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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Message From Kyron To The United nations


This channelling has been "re-channelled" (channel on top of a channel) by Kryon to enhance the meaning of the words that were given live on March 2, 2007 at the United Nations. The information that has been added is subtle and is intended to make it easier for readers to understand the message, which was more clear to the listeners of the live channelling.

"We seek to inspire, inform, enlighten, and uplift your spirits." This is a quote from The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT), part of the United Nations Staff Recreational Council (UNSRC), a group of clubs sanctioned by the UN for members, guests, employees, and delegates of the organization. Having previously presented to the group in 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2006, Lee Carroll was invited again this year for the sixth time in the UN building in Manhattan, New York to share Kryon's message.

This is the sixth time in the last 12 years that the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City has asked Lee Carroll to bring Kryon for a live channelling. The meetings are often closed to the public, but this one was different, being in the basement of the building for the first time, due to the renovation of the library auditorium that is normally used upstairs in the secure sections of the UN.

Lee again brought the DNA researcher, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, as a co-presenter. Dr. Ovokaitys is working with South African AIDS groups on plans to bring an end to that disease on the continent of Africa.

Dr. Todd's website: []


The United Nations - New York City - S.E.A.T.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

And still there would be those, as there always are, who would say, "Impossible, impossible! God doesn't work like this." Let those now, in these few brief moments of this message, be filled with an energy that could not possibly be from themselves. Let them see this as proof that a portal has been opened and the door has swung ajar, and what you have here are simple words from the other side of the veil through a Human Being, the way all scripture has always been delivered on the planet. Humans have written all of it - all of it! Through the divine connection that is built into Human DNA, they have written all of it.

And this is no different, dear ones, for the voice you hear now is no different than the voice that was heard in the prophets of old. The profundity of what is said through me is personal this time, however, and not for the ages. This time it's for you in the chairs, and the readers, and it's for those in this building. This is the change and what we call the New Energy on Earth. For it opens the door for all to do this, which often is seen as odd and strange and weird by those who are not in understanding. But I'll tell you, it's none of those things. It is a connection - a pipeline to Spirit - what you call God. It represents the love that many of you are missing in your life, and that you could have by pushing on the door of your heart. With that action, in comes the family to sit in your lap, to hold your hand, to tell you that the impossible is doable.

I am Kryon. I am a partner. I am a sister, a brother to all here. I am not some disembodied energy that floats in space. I am inside you, should you choose to look, as well as the very essence of God itself. So there would be those who would say, "Well, if you represent God, would you please explain to us why you haven't come down here and straightened out this mess?" Let it not be lost on any of you, where we sit at the moment. Let it not be lost on any of you of the resources and the integrity of those who built the concrete that you sit in and stand upon at this moment. For all around you, there is the emphasis and the intent on unity. Put it together, don't tear it apart. Solution, not division. Peace, not war. And so in this atmosphere, I answer the question: "Where is God at these times?"

Let me present to you what is happening on this planet that you need to know. God does not interfere with the light/dark balance of humanity. Humanity generates the light/dark balance by itself and then God is invited into the light parts. If there are more light parts than dark parts as measured at the quantum level*, you are going to have revelation and illumination, and that's what's happening right now. So, within this puzzle, I tell you that God knows who you are, where you're sitting right now, and what this organization is about. It is no mystery.

There are so many questions about this, and so I have yet another metaphor, one we've used before, but which I will elaborate on at this moment. Imagine a lighthouse on the shore, and its job is to shine the light and stay put. When the ships at sea are starting to come into the port, they have the invitation to see the light and steer safely and not onto the rocks, which hide under the waves.

There are three kinds of ships, basically, in that ocean. And the first kind is where the pilothouse has been boarded up and the skipper and all of those responsible for navigation know where they're going. This is because they've been there before and they trust their maps. They trust all of the mythology of the ages to navigate them. These are sailors who went before into the port on their own, they don't need the lighthouse. In fact, it's redundant. In fact, they don't even like it and feel it's silly. So they make their way with their own devices to the port and some make it and some don't.

However, what they've failed to see is that the waves are always changing and the tides are shifting. Even the weather patterns are moving around, if you've noticed. But they stick with the old and they say, "It has worked in the past, and it will work now." This works, until they find themselves on the rocks.

The second kind of ship is the one who keeps their pilothouse boarded up unless they're in trouble. The wind comes up and the waves change, then they take the boards off and say, "Now I'm in trouble - where are you, lighthouse?" They see the lighthouse and they're thankful for the lighthouse. Then as soon as they're in port, they put the boards back up. "Thank you, lighthouse," they say. "I only needed you while I was in trouble." Then they go back to their business, feeling that the lighthouse is a "trouble lighthouse."

The third kind of ship is the one who never put the boards up on the windows and is always looking for the lighthouse first, because it understands that the waves shift and the tides move, and that it never knows where the shifting rocks are. So this ship looks at the lighthouse for guidance into the safe harbor all the time.

We have just given you the three kinds of humans, basically, that would become enlightened via free choice on this planet in this new energy. It would seem that the third kind would be the ones who are the ones you might think are going to become the true light of the planet. You're right. But I tell once again that there doesn't have to be many of those of the third kind. Less than one half of one percent of the earth has to be aware of their own divinity and their own light to send this power through meditation and prayer to the rest of the planet and create peace on Earth. I'll say that again. Less than one half of one percent.

"Kryon, then what is it all about in the Middle East? Why is there so much turmoil? The troops are there, the war is there, the death, and the killing. . .  the unhappiness, the sorrow. . .  oh, the sorrow! What is that about in a time of light?" I will tell you, dear ones, yet again: When have you seen this before in these areas? And the answer is that you never have. Therefore, could it be that the light on this planet has become so bright that it now exposes the dark areas that were hidden from you before? Could it be that the hatred is now exposed that was always there, but which you could not correctly see? Could it be that these things present a puzzle for you to solve? Could that be? And if you're one of those ships that has taken the boards down and sees the light, you will say, "That is exactly what it is! I now see things that the light is showing me, which I never would have seen before."

Indeed, without this new light at this time, shining in those places, exposing the darkness to you, those areas in the Middle East that are now shifting would not have changed for another 200 years. Therefore, all the strife and challenge is something that was always there, but now it has become the issue of your day. Who sees it? Those who wish to look. . .  via free choice.

The United Nations

Let me remind you again about this organization whose basement you sit in at this moment. There are those who would say, "They're useless and they're worthless and they've done nothing notable for a decade." I'm Kryon and I know of the souls who come and go on this planet. Let me ask you a question: What would you think of an organization that could save one million lives a year? Would it be worth it? And you would say, "Well, of course." Then, let me introduce you to the United Nations! What the media shows you in the Grand Assembly with those who pound their chest in disgust and call names is not what this organization is about. No, that is what the media is about. And those who report will tell you that this organization does nothing, and it can do nothing.

Yet I'm telling you that there are a million lives saved every year by this organization! Twenty percent of those are in measles alone. [Those who didn't get measles and die.] Measles! And how many people do you think measles kills in this great land [the USA]? The answer is almost none. It's the rest of the earth who needs these United Nations. And that's just one aspect of what they're doing. That doesn't even include the past diseases cured, or the smiles on the faces of the children in joy. That's what this organization is about. I am Kryon; I am telling you that I see it and I know it. Do not shift your light from this place because you don't feel it suits your needs in a dramatic way. Because I will again say that soon enough you will see the results in the Grand Assembly as well. Be patient. Be patient.

The New Frontier

I would like to tell you about the new frontier. There would be those who would say it is, and must be, China. No. That is not the new frontier. Oh, there's going to be amazing things that take place in China, representing the new industrial revolution for the planet. But that's expected, and is not new news. You knew that already.

Spirit does not give generic advice. Spirit gives the revelation of potential futures, and advice within what you are already creating. So let me give you some advice about China, based on what is in the future. The dragon is slow to move and has been here for thousands of years, whereas the country where my partner sits right now is barely 200 years old. China knows what it is doing. It is studying capitalism in its way, and it is not finished. For the Asians do very well in taking things apart and putting them back together, studying how they work and then making them better than the item they originally studied. And China is doing that now with Hong Kong [a model of high finance and international capitalistic know-how, developed under British rule]. Do you think it's an accident that they inherited Hong Kong after a 99-year lease, and this took place in your lifetime? You think that's an accident? They are studying, and they are learning, and indeed, they will make many of the same mistakes that your country did along the way to functional Chinese capitalism.

But you would be well advised if this country [the USA] and the West in general would support them in the areas where they're weak, and give them the knowledge and the wisdom to run the things that they need to run, without at the same time imposing a Western culture onto them. Let them have their Asian-ness, and they will develop an economy that is even stronger than yours and that may surprise you in the process. For it will bring abundance also to the west through investment and expansion. But this is not new news.

"Well then, Kryon, if it's not China, it's got to be the Middle East." And I say to you, it is not that either. The Middle East is a core issue, not a new frontier. You see now a cauldron, a puzzle that needs to be solved and stabilized so that you can move past the 2012 mark into promise and peace. This doesn't have to happen by 2012, but if it started now, it would be a good thing. It's about stabilization, not a new frontier. It's the cradle of civilization.

What part of the earth do you think that I'm going to talk about next? What is the new frontier? I will give you information that only those past your lifespan will be able to verify. But, of course, many of you will be back by then [speaking of those who will reincarnate]. I know who you are, all of you as you sit here, and why you're here. I know of the puzzles in your personal life.

I want to talk about the AU. What is that? It's something in the future. I want to talk about the AU, which probably will not be seen for 50 years. . .  two generations: The African Union. You met the doctor today, The Twist Master, I call him [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys]. He is one who will help cure the continent of Africa in this generation. For when the citizens of that great continent have health, they will then have the need for normal economies. And what you do not know and the underlying support is that there are literally trillions of what you would call dollars that are sitting and waiting to be invested in their health! There are those on Earth who also see this clearly.

These are the grand cities of the future, in the African Union. It will be a conglomeration of African states much like you see in the European Union, only bigger and more powerful, with their own securities exchanges that will rival anything the earth has ever seen, even the Chinese. Because the future resources that the world will need are in Africa, including some you have not realized yet. It is the next great frontier. And in this new energy, that continent must be cured. This is in progress, and indeed, it will be.

There are three great health inventions coming to that continent, and one has been described today in technological terms [by Dr. Ovokaitys]. The other two are in progress and will also be curative. These three, all together, will entirely cure the continent. Much of this may even be in your lifetime if, indeed, this organization [the UN] can be part of it. Are you starting to connect the dots? Bring peace in Africa, UN! Concentrate on those who are against the peace and bring them the knowledge of why they should have it. Education, negotiation and reasoning alone, without the force, are such powerful things. Indeed, these new cities will create the type of civilization that this planet has never seen before. Unrivaled, it will be, one that is able to top anything that has ever existed. That is the new frontier. The very seeds of that are going to be seen in your lifetime. Watch for the funding. Against all odds, the kinds of monies that will be spent there will be astonishing. And eventually there will no longer be the tribal warfare, the corruption that is there, even within the collection of the shiny stones. You may believe me, but when it begins you will understand.

Oh, one final thing before I go. I'll reveal it for the first time and the only time. . .  what my partner has agreed to do in his next lifetime. [Lee does not know this information as he is channelling it.] You see, on this side of the veil, there is no time. All is known of the potentials. Not predestination, but a predisposition of what he has already decided to do at a level that he has no concept of. He has no idea what's coming. But he'll hear this at the same time you do and he'll know, and he'll rejoice.

In approximately 65 to 70 years, there is a potential, at this point in time, of a man being born and growing up. When he reaches his 36th year, you will see a young, new leader emerge with a black face in Africa. And that will be my partner, the man you see, sitting and channelling me now. This is what he chooses and what he wants at his soul level. His leadership will be spiritual, not political, and his purpose will have to do with those who are in need of the healing emotion of the heart. . .  needed for a grand new civilization. Watch for it, for it will not have the name Kryon. Instead, it will be a cultural name that will be understood in their language.

Dear Human Being, save this transcription for those who will be here, so they will know him by his stripes. This is cryptic now, but you'll know it clearly when it happens.

Indeed, I am aware of where I sit. I'm in my partner at the moment and I feel what he is feeling. It is a meld, is it not, of spiritual things? Know this day that this room has been visited by an energy that is different from anything that you expected. You will walk from this place and if you choose to see that lighthouse, dear Human Being, you're going to leave differently than you came in. All of you, don't be surprised perhaps that a little healing went on at the same time you were here.

Blessed are those in the hallways of this place who call themselves employees - the rank and file, who save a million lives a year.

God knows who you are. And so it is.


*Light on Earth measured at the quantum level is not a summary of the amount of light and dark parts, but rather the balance of the quotient of what the few light parts are creating for the whole. For instance, a glass of water might contain eight ounces of water, but add a few molecules of flavoring, and the entire glass of water has become "flavored water." Light is like that, where the interdimensional properties of the Human who meditates and prays are flavoring the entire earth's vibration.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Working With The Angels


"The whole Cosmos which God has created is filled with Beings who are more cultivated than we are and much more organized. Beings of the Angelic Hierarchy exist on the Sun. They live in an ethereal world:

solid matter does not exist there in the way that it does on earth. Matter there is in an ethereal state.

"There are also Advanced Beings who dwell on Sirius and on other celestial bodies as well. Compared to the Culture of Sirius - the culture of humankind is still in its swaddling clothes.

"Three kinds of solar systems exist. Some manifest the material world; others manifest the more sublime spiritual elements: these belong to the spiritual world, the Angelic world. After some time - when your spiritual eyes have begun to develop - you will be able to see all worlds. For now like the astronomers, you can see only the material world. The third kind of Solar System is the Divine World: the One which has been created from the most sublime Divine Elements.

"Eventually, man will pass through all solar systems. Our solar system is at the border of the Cosmos. One day - when your consciousness evolves and passes from one solar system into one with a more highly-evolved culture than ours at present - your perception of things will be completely different.

"By 'Angels,' we imply those Beings whose consciousness is so awakened that they shine like the sun. If you were to visit the Angels, you would see that in their world there exists a state of order unlike anything which exists on the earth. People have notions about the Angels, just as ants have notions about people. If you were to ask the ants where man exists, they would say that man is in another world. The ants have no knowledge of the human world. When an ant crawls over a person, it does not think, 'this is a living being.' Just as we can see the ants even though they do not see us, there are invisible Beings who exist and can see us although we do not see them. They work for the betterment of the world.

"We think that man is on the highest rung of the evolutionary ladder, but evolution is without end. Just as there are beings that exist below man, there are Beings that exist above man as well. These Beings evolved from the universes of the past.

"The Angels have a completely different scale of measurement. The more that the consciousness expands, the more the field of vision broadens. For them, only one thing is impossible: they cannot err.

"The Angels have an evolved Consciousness, and they do not intermingle good with evil. The Angelic Universe is much larger than ours. We are children; they are adults. When an Angel errs, he is not accepted into Heaven for ten thousand years, whereas they are much more lenient towards human beings.

"The Angels do not know human error: because if they knew, they would be defiled. Even though the Angels have passed along another path, they are nevertheless interested in our world. For them, we are the objects of study, just as the plants and animals are objects of study for us.

"Some Angels have passed through one mental epoch of humankind in which they stumbled and fell. When the angels were being tested, some of them remained luminous, while others darkened. Those who were conceited and prideful grew dark.

"The Angels take an interest in man. They have no knowledge of the Divine in man, because man is moving on a different path of development as opposed to the path which they have passed along. The Angels are able to learn from man's existence, because there is something in it which is unknown to them. They have no Knowledge of our experience, just as we have no knowledge of their experience; and for this reason, we are interesting to them. Millions of years ago, they were the 'humankind' of their world.

"The Angel possesses Knowledge which is applicable in all worlds: physical, spiritual and Divine. What is the Knowledge of an Angel? If you were to compile all of the knowledge of humankind - all that it has accumulated over thousands of years - an Angel knows all that and more.

"For the Angels to travel from one solar system to another - what kind of transportation do you think they would need? From the Sun to the closest star, an Angel will travel faster than the speed of light. The Evolved Beings who live on the Sun come down to our earth. Beings from Venus, Mars and Mercury come down as well. They have the means of transportation. The light which comes from some universes takes 500 million years to get here. What a great distance! But for an Angel, this is just a stroll. Our scale of measurement is like that of a microbe. The Angels travel at a speed greater than light. For them, the speed of light is like that of a buffalo-wagon. If the speed of light is incomprehensible to human beings, then what about a speed much faster than that? Light travels at the greatest speed possible for the physical world, but the speeds about which we are speaking here belong to other, higher worlds, to different dimensions.

"The Angels are highly evolved Beings who send forth energy throughout the entire solar system. The earth is too small a field for the power of an Angel. An Angel moving at the speed of light would cross the entire earth in a split-second, and yet they travel at even greater speeds.

"The Angels have bodies which are more resilient than ours. Angels master their bodies in such a way that they can be either visible or invisible. When Angels look at human life, they do not see as people see. When an Angel visits you, you become inspired; but when common spirits come to you, you say, 'We are stupid. We are ignorant. We are dull.'

"An Angel is a Being of absolute Justice and Purity. Their clothing is classical in style. You have to live like an Angel in order to put on Angelic clothes. You have to think rightly to be able to dress in a Divine robe.

"In the Sanskrit language, the word 'Deva' means 'Angel.' The Angels are rich in Love, and they work because of their Love. They intuit what God's Will is - that is to say, what God desires - and they fulfill it immediately.

"A World exists where Joy is real and suffering is make-believe. This is the World of the Angels, of the luminous Beings. Happiness on earth is not the Happiness of the spiritual world. In Heaven, your joy and suffering is unknown, but they have knowledge of what the Divine is. In the Angelic World, you cannot speak a word that has a double meaning, nor can you say something negative. If you imply that something which is pure is impure, you will need to leave paradise. On the Sun, if you want to speak an unkind word, your mouth will not open. If you want to speak a good word, then it will open readily.

"Sainthood is one of the highest states of a human being on earth, but the Angels stand higher than the saints.

"There are different orders of Angels. There are Angels who are from the first, second and third Realms. They speak different languages. The lives of the Angels who live in the second Realm are hidden from those who live in the first. And similarly, the lives of those who live in the third are hidden from those who live in the second. In the Angelic World, you can never pronounce a word if you do not like the object which it indicates. For example, if you like apples, you will be able to pronounce the word 'apple', but if you do not - you will not. You can never say, 'I do not like you.' Because before you can speak the words, the one to whom you are directing these words will no longer be in front of you. Compared to the celestial Angelic language, the human language is like the sound of thunder.

"If you go to the invisible World, to the luminous Beings, you will need to know their language, just as when someone comes to you, they will need to speak in your language. The Angels know all tongues. They will speak to you in that ancient Bulgarian language which has preserved its initial purity.

"When the Angels speak amongst themselves, man rejoices, because in their speech, there is something new. Light emanates from their speech: it is something very beautiful. There is a saying, 'When the Angels are eating - on the crumbs from their tables - humans are feasting.' This means that nothing is ever lost. In the same way, the ants are being fed by the crumbs which fall from the table at which man eats. Nothing ever goes to waste.

"The Angels are God's servants. There are Angels of Love, of Wisdom, of Gentleness, of Temperance, and so on. Each of the virtues is represented by specific Angels. The same is also true for all of the arts: music, poetry, etc.

"For the Beings of the Divine World, neither death nor reincarnation exist. The Divine Life is a Life of Perfection.

"When we speak about the sun and the stars, we should look at them as the result of the activity of the Intelligent Beings which lived 25 million, 250 million and 2, 500 million years ago.

"You say, 'I am interested in the other worlds.' It is impossible for you not to be interested, because the aspirations of the human soul originate from the higher Consciousness and culture of the Intelligent Beings from the other worlds.

"The Angels are Beings who have participated in the creation of the world. All of the Divine Powers pass through them. They are protecting us; they are helping us; they are bringing us Divine Blessings.

"It is the Intelligent Beings who work with and direct the life processes of the plants. There is a special class of Angels which works upon the plants. The whole plant kingdom is the accomplishment of the Angels. The intelligence within the plants is that of the Angels. For example, look at how regularly the berries of the grape in a grape cluster are arranged, what perfect form it has. Through the apple, we connect with the Beings of the Sun. The apple is a radio which connects us with these Beings. The flowers are the children of the Angels; they are the paintings of the Angels: their art. Flowers should not be picked. And should you step on a flower - at the same time - you are stepping on the thoughts and feelings of the Angels. We are very unruly children. We have a very high opinion of ourselves.

"The Angels work not only on the plants, but also on the whole of Nature. They work on all the natural kingdoms: animal, mineral, etc. If I say that the Angels are among us, you would ask, 'Where are they?' This very light by which we see today - this is of the Angels. They desire to stimulate our consciousness with their light.

"The Angels are helping us. We have helped them when they have been in the [evolutionary] position of humankind and our bodies were as the animals. In the future, when the animals of the present reach the human level of development, we will be helping them.

"At one time - when they were more like man - the Angels resembled us in certain things, but in other things not at all. The lowest existence of the Angels is still higher than the most sublime existence of man. This is the result of the intensity by which the Angels live. The relationship between the Angels and man can be compared to the relationship between man's life and that of the plants. In order to connect with a man, an Angel must come down and prod him for a long time until his mind awakens and is prompted into motion. The Angel wants to tell him that he is in the presence of a highly evolved Being with whom he needs to connect that he may learn something.

"In the Scriptures it is said, 'Speak not an empty word in the presence of the Angel who is guiding you, because this will turn your cause to naught.' This means that if you do not respect the Angel who is guiding you, you will lose everything and will continuously feel discontent.

"The Beings who have completed their development send their Love to us. We need to connect with them. The Angels on the Sun as well as those of the other solar systems - are thinking about us. When you find yourself in darkness - when you are under attack by inferior beings - a luminous Soul will come to you, will tell you something, will bring you a new idea. These luminous Souls will tell you, 'We will be with you.' These are the helpers, the guardian Angels of humankind. These Advanced Beings surround you; and because of them, your life can progress. You need to make every endeavor that your heart and mind may become an altar in order that you may work with these Advanced Beings. We have to study not only the physical world, but also the spiritual. We need to be connected with not only the physical world but the spiritual as well. We need to maintain contact with the Advanced Beings who are helping us along on our path. Many of our thoughts are the fruits of the thoughts of Advanced Beings. When a seed from one of these fruits lands in your mind, in your heart or in your soul, it will propagate in and of itself. These are the Divine Ideas which have come to grow within you. They are great treasures. Even if only one of these small, precious thoughts penetrates you every day - within ten years, your life will have become drastically changed.

"If you are in good spirits - this is an indication that Advanced Beings are sending their sublime thoughts to you. On the other hand, there are inferior beings as well who are sending to you their parasitic thoughts through which they attempt to prevent you from hearing clearly. Both kinds of beings are active. When you have a stale outlook on life. you have come into contact with beings who are on a lower level of development than you. When you have a fresh prospective, you have connected with Beings who are on a higher level than you.

"If you do not connect with the luminous Beings, no future awaits you. If you nourish yourself in the proper way, you will come into contact with all pure and righteous souls. The Intelligent Beings from the invisible World are sending their good ideas to man; but should these ideas not find good soil for their development, they will be deflected and will return to whence they have come, to their source. This is the reason why - regardless of the great wealth, the great abundance of Blessings which God is sending to earth - the majority of people are spiritually poor.

"If, through the efforts which you are making, you are able to communicate with the Intelligent Beings, you will be able to improve your destiny. This means that you must come to have faith in God, to trust in God. Through higher reasoning, you can come into contact with the Angels; and through Love - with God. The beauty of life lies in man's ability to live in harmony with the Advanced Beings. Man's thought needs to be in harmony with their thought. What greater music - than to think as the Advanced Beings think.

"The Angels who are teaching us are above us. Learn from them. Why should we learn from them? Because they possess a greater understanding than we do. Follow the path of the Angels that you may correct your error.

"People today think that once they come to believe, the sciences and the arts are no longer needed. But people are peculiar in their beliefs about God and in their attitudes about faith. Is it not God the great God of Wisdom, the Great Cause who has created all the worlds? Is it not God who has created the Angels? We need to come to know that there is another Science which exists, another Music, another Poetry, another Art. There exist other worlds as well, other forms of life-all a thousand times more beautiful than ours. There is much to learn.

"You live in an Intelligent World. The Sublime Beings who participated in the creation of the world are still working upon your consciousness and want you to learn, to come to understand things.

"The real wealth in man is the good within him. As it is with the Good, so it is with Love, Wisdom and Truth: they are inseparable. No one can say, 'This Love, this Wisdom, this Knowledge is mine.'

"We have the ability to comprehend the thoughts of the Sublime Beings. Work upon yourselves that you may develop your receptivity, through which you may come into contact with the more advanced Beings.

"Those who have had experiences and personal encounters with the other World - should they become ill, they will be able to overcome their illness more easily. Their Angels from the invisible World will visit them, will take away their pain, their suffering, their discouragement. The Intelligent Powers in the world are very active. The benevolent beings come from above or from the right side, whereas the inferior beings - from below or the left.

"When you are passing through a trial, pray and the luminous Beings will come to help you.

"There is a Law which states: no act performed by an Advanced Being exists in which the loss is greater than the benefit.

"If a man's heart is filled with sublime and noble thoughts and feelings - it is sufficient for him to think merely about an Angel, and the Angel will be with him. Without these feelings in his heart, no Angel will be able to leave his world to help him.

"When I look at you, I can see what kind of relationship the higher Beings have with you. This is because you are like a candle which has been illuminated, and from the intensity of the light of your candle - of your mind - a determination can be made regarding the essence of your candle as well as the quality of the burning which is taking place within you - whether it be full, or only partial. The Advanced Beings utilize this fire, that is to say, the energy of your mind for their work. This means: when you are making the endeavor to love, the Sublime Beings use this energy for their work.

"There are Angels who are guiding the nations. The Angel is a very real being, with both a body and a mind. Man thinks, and the animal thinks - but what a difference between man and animal!

"Sometimes highly Evolved Beings instill themselves within a man for 10, 15 or even 20 years and work. This is more economical and saves time in comparison to being born. In this sense, the man of genius is a collective being. One or more Advanced Beings has fallen in Love with him, has come to dwell within him and to manifest through him. Those people within whom an Angel comes to dwell, we call geniuses or saints. Within each great soul a great spirit lives. A musician in the true sense of the word can be only the one within whom an Angel lives. All things in the world which are sublime are because of the Angels.

"Man's consciousness needs to be awakened that he may be able to connect with the Consciousness of the Great Beings and learn from them.

I believe not in enthusiasm, but rather in Inspiration. Enthusiasm lasts for a day and a half, whereas Inspiration endures forever. Whatever one seeks to do, one must have Inspiration.

"In the future, the earth will be aglow, just as it was illuminated in earlier times. There is a saying [in Bulgarian]: 'To wherever it did flow, it will flow again.' It is the Advanced Beings who order our lives. They are investing something new into your account. It is important for you that everything which they have imparted to you increases. It is important that you invest something in their account as well. How? Through your gratitude to them. Be thankful for your friends from above who are helping you.

"All the Sublime Beings gather around those who have sublime aspirations."

Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

Friday, August 17, 2007


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Moving Out Of The Old Reality

SaLuSa 06-August-2007

As you move "OUT OF THE OLD REALITY" and into the new one, you should find that you are becoming more centred. You will find it easier to become detached from the everyday pull of emotions and pressures placed upon you. The old ways soon disappear to make way for new ones bringing calmness and peace. With resolute determination it will become your normal way of life.

Your interest in the mundane things of life, is replaced by an intuitive feeling of the direction you should take that rises above them. Your evolution becomes more important to you, and your energies are placed where they will do the most good. The development of Self becomes your focus, and others will note the peaceful aura that surrounds you. It is a paradox that by focussing on Self, you are helping raise others up with you. You can guide others when given the opportunity, but the most potent way is through example.

Upliftment has to start somewhere and the foundation stone for many is the acknowledgement of God. Knowing that you are part of God enables the realisation that you are all One. This brings a different outlook and understanding of everyone's place alongside you, and that you are responsible for each other. This means that you have a greater responsibility to treat others as you would yourself, knowing that every act and thought has an effect upon the whole. This may sound difficult, but it soon becomes a way of life and you will no longer judge others but allow for their life to flow in the way that benefits their evolution.

Knowing that you are all One, should elicit that feeling of Love for all life. It enables you to understand that even those seemingly embroiled in the ways of the dark, are also holding energies that are a necessary part of the whole. Duality is your on-Earth workshop where your skills are tried out, and honed so that you can establish yourself on a higher level. Progress over eons of time has been slow, but with each life you have learnt lessons that have helped your overall development. In latter times that progress has escalated, as the increasing Light quotient has hastened the process of upliftment.

As you will know by now, everything that occurs has its purpose, and you are continually tried in the fires of the emotional reactions of those around you. It is so very easy to get involved in other people's problems, but this is an area where unless you are invited to intervene it is best to stay away. The reason is that you are not privy to the full facts, and have no knowledge of the karmic responsibilities of those involved. I do not mean that you should ignore the call for help, such as occurred after the trauma of the tsunami, or other major disasters. Far from it as such occurrences are a measure as to much you believe that all are One, and whether you are prepared to help your brothers and sisters when they are in desperate need.

Billons of dollars are being spent on the Middle East wars. It does not need much imagination to realise how more beneficial it would be if that same money was given to save lives and restore living conditions, rather than the reverse. These times are a severe test of your determination to treat people with kindness, love and compassion. How is it that after this long period of time since Hurricane Katrina struck that many people are still homeless? Is it a case of out of sight out of mind, and what is the role of your media but to bring these plights to your Governments attention? Does it not strike you that the priorities are wrong, and that while one person is still homeless, or one mouth needs feeding it is a blight upon Humanity as a whole?

There are many good people who give of themselves to others, when their needs are essential to the preservation of their lives. However, the size of the human tragedies demands help on a global scale. How else can help be given to the millions of people made homeless in the recent floods of Bangladesh. Will the West stand idle and look the other way, or will they mobilise help in the same way that they activate their war machine. Would God have you help those in need, of course, and each tragedy whether natural or man made is an opportunity to show that you care for your Earth family.

Consider that millions of your brothers and sisters belong to the Galactic Federation, other Brotherhoods and Councils of Light that all serve mankind. They do so out of recognition of your common origin as parts of God. They do so because they have outgrown the need to put Self first, and they have become Beings of Light that follow the Will of God. You are treading upon the path to Ascension and you too will rise up and join them on those higher levels. How encouraging it would be if your conscience was spurred into responding to the needs of others, such as they do without a seconds delay.

Certainly you are more aware and awakened than at any previous period. The mass consciousness is consistently growing, and the Light is opening the eyes of more and more people. However, until you have leaders who truly reflect public opinion, there will continue to be a struggle to get an acknowledgment of the need to change direction. In fact, you are deliberately being ignored because the agenda of the dark is the priority of those who try to dictate your destiny. The future is therefore very much in your hands and through your efforts it is already changing.

The forces of Light are rapidly weakening the stranglehold of the dark, and very soon a breakthrough will occur. Their power will be removed, and immediately a new force will govern that operates for the highest good of all. The needs of the poorer people will be addressed, and a world–wide movement brought into being to deal with it. The Galactic Federation will be at the heart of it, with the personnel and technology to handle the challenge.

I am SaLuSa a Sirian member of the Galactic Federation, and looking at the turmoil upon Earth. I see the Love and Light growing, and there is every reason to be heartened by the changes that are beginning to take place. You are "FINDING THER GODSELF WITHIN", and directing the changes with an awakened heart. A new Light glows over the Earth and is permanently taking over.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Message From Saint Germaine

Dear Ones, do you awake each morning feeling fully renewed and refreshed, ready to meet the days challenges. Or do you find you are still tired and not in the least rested, and with little enthusiasm for the day ahead. Why do some people seem to cope and handle whatever is thrown at them? I will tell you that I believe it is according to your state of mind, and this in turn is the result of your understanding and outlook on life.

Notice how those who have found their place in life are happy and joyous. They have a purpose that they have identified with, and set their sights upon it. Their awareness allows for the creation of their reality whatever that may be, and they open to new directions from their Higher Self. They move in harmony with the flow of life, and are not deterred by what is going on around them. These ones listen carefully to the intuitive promptings they receive.

What is it that distinguishes those who are calm in times of chaos, and can instill that calmness and peace in others around them? It is complete confidence in their own understanding of life, and its interconnectedness with all else. Finding that you are not separated or living your life in isolation, makes for the realization that you are all responsible for each other. Extending that understanding so as to accept that what you do to One, you do to All, is a further revelation. Why then would you do other than treat all as equal, knowing that it will assist in the upliftment of Humanity.

The question asked is, where or how do you find that elixir of life? It is the recognition of higher spiritual forces that control the destiny of Man. The finding of your Source and connection to it and knowing that life is infinite, and regardless of whatever you choose to experience you will continue to exist. Once that realization has been gained absolutely nothing can take away from you that firm belief, and life holds no fear for you.

Knowing of the truth releases you from the chains of duality, and no more can they hold you back. Your path in the Light opens out before you, and at last you will have found how to remove yourself from the hold of lower forces. They dance around you trying their tricks to bring you into fear, but they no longer have you in their clutches and you are free once again. What was yours yesterday has no further influence, and it's meaning has served its purpose; you have now become an enlightened Being.

What are you left with but the joy and realization of having moved into the Light, indeed what more would you want? The search is over, and each day is a tribute to your recognition that you already have everything you need for the completion of your journey. Your Light shines out into the heavens, and signals that another human Being has found the true Source of All That Is.

The troubled mind does not sleep well, and wanders around in confusion, searching everywhere for the answers, not realizing that they are within. Led by those who profess to know the truth but often deceive themselves and others. Teachers come and teachers go, and some are appointed by Heaven to lift Man's understanding to further his evolution. Out of it comes the greater truth, but often not without great hardship through many trials and tribulations. Those who oppose Man and his continual quest for truth lack understanding, and fail to grasp that truth is the only lasting path that is there for everyone.

I would say stop your running here and there, and be still. In those moments of stillness and meditative thought, make contact within and follow your intuitive guidance. It will give answers appropriate to your level of advancement, ensuring that there is a continual forward movement that ever takes you higher into the Light. Your desire to open up will ensure that it remains within reach, and progress will be assured. Help comes in several ways, including the presence of many Guides and Angelic protectors.

Look around you and instead of seeing the differences between people, see that which draws them together. See their Light and Love operating without regard to color or creed. Recognize the God within each soul and all as part of the One. Let others follow their appointed path and lend a helping hand when required. At this time of great changes, many opportunities exist for Man to reveal his innate love and caring for those in need. Your response is some measure of your spiritual progress, inasmuch that you realize that service to others a natural action of one who has awakened.

Through example others follow the leaders of charitable and loving acts, and great Light is created upon Earth. It is grounded and links with all similar sources in a wonderful grid of Light. It remains and grows exponentially, as the vibrations are continually lifted upwards. All happens as part of the greater upliftment that finally takes you on to Ascension. With these goals in your sights, is it no wonder that many are at peace with themselves, and it shows. Their secret is for all to share, and they can join the dedicated souls who lead the way. It is your choice by the granting of freewill, and in so doing you will lift off that load you have carried for eons of time upon your shoulders.

The worries of the world are not your personal concern, and do not add to the fear laden talk of those of the dark. Spread your Light far and wide, and give help in any way possible to those souls who struggle to overcome their plight, as they are another aspect of you as indeed are all wherever they may be. You are One and you are Gods, seeking to reveal your true identities obscured by the veils that have covered your eyes. Oneness is the panacea that you seek, expressed as Unconditional Love. When you have reached this point, you have found your true Self.

Humanity is well on the road to Ascension, and it can accommodate every soul that desires to leave duality for the realms of Light. It will come to you once you have committed yourself to be of the Light and Love. It radiates to you from many souls such as myself, and great Beings that hold the Universe in their loving hands. Accept our love and we will help lift you up.

Thank you Saint Germaine,
Mike Quinsey

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Cathie Grid

 From David Wilcock's excellent site

This chapter explores the work of Bruce Cathie, which illustrates how the observed flight paths of UFOs reveal that they are following a "Grid" over the earth, shaped in the form of a cube and octahedron- two of the seven fundamental geometric phases of the CU, representing the third and fifth dimension.

We go into great depth to explore the significant harmonic mathematical discoveries that Cathie has made from the study of this grid, including his most stellar achievement of all: Cathie solves the Unified Field paradox of modern physics, revealing that all of the Creation is simply a function of Light.

We also take excerpts from the Ra Material to help develop these ideas concerning the expanding and contracting CU in their "cosmic context."


The modern scientific history of the Global Grid starts with the work of a researcher named Bruce Cathie. Though he is not commonly known in UFOlogical circles, his work is of paramount importance. Cathie writes about very complicated mathematical ideas as though they were as simple as grade-school arithmetic, then humbly insisting that he "isn't a scientist or mathematician." In the midst of this complexity, his work is utterly brilliant, but it leaves all but the most fastidious readers in the dust. So, in this chapter we will look at how this man and his theories fit in to our overall discussion, which is the Great Cycle and how it relates to the dimensions and consciousness units as we know them.

Cathie grew up in New Zealand, which is situated "Down Under," near Australia. He was working in the military when he had the first of a series of UFO sightings. For obvious reasons, he became very highly interested in the fact that he was seeing these craft in clear sight, and wanted to know more about them. Being on a large ship at sea, he was able to quite clearly see for a long distance around him, and it was over time that he began to notice that there was a seeming regularity to the flight path of the UFOs.

This regularity fascinated him, so Cathie decided to pursue as much knowledge of it as he could uncover. He carefully investigated different people's sightings and tried to figure out which way the UFOs had been going. Over time, he realized that there was, indeed, a pattern present; it appeared that the UFOs were following certain specific straight-line paths that were always the same.

The pursuit of this data later led him to the work of French researcher Aime Michel, who had been studying UFOs for many years and had determined some of the standard flight paths that they would follow in various parts of Europe. UFO sightings would occur time and time again along these "tracklines," and Michel determined that the average distance between these lines was 54.46 kilometers. When converting this over to nautical miles, Cathie discovered to his own surprise that the tracklines were exactly 30 nautical miles apart. Again, 30 is a fundamental "harmonic" or frequency number.

If this doesn't seem important, or appears nothing more than a coincidence, it is important to remember that a "nautical mile" is exactly one minute of arc on the Earth's surface. Sixty minutes of arc, or sixty nautical miles, would then equal one degree of arc, and as everyone knows there are a total of 360 degrees in any circular or spherical body. Since the Earth itself once may have had a 360-day year, and Hoagland's team demonstrated this same degree measurement system used on Mars, it is safe to at least assume the ubiquity of the use of 360 degrees for a circle. We know that 360 is one of the most fundamental "frequency numbers" in the Universe, and its derivation may have been a direct result of the observations that could be made surrounding its natural existence on the Global Energy Grid.

Again, this is speculation, however let's look at a few facts. First of all, in future chapters we will take a look at Carl Munck's work, known as "archeocryptology." This work unquestionably demonstrates that the Ancients were using a 360-degree system when building their monuments on Earth. Hoagland's team discovered that the distance between the "Face" and the "D&M Pyramid" amounts to precisely 1/360th of the pole-to-pole diameter of Mars. This discovery led to many other stunning breakthroughs that would only come about in a 360-degree based system. In Part Three of this book, we will point out the fact that the Earth year seems to be a key timekeeper in the Solar System, locking in and describing many other cycles.

In the case of Cathie's discoveries, we find that the lines of magnetic force that made up the Global Grid are always 30 arc-minutes apart. Based on this, we might wonder if it is not simply a system of maps that the UFOs are using to travel, but rather a visible system of energy lines. If this is true, the adaptation of 360 degrees to a planetary sphere may simply be an observation of the organization of its lines of force. This might also help to better explain why we have seen this number in so many other places as well. So, from Cathie's discoveries, we know that every half-degree of arc on the Earth's surface was a potential UFO trackline, for a total of 720 latitude lines and 720 longitude lines. Says Cathie:

I found that by using units of 30 minutes of arc latitude north-south, and 30 minutes of arc longitude east-west, on my Mercator's map, a grid pattern was formed into which a great number of UFO reports could be fitted. I eventually had a map with sixteen stationary and seventeen moving UFOs plotted on grid intersections and tracklines.

Having satisfied myself that my reasoning and plotting were not false, I considered that I had good proof that New Zealand, possibly other countries, and probably the whole world, were being systematically covered by some type of grid system.

Thus, when one looks into the history and origin of Cathie's work, that person invariably sees a map of New Zealand with a series of straight lines on it. That might prove as a stumbling block to Americans, simply because it has not been done over a map of New York State, for example. However, it is a suitable and definite system that Cathie was observing, made more interesting by its identical connection to the work of Aime Michel, the French UFO researcher who also discovered "tracklines" in Europe.

The next major item of interest in Cathie's work was an object that was photographed clear at the bottom of the sea, at a depth of 2,500 fathoms, or 13,500 feet, by the naval survey ship Eltanin. The object was located in an area 1,000 miles west of Cape Horn. What this ship photographed is what appears to be a large metal staff coming straight up out of the sea bed, with an ascending spiral of small bars coming off of it at right angles to the original. The image could be thought of as a series of crosses spiraling upwards. [See the image on next page.]


The entire shape has a very obvious artificial, geometric design; the distance between each set of bars is the same, and the width of each set is the same. The seven bars strongly suggest a relation to Octave-based harmonics, with the smaller bars at the top completing the idea. Furthermore, the end of each bar ends in a small sphere, as though it was intentionally polished into that shape. The officers of the Eltanin tried to insinuate that it was nothing more than a marine organism, but when Cathie pressed one of them on the topic, he admitted that it looked like a genuine artifact. Obviously, no one desired this knowledge to get out to the public, as it crossed into the lunatic fringe with such things as UFOs and pyramids. But Cathie was determined not to let this one slip by; instead, he saw it as an object of great importance. It would later become a crucial piece of evidence in discovering the map of the Global Grid.

Obviously, in Cathie's time there was no submarine that could possibly have gone clearly to the bottom of the entire ocean, below the point where the continental shelf drops off. This object was obviously fashioned by some sort of intelligence, and Cathie himself had seen and heard reports of UFOs that would fly directly into the water. He also had a sighting of a UFO that fired a glowing, rodlike "object" into the ocean. This object did not glide forward on its descending path in an arc as you would expect, but rather followed a precise straight-line path, apparently violating the natural laws of acceleration that should affect a body in free-fall when it has an initial velocity at the time that it was released. This led Cathie to believe that the UFO had precisely aimed the object to land on the sea floor at a distinct point, and that the object could very well be the same as the one that he had seen a photograph of. Thus, he concluded that the photograph from the Eltanin showed an object with all the hallmarks of intelligent design of one form or another, and most likely not of humankind.

The next thing that caught Cathie's attention was that the object itself appeared to be fashioned like an antenna, as though energy of some sort was going through it. This was further supported by the idea that the direction of each bar could correspond to a direction of energy; each bar seemed to be approximately 20 degrees offset from the one beneath it. So, Cathie thought all of this through, and realized that there had to be some kind of a connection to the UFOs he was seeing that seemed to effortlessly travel under the sea as well as in the air. But what could it be?

The answer came when he realized that this object could well be an antenna or a focuser for the same global energy formation that he was now beginning to chart out through the flight paths of UFOs. He was able to obtain the coordinates that the Eltanin was on when it made the photograph, and thus was able to deduce the exact position of the object, which he then started referring to as an "aerial."

Cathie's work only gets more and more intriguing as it progresses. From this aerial along with his other coordinates that he developed, he was able to figure out a simple, planet-wide form for the shape that the energy lines the UFOs were traveling on. In a true Eureka-style frenzy of insight, he grabbed his child's toy ball and graphed out the formation with a felt tip pen; a picture of the ball is given on the back of his first book entitled Harmonic 33. The ball illustrates a series of circles that surround the planet, and those circles intersect at certain distinct points.


Perhaps at this point it should not surprise us that these points perfectly illustrate a cube and octahedron within a sphere, where its points are defined by the intersections of a series of perfect circles. Point A represents the true magnetic north pole, whereas point B represents the more ideal "grid pole." Once again, we are seeing two of the geometries in our "consciousness unit" forms emerging on the Earth, entirely through the graphing of the flight paths of UFOs and an apparently artificial object located on the sea floor. Since this time, Cathie has produced several books, and the degree of precision that his grid has to such things as the siting of nuclear power plants, UFO sightings, ancient sites and other paranormal phenomena is highly significant. This is covered in much better detail in Cathie's books, such as The Energy Grid.

In the early stages of his work, Cathie believed that this Grid energy was essentially being created and upheld by the "aerials" themselves. (He would later rescind this point.) He believed at the time that the entire Global Grid was built by the extraterrestrials, and that it was somehow responsible for balancing the energy on Planet Earth. He theorized that the extraterrestrials were frantically going around and repairing their grid whenever they could get the chance, desperately trying to balance our electromagnetic and magnetic disturbances from things like underground nuclear testing. Cathie believed the energy we created in these cases could tear the Earth to pieces if we were not given outside assistance. Thus, Cathie believed, it was a very valiant service that the visitors were providing. And, even though we can see that they did not "build" the Grid per se, these "aerials" certainly could represent their technological efforts to balance it.

Over time, as we just briefly went over, Cathie began to make some serious connections between this grid and the energy that it produces. Without question, his single greatest contribution to the future technology of human civilization is his "cracking" of the code behind the Unified Field Theory of Physics. This theory, as we have stated in the past, would unite gravity and electromagnetism among other things, giving us the opportunity to create gravity with electricity, producing propulsion systems similar to those found in UFOs.

Einstein's own equation of relativity gets very close to this Unified Field in and of itself. Almost everyone knows that the equation reads as follows: Energy equals Mass times The Speed of Light © squared, or E=MC2. What Einstein hoped to do was to solve this equation for the Speed of Light alone. He believed that the value for mass could eventually be substituted as a measurement of light. If this was done, then all of Creation could be expressed as being made up of Pure Light — mass and energy entirely a function of Light. This is the true "unified field" that Einstein was searching for.

As amazing as it must sound, Cathie solved this problem. In the Grid, he discovered an expression of Mass that was phrased in terms of the Speed of Light. (At the end of this chapter, we will print his solution. Further information can be found in his publications.) However, even though Cathie "cracked the code" of the Unified Field Theory, what is actually more interesting and important to us is the discoveries that he made along the way. As Cathie approached the solution to the puzzle, he unearthed many fundamental discoveries that forever change our understanding of "sympathetic vibrational physics," and the precise numbers involved in studying these universal vibrations that determine the behavior of "zero-point energy" or aether.

The Speed of Light as we now know it is measured in seconds. One of Cathie's initial discoveries involved coming up with a different way to measure time, in order to equate it more precisely with the harmonics of the Earth's Grid itself. Right now, our system of seconds works quite well for us, counting in a 60-based system. We have a day of 24 hours. Cathie discovered that the harmonics of the math for the Grid become much simpler if we have a day of 27 "grid hours" instead of our usual 24. This is simply done by factoring in an 8 to 9 ratio- in other words, for every eight hours in our current system, there are nine hours in the "harmonic" system. Since this is a very simple adjustment, it certainly is possible that this is a natural aspect of the Universe- in other words, both the 8-based system and the 9-based system will show different types of harmonics. Eight is the basis of the Octave, and nine is the basis of the Diatonic musical scale.

So, to arrive at this new time value, all you would do is increase the number of hours in the day. You would leave the same values of 60 minutes per hour, and 60 seconds per minute. Obviously, this would change the values for hours and minutes, making them shorter, since you now have to squeeze 27 hours into our regular day of 24. So, if we solve for the number of "grid seconds" in one "grid day," we come up with 97,200 grid seconds total. (27h x 60m x 60s.)

If any reader decides to start dividing 97,200 by fundamental "harmonic numbers" such as 9, interesting things will happen. 97,200 divided by 9 equals 10800, a harmonic of 1080, which is the fundamental Gematrian number for the Moon. (666 is the number for the Sun, 1080 for the Moon and 1746 the "fusion number" between the two. 666 is the number you get if you count 1-36 and add all those numbers together, and 36 is also a key harmonic number in the Diatonic musical scale as we have shown.) 1080, the Moon number, is also precisely half of the Moon's diameter in regular English miles, and that is an important point. The 2160-mile diameter of the Moon is quantitatively identical to the 2,160-year age of the Zodiac. In future chapters we will discuss the fact that 12 of these zodiacal "ages" add up to 25,920, the same number as our Great Solar Cycle and the long-term wobbling cycle of the Earth known as precession. So this is our first "hint" that the ancient measurement of the inch, foot and mile may be directly connected to this universal harmonic system. In chapter 17, Carl Munck will make this point much more visible for us.

If we divide 97,200 by 9 again, we get 1200, another fundamental number as the harmonic of 12. Anyone who wishes to "play" with this and knows a little about harmonic numbers will quickly be satisfied. You can try a series of divisions by 6, by 5 and by 3 to see the interesting results — repeating numbers and other "harmonic" values. We can definitely see why Cathie favored the 9-based number 97,200 as the harmonic ideal for the number of "grid seconds" in one Earth day - an absolute number for how much distance in harmonic time that the Earth has traveled. Although this does not correspond with our current measurement of time rooted in the number 8, it appears to be the best way to rectify the Earth's orbit with the harmonic system. We will show as we go along that 97,200 "grid seconds" is a very important number for charting the pulsating frequencies of a CU.

Furthermore, the harmonics of Cathie's number for the Earth grid in seconds, our 97,200, also reduces down to 972. This is another multiple of 36, again showing us its harmonic nature as a musical frequency, fundamentally connected to the Diatonic scale. 972 divided by 36 is 27, the number of hours in a Grid day.

So, we can clearly see that planetary harmonies emerging, expressed in elegant harmonic numbers for their orbits. Richard Hoagland revealed at a MUFON conference in 1997 that the orbit of Mars had been exactly 666 Martian days long in the past, due to the changing gravitational interactions of the planet with its two moons, so this is yet another way for us to see this in effect.

Cathie then ties these "grid seconds" together with the speed of light, and recalculates this value based on harmonic mathematics. When we think of our current value for the speed of light, this value is based on the mathematics and time that we now use. When we change those seconds into harmonic or grid seconds, introducing the transcendental properties of the ratio of 9, (which again is the building block of the Diatonic series as well as the master frequency number of the Maya,) the value of the speed of light will also change. What we never could have expected is the amazing, fundamental harmonic number that the speed of light changes into!

In order to "set up" our final point that will tie into the Solar Cycle in later chapters and our study of the consciousness units, we need to explore Cathie's discussion of light waveforms and how they would work in the atom. Cathie informs us of the fact that the true atom would not look like a Solar System as we think of it, but rather as a spherical mass. Light travels in a circular, three-dimensional wave, a wave that spirals to a certain height and a certain depth. You could graph this in two dimensions as a regular "sine wave," with a horizontal line for its midsection.


If you picture this light wave moving forward at a set speed, you can visualize how a sphere would be formed. The light spiral would begin at the midpoint of the wave, which would be the North Pole of the sphere. The wave spirals out to maximum height and "lowers" to the median again as it reaches the sphere's equator, forming the first hemisphere. Then, the second hemisphere is formed the same way, as the wave "lowers" to its lowest point and again rises to the median. See the diagram for support in visualizing this. The numbers at the bottom represent the harmonics that Cathie discovered as being associated with this movement.

Naturally, you could measure it as a "particle," namely the sphere, or a "wave," namely the waveform making up the sphere. So, with this conceptual invention, Cathie provided a solution for what is known in Physics as the "wave-particle duality," where light can appear as either a particle or a wave depending on how you observe it. He also indicates how antimatter is formed as a result of the spiraling motions involved.

We remind the reader that this system bears remarkable similarity to our own theory regarding the inner workings of "consciousness units." Cathie displays this as a rather two-dimensional system, essentially moving left to right and right to left in a spiral. Cathie uses a "wave" for the diagram, and we now know from studies such as those of Dr. Michio Kaku that the "waves" are actually superstrings, which we assert to be lines of energetic force in a unified "sea" of aether energy. We also have reason to believe, from various psychic and physical sources that we have listed, that these "waves" must originate from a center point or Oneness and move outwards as the energy expands, then collapse back inwards yet again as it contracts.

So, with only a very slight tweaking, we can see how Cathie has discovered "consciousness units" in his own right, as atoms. All we have to do is see them as being formed of superstrings that travel in spirals, expanding outward in a spherical form from a central point or nucleus. Cathie's atom is formed almost exactly the same as he thought it was; only the vector or direction of the spirals needs to be changed. Since we know the Earth to be a gigantic consciousness unit as well, providing a spherical "field" to hold these energies, this explains why Cathie's grid shows us two of the Platonic Solids - the octahedron and cube. We have already said that the tips or corners of each of the Platonic Solids represent the points where the spirals all converge, giving them greater gravitational / energetic strength. This interplay of forces at the "nodes" shows up as straight-lined magnetic fields within the expanding sphere, all harmonically spaced. This harmonic spacing is the fundamental definition of all the Platonic Solids we have been discussing.


We have now determined that Cathie set up a basis for measuring time using a system of "grid seconds," where the normal 86,400 seconds in a day based on a harmonic of 8 are expanded into 97,200 seconds, based on a harmonic of 9. In so doing, one day of Earth's rotation was split up into 27, or 9 x 3 "grid hours." The number of "grid seconds" per day comes out to be the extremely harmonic number of 97,200. This is how Cathie achieved the first step towards putting the Speed of Light in grid terms; getting a time measurement based on grid seconds.

The Speed of Light as we now express it is measured in miles per second. We have already seen how Cathie converted the value of a second into its harmonic ideal, the Grid Second. We now also need to convert our regular system of miles into a grid-based measuring system. As we remember from the discussion of the work of Aime Michel and the UFO tracklines that were symmetrically spaced apart from each other, Cathie used the system of "nautical miles" to determine where the "grid lines" were placed. We also know that one nautical mile is equal to one minute of arc on the Earth's surface, and that there is a "grid line" every 30 minutes. So, what we need to do is change the miles in the speed of light equation into nautical miles, or minutes of arc, as the two are interchangeable. Therefore, the "grid speed" of Light would be expressed as (x) minutes of arc per grid second.

The incontrovertible truth of Cathie's findings is that the "Grid Speed of Light" is EXACTLY 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second in free space. As we are about to see, this becomes one of the most important points in the book, as it shows us that there is a direct connection between light frequencies and sound frequencies - the mathematics of the numbers are literally identical. Twice the value of 144 is 288, which is the first value in the Diatonic scale that we have been investigating.

As we look into this even further, we can see that the fundamental, harmonic value of 144,000 for the speed of light is precisely the same as the fundamental harmonic values for many different things, including:

- the Mayan Calendar's baktun, at 144,000 Earth days;

- the Bible number of the 144,000 souls who will Ascend;

- the fundamental "building block" of all sound vibration frequencies, 144;

- the fundamental Gematrian "frequency number" for light, 144;

- And, of course, the harmonic of 12 times 12.

So, the Gematrian meaning for the number 144 is 'light.' Obviously, we must question if these archaic designers of this Biblical numerological system were aware of the same information as Cathie; we now see that they were right: 144 really is light!

As another interesting harmonic point, physicist John Nordberg reveals that current physics still uses a time unit based on a traditional second, and this unit is a direct statement of how fast the second hand moves through a 360-degree circle on a clock face as opposed to how fast the Sun moves in one 360-degree circle through the sky. There are 86,400 seconds in the Sun's 360-degree arc, representing one day of time. So, to get the amount of relative movement between one second in the 360-degree clock face and one second in the Sun's apparent 360-degree movement, we divide 86,400 by the number of seconds in one 360-degree circle, or one minute, which is 60 seconds. The ratio that we are left with is 1440, which represents our current perception of time: in other words, one second of our time is 1440 times faster in its movement through its arc than the movement of the Sun through the arc it traces in our sky. When we combine this with Cathie's true harmonic value of 144,000 arc-minutes for the Speed of Light in one "grid second," we can see that there are quite interesting harmonic parallels there.

More importantly, the speed of light is harmonically the same as the speed of the baktun measuring units in the Great Cycle, as we will see in later chapters. It also is a function of the harmonics making up the consciousness units [CUs.] So, there is a fundamental relationship between Light itself, Sound, and the Solar Cycle. (The Solar Cycle is a pulsation of Light, expressed through planets and star rotations. This Light pulsation works in octaves, giving us the dimensions.) Cathie had just told us above that light forms spheres as it travels, and a CU is a spherical energy that pulsates.

We have also suggested that the sphere of a planet can provide a large-scale harmonic for the pulsation of the CU, and now Cathie has resolved our basic "planetary measurement values" such as the mile into fundamental Grid harmonic terms that help us calculate the true harmonic passage of time. One of Cathie's most impressive "harmonic" renderings of the Earth as a CU is the distance from the center of the earth to the average height of the atmosphere. This value is given as 4320 arc-minutes, which reduces down to 432, the number of "Consecration" and the fundamental vibration for the sixth node in the octave. So, it would appear that the arc-minutes are indeed vital in demonstrating the Earth's harmonic proportions. Now that we have solved for the speed of Light in harmonic time and arc-minutes, we can see why; it comes out to an exact harmonic of 144.

So essentially, by using this system of Grid mathematics, Cathie has determined how a consciousness unit is mapped out at the most minute, fundamental levels - using 360-degree-based "grid seconds" and minutes of arc. Not only do we see the mapping of a CU, we also see its fundamental relationship to Light, and the harmonics of Light. Since the harmonic principles of the CU are literally identical between the Earth and the atoms, we will also see that the cycles of the Solar System are also a harmonic function.

The planets move through space not in two-dimensional circles as we usually see them, but in spirals, since the Galaxy is also rotating and moving the Solar System forward as a unit. If you looked at a planetary orbit in non-moving, empty space, it would travel in a spiral. So, the planets spiral in a harmonically identical fashion as the superstrings within a consciousness unit, only much slower. The planets originated from the center, the Sun, as super-hot gas and dust, and are now spiraling outward from the Sun at a slow, predictable and harmonic rate of speed as planets. Similarly, the CU starts at its center and spirals outward in superstrings. So, the Solar System is indeed a giant, harmonic consciousness unit.

Let's take a quote from Ra here to illustrate the point. We will start with an excerpt from Ra that clearly illustrates the connection between their definition of the Solar Cycle that we will be discussing in future chapters and their definition of a consciousness unit. Here is that quote to get us started:

Q: The way that I understand the process of evolution is that our planetary population has a certain amount of time to progress. This is generally divided into three 25,000-year cycles. At the end of 75,000 years the planet progresses itself. What caused this situation to come about with the preciseness of the years in each cycle?

RA: I am Ra. Visualize, if you will, the particular energy which, outward flowing and inward coagulating, formed the tiny realm of the creation governed by your Council of Saturn. Continue seeing the rhythm of this process. The living flow creates a rhythm which is as inevitable as one of your timepieces. Each of your planetary entities began the first cycle when the energy nexus was able in that environment to support such mind/body experiences. Thus, each of your planetary entities is on a different cyclical schedule as you might call it. The timing of these cycles is a measurement equal to a portion of intelligent energy.

This intelligent energy offers a type of clock. The cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus, the gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.

This quote will be drawn upon much more in future chapters. What we can see here is that they refer to the "outward flowing and inward coagulating" nature of intelligent energy that is on a particular cycle. This cycle can be measured very precisely, and it determines when a "frequency shift" will occur on any planetary body. Now, since we are knee-deep in a discussion of consciousness units, it is more appropriate for us to bring out the rest of Ra's quotes. The next quote, from pg. 6 of Law of One Book II, continues the concept we have just seen above.

Intelligent infinity has a rhythm or flow as of a giant heart beginning with the central sun as you would think or conceive of this, the presence of the flow inevitable as a tide of beingness without polarity, without finity; the vast and silent all beating outward, outward, focusing outward and inward until the focuses are complete. The intelligence or consciousness of foci have reached a state where their, shall we say, spiritual nature or mass calls them inward, inward, inward until all is coalesced. This is the rhythm of reality as you spoke.

This quote does sound quite familiar to the one from Walter Russell, which we reprinted at the beginning of this book:

In My universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere, two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking. All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which generates, and one for the outbreathing, radiating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescence of white-hot suns by the inward breath.

Then, on page 10, Elkins asks Ra a question based on their previous statements and his own understanding of the physics of Dewey Larson. (We are told in the introduction to Law of One: Book II that "For those who may wish to study Larsonian physics, The Structure of the Physical Universe is a good book with which to begin.") Dr. Elkins' question does indeed set out the fundamental basis for "consciousness units" as we have discussed them so far. What is important for us right now is that Ra affirmed the correctness of this statement, for our own galaxy.

Q: …I think that possibly we are at the most important part of what we are doing in trying to make it apparent how everything is One, how it comes from one intelligent infinity. This is difficult, so please bear with my errors in questioning.

The concept that I have right now of the process, using both what you have told me and some of Dewey Larson's material having to do with the physics of the process, is that intelligent infinity expands outward from all locations everywhere. It expands outward uniformly like the surface of a bubble or a balloon expanding outward from every point everywhere. It expands outward at what is called unit velocity or the velocity of light. This is Larson's idea of the progression of what he calls space / time. Is this correct?

(It is very important to remember that Ra refers to this expanding movement of Light as "upward spiraling Light;" in other words, it travels in a spiraling motion within a spherical field, thus forming the spherical geometries of the CUs as we have said.)

RA: I am Ra. This concept is incorrect as is any concept of the one intelligent infinity. This concept is correct in the context of one particular Logos, (galaxy,) or Love, or focus of this Creator which has chosen Its, shall we say, natural laws and ways of expressing them mathematically and otherwise."

So what we can see from Ra in this quote is that these "sacred mathematics" are all a function of the laws that are present within our own galaxy. That raises up the unique question of how and why they might be different in another galaxy! We won't tackle those questions in this book, as they are not central to the discussion. Elkins' question on page 12 gives us the answer that we were looking for, showing us that the Solar System is a crystallized consciousness unit.

Q: When does the individualization or the individualized portion of consciousness come into play? At what point does individualized consciousness take over working on the basic light?"

What Elkins is really asking is how we, as human entities, end up working with these expansive energies in our own consciousness. We need to note that Ra's answer to this question starts out by telling Elkins that there is no "point" of time when this actually starts, since all time is ultimately simultaneous. We have edited out that brief section, since there are terms in it that haven't been defined in this book, and we then move forward to the pertinent part of the answer.

RA: I am Ra… The experience or existence of space / time comes into being after the individuation process of Logos or Love has been completed and the physical universe, as you would call it, has coalesced or begun to draw inward while moving outward to the extent that that which you call your sun bodies have in their turn created timeless chaos coalescing into what you call planets, these vortices of intelligent energy spending a large amount of what you would call first density in a timeless state, the space/time realization being one of the learn/teachings of this density of being-ness.

Thus we have difficulty answering your questions with regard to time and space and their relationship to the, what you would call, original creation which is not a part of space/time as you can understand it.

So, if we look closely at Ra's above quote, it would appear that our existence as a Solar System of planets is carefully perched on the platform of physical manifestation. In order for space/time to exist, the coalescing, compression force has to "begin to draw inward," and this is what we call gravity. Remember that Einstein showed us that space/time assembles itself into a fabric, and that gravity is a function of the curvature of the fabric. Ra resolves this "gravity paradox" with the notion of the CU on pg. 19 and 20 of these same sessions, by telling us that gravity "may be seen as the pressing towards the inner light / love, the seeking towards the spiral line of light which progresses towards the Creator. This is a manifestation of a spiritual event or condition of living-ness." In other words, gravity is simply the reverse motion of the expansion of the CU. Gravity is the compression of the CU showing itself in the physical. Also be aware that this excerpt refers to the spiraling nature of these lines, or superstrings of light.

Ra indicated that their answer to Elkins' question was designed to incorporate the metaphysical principles behind gravity as well as the physical. Gravity, as a metaphysical concept, is the motion towards the center, or Unity. A bit later in the book, we get the following interesting exchange between Ra and Elkins about gravity, which explains this even better.

RA: I am Ra…When all of creation in its infinity has reached a spiritual gravitational mass of sufficient nature, the entire creation infinitely coalesces; the light seeking and finding its source and thusly ending the creation and beginning a new creation much as you consider the black hole, as you call it, with its conditions of infinitely great mass at the zero point from which no light may be seen as it has been absorbed.

Q: Then the black hole would be a point at which the environmental material has succeeded in uniting with unity or with the Creator? Is this correct?

RA: I am Ra. The black hole which manifests third density is the physical complex manifestation of this spiritual or metaphysical state. This is correct.

So, what we can see here is the metaphysics of gravity. Each geometric layer of the CU above our own is a higher level of spiritual density, and that means that it is moving closer and closer to the One. Remember that by the time the consciousness units have reached the point of the sphere, or the Octave, they have compressed back down into a single "point." With this quote from Ra, we can indeed see that this is true, and that the black hole is the best physical example that we can see of this process at work. So, as we Ascend, even as we expand in frequency, we are in a sense compressing the CUs in our bodies into a form that is closer to God. (We are informed by these forces that this is not at all a painful process… we might not even know that it has happened at first.)

Since Ra tells us that gravity is a function of the spiraling expansion and contraction of a CU, we can see why these shapes have an effect on Earth's gravity, forming the grids such as the ones that Cathie's UFOs were flying upon. As we go forward in this book, we will see many more examples of the geometry of the CU showing up as physical gravitational stresses on the Earth. This point will be most clearly expressed in the chapter on the Becker / Hagens grid.

When we look at all of the material we have just quoted from Ra together, we can see that consciousness units change their frequencies, or dimensional levels, at predictable, cyclical rates. As we move into Part Three, we will tie this all together so that we can see that our own Solar System is a consciousness unit on a specific cycle that is about to rise in frequency.

And so, to summarize, we started this chapter by looking at the work of Bruce Cathie, and most recently at his discovery that light waves create spheres as they travel. According to Cathie, what we perceive as our three-dimensional universe is a phase of matter and anti-matter, with no gaps in between. (Obviously there are gaps, representing the other dimensions; but it appears to us in 3D that there are not.)

We now remind ourselves that Cathie made an incredible discovery. The harmonic speed of light, phrased in minutes of arc per grid second, is a function of 144 - the Gematrian number for light. Cathie tells us that since our Creation is made up of a matter / antimatter cycle, we need to double this harmonic - each pulsation actually must spend half of its time traveling in the antimatter plane. (See the earlier diagram of the spherical light wave to help visualize this.) According to Ra, this plane would be the reverse of spacetime, known as "timespace," where the basic properties of space and time are reversed — supposedly space is much more inflexible whereas time is much more flexible, unlike our own spacetime where we can move through space easily but not through time. So, when we double the harmonic of the speed of light we get the harmonic number 288, which as we said is the beginning of the fundamental Diatonic scale of vibrations. Time after time, we are referred to in metaphysical literature as a dimension that is painfully slow. This slowness is measured by our measurement of the fundamental speed of light as being "only" a harmonic of 288, or the first-dimension vibration.

Einstein's paradox of "light speed" is that as you approach it, mass becomes larger and larger, to a point of infinity. But as Cathie has solved the relativity equation for light alone, we can then see that the only threshold we would ever reach would be a function of C, the speed of light itself. Therefore, there really is no mass, only Light. Or, as Ra says, we gain "spiritual mass" which compresses us back to the Light of the One. Obviously, this "spiritual mass" is Light, not physical matter. The point here is that Light speed is NOT an infinite boundary that cannot be crossed, it just requires your FREQUENCY to change. Think of the atom with its eight positions for electrons. Were a ninth electron to be released from the nucleus, it would have no choice but to transition into the next octave of frequency, since the octave structure cannot be superceded. So, when the speed of Light reaches its "critical mass" in our third dimension, it "jumps" to the next level, or frequency, in the octave.

So, we will postulate here that as this boundary is breached into the next higher dimensional frequency, the speed of light would fundamentally increase into its new notch. We remember that with Cathie's opposing antimatter / matter cycle, the actual light harmonic is 288. We can see this dimensional shifting action of the Speed of Light within the progressions of sound, as we can raise the pitch of a D at 288 cycles per second to an E at 324. Cathie tells us that these light-waves form spheres, and thus if the speed of Light increases, the sphere formed by that light-wave would be at a "faster" frequency - and this would be a faster geometric frequency as well. Thus, one could perceive the different Platonic solids as forming in different dimensions, even though they are only a visual representation of rising frequencies.

As we have already indicated, Cathie was able to completely transform Einstein's theory of relativity with a "grid function" that expressed that mass in terms of the speed of light only. By solving the Relativity theory for "c", Cathie essentially "cracked the code" of the Unified Field theory by removing the mass variable and resolving Einstein's entire equation into light; hence Energy Equals Light. Thus, all seen and unseen material in the Universe is a Unified Field of what is ultimately Pure Light. This is a scientific "discovery" of exactly what Ra and other spiritual sources have told us all throughout time.

Again, these unified field equations suggested ways in which the energy could be utilized for such things as anti-gravity and free energy. Indeed, as a result of this ongoing research, Cathie drew some very serious interest from the highest levels of the Secret Government. After all, he had solved the Problem of All Problems, the answer to Unified Field Physics. With this knowledge properly applied, all ET-related sciences were wide open to explore, including dimensional warping and teleportation. According to his literature, government agents would come and ask him many different questions, wanting to know how he was able to figure all of his information out. He was hounded and followed, phone lines most likely tapped, et cetera.

Many tempting and profitable offers have been made for him to work solely for governmental entities and not release the information to the public, apparently extending right through to the recent past. Yet, Cathie was undeterred, and unlike many other researchers of similar caliber, he was never killed. Instead, they continued to cooperate with him, and as time went on he could tell that they knew a great deal about what he was studying, and were using his research to further their own experiments. It seemed that he was discovering crucial details for a system that was being put into much more practical use than he could have ever imagined. In the next chapter we will discuss how such a system may have been implemented.


Cathie's primary harmonic equation for the Unified Field Theory is as follows:

Einstein E = MC2

Cathie M = C + 1 / sq rt C

Therefore E = (C + 1 / sq rt C) C2