylene chloride. Themethylene chloride extract was dried over sodium sulfate and the volume was adjusted to 40 ml. The extract was diluted 10-fold and subjected to Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis. The analysis was performed on a Finnigan Model 4500GC/MS system equipped with an HP-5890 Series II gas chromatograph and Galaxy 2000 data system. The semi-volatile GC column was a 30 meter by 0.32 mm RTX-5 capillary column. The temperature of the column was held at C. for 1 minute, and thenincreased at C./minute to a final temperature of C.

Conversion of the hydroxide ion concentration was carried out using the definition of pH (-log[OH.sup.- ]=14-pH]. It was determined that the concentration of sodium hydroxide equivalents was about 0.015% by weight.

GC-MS analysis confirmed that no salicylic acid was present, a known agent for the treatment of warts. The fatty acids, dodecanoic, tetradecanoic, hexadecanoic, oleic and octadecanoic, were present. The weight ratio of dodecanoic;tetradecanoic; hexadecanoic; oleic; octadecanoic was 7:3.4:50.1:32:6.7. The ratio of hexadecanoic acid to oleic acid in palm oil is about 34 to 43% hexadecanoic acid to about 38 to 40% oleic acid. This analysis indicates that the soap was most likelyderived from palm oil.

No other peaks were evident from this GC-MS analysis of the methylene chloride extract of the sandal soap at a detection limit after dilution of 1% by wt. As set forth below, the components of the sandalwood oil were found effective against humanviral-induced tumors.


One inventor of the present invention is a pediatrician, actively engaged in the medical practice. Typically, pediatricians are constantly exposed to the HPV, which causes warts in humans. The inventor has had numerous occurrences of warts overthe last 10 years, for which all available methods of treatment have been used, including excision using liquid nitrogen and various salicylic acid preparations. All of these methods of treatment failed to completely eradicate the warts. Typically, thewarts became secondarily infected and were very painful. With conventional treatment, the warts subsided, however they only returned after a period of time. This inventor also developed a painful wart in between her fourth and fifth toes of her rightfoot which were scraped and then treated with commercially available creams known as Vytone and Lachydrin by a Dermatologist. Despite continued treatment, the warts recurred and were a constant source of aggravation. The inventor also developed a largewart on her left thumb, about 3 mm in diameter with dark spots on the surface. Subsequent to the appearance of the wart on the thumb, Mysore Sandal Soap was obtained and, after 4 to 5 days of use (washing twice daily), the wart on the thumb becamesmaller (appeared to shrink), reduced down to about 2 mm in diameter and continued to decrease in size until it completely disappeared after three weeks of treatment.

The inventor then began to wash (twice daily) the wart on her foot, which at the beginning of therapy was about 5 mm in diameter. After one week of daily applications of the sandal soap, the pain of the tumor had decreased and the wart wasbeginning to shrink in size. After a second week of washing and rinsing the tumor with the sandal soap, the inventor began to leave a small amount of soap residue on the affected area. No irritation or redness resulted from the soap residue and thetumor continued to decrease in size and totally disappeared after the third week of such usage.


A second individual, a four (4) year old black female, presenting a huge (about 4 mm), raised, wart on her right hand, began treatment of the wart with sandal soap. After about two weeks of treatment, (washing twice a day), the tumor had reducedto a small black dot and at the third week of treatment, the tumor was completely gone.


A seven (7) year old white male presented warts on each foot; one being about 3 mm in diameter, with raised dark spots on the surface and the other about 4 mm labulated and flesh-colored. These tumors were washed twice daily with the sandalsoap. After one week of therapy, the tumors were visibly smaller and at that time, soap residue was allowed to remain on the tumor and surrounding tissue after washing. After two weeks, the tumors were completely gone and no new tumors were evident.


A ten (10) year old white female presented a large, 3 mm raised and fleshy wart on the dorsum of her right hand. Administration of the sandal soap began and after two weeks of treatment, the tumor shrunk to approximately half its size.


5 grams of the Mysore Sandal Soap was dissolved in 15 ml of distilled water. The pH of the solution was adjusted to 5.5 with HCl and this mixture was then extracted with methylene chloride. The methylene chloride extract is dried and the volumereduced to about 20 ml. This methylene chloride extract is then topically applied to a human wart. Application is to occur twice daily. After one to two weeks of treatment, the viral-induced tumor will have been eliminated.


Equal parts by weight of rice bran fatty acids and sandalwood oil is prepared. A cream suitable for topical use is prepared by mixing 1 gm of the rice bran/sandalwood oil composition with 20 gms of a balm, which comprises a mixture ofpetrolatum, mineral oil and wood alcohol. The cream is useful for minor irritations and in the treatment of viral infections which produce skin lesions or warts.


A third year medical student who had recurrence of plantar warts after surgical removal, used the sandal soap for four (4) weeks for washing the warts and was told to leave a small residue of soap on the warts after washing. The warts startedshrinking as early as the first week and they totally disappeared after the fourth (4th) week and have not recurred.


A sixteen (16) year old white male subject presented a plantar wart on the foot that had recurred after surgical removal. The subject began using the sandal soap and after a period of about 3 weeks, the wart was totally gone and has notrecurred. This subject washed the plantar wart with the sandal soap at least twice daily.


A third year, white, female medical student presented warts on her fingers. She had previously used salicylic acid preparation, but the warts had recurred. After use of the sandal soap, twice daily for about 1 week, the warts started shrinkingand in about three (3) weeks, the warts totally disappeared and have not recurred.


One adult white male had chronic seborrheic dermatitis on the face and scalp. Upon daily administration of the sandal soap to the scalp and face, a significant improvement in his dermatologic condition was obvious. He found sandal soap was moreeffective in treating his condition than expensive shampoos and steroid creams which he previously used.


An adult white male and female presented psoriasis lesions on hands and arms. After approximately 1 week of treatment with the sandal soap, great improvement in this condition resulted. Twice daily applications of the sandal soap to theaffected areas, significantly reduced flaking and dryness. The use of expensive steroid creams was significantly reduced by these subjects as the sandal soap therapy significantly reduced the psoriasis lesions. This soap could also be beneficial forallergic and eczematous rashes.


A fifty (50) year old white female presented with a plantar wart embedded inside a callous on her right foot which had recurred after several treatments which included surgical removal, freezing, etc. by a dermatologist. After about four (4)weeks of treatment with the sandal soap, the wart was totally gone and so was the pain and discomfort, which disappeared after the total resolution of the deeply embedded plantar wart on her right foot.

At the time of filing this application, further clinical work is underway to refine the method of the present invention and to further characterize the active components of the sandalwood oil.

At this time, a total of fifteen (15) individuals have undergone the inventive therapy and all 15 experienced the eradication of their palmar or plantar warts. The application of the sandal soap at least twice daily with occasional placement ofsoap residue on the warts, results in disappearance of the warts in about four (4) weeks. Deeply embedded warts took up to eight (8) weeks to resolve. Of the 15 individuals treated to date, twelve (12) were previously treated with salicylic acidpreparations, liquid nitrogen or surgical techniques. In all twelve (12) cases, the warts reappeared. Upon reappearance of the warts, the subjects enrolled into the sandal soap study and have successfully completed their course of therapy and the wartshave failed to reappear. It was noted that the individuals that had previously received salicylic acid treatments were slower to respond to the inventive therapy when warts were covered by scar tissue. However, in all cases, the warts had disappearedwithin four (4) to eight (8) weeks and recurrence of warts had not yet been detected.


Molluscum contagiosum is a skin disease caused by DNA pox virus and is characterized by the appearance of small, discreet lesions, in groups, on the face, arms or genitalia. The lesions are firm and pearly white with a sharply indented centralcore and yield an infectious filtrate which produces the disease when inoculated into human volunteers. The disease, which may be epidemic in children, occurs in all ages and is world-wide in distribution. Two subjects with Molluscum contagiosum weretreated for about four (4) weeks using the sandal soap of the present invention. One of them had about twenty-five (25) large and small lesions. Some of the lesions were greater than 1 cm in diameter; the smaller lesions were about 5 mm in diameter. Application of the sandal soap occurred at least once per day, with a small amount of soap left behind on the lesions and the lesions disappeared in about four (4) weeks. The lesions failed to reappear since resolution.


The sandal soap according to the invention has also been found effective

against the flaky rashes of psoriasis to seborrheic dermatitis, eczematous rash and dry skin. Individuals with the above recited conditions, upon use of the sandal soap, experienced a considerable decrease in itching, redness and flakinesssubsequent to the use of the sandal soap. Also, the use of steroid creams was considerably reduced when the sandal soap was used in the management of the above recited rashes.


Adolescents and adults presented with facial acne and were instructed to use the sandal soap on a regular, daily basis. After about two (2) weeks of therapy, the presence of facial acne had decreased significantly or disappeared. Sandal soapwas effective in eradicating pustular acne also. This work evidences that the sandal soap has anti-bacterial characteristics also which indicates its efficacy towards the control of Streptococcus and Staphylococcus skin infections.


A pediatrician colleague of the inventors, who had palmar warts for the last fourteen (14) years that kept recurring after the available, conventional treatment for warts, including use of salicylic acid preparation, used sandal soap for five (5)weeks with total resolution of the palmar wart that has not recurred.


A 27 year old married female with an abnormal pap smear due to HPV, as per her gynecologist, used sandal soap to wash her genital area whenever she took her bath and also sat in soapy water from sandal soap in her bathtub at least a couple oftimes per week. When the pap smear was repeated six (6) months later, it is reported to be normal and the HPV was not detected.


A 46 year old Asian female presented with almost innumerable warts on both heels. The subject had endured these warts for over seven (7) years and the standard therapies of freezing, cutting, salicylic acid the like (administered by aDermatologist) had failed to resolve the malady. The Dermatologist informed the patient that her condition was not subject to the standard therapies and that she had to learn to live with these warts. Prior to the time the sandalwood oil treatmentsbegan, the patient was forced to cut the warts so that walking across a carpet was possible. The patient experienced pain and embarassment due to the numerous warts.

At the initial examination, the warts were very large, pigmented and painful. The skin around the warts was very dry with heavy callous formations. The left heel had 36 warts, one of them having dimensions of 1.4 cm by 8 mm and 6 mm in height. A second large wart measured 0.8 cm by 0.8 cm and was 5 mm in height. The remaining warts were in the range of 3-4 mm in diameter and height. The right heel had at least 40 warts with one very large wart that measured about 1 cm by 6 mm and about 4 mmin height. The remaining warts were 4-5 mm by 3-4 mm and 2-3 mm in height.

The patient also presented with 3 warts on her left hand which had returned after the standard treatments of freezing, cutting and use of salicylic acid had failed to resolve the condition. 2 warts were on her index finger and measured about 0.5cm by 4 mm by 2 mm. One wart was on her thumb and measured about 3 mm by 2 mm by 2 mm.

The patient was supplied about 10 cc of pure (not diluted) Indian sandalwood oil. The patient was instructed to wash the tumors prior to application of the oil and to use a pumice stone on her heels to remove the calluses and dry skin. A dropof oil was placed on each lesion and rubbed on the wart each evening prior to retiring to bed. Therapy began on Jul. 12, 1998.

At the first follow-up visit on Jul. 23, 1998, the warts on the left hand had disappeared. The patient stated that within a few days of beginning treatment, the warts darkened and then scabbed over. By the eleventh day of therapy, the warts onher hand had disappeared, except that a small dark spot (scab) remained on the thumb.

Out of the 36 warts on the left heel, 26 had disappeared while the remaining 10 were totally flattened with dried residual wart tissue at the site of the wart. 30 out of the 40 warts on the right heel had resolved and disappeared. The remainderwere flat with residual dried wart tissue.

A second follow-up exam took place on Jul. 29, 1998 and it was observed that the small dark spot on the left thumb was gone as were the remaining warts on the right heel. The right heel was smooth and shiny and completely free of warts. Theleft heel was clear of tumors except that 3 small areas still existed with dried wart tissue. The patient and inventors were very pleased with the rapid (about 21/2 weeks) elimination of the warts and are convinced that the sandalwood oil is a highlyeffective antiviral and antimitotic agent.

In light of these results, the inventors have concluded that sandalwood oil (or a component of the oil) is not only an antiviral agent against HPV, DNA pox virus and perhaps other viruses but it would also be a chemoprotective agent for skincancers and an effective therapy for cancerous or precancerous lesions of the skin and the female genital tract.

Other Indications

Since warts are caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV)of different types and the sandalwood oil disclosed herein can eradicate this virus, it is contemplated that this composition may be useful in methods of eradicating other viral-inducedtumors. Genital warts are also caused by HPV. Genital warts in women are a genuine nuisance and are very hard to eradicate. The sandalwood may also be useful to prevent other DNA viral lesions. Its effect on other DNA as well as RNA viruses needsfurther investigation. The fact that sandalwood oil appears to be extremely effective in eradicating palmar and plantar warts caused by the DNA HPV virus and also effective in treating Molluscum contagiosum rash caused by DNA pox virus supports itseffectiveness against other DNA and RNA viruses.

It is proposed that the continued use of sandalwood oil or the components of sandalwood oil (such as .alpha.- and .beta.-santalol) would be effective for the prophylactic treatment of viral tumors and eradication of DNA viral infections andbacterial infections caused by streptococci or staphylococci.

During the clinical evaluation of the present invention, it has come to the attention of the inventors that the sandalwood oil, sandal soap and/or the effective components of the sandalwood oil are also very effective in preventing dryness of theskin. As mentioned in Example I, an inventor of the present application is a pediatrician and is constantly (i.e., at least 40 times per day) washing her hands after examining a subject. This constant washing with soaps as required in a hospitalsetting, results in severe dryness to the hands. The sandal soap was applied twice a day to the dorsum of her left hand. The sandal soap was not applied to the dorsum of her right hand while washing her hands. At the end of approximately two weeks,the skin on the dorsum of her left hand was smooth, soft and shiny which was in contrast to the dry rough skin on the top of her right hand.

Thus, the sandal soap and sandalwood oil described herein has also been found effective in preventing the flakiness and dryness associated with skin that is constantly subject to harsh detergents. In addition, the sandal soaps have shown to beactive against seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

From the studies disclosed herein, sandalwood oil demonstrated specific antiviral properties against HPV, DNA pox virus that causes Molluscom contagiosum and is also effective in the treatment of bacterial skin infections. The properties ofsandalwood oil also include anti-inflammatory characteristics as it has demonstrated effective emollient properties for dry skin and psoriasis.

It is quite evident from the clinical experience to date, that the sandalwood oil of the present invention has been outstandingly effective in the treatment and elimination of warts. The complete eradication of the warts with no recurrence istruly a surprising result as the medical community still searches for a cost effective and efficacious method to control this human malady.


Viral-induced tumors, especially of the skin, are very common. These tumors are typically very difficult to treat, control and prevent. The medical community has searched for decades for new therapies to treat this common human malady. Thepresent invention provides a simple and cost-effective method to treat and prevent these viral-induced tumors.

As mentioned above, the term "sandalwood oil" is meant to include the oil itself, and any active component or components that are isolated therefrom. At the time of filing this patent application, the inventors are diligently pursuing theisolation of the active component or components and believe that such can be accomplished without excessive experimentation.

Many modifications may be made to the invention herein without departing from the basic spirit or scope of the invention. Accordingly, it will be appreciated by those skilled in the art, that within the scope of the appended claims, theinvention may be practiced by means other than has been specifically described herein.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Great Cross And The End Of Time Video

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Earth Is Ascending

An overview of the dramatic changes to world civilisation, by Tony

As incredible as it may seem to many people, humanity on Earth is in
the process of an evolutionary change in how we experience life. We
are to become a galactic civilisation, interacting positively with
the many star system civilisations in our galaxy and universe, and
indeed other universes.

It is our true destiny to change from a society based on fear and competition,
to one based on love, peace, and harmony.

The current chaos is merely part of the quickening change.

We live in an invisible universe (often referred to as spiritual
realms, or Heaven) as well as the visible universe, which is the
only part most people believe exists.

The real truth has been hidden from us so we would eventually remember and discover who we really
are, great immortal beings of universal knowledge and wisdom,
closely connected to our physical brothers and sisters in space, and
those in the spiritual realms.

Unfortunately many governments, religions, and philosophies have been manipulated to keep much of
the truth from us so others could retain power and control.

The recent retaliation to so-called terrorist attacks in the USA will,
in time, be shown to be one of the final attempts to keep us under

However, it is time for a great change in understanding by
world populations, who mainly want peace, despite what is presented
to us by a manipulated mass media.

Many people feel "something is about to happen", but because much of
the current change is in the invisible universe, before manifesting
in the visible universe, it is difficult to comprehend at first.

We have actually been part of a grand "experiment", having agreed at a
higher level of understanding to be here in these exciting "end
times", the end of one civilisation, and the beginning of a new one,
known as the Seventh Golden Age that we will co-create.

Much has been written, spoken, and prophesised about our future.

Some of this information was true at the original time of recording,
but has since changed. Some of it was never true, and was intended
to manipulate us.

And some information was correct and still holds firm today.

Sorting all this out is the difficult part.

That is why what is "truth" for one person, is not necessarily "truth" for
someone else. You need to apply your own discernment to all
information, including what I am presenting in this article.

People are waking up in varying degrees as we continue our learning.

Some information is difficult to absorb, such as the nature of our
hollow Earth and the ancient civilisations still living there.

Like the fact that many people have actually traveled back in time to
change the future of this planet and universe, many eons ago.

And like the fact we have discovered how to make war ships invisible and
time travel again, since 1943.

And how the Apollo Moon Program was a cover-up of higher technology.

Secret trips had already been made to establish bases on the Moon and Mars, and to explore other parts of
our solar system since the early 60s.

Finally, to whet your appetite a little more, or make you more skeptical, depending on where your
awakening path is at, Earth is expected to slow its rotation, stop,
and reverse its spin without catastrophes, along with being moved in
space with the rest of the solar system to become part of the Sirian
star system!


The Earth has a consciousness of its own, it is a living being.

The Divine Plan of the Creator, which we all follow, knowingly or
unknowingly, calls for the Earth to ascend from the reality we know
as the 3rd Dimension, to the 4th Dimension (an intermediate or
temporary existence) and then to the 5th Dimension.

This has long been suggested to be around the end of 2012, or earlier.

Humanity, and all other life must be ready to ascend, or increase vibration,
to move with the planet.

Most people no longer have the time to go through separate and individual ascension processes that could take
another 200 or 390 years. They are in their last incarnation and
should ascend to help establish the next creation on Earth and the
whole universe.

This means keeping these bodies and gradually bringing them back to about the age of 30.

Those not ready, will incarnate back into the 3rd Dimension on another planet.

They cannot return to the higher dimension Earth.

Some people´s "contract" is up and they will return to previous star systems, if they wish, and
even ascend higher than the 5th Dimension.

No one on Earth was originally from this planet.

Ascension is the integration of spirit and matter. It is the process
where our physical, emotional, mental, and all spiritual bodies
combine to create a fully conscious being. We take on a Light body.

We are really spiritual beings having a human experience.

We have other aspects of ourselves who exist on other worlds, in other
dimensions or realities.

In essence, we are all physical Angels with a giant amnesia problem.

Through ascension, we realise we are all connected; we are all One with all other life in the universe.

Everything came from one Creator. Race differences, war, owning
property, land rights, in fact all aspects of our current world, are
really illusory. We live in a giant hologram.

Many dimensions, also known as planes, mansions, and parallel worlds
exist in the same space. They only differ by degrees of vibration.

When we increase our vibration sufficiently, we change dimension.
A measure of the vibration rate of the Earth, its heartbeat, is the
Schumann Resonance, which appears to be measured differently by some
Earth scientists compared with higher realm information. For years
it stayed at 7.8 cycles per second (hertz). It began moving up at
the time of the Harmonic Convergence. August 1987, the year of much
spiritual awakening. In theory, when it is constantly at 13.0, we
are in the 4th Dimension.

According to some sources we have been sitting at 12. 9 for some time, and will move to 13. 8 in the near future.

Ascension is expected to be achieved when we are fully exposed to
the photon belt energies. This is a toroid-shaped energy band that
our solar system passes through twice in a 26,000 year cycle.

Each pass in previous cycles has lasted about 2,000 years. We are
currently in the belt, but protected from premature fatal ascension
by a holographic energy field placed around our solar system by the
Galactic Federation of Light, our allies from other civilisations in
our Milky Way Galaxy.

As our vibration rate increases, some photon energies are gradually released into our solar system.

Initially, a 12-strand RNA/DNA system will have replaced our body´s
current 2-strand system.

We will have increased our 7-chakra system of body energy vortexes to a 13-chakra system. We will also
consciously use 100 percent of our brain, instead of the 10 to 20 percent currently utilised.

Full consciousness will return to us, that is the awareness of why we are here, what we are to do in the
future, and what our past lives have been.

We will have universal knowledge at our finger tips, or rather, our brain receptors, and
have super-human abilities.


As ascended galactic humans (physical angels), we will be able to
interact with all sentient life forms in our galaxy, universe, and

We will regain extraterrestrial powers that we lost many
lifetimes ago.

Telepathy, teleportation, and interplanetary travel without space craft will be possible using our Light body or merkaba.

Some people will be able to revisit or return to their previous star
system that they came from.

Some will help to repopulate Mars, Venus, and Maldek which will be re-formed from the Asteroid Belt.

The majority will stay on Earth for the new Golden Age, and will
help create it. Earth will be a showcase planet, a major centre for
trade, conferences, and headquarters for the Intergalactic Union of
many galaxies near us.

Those who populate Earth will become her true stewards, anchoring
Light and supporting energy nodes and grids around the planet at
great temples.

The whales and dolphins have been burdened with this
task for far too long.

We will live in magnificent crystalline cities within the Earth, although they will seem as if they are on
the surface.

This is how all higher dimension civilisations live on other planets.

It is how many Lemurians and Atlanteans already live within the shell of our hollow Earth. We will be meeting them soon.

Our new civilisation will again be based on spiritual concepts of
Lemuria, which in turn, was based on Sirius B concepts.

Our current structure of governments will cease. Higher intelligent
beings will help us set up new governing councils based on
appropriate universal principles. We will have the final say in fine-
tuning new government, without interference from those who currently
control governments.


One of the greatest restrictions to our progress is the repressive
control of world "official" governments by a secretive Shadow
Government, which also limits the type of daily news or "truth" we receive through the world´s mass media.

This is why many people are not aware of the current and coming
great changes to civilisation.

It is the reason we have fear-based news most of the time on television and in newspapers.

Keeping people in fear and distress through news, financial matters,
wars and violence, and mind control, plus filled with harmful foods,
drinks, legal and illegal drugs, as well as being subjected to
harmful chemtrails, are some of the means to keep our vibrations
low. This makes ascension so much harder to achieve.

This negative control has also been an aspect of many religions and
philosophical groups for a long time. The good news is that this
manipulation and control of worldwide societies is quickly coming to
an end. A dictatorial New World Order/One World Government,
masquerading as a democratic globalisation program, will not be
allowed by higher realms intervening on our behalf. We agreed to
this intervention before incarnating here, despite some people
believing it contravenes `free choice", which it does not under the
Creator´s divine plan. Those who don´t believe in a Creator or this
plan are in for a big surprise!

Disclosures on how we have been manipulated are soon to be
announced, and will commence some wonderful changes.

The little known aspect of the Shadow Government is that it, in
turn, has been controlled by negative extraterrestrial beings who
have given them much advanced technology for their control on Earth.
However, we should not hate these aspects of our society. We have
probably all exhibited negative traits in past lives just for the
experience! It is best to send them love and have nothing to do with
their controlling schemes whenever we have the choice. In the near
future, all darkness on Earth will be transmuted to Light, and in
doing so, will create a stronger Light. Many of the Shadow
Government former ET dark allies, are now part of the forces of
Light in this galaxy. Many former Shadow Government people have also
now aligned with the Light. The remaining ones can either do the
same, or continue incarnating on another 3rd Dimension planet until
they are ready to ascend to higher dimensions. It is their choice.


Our universe is teaming with life at various levels of evolution. We
are more or less at the bottom, but are about to make a giant move
in the "up" direction.

The highest intelligence is the collective energies we term God, the Creator, or numerous other terms. From
here, and down through many descending levels of vibration, known as
dimensions, planes, or mansions, exist a multitude of beings,
initially in spiritual form, then semi-solid, and then in dense
bodies like our current ones. We know these beings by terms such as Elohim, Archangels, Lords of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, and finally extraterrestrials, who have humanoid bodies or those we can call dinoid, insectoid, and reptoid.

Television reveals some of these forms in shows like "Star Trek".

We have all existed in these higher energy forms before, but intertwined with other aspects of
We are each part of a soul group of approximately 12 souls, and part of a soul family of approximately 144.

Billions of souls (aspects of God) were sent to Earth to see if they
could find their way back to the vibration of God or the purest
Light without memory of where they had been. This has never been
done in this way anywhere before. Thus the uniqueness of our current
situation or "experiment". Earth is the fulcrum for change and peace
in this galaxy and universe. Evolution elsewhere cannot proceed
successfully until we ascend to the 5th Dimension. Many
civilisations are watching us with intense interest.

Higher dimensions can see through to lower dimensions, but we cannot see
higher dimensions from here. In recent years, mankind has had
virtually unlimited access to the highest beings of Light who
provide guidance through channeled contacts and sometimes even
manifesting in etheric or physical form.


Divine intervention is allowed to occur in a planet´s affairs when
spiritual progress is hindered. In fact it is part of our
incarnation contract which calls for it at our stage of evolution,
before we connect permanently again with other galactic

The intervention is carried out at a physical level by our space
brothers and sisters, and at a spiritual level by the Spiritual
Hierarchy. Our space brethren include the Galactic Federation of
Light, a sort of "United Nations" of our galaxy, comprising over
200,000 or 90% of the civilisations in it. It was formed over 4
million years ago.

About 60% of physical beings in our galaxy are non-humanoid in appearance.

Both types travel in spacecraft. An inter-galactic group of ships
and personnel, the Ashtar Command, work closely with the Galactic
Federation. The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of the Elohim orders,
the Time Lord councils, the Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, and
the Devic kingdom. They don´t need space craft, although the
Ascended Masters often "hang out" in Ashtar Command ships.

Incidentally, the Time Lords regulate time, which together with
Light, are the two elements that compose Creation.

The Galactic Federation have over 18 million space craft in our
solar system at any one time, rotating from a much larger base.

Competition is high among members to be here and assist at this
great "end times" period!

Some mother ships are thousands of kilometres long. The smaller shuttle craft are more commonly seen in
our atmosphere.

A first contact program by the Federation has been in place for
about 10 years now. This will most likely culminate in mass
sightings of craft, a change in world governance structures, a
unification of all societies, and a return of our personal
sovereignty. Then, we can be shown how to handle and adapt to
ascension and full consciousness. Much of this is expected to be
carried out on spacecraft and within magnificent underground cities.


It is necessary for the Earth to cleanse and rebalance herself in
preparation for ascension. This preparation has been part of the
reason for many extreme weather conditions that the planet has been
going through in recent years.

Much volcanic and earthquake activity has been loosening the tectonic underwater landmasses of Lemuria in
the Pacific Ocean (which sank about 25,000 years ago), and Atlantis
in the Atlantic Ocean (which sank about 12,000 years ago).

As part of the rebalancing, these landmasses of Lemuria and Atlantis must
come to the surface. They hold ancient temples and pyramids, which
have to be reactivated.

Magma upwelling within the Earth´s shell towards her solid crust has
been heating the oceans for some time now. This causes the so-called
El Nino and La Nina effects, particularly in equatorial regions.

Two large ice crystal layers, known as firmaments, will be re-formed
around the planet. These layers keep certain energies contained on
Earth and will give the whole planet a semi-tropical climate. They
also prevent degrading rays from reaching Earth from outer space.
Water from the melting polar caps and seawater will be used in the
firmaments. The collapse of these layers in ancient times were the
cause of great floods and much loss of life on the planet.

People in those times were twice as tall as we are now due to the protection
from DNA degradation. The layers will form from about 15,000 to 18,000 ft (4,500m to 5,500m), and from 35,000 to 38,000ft (10,700
to 11,600m).

Gaps will occur at the North and South Poles, and the firmaments will be higher when following contours of high mountain ranges.

Other landmasses will alter, and more seas and inland lakes will be formed.

All life forms, animals, and plants will be removed before
this happens. Humanity will be mainly relocated into inner Earth
cities while all this occurs.

Even after our ascension, some Earth changes are expected to continue.


More people can now confirm what is happening by tuning into their
Higher Self /Soul/I Am Presence during meditation. This "going
within" process has been practiced on Earth well before religions
and philosophical groups formed.

People can assist by visualising Light energies in the form of unconditional love anchoring onto and within the planet.

Love conquers all! It produces peace, healing, harmony, and oneness.

The anticipated changes to a new monetary system and world
forgiveness of debt is likely to also change government structures
in the near future.

If the few remaining controlling cabals on this planet don´t allow these changes, then first contact with our space
and spiritual friends is likely to be brought on more quickly than expected.

Should the changes occur, then greater financial and spiritual abundance will be available to all mankind.

Divisions between races and countries will cease.

There are many people working quietly in the wings of government,
judicial and financial systems to assist the implementation of these
changes. We should be introduced to them soon.

More free energy devices will become available, particularly for
powering our homes and transport systems. These inventions have been
available for some time. This has been pointed out in the Disclosure
Project crusade, headed by Dr Steven Greer and friends who are
showing the world the extent of Earth´s secret contact with ET
civilisations over the last 60 years.

We are in the Time of Truth where many hidden truths, including those of the Shadow Government must come to the surface.

The occurrence of many disastrous Earth changes, producing much loss of life, is now unlikely due to the great increase in mass
consciousness in recent weeks since the September 11 atrocities,
caused not by isolated terrorists but by those people controlling
the US Government It is still possible though, on a day-to-day
basis, that some volcanic and earthquake activity will still occur.

Those loved ones who have already passed over are likely to join us
in higher dimensions, if that was their choice. Others who have, and
will pass over in the future, may already have decided at a higher
level that they are not ready for ascension to higher dimensions
yet. They will reincarnate onto a 3rd dimensional planet, possibly
held within the large battle planet Nibiru, soon to become a part of
our solar system.

Stand by for an interesting ride.

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