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The Human Condition

The Human Condition


Greetings from Home

The Human Condition
Each one of you has a condition you are dealing with that has caused you great difficulties throughout your entire stay on this planet. It is a challenge for every one of you to see yourselves the way you really are. That is because of a deeply embedded belief system that each and every one of you carries. It was necessary to carry from the very beginning of the connection because it was the part that activated everything for you. But you have a strong case of what we call the human condition. The human condition is a very serious ailment of the spirit.

When a spirit enters a bubble of biology and activates a veil to keep them from re-membering, they still have memories of Home. Over time, if these memories are not reinforced, the memories fade to the back of consciousness. Sometimes they are only left in the cellular memories which are your souls imprint on the physical body. It is at this point that a soul starts to actually believe that they are a human. This is a serious ailment of the soul that we call the human condition.

That is what you are dealing with everyday. Everywhere you look in your daily life there are people who all try to get you to buy into the human condition so that you can be like them. People walking around truly believing that they are the human body they inhabit has caused more difficulties for humanity in general than you could ever imagine. That is beginning to change. The Re-wire of Humanity is underway and the evolution will soon have all of humanity seeing from a different perspective. That perspective is the basis of your understanding as a Lightworker. Now you are looking at people who are beginning to see themselves the way they truly are, instead of the way they believe themselves to be. It is so hard for you to take off your wings and to put on the physical bubbles of biology and pretend to be a human. You devised a veil which is incredibly powerful and works very well.

Physical Adjustments
The physical bubble of biology is now adapting to the new you. There are several events taking place simultaneously. Firstly you are evolving the physical body much more than you know, it will start to show soon. Your physical being is starting to take on new attributes to allow more light to come through your body and that is something that was never expected on this planet. That was never expected in this game. It was never thought that the children coming in could carry the magic that would help you re-member your own and yet it is beginning to happen. It was never thought that you could stand as a human being and let all of your light through your physical body. Why? Because the first thing that happens is you start attracting attention, you go back into your human condition thinking that you are a human and everyone is looking at you. Then you shut it down in order to fit in. When the veil starts to thin you get scared and revert to your old belief systems. You revert to the energy of who you were and belief systems that supported you at that time. In effect, you revert back into the human condition.

Secondly, even the physical body is beginning to adapt to make it possible to have a new vision of yourself. For that to happen, it is going to be important for you to stop looking on the outside of yourself for your reflection. That is a natural effect of the human condition. You cannot see your own light internally. Even if you look in the mirror, you always see the negative. Have you noticed that your attention immediately goes to things you think are wrong, not what you think is right? So every time you look in the mirror, your attention goes to your imperfections. That mirror immediately attracts your problems or what you see as your challenges. That is due to the amount of light that you carry. yet it is only a slight shift in perception. It is only a slight difference in how you look to start seeing yourself from the inside out rather than the outside in. It takes practice. As you evolve you will define yourself by the amount of light that you carry. It is not easy at first for you are so accustomed to define yourself by your belief systems. It is changing.

Beliefs about Being Human
Part of your evolution as humans is to experience multidimensionality. This will eventually give you the broadest view possible as you evolve. Multidimensional vision will give you incredible options and your lives will become powerful and streamlined. You are moving into an area of multidimensionality daily. You are going to find out much more about your true existence on this planet as human beings, as spirits pretending to be human than you ever thought possible within the next 12 years. You will start understanding how the fabric of the universe is woven together and how to utilize it. Then you will understand how energy weaves together to form matter. You will understand how your thoughts create matter every moment of every day by interacting with this fabric.. You will understand more of your true, creative gifts of creation, of every thought sending out a vibration that takes the fabric of the universe and weaves it together to make something magical. In order to do that, the first thing that has to be reevaluated is your beliefs about your beliefs. As a cure, as a temporary situation, as a possibility of stepping out of the human condition, start looking at your beliefs about beliefs for that covers it all. In the days directly ahead those who are willing to release and broaden old belief systems will have a huge head start on the entire evolutionary ascension process ahead of you.

We have spoken about the timeline and the illusion of the timeline. You see everything as past, present and future. The left part of your brain does nothing more than to mark time and put everything you experience into little boxes. This is what it has been bread to do within a field of duality. It was quite useful in duality as it categorized and equated everything. It thinks. Of course now you are moving out of duality and that is one of the reasons for the re-wire of the physical body. All of these changes will lead you eventually to a more fluid way of categorizing and studying yourself. Rigid boxes will no longer work as the way you see life and yourself

When you let that part of your life rule who you are and what you are doing, you start to carry belief systems about what that is. Humans are creatures of habit. Even your souls are creatures of habit as you have a tendency to choose the same things over and over again even between lifetimes. In reality, many of the belief systems you carry today may have been with you for several lifetimes.

When you start to understand how it works, you can see right from the beginning what your beliefs are. Eventually your true motivations are ever present in every decision. When you can see that clearly and remember your motivations you can make a conscious choice. If you have forgotten you true motivation you are likely running on a belief system that may get very small in the near future. When you walk consciously on your path you begin to carry more light within. These are the times in life when you are on purpose and feel it. Many of your life decisions now are made out of habit or belief systems. The key to evolution is not in eliminating belief systems but in expanding the box to a more fluid and much larger container in which you can see yourself.

Many of you are finding your beliefs beginning to change. You are starting to shift the energy of what you are truly working with and how it works. When you start to really evaluate that process, when you start to truly evaluate who you are on the inside, everything starts to change on the outside. Now, more than ever before, you will see people change in very big ways.

Universal Energy Field
The first of three tools we will offer you is the Universal Energy Field. You have a magnetic field around your body that connects you to the Universal Energy. The Universal Energy is based in love but it is a connection that goes in between one heart and another and stitches all the hearts together. In other words, everything that you have felt in your lifetime, others have felt. Every emotion that you have ever felt is felt by several others at the same moment. It goes between everybody as a huge ripple of energy goes out from the source of creation. When you have a belief system, it is a predetermination of the way that energy will return. With belief systems the energy you send out is predetermined to return in a certain manner. In effect you are limiting your own spirit in your creations.

Even some of your most used methods about using the laws of creation as they have used within duality will change as humans move into a field of Triality. Then you will have a much wider view and be able to see how the energy is stitched together and how to use it much more effectively. Your conscious use of the Universal Energy Field will become second nature to each of you. Upon mastery of it you will manifest as you sleep and it may seem at first that the wind is magically at your back all of the time. This is a part of Home that you have missed the most, so you create it first. At first this will seem like a new sense that humans will suddenly develop. Like the other senses you will use it to interact with the world around you and reflect your light. When you use this new sense in your life you can see the miscommunications that belief systems can create. It is a part of you that is totally automatic and goes without thinking. It becomes an automatic reaction to an external stimuli setting up a vibration within the Universal Field that precedes you before you walk into a room, start a project, begin a relationship or pick up the phone. You could say that it creates your world just before you get there. Learning how to use it will be the subject of many books to come but it will very quickly become integrated into the new humanity.

Who do You Think You Are?
The first belief that most humans have who are dealing with the human condition is that they need their belief systems. Belief Systems are ways of defining life by finding connecting threads that run through a set of truths that you have collected. In the early days, belief systems helped you define God. They helped to define who you were and to find your energy as a creator. Here your reality was built with the blueprint of what you thought of yourself. It worked very well in duality but as you are moving into Triality this is beginning to be restrictive. Things react differently because you are different. Your field is different and the energy around you and everything you interact with is different because you have moved. With that move have come opportunities for you to look at the very core belief systems of who you are.

Tool number one in dealing with the human condition is to look on the inside about which belief systems serve you, which ones limit you. Then reevaluate each one as you become more flexible in all of your belief systems. You will easily grasp higher truths when your belief systems no longer limit you. Humans are under the impression there is only one central truth everywhere. We tell you there is not one truth because it is not about any destination. Finding truth is a journey not a destination and that is one core belief system that will need to stretch greatly in the near future. Experiencing the journey of finding your own spirit reflected in the world around you is why you are here.

The Re-Wire
The physical re-wire of all humanity has already begun. It will stretch out over several years, but the new synaptic pathways and the new ways that your brain will be communicating will start to close the gap between the two sides of the brain that have created the veil. There is one side of the brain that is infinite and one side of the brain that is finite, and one side of the brain has the human condition and one side of the brain deals only with your spirit that knows its identity. We can tell you that there has been a purposeful division that is now beginning to integrate.

That was done through the two halves of the brain. The two halves are now starting to grow back together via the new synaptic pathways that are now forming. This will be noticed by your medical scientists in only ten to twenty years and that is huge for the advancement of humanity because it began only recently. This entire re-wire is starting to go throughout all humanity which is starting to see things differently. That ignites part of the spirit in the physical body and that ignites what we call the sexual energy in the physical body because the life-force energy that can now come through you and let you carry more of the light energy in your physical being. It lets you exude more light, connect to your own Universal Field and be on purpose.

This lifestyle must begin as a daily choice, for if you leave it up to the default, you will go back to your old belief systems and those things that are entrenched in your experience. So choose, every day, to be on purpose. Choose, every day, to evaluate your belief systems and your true motivations for doing things. Especially examine your reactions to things that oppose your belief systems. There are many times when you do not wish to look at your motivations because you have judgments about yourself or you think this motivation is not good enough. I should be saving the world instead of making myself happy. I should be doing something to end world hunger rather than buy myself chocolate. We tell you that you are looking at this from within duality. The entire word "should" will have a new meaning as you experience Triality. In order to give joy to all of humanity, the first thing you must experience is joy within you. The first thing you must do is start to choose things that feed you completely because that is when you set up your energy field outside of you. That is when your whole world starts to change. That is when people come into your life that are full of energy, full of life, full of expression and full of light. As you start to see your light reflected off that, you get excited about the possibilities and a whole new part of your life starts. That is the awakening that is taking place on this planet right now. That is the answer to the human condition that you are starting to relieve yourselves from.

This is Not a Drill
We must tell you something very important. This, dear ones, is not a drill. The time for practice is over. You have some very important decisions you will be making collectively about your advancement over the next two years. You are evolving at an astounding rate. You are moving so fast that it has caused revisions of your own 'divine plan.' That is incredibly beautiful and yet, it is time for your actions to match your new vibration. Do not let this pass you by for it is an opportunity of great magnitude. Do not wait for the collective vibration to hit a trigger point where you see it in everybody. Lightworkers have chosen to be here to shine light where it is needed are being called to action today. Your light is needed now more than ever before. But the first part is getting comfortable with your own light as it shines through your physical being, as it exudes from you. We hope you experience it and allow it to ignite your field full of life.

You ask, "How can I do that? I have been in my job for years and they do not understand me there and they do not want me to talk about light or energy. I'm just going to work and do my job." We tell you that you will see people around you raising vibration soon, and if they do not then your time there is limited. You are no longer able to tolerate some of the things you used to tolerate. When you are a low vibration, there is a wide variance of vibration you can go through. It is huge. As you raise your vibration, it narrows and tightens. This is where many of your belief systems come in.

So you are asking, "What is the greatest thing I can do? What is the one thing I can do that will set this all in motion?" We would love to tell you some fancy thing about a ceremony you can go through and how it can work, but it is simply that your intent that says it all. We can give you ceremonies. We can give you meditations. We can give you ways of going inside as they are only tools that reflect your magic, not ours. The tools do not hold the magic. You do. That is the answer to the human condition.

Time of Truth
Please understand that there is a time coming on this planet when each and every one of you will want to stand up and be counted for your truth. Many of you are wondering right now what it is. You do not know, but your heart does. You know who you are and where you are going although you may not know it on a conscious basis. Your connection to your higher self is growing stronger every day partly because of the connection between the new synaptic pathways and partly because of the sexual energy infusion which is entering your body. Your entire physical body is raising vibration. You are coming closer to Home with every breath you take. That will not stop but how you experience this change as a collective of humanity is still unset. It has not been decided because you have not decided how that is going to happen.

Now, it can be difficult. It can be through war with force. It can be through great global disasters and weather changes. It can also be comfortable and smooth. Those choices are yours and there are no right or wrong choices. The evolution of humanity is underway and it will happen. It is just a question of what you have to go through in the meantime. Do you understand how hard it is for us to look at you sometimes and see the pain that you experience because you cannot re-member who you are? Do you know how difficult it is for us to look at you feeling lost and to know the spirit and greatness inside of you and for you not to feel it?

This will become a common condition as you begin to move away from the human condition because the first thing you do when you start to release your belief systems, is to release a bit of your identity that kept you in these belief systems. A very common situation will be for each and every one of you to feel alone and to wonder if you are on this path. There is only one answer to it. There is only one way out of this and that is to reach out and grab somebody's hand. The destination is unimportant. Reach out and honor the others on the path with you and those on any path that breathes light into them. Reach out and touch somebody's heart—to put yourself outside of yourself so you are not out there looking in. So start shining the light from within and you start moving from a field of me to a field of we. That starts changing the human condition to the Human Angel condition. That illusion is going on every day. Each one of you has an opportunity to do more today than you have ever done before and it is difficult, we grant you that.

Removing your Experience from the Timeline
In the beginning there was a long line that formed for souls to enter Earth. Then it became not so popular not to come to Earth followed by "this Earth Game will never make it." Now the line is back, dear ones. You have created an opportunity to carry your power of creation while in the physical body. That has caused quite a stir throughout All That Is. It was never expected. Many are in line to come to Earth to take any physical body they can get their hands on to only be here five minutes, if needed, to try to make an imprint and a difference. They want to be here for the miracle that is unfolding. They want to be a part of that energy in any way they can. It is so difficult when you are inside of yourself like that, trying to find your way out. The only way to do it is to start letting the light out and start releasing yourself of that human condition. That is done with the second most important tool of removing your experience from the timeline.

Let us give you an example because there are many tools that will follow showing you how to remove things from the timeline. This is designed to help you experience full dimensionality of now, the full point of where you are. Start with every problem you have in life, you have to ask yourself, "What is my experience right now?" Develop the habit of asking this question at stressful times in your life and watch what happens. Most of your hopes are in the future and most of your fears are in the past. This is a product of magnetism. Do you know what happens when you carry a negative energy or a doubt or fear about the future? It sets up exactly what you are fearing. Rather than just a thought it becomes a manifestation and you create exactly the opposite of what you think you wanted. Removing it from the timeline becomes the second part that is going to help tremendously.

Spectrum Viewing
The third tool we will offer you this day is Spectrum Viewing. Many of you are starting to see things from multiple angles. As you are aware, it is almost as if you are a camera which is experiencing life. That is what you came to do, to search for god. You are now finding that it is possible to use a very wide angle lens on your camera of life bring in much more of the overall picture that life has to offer. You are not accustomed to that but as you master it you are going to start seeing into multiple dimensions of your own experience. This is the gift of Spectrum Viewing. Spectrum Viewing is simply choosing the largest view from which to see any point in your life. It is a way to start focusing on the large perspective of life.

Number one: you are going to find that most of your problems are not problems. We know that is going to disappoint many of you, but when you start really looking at the largest picture, you are going to find that many of the challenges you thought were insurmountable are not worth tackling because they are simply belief systems that are held over from a lower vibrational existence. They are simply old energy patterns that you are trying to take into new parts. It does not work. It means releasing. It means letting new things into your field. You are going to find there are more capabilities within your physical being. Your physical bubbles of biology will be going through several changes as you move through this. The one all of you are accustomed to is weight. You humans are so preoccupied with your weight. Because of your preoccupation, you draw more to it. We never though of that one. You humans are so inventive sometimes. The more that you can help yourself experience this as a spirit pretending to be a human the more light you will carry.

We will leave you with 3 simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are part of each other. Nurture one another and make the path more comfortable at every opportunity you can because that makes your own path more comfortable. Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


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Seasonal Teachings From Saint Germain

St. Germain 19-December-2007

The anticipation of the celebrations that are soon to follow your preparations is igniting a feeling of happiness that overrides all of your greater fears. Suddenly what seemed important yesterday can be set aside, as a new energy brings people together. It is so encouraging for us to see you uplifting yourselves out of the gloom and day-to-day problems. We see you shutting the door on them, and enjoying your own way of celebrating this wonderful time of the year. The whole atmosphere seems to change once you are inside your homes, and love and Light are shared in the time honoured way when you exchange your gifts.

Not every one remembers the true significance of these seasonal celebrations, but when they do an extra measure of love enters their lives. There is an appreciation of the greatest teacher to have ever walked the Earth, whose life's work ensured that today you have advanced sufficiently to follow in Christ's footsteps. Long ago energies were grounded upon the Earth that were your guarantee of enlightenment. Ever since, the vibrations have been lifted through the gradual transmutation of the negative energies. It has given you the space to grow and bring even more Light to Earth. As a result, you are today able to reach out for the opportunity to ascend, and to bring an end to your presence in the cycle of duality.

It has been an extensive period of experience since you first stepped upon your beautiful Earth. Many lives have given you those stepping-stones that have seen you rise up, and now you walk tall and very proud of your achievements. In the midst of the darkest times upon Earth, you have found the true meaning of your purpose in life. You stand in the full glory of your Light, without fear or trepidation at the efforts of the dark forces to bar your way.

As you prepare to finally enjoy the fruits of your preparations, perhaps you reflect on the past year with its ups and downs. You may resolve to make the New Year one of opportunities to overcome some difficulties that are carried over. With good intentions you make promises to yourself, and maybe others to raise your goals even higher. There is a greater expectation that 2008 will see some momentous changes, and a degree of excitement at that prospect. I can tell you Dear Ones, that you will not be disappointed but beware of distractions caused by the attempts of the dark to dampen your spirits.

At some stage next year you will see the power of the people come to the fore. It has been bubbling below the surface for quite some time now. However, it has reached a momentum that means it is unstoppable and will fulfil the desires for changes for the good of all. This is as you might say, a time to keep your nerve because you will be buffeted by the dark forces who are now desperate as they see their plans coming to a halt. They are aware that as mighty as they are with the weaponry and personnel behind them, they cannot stem the growth of consciousness and the Light that comes with it.

The truth of many actions is being revealed that shows the dark in their true colours, and no longer can you be easily fooled by their lies and subterfuge. Trust in them has long vanished, and only the diehards refuse to see what is in front of their eyes. All of the systems that control your daily life and means of existence will change, and in 2008 you will see the first steps taken to implement ones that truly reflect your status as Sovereign beings. At heart you are Beings of Light, and in the changing circumstances you will find more people becoming aware of their destiny and identify with their true selves. You have been living an illusion and played along with it. Now the truth will dawn upon you, and you will seize the opportunity to step into your Lighted Self.

Nothing is more heartening to the many Wayshowers who have graced your lives so many times. They have worked tirelessly to bring Light into your lives, and now they can experience joy at seeing you break out of the dark energies that have kept you in the lower vibrations. It is not said flippantly that you are Gods, and I ask you to grasp the significance of it. You have a potential beyond your present understanding, so take another view of your powers to create a new future for yourself. In reality you are not reliant on anyone else for your evolution, although many Beings guide you once you desire to advance. All of the time you are moulding the events in your life that will have a bearing on your future.

Some of you have incarnated especially to participate in the moves to bring the changes about, and I can say that very soon you will be called into action. The Light forces have not been idle, and have been organised to oppose the dark and move into the ascendancy. The Light is already powerful and represents a strong force that cannot be diminished, but instead is becoming even more powerful than on any previous occasion. Next year will belong to the people, and at last you will enforce a change of direction that will lead to the ultimate closing of this cycle. All of this is quite natural, as cyclic changes are necessary in the continual upward movement of all life forms.

Enjoy your present life and see it as the greatest time for your advancement and return to full consciousness, and know that the Creator is desirous of you finding your path back to the Light. Many different civilisations await Man's advancement so that they can claim their own back again. You have loved ones and friends from eons of time ago, that eagerly look forward to re-uniting with you. Accept that Earthly experiences have dulled your memory, but that you will have been fully awakened by the time of Ascension. Already many feel drawn to the stars, as instinctively they know that they are not of Earth.

I am St.Germain and will soon play my final role, as I lead you out of duality. I have held your hands for a long time, but now you are becoming of age and ready to determine your own future. The Cosmos awaits your presence, and much interest centres on you and your beautiful Blue Planet. You shall rise up in glory, and your Love and Light will illumine the Universe for all to see.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Light Is Breaking Through

Atmos 17-December-2007

Hope and optimism are high as you approach the end of the year. This augers well for the coming year, as before we can openly come to you there are still many challenges that you will face. All around you there are changes occurring that seem to cloud your vision for the future, and it has never been more true to say that the darkest day is before the new dawn. The glimmers of Light are breaking through, and touching people who have succumbed to the dark energies. However. there is an expectancy of better times, and it is helping raise the vibrations to the benefit of everyone.

Our encouragement is in the areas of self-government, inasmuch that you have conceded your freedom by giving permission to your leaders and representatives to make decisions on your behalf. However, they largely fail to truly address the problems that are preventing you from having a reasonable quality of life. Fortunately, there are now groups who are demanding a greater say in matters, and their actions are being noted. In the near future you will have people leading you who are aware of their responsibilities to you. There will be a new system that allows for specialised groups with a particular experience and expertise, to advise them.

No more shall you be used and manipulated to fulfil the grandiose plans of those who presently rule you. All of the secret groups that serve them will be disembodied, and that of course includes the Illuminati who operate behind the scenes and are the dark influences that control your lives. Historically you have always conceded your powers to leaders who have inevitably abused their position of trust. Over eons of time Man has lost his way and forgotten his spiritual origins, and instead of being free-thinking has been cowered into the dogma and beliefs of others.

Part of the reason you are rising up out of your darkness, is because you are recognising the power you have within. All along it has been you that have determined your future, and it is through your realisation that all you need is already within you. You are manifesting your vision of a new world where peace and happiness abound, and life can be full of joy and harmony. It seems a strange time to be talking of something that seems so far away, yet it is important that you hold that vision and are not distracted from your path. Events around you are threatening the exact opposite of what you seek, but the Light is rapidly bringing your vision into the world.

Nothing normally changes overnight but once we can go ahead with our plans for your future, events will take off quite quickly. Everything that is needed to start the restoration of Earth is in place, and our enormous transport ships carry sufficient equipment and personnel to complete our tasks in short time. For some time, we have ensured that matters on Earth have not got out of hand, thus allowing our projects to go quickly ahead. In reality we have never left the Earth to its own future, but have guided it along knowing that it would eventually be our task to restore it to its original pristine beauty.

We are but a small part of the whole administration that oversees the evolution of you and the Earth. There are Councils of the White Brotherhood and others that are directly concerned with your spiritual evolution. There are Christed Beings, and all is overseen by God who contains everything within his/her essence. God is within every single soul, and if you would but commune with that energy you would find that there is a response. There are many instances recounted where people have spoken with God, but caution is needed as sometimes communication has been with lesser Beings.

Belief is a powerful tool, and you can literally do anything if you have the will to do it. We do not say that you are Gods in the making for no reason, as you have the potential to create whatever you set your minds upon. As time goes by and your vibrations increase, you will acquire even greater powers. With it will come a great responsibility that must be matched by spiritual growth and understanding. You have been veiled from your true selves for so long you have forgotten who you are, but now the awakening is taking place. We shall be with you to help you step back into your mantle of Light, which represents a stage of progress that signals your readiness for Ascension.

The importance of these times cannot be overstressed, as it is your opportunity to leave duality behind. If you have learnt the lessons it has taught you, then you will know within that you are ready for that quantum leap into the future. If you cannot make it this time, there will be another chance at the completion of the next cycle. No one will be left behind, as this is a time of necessary change so that all may take their place in a new cycle. Equally no one is condemned or chastised for not having made Ascension, because as ever your gift of freewill is paramount.

Everyone will to some measure be greater now than when they started this cycle. For those who have not completed their lessons, the next cycle will be easier as all experience has a permanent place in your consciousness. Everything you need to know is in any event within your subconscious memories. You are well equipped to handle the challenges that may come your way. Should you go astray your Guides are always on hand to help you, but they advise you rather than force themselves upon you. You are free to experience exactly as you choose, but with free choice comes responsibility and that is how your lessons are learnt.

I am Atmos from Sirius and always delighted to address you, as we wish for your return to your true realms in the Light. To that end we are ready to join you as soon as we are allowed to commence First Contact. We in no way consider ourselves superior, but simply further along the path to self-realisation. Our knowledge and guidance will be freely given to you, as we help you lift up in the wonderful final years that are opening up for you. We have immense pride in your achievements, and send our Love and Blessings to you all and eagerly look forward to the New Year.

Thank you Atmos,

Mike Quinsey.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Light Descending Upon Earth

By SaLuSa thru Mike Quinsey

"Come the ending of this year it will be the last one of its kind. From hereon the changes will manifest in a positive way, that will tell you beyond doubt that you have broken away from the old ways. Even for those with little or no knowledge of the end times a sense of change for the good will uplift them. You have been going through some of the most difficult times you have ever experienced, but you shall be more than compensated by the Light descending upon Earth. It will take announcement of the coming changes to fully awaken people to what a momentous period you are entering.

The time has arrived to release your worries and have faith in the future of Mankind. It has been planned for eons of time that you shall lift up in the final years of this cycle, and the preparations have ensured it will be so. The Galactic Federation is not alone in this venture, and civilizations from all over the Galaxy have made contact with Earth for the purpose of overseeing its changes. For all of your insignificance as a planet at the edge of the Milky Way, you are the centre of attention because of your importance in the Ascension process. Much depends upon your safe and successful transition, so that the whole Universe can also begin its final upliftment.

How we wish we could shout the news from the treetops, but for the time being we have to approach the whole matter in an orderly manner. It is essential that we do not cause shock or confusion by our actions, and this is where we need to co-ordinate our progress with our allies upon Earth. At present many of you unaware that you are enlisted in our activities, but until the right time we cannot reveal your identities. Your potential has already been recognized, and pre-planning has ensured that you are primed and eager to start the final stages of Earth's changes.

It is not that you are lacking ideas as to how to deal with the problems connected with your environment, and many now wait some opportunity to use their expertise. You have been impressed with many wonderful ideas as to how to overcome the needs of Earth and its people. Therefore, moving up another level will seem quite natural, and we shall train personnel to use our advanced technology. Speed will be of the essence, and with our help we shall successfully work together as a team that shall achieve miracles. Mother Earth will be pleased, and able to delay what would inevitably have been some serious physical changes.

Transport and communications will be amongst the first needs that will be addressed, as our allies must be able to move freely around the world and keep in touch with their base. Much of the directions that will accompany you will be given on board our ships, and we can download information into your consciousness in a way that requires little or no time. You will not of course be on your own, and we will be delighted to work with you. Over long periods of time many of you have been closely associated with us, and unbeknown to you we have often met and laid down the plans that are to be implemented.

What a wonderful time is ahead, and what a relief it will be to you to throw off the restrictive practices and controls that prevent your free and uninterrupted travel. We will ensure that our plan is put over to you in a clear and simple way, and it is our announcements and subsequent communications that will put beyond doubt our intentions for you all. Of necessity we will need to land some of our craft upon Earth, but a mass showing of our presence will come at a later date. There will be plenty of time to acquaint you with our teams, which are your close families from Space.

Weather control will be our responsibility, and we will ensure that it is beneficial to you, and eventually you will find yourselves in a more temperate climate. Presently you suffer from the tampering with your weather patterns, and it has not always been intended for your good. The demise of Atlantis was because the Atlantean's played with powerful energies that they could not control, and you would otherwise face a similar situation but for our coming. We have absolutely no intention of allowing the dark forces to have a free hand to destroy your Earth. Already they know of our presence, and have experienced our ability to severely limit their actions.

We know that Man is at heart a benign Being, and all that is required to bring his peaceful mien to the front is to remove the constant threat of curtailment of his freedom. So many of your "lost souls" will respond to our coming and the hope we bring. We will show you that you are spiritual Beings, with an enormous potential to bring peace and happiness back into your lives. It is your natural state, and we shall release you from the intense laws and regulations that bar your way. Freedom of expression and the means to do so will become your normal way of life before long. It will also break down the suspicion and lack of trust between the different races.

You cannot live in peace together when your leaders contrive situations to keep you apart. They teach fear and isolate you within your own countries, and you become lethargic and disinterested in life, which seems to lose its purpose. With our coming a wave of new enthusiasm for life will stream across your world, and at last you will be able to express yourselves freely and put your many talents to use for the betterment of all. Man is normally industrious and loves to work for the upliftment of all life forms, and soon the opportunities will come thick and fast. The seas must be completely cleansed, and respect paid to the whales and dolphins that have carried energies that have been essential to you and the Earth. They are marvelous Beings that have a consciousness at least equal to your own.

Dear Ones, I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I have come with love to uplift you, because you still have much to learn about all life around you, and we shall ensure that you are well informed and aware of it as soon as possible. Busy times are ahead, but also enjoyable times where drudgery and monotony will have no place. Be in joy and happy at the prospect of taking a great leap forward, because there will be no going back to the old ways – never again."

Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey

New Beginnings And The End Of Darkness


What's Up On Planet Earth?

Dec. 12, 2007

2007 was a rocky and challenging year for many…especially the latter six month period after the solstice. And now, another solstice is due to arrive, marking the final point of this deep transitional and preparatory period.

This deep period of excavation that lasted for so many months was vitally necessary to our spiritual evolutionary process, as it prepared us for the next level of spiritual hierarchy. And the best is yet to come… we have been preparing for it! Higher vibrating key concepts and ways of being were integrated within us, notably: learning and experiencing how to stay still and in our center and how to harmonize with the energy of community.

When we first arrive in a higher dimension or higher vibrating energy, it feels glorious at first, as all our needs seem to be met and we seem to be able to create much of anything instantly. As time progresses, we find ourselves aligning with these newer higher realms, and this always involves a clearing and purging of any energies or patterns within and without which no longer match our new surrounding vibration. So we first feel great and then we feel not so great.

And as complicated as it may seem, our outside vibration does not dictate our inside vibration alone. How we vibrate on the inside, also dictates what occurs in our outside reality. So then, creation and evolution is always a two edged process. It comes from the outside and it comes from the inside, culminating in an alignment and burst of creation and change, similar to the big bang theory.

This process can create some confusion, chaos, and what may seem at times, an unending roller coaster ride. We adjust our vibration within, through clearing and letting go of lower vibrating energies (which is initiated by the newly arriving outside energies!), and then the outside reality feels downright unpleasant to be in, at times causing depression and anxiety, and always, that no sense of place feeling. This is because the outside physical manifestations no longer fit our new inside vibrations.

Add to this the waiting times, as we need to wait for a critical mass to catch up, in order to arrive at that culmination point for creating new in the physical, and this results in the wading through quicksand experience, the lethargy, and the lack of passion. All are typical ascension experiences.

And in addition, it seems that some of our beloved animal companions seem to choose to depart the earth plane as well during these deep transitional times, as they have chosen not to continue on to the next plateau.

So then, how does all this relate to where we are now? We are most certainly moving up the rungs of the ascension ladder, piece by piece, and experience by experience. Currently, we have reached a new level, and this involves the level of living in unity and within community. This new level, as with all levels, also connects us more fully with Source, or our souls, and this then, has most recently created the adjustments involving being still and staying in our center.

Having a physical ailment or injury forces us to stay down, and thus creates a situation where we must get out of the way, allowing Source to enter more fully. Do you remember in months past when some of us re-visited an old injury or physical malady that lasted several weeks? This was why. If the right side of your body is continually aching, stiff, or uncomfortable, or even if you experience injuries on your right side only, your soul is making an attempt at re-aligning you with Source. Making things happen by ourselves is not the way in the higher realms. It is Source who does it all (or our souls), and this can readily happen when the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves are out of the way. Injuries or discomfort on the right side of our bodies indicates an over-use of the old masculine.

We are needing to evolve from the old male identity on the planet, to the new identity embodying much more of the feminine. (None of this is new news to most of you, just a recap here to assist in explaining our current status.) And the feminine is needing an adjustment as well. We are learning the true and higher ways of giving, supporting, allowing, and receiving. All these adjustments within involve a way of staying still, in our center, not extending, not doing it all, and the like. When we are present and still, Source can then find us and we are then within a portal or an alignment with the higher realms. And this is where true creating occurs.

Living in communities? We have just gone through a massive clearing of arrogance. This created a need to really look at ourselves, what our patterns were which might have involved a disrespect for others, or any dominance, etc. and a special time to fully examine how we had been vibrating even though we may not have know that we needed to adjust a thing within ourselves. We may not have seen our patterns before, but now this light has illuminated much. It was grand opportunity indeed. And know as well, that some of our old patterns were necessary in order to survive on a planet that was vibrating in a much lower and denser way.

Living in community involves a special harmony. We each have a special gift and contribution to make, and we are now finding that even though we may indeed embody our gift right now, we need not be utilizing it 24/7. If we do, we are then over-using our gift, and being "on" 24/7 creates a separation from the whole. It was meant that we enjoy ourselves the remainder of the time…we make our contribution, we create according to who we are and what we are here to contribute, and then we enjoy ourselves with the remainder of the whole.

So then, for the past several months we have been preparing for what is due to arrive in January. I cannot emphasize this enough….January will bring in the new in a very solid and grounded way. Things will be oh so much better, and really take off for us. 2008 will be the year of new beginnings, and in order to utilize them and be ready for them, we had to be in alignment with them, and thus, this phase of deep preparation for the past several months.

Solstices involve going deep. The days and nights are not equal. This creates the excavating energy. Equinoxes involve moving forward, and reaping the rewards we have generated. Phil and I are finding most certainly now, through our work and observations at the ancient sites, along with our communications with the ancient ones, that the ancients were very aware of these fluctuations and timelines, and their inherent purposes. So even if these patterns were not evident through experiencing the energies alone, they would be known by observing the petroglyphs and occurrences at the ancient sites.

For the past several weeks, there has been massive darkness on the planet. Horror, creepiness, and a vulnerability could be felt (especially if you are a sensitive one). This is because much is being excavated and is up and out, right in our faces. This phase also creates a feeling of no sense of place, as we do not belong anywhere right now. We may feel displaced, not know where in the world to go now, and feeling grossly insecure. It may feel as if there is nowhere left to go. And who wants to land somewhere when most of everything feels dark and creepy? This temporary darkness can also cloud any judgments or clarity we may desire. It can be difficult to make decisions, when we are not sure what the darkness is indicating.

When the darkness occurs, though a massive purging like this one, it seems this is all we can see. We are thus looking through a filter that is not real.

Know that there is an end to this phase, and very soon. We will again find home. We will again see beauty. We will again feel good. We will again experience caring, love, and a feeling of home and unity. It is this that we have been preparing for. We needed to be in alignment with these higher vibrating things before we could embody and experience them, and they will be arriving for us in January.

January will be huge. It will be solid. It will be real. It will be like a massive bulldozer moving us forward…not excavating this time, but moving us into and supporting us in our new spaces and in our new endeavors.

The last few pieces are now being wrapped up. These involve the solstice of the 21st (some say the 22nd, but Phil and I are finding that it greatly depends upon where you reside on the planet anyway), and the portal of December 12, or 12/12.

12/12 will open us to opportunities. It will re-validate what we have been wanting to create. It will align us with higher intentions and with our soul's direction. It will re-connect us. Do we need to intentionally do anything on this date? My stance has always been "no." Things will just happen naturally. On the 12th, you may find that things seem to be falling into place all of the sudden. You may find that situations seem to be resolved. You may feel lighter. You may get clarity.

"Why do you tell of the 12/12 portal on the exact day and not before, so that we can prepare?" you might wonder in annoyance. It is because I don't think it really matters. Things always occur very naturally…we need not force them or make them happen. And in addition, there is always a window of energy around every alignment. If we wish, we can write down what we wish to create for our futures on this day, or near this day. But our souls know what is in store for us. It is always there, hidden away, ready to be hatched, even though we may not always be consciously aware.

If we can place ourselves in a space of relaxation, joy, creativity, simplicity, and happiness, all things align very naturally. In this way, intentional ceremony is not necessary either. Just allowing is enough. When Phil and I stand at pivotal points in ancient ruins at solstice and equinox times, we can feel the alignments and the portal openings. They all occur very naturally. And the alignments know what our soul's intentions are…they only serve to open them more fully.

In the last energy alert of December 2, I spoke of a high energy pyramid hidden beneath the earth in the area we just moved to. This pyramid will open when the surrounding energies begin to vibrate at a certain pitch, or when the inhabitants of this area begin to embody these higher energies. In this way, an activation occurs very naturally. We need not intentionally activate a thing. If we did, the very thing we were trying to activate would hold a higher vibration for a short while, and then most likely not be able to maintain it. Not really doing things intentionally is part of clearing the arrogance.

As we begin to vibrate higher, most things come from an intent of love and caring, or joy and passion, and that alone places us in alignment with the higher realms. It is always the emotion behind the creation that fuels it's ultimate destination.

Again, staying still, not reaching or trying, not extending, but creating in our joy, loving and being in the moment, and just being who we are, are all that is necessary for aligning with the higher realms. If we can maintain this state as much as possible, while not taking things personally or being affected and reacting to outside energies, we can much more easily go through the doorway to another dimension.

So as we complete this very last phase of preparation and alignment within ourselves, we can rest assured that a very new reality is on the very near horizon.

Phil and I will be spending a very quiet Christmas together with our cat and dog, and a delicious meal, while we watch the snow fall and decorate our tree. We are desiring a very simple Christmas together, and will then be going on to California to visit relatives later on. So then, the next energy alert may be posted a bit later than usual.

Wishing you a magical holiday season, with much love and joy, and many miracles in between….

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Becoming Multidimensional


Orthogonal Matrix
Becoming Multidimensional

Greetings from Home.

We greet you with the warmest of greetings for we are once again in the presence of masters. You, dear ones are the masters of the Game of Free Choice and we revere you more than you will ever know. You have created miracles in your daily life that has changed the course of All That Is. Even this day you are making choices that will project you far beyond the greatest hope of humanity. These are exciting times.

Dimensional Shifting - The Next Evolution

Humans playing the Game of free choice are currently experiencing a state of evolution unmatched throughout all of eternity. Never before has such a game anywhere evolved at the rate that you are right now. The children being born into your world now are entering with attributes that humans have not held before. As we described the entrance of the Crystal Children, one of the signs we said to watch for was that they were interdimensional beings capable of existing in two places at one time and crossing what you believe to be the boundaries of time and space. It was easy for you to accept that these children had new and improved attributes, but we also tell you that you will evolve to possess these same gifts that they were born with. You are becoming interdimensional beings as you raise your vibrational level.

The Game of Three's

When you wake up in the morning, you actually enter a dimension of time and space that is a narrow vibrational range in which you spend most of your waking hours. The illusion of reality that exists within that narrow band was created for you to have an experience as souls pretending to be human. Your natural state as a soul allows you to move and experience a much wider band of vibration than that to which you are accustomed. That is now changing.

Your entire world is made up of three's. The cosmos is based on a mathematical base system of twelve, yet the Game of free choice is a fraction of that vibration based on three. All of your world and everything in it can be reduced to the number three. The cosmic joke on this side of the veil is that you have called it the third dimension. Now that range is expanding. As you begin to experience other dimensions it will be helpful to have tools that help you cross from one dimensional level to the next. This is not new information on Earth, as it has been known by many as far back as ancient Egypt . It was believed even then that the world was made up of three's and that the door between dimensions was accessed through a 90-degree turn. This is known to science today as the Orthogonal Theory.

Leaving the Linear Hallway of Time

You are infinite spirits pretending to exist within a finite world and a finite body. The bubble of biology that houses your spirit has a beginning and an end. This allows you to experience life within a framework of linear time. That is to say that you experience life in the past, present or the future. Imagine that you experience life in a narrow hallway. You travel down that hallway backwards. You can see your past and the present can be seen if you are observant, but the future cannot be seen at all. The reason your reality looks like a narrow hallway is that you are limited to the vibrational range that you can see and live in. Imagine that you have blinders on that keep your vision focused in the linear hallway of time. Now you are expanding those blinders to include a wider range of vision, which gives you the chance to see and move into other hallways. Each of these hallways intersects yours at a 90-degree angle.

This is the secret of removing the illusion of linear time. As your vision expands you will see and begin to use these doorways to other dimensions of time. We tell you that even what you think of as time travel is not what you believe it to be. The reality is that it is much easier than you are imagining. When you understand the relationship of the Orthogonal reality to the golden mean you will uncover the illusion of linear time. For now let us begin to show you practical uses of being a multidimensional spirit. We have spoken often that your reality is a direct relationship to the point from which you view it. In other words, your perception determines your reality. Change your point of perception and you automatically change your reality. We have also given you exercises to shift your reality by changing the camera angle through which you view it. Now we take that one step further and ask you to begin viewing your reality from multiple locations at the same time. It is the illusion of linear time that makes you think you are limited to one existence. In reality you are multidimensional beings and, therefore, can easily exist in multiple locations at one time. Imagine having a life experience that you can see clearly from multiple camera angles. That is a direct step of carrying your divinity into human form, and it is available to each and every one of you this day.

The Orthogonal Matrix

As spirits pretending to be human you exist within an energy matrix. The matrix you inhabit determines the way you are wired for energy and life experiences. Your energy matrix determines the first effect of everything that you experience as a human. When you are in the first stage of life as a soul getting ready for an incarnation, you choose life lessons and choose the way you will carry those life lessons. You either carry these lessons through an energy matrix (the way you will be wired for energy), or through an energy stamp (energy which is stamped upon you by a life experience or event). As you master the life lesson you can rewrite an energy stamp, but you can never change or alter an energy matrix. You can only master the matrix for it is a part of you. What we tell you now is that as you evolve you will find ways of building new energy matrices that overlay your original matrix. Much the way we told you that the hologram of the Third Earth will overlay the original hologram that first began Earth, you as an individual can also overlay your original matrix as long as that overlay is in harmony with the original matrix. Here is where we ask you to begin building an Orthogonal Matrix that will allow you to experience and stretch out into the many dimensions of time and space that exist all around you. Your personal Orthogonal Matrix will allow you to become multidimensional beings today.

Much of what we say at this point may seem on the far out edge, yet in the very near future earth science will support what we speak of today. It will most likely be the development of artificial intelligence that uncovers the secrets of what really holds your world together. You are on the edge of great advances in science and technology that will lead you into the new era of empowered man.


Now, if you wish to understand a little more about dimensionality, here are a couple of simple exercises that you can do. If you would like to know the difference between one dimension and the next, hold your nose and take a deep breath, then stick your head under water. Under water you are in a different dimension of time and space. Light is refracted differently and sound travels differently. Actually, time is experienced differently under water but you have not discovered that part yet. We tell you that everything acts differently in that other dimension. Many of you have experienced this personally. It is as simple as getting on an airplane and getting off in a different city far away. Your cell phone rings and it is a person back home calling to talk to you. You can talk with them as if they are standing in the next room, yet there is a dimensional shift that happens. When you talk to them from such a distance, it is not the same as talking to them on that same cell phone within the same city because there was a dimensional shift that happened when you got on that airplane.

There is a dimensional time shift that often happens , even though you are not aware of it. These shifts are so simple that most of the time you do not notice them as differences. Even if you do notice them, you do not feel that they are something you need to adjust to–and they are not. What we tell you is that as you walk down this hallway with this increased range of vibration that you now perceive, you will start to see things off to the side that you have never noticed before. Some of those will actually be hallways of linear time and space that go at a right angle to yours. Since your world is made up of threes,90 degrees holds great significance when moving between worlds. Those are called orthogonal relationships. What we will give you this day is an opportunity to create and live in an Orthogonal Matrix, which houses your spirit and allows you to shift from one dimensional reality to another. It will take some getting used to, and it will take making what you call mistakes. It will take some practice, but today we will give you the essence of building an intentional Orthogonal Matrix which allows you to shift dimensions readily and bi-locate. Where you go with that from here is up to you, but we will give you the seeds and ask you to expound on it.

Bi-Locating your Life Camera

So, here you are living in this world and having your challenges. Oh we love your challenges, for you have set them up with such great care. Know that it was so important for you to wake up one morning and hit that brick wall, so that you could then learn something that was very important to your soul's advancement. But then you would say, "What am I doing wrong?" Know that you are not doing anything wrong. You have simply set that lesson up for yourself. The challenge is that you are only looking at it from a one-dimensional perspective. If instead you were able to take a right turn at that point, bi-locate in two dimensions of time and space at once and then look back at any problem, situation, challenge or any point in time, you would have the understanding of Home on your side. That is the process of bringing Heaven to Earth this day, and that is a gift that the children of higher vibration—the Children of the New Earth—are born with. They still do not know how to use it, nor do you, but it is time to begin using it.

The Exercise of Building an Orthogonal Matrix

Imagine that you are living in a timeframe much like a hallway or tube with energy flowing through it. You have simply been moving with the flow of energy. Now imagine that there is another dimension of time and space flowing directly above your head. Connect to the flow of energy directly above your head, tapping into it with a 90-degree angle. Simply visualize that 90-degree angle and feel the energy making a turn and entering your body. Breathe that energy into your being, and allow it to settle in the center of your being. Once there you will breathe it into another 90-degree turn sending it out into your hips, then followed by a third 90-degree turn down your legs to connect the energy with the Earth. That gives you three 90-degree turns and honors both the 90-degree doorway and the world of three's. By doing that, your energetic soul reacts and builds a matrix almost like a new set of wiring. That new wiring must be reinforced in order to build the matrix. The more that you do this exercise, the easier it becomes to connect with other dimensions. Soon it will become a part of who you are, and you will walk inside of the Orthogonal Matrix all of the time.

The Orthogonal Matrix allows you to see things that you have not seen before. Sometimes you can even see the higher purpose of who you are and what the experience is that you are receiving. Is that not a gift? Perhaps in one dimension you may see a challenge, but from the view of another dimension that challenge is actually a gift. Would it not be grand for you to re-member what you had in mind before you came here on Earth? Would it not be wonderful to know why bad things happen to good people and vice versa? When you understand the multidimensionality, the ideas of good and bad seem less important. Would it not be wonderful if you had the higher concepts of Home that you could carry with you every day? Building an Orthogonal Matrix is one of the first steps in achieving that, and in existing in two places simultaneously while retaining full perception.

The other exercise we will ask you to do is a series of three breaths. As you bend the energy to tap into the first energy at the first 90-degree turn, take three very deep breaths. Pause for a moment as the energy comes and connects into the center of your being. At the center of your being, take three more very deep breaths and bend the energy into one or both of your hips. Pause for a moment taking another set of three breaths. You are honoring the Orthogonal Matrix you are building. You are honoring the set-up of the world and the illusion of the Game of Planet Earth that you have created to have this experience. At the same time, it allows you to step into a higher reality.

The first couple of times you do it you will say, "That felt nice, but I did not see anything. I did not feel anything." Please understand that in the very beginning it will happen so fast that your soul will gain a second perception even though you felt like you did not feel anything. The more you practice and work with building and strengthening your Orthogonal Matrix, the more time you will spend existing in a higher dimension of time and space, and being able to walk in that gift every single day. You are empowered humans. You are stepping into the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth and you are bringing these beautiful dense bubbles of biology with you. You are learning to live as angels playing a Game of being human—and you are doing more than you could possibly ever know. It is not about you. It is about all of us.

Your Game has gone far beyond what you have ever hoped to create as a collective in the Game of Free Choice. Now with that free choice firmly in place, you are stepping into creating something magical. The human race is evolving. You are re-turning Home. Wow! You are still here. That is magical indeed. That was the highest possibility that could ever come of any Game. We tell you there is no grand plan in place. There is nothing you must do to activate. What we have given you today as the Orthogonal Matrix is a simple exercise for you to understand that you are already multidimensional, and for you to be able to see it and use it. Your heart energy wishes to grow. That is why you are here. That is why you come to these meetings. That is why you wish to read and watch these messages. We give you the tools to step out of yourself into another experience, even for just a moment.

Play with the Orthogonal Matrix. Create something magical for you. Allow yourself not only to step into another dimension of time and space, but to live in both places simultaneously. If it brings you joy, then we have been successful in our journey for we want nothing more than to spread our wings and show you your own magnificence. You are the masters of the Game Board. You are changing the Game every second of every day and we applaud you from this side of the veil, like you have never known before.

Carry it well, dear ones. Play with it. Enjoy the ride and we leave you with three simple re-minders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are looking into the eyes of God. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are nurturing yourself. Re-member that it is a Game, and play well together.


the Group

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Light Is Permeating The Earth

Ag-agria 7-December-2007
[link to]

Many people have an awareness of the changes happening, and the Light that is permeating the Earth and its expected effect upon them. We hear them question as to how they will know when they have stepped upon the path to upliftment. They look for outward signs when we say you should look within. The positive indication that you are progressing along such a path, is to the degree that you are becoming detached from the materialism of the 3rd dimension. Once you are going towards Ascension, you will be aware that you are cutting your ties to things that would otherwise hold you back, That also refers to other people who have a desire to tread a different path to you. It does not mean cutting your links entirely, but only those that are proving an obstacle to your growth and the onward expansion of your consciousness into the Light.

There must come a point when it is necessary to let go of those around you who do not share your desire to ascend. It is a case of neither parties holding up the fulfilment of each other's choice where the future is concerned. You will naturally gravitate towards those who share your dreams, and together you will manifest that reality. For those who have a different view another path will open up, and in the end all will find the right one for them. We come back as we often do to the matter of your freedom of choice, and remind you that it is rightfully and unequivocally yours having been granted to you by the Creator.

Within your consciousness the seeds of truth are growing, and as you evolve so you will come together with the wisdom of your Higher Self that is ever present in your sub-consciousness. When both become totally as one, you will know that you have ascended, and will take your place in the higher dimensions as a 5D Being of pure Love and Light. At this time it is necessary to continue living your new concept of what you wish to be, in the Light of Love and understanding. You will certainly know that you are progressing satisfactorily, when you find yourself able to easily detach from what is going on around you.

As time passes, the Light will become stronger and take you closer to your return to full consciousness. That is your goal and help is given all of the way so that it can be fully achieved. It is the birthing of your true self and once attained you shall move into yet another period of growth. Evolution is continuous and is forever moving onwards whether you are aware of it or not. You approach a year of great changes, and perhaps for many there will be the first positive signs of the transformation that is taking place. Doubt will be replaced by a sure understanding of the manner in which the end times will be played out, giving you a goal to work towards.

Man has moved into a number of large groups, all with a slightly different understanding of what is to happen in these last years before Ascension. Those differences are unimportant to the overall progress that is being made, and as the truth becomes clear a new look will have to be taken at your beliefs. Our coming and that of many Higher Beings is for the purpose of your enlightenment, and the confused areas of your thinking will be clarified. The more you are working in unison, clearly the greater will be your alignment with the Light. However, some see their goal as being in the establishment of their own beliefs, but this will not be possible to maintain if it is outside of the new teachings that will be given to you.

There has always been a time and place for great steps forward, and the Masters identify those opportunities to further your understanding. Through their channels or direct incarnation upon Earth, they have delivered the necessary enlightenment to move you forward. In the last century so much new information was released, and today we see the result as so many more of you have found the truth within. It is a matter of bringing the knowledge out of the deep recesses of your mind. Some prefer to be led to the truth, but that is a remnant of the teachings of the past when all knowledge was held and guarded by the priestly Orders. You were led to believe that you had to bow to the superior knowledge of those who claimed to be the representatives of God. That is no longer necessary in an enlightened age.

The difference now is that you are encouraged to go within to find the truth, and you are quite able to be discerning. True spiritual knowledge is not delivered with demands or threats against, and you should you choose otherwise if that is not to your satisfaction. We simply place it before you knowing that you will take from it what is important to you at any particular in your growth. As with all information that goes into your pool of knowledge, it does so in a way that you are not necessarily aware of, and in a subtle and almost undetected way re-forms your understanding. This is clearly much more preferable than having to follow a rigid discipline of teachings, that give little or no opportunity for change.

You do not have to be "religious" or call yourself a Christian to see that Man has gone seriously astray. You have an inner knowing that Man is naturally a sentient being of peace and goodwill. However, after decades and centuries of domination and false teachings, you have been given a mindset that has allowed others to lead you into one confrontation after another. All is claimed to take place in your name and for your good. Fear has been rampant and fed by the ever-present "enemy" that you have been taught to believe hide round every corner. That is now changing as you become more aware of the truth.

Dear Ones, there are those who continually perpetrate and contrive conditions of war. They take away your innocence and love for your fellow man, and instead replace it with fear and hatred. This false picture has served the dark well, but now you are awakening to the truth it no longer carries the power that it did previously. You see the lies and subterfuge that is used to keep you in your place, and you are breaking the bonds that have kept you in the dark. The dark are losing their ability to do with you as they wish, and consequently their plans are no longer able to deliver the success they expected.

I am Ag-agria of the Galactic Federation and with my family of Sirians and many other members, are supporting you in bringing about the leadership changes that will allow a new path to open up. Peace is top of our agenda and must be brought to the people before the greater changes can fully come into being. A world in turmoil serves no other purpose than that of the dark forces. We know that Man is tired of the continual confrontations, and excuses used to promote a world that is forever on the brink of war. Not everyone realises that it is being taken into space, and it is directed towards us and intended to stop our plans for First Contact. It will not succeed and we are more than equal to anything that is attempted.

We are known to the dark, and they are aware that a condition for our coming is that a new leadership shall have been installed. They therefore resist change and try to hold on to their power by any means possible. We cannot directly confront them and have no desire to do so. Our strength is in our ability to work with our allies, and use our technology to achieve victory for you through peaceful methods. Of that you may be absolutely sure, and as the New Year unfolds you will realise the truth in that statement.

Because you cannot see the full picture, you are bound to accept what we tell you as a matter of good faith. However, your history shows that our actions have always been in your interests. There are other extraterrestrials that are outside of our Federation, and their presence on your Earth has only been achieved by co-operation with your Government. They have been responsible for "abductions" and other actions that are in no way attributable to us.

You stand at the door of enormous changes, and it is beginning to open wide and the Light is streaming in. There is nothing that will stop it manifesting the conditions for your release from the dark. It comes with Love and brings balance and harmony back into your lives, and most importantly restores your freedom and rights that have been taken away from you.

Stand tall and keep looking ahead at the vision of world peace that you have created. It is forming within your midst right now, helped by your positive energies of Light and Love that are settling upon Earth. On behalf of all of your friends from Space, I wish you the strength that you seek to overcome the dark and start your journey to Ascension in earnest. Our love travels with you at all times, and call upon us if you are troubled and seek our protection.

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kyron Speaks


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is a safe place, and even before we start the teaching I wish to announce that this is a safe, safe place. Should you choose to open your heart this day, no negative thing will come attach to you. You sit with family, so let the energy of this place pour into you, so that you will be given a dispensation of understanding. For what we wish to do is complex. I have instructed my partner that this is to be transcribed and that these two days together will encompass one teaching. This will be an advanced teaching for an advanced group, given in front of Lightworkers who are ready to hear these things. It is true that it will be core information, but it is advanced core information. For we are starting to create the series about the system and how it works.

The most misunderstood attribute of God is how a Human Being works with Spirit. This is the crux of frustration, and so often Lightworkers feels stuck. They don't understand the communication system or what to do next. They truly don't even know who they are! There they sit waiting for something invisible from a place that they question. The system of God is like that, you know? The system is incompatible with you since you are in 3D. So here's what we wish to do. In this first session, which is this day, we wish to speak of the physics of the system - the confusion. We will explain what it is. In the next session, tomorrow, we will explain how you work with the system and give examples. These, therefore, are two separate teachings that should be considered as one. The system of God - complex, it is.

The System of God

Let us start at the beginning. According to those Humans who keep track of these things, 85 percent or more of this planet belongs to some kind of belief system that searches for God - 85 percent. No matter where they are on the planet, they believe in God. It's in many different ways, within many different organizations. It is overwhelming, is it not, that there is indeed something more than yourself on the planet? So you might say that there is evidence that the entire planet, or most of it, is involved in the search for God in their own way.

So right there, a big question is, "Why would you care?" Are you in fear of God? No. Humans do not search for God in fear. The Human Being wants to find what it's about. It's intuitive Human behavior. As soon as a Human is able to do so, they go on the search. Blessed is the Human Being who searches for God in their own way. Even if they find themselves in a building, singing songs or worshipping with doctrines that are man-made. Indeed, their art and their compassion is the search for God. Let there be no judgment of your brothers and your sisters for this, for they have the love of God just like you.

Then there is the rest of you - the ones who would find yourself in a place like this, an esoteric place, looking into yourselves saying, "There has to be more than a doctrine." The thing that makes this difficult is that you are going on a journey outside of your dimensionality - outside of your reality - and your understanding and the comfort zone that is your 3D.

So the first questions you will ask are these: "Who am I? Who am I in the scheme of the Universe? What is it I am supposed to do? And how am I supposed to do it? Where do I start?" These are valid questions, but each one of them is difficult. For the answer to all of them is not an answer that you can discern with logic, but you want to. For you are three-dimensional creatures and expect your reality to be God's reality. However, the truth is that you about to go on an interdimensional search for a piece of yourself. Therefore, none of these questions are actually answerable to your satisfaction, and there lies the frustration of so many of you... looking for God in a 3D setting.

There are several ways I can set the stage here, so within this message, we're going to feature a little creature. It's going to be an ant, and this ant has been given a task. All of the other ants want this ant to go and find the face of God, and intuitively they know that the face of God is in a place. So the ant goes and begins its journey. It finds itself on a giant painting, one that is as large as a wall. Indeed, the painting is the face of God, and it's beautiful. The colors are vibrant, the face is joyful, it's so real you could almost climb into it... but the ant has no idea of any of it. All the ant knows as it goes from footstep to footstep is that there's a lot of color at its feet. And no matter how much the ant journeys on the picture, the ant has no idea what the face of God looks like. The ant is too small to see the overview and will continue to perceive only the pieces of a puzzle.

So it goes back and reports to the other ants, "I walked and I walked. I touched the face of God, but it's just a color. But if you walk long enough, the color changes and it's another color." Therefore, the reality of the face of God to these ants is that it is a constant, changing color. There's no way for the ant to see the larger picture, is there? Humanity is similar, for humanity encompasses God as part of the three-dimensional scene of humanity, and it make assumptions. Here is an important one: God is not in your time frame. "Kryon, really! We know better than that. We know that God is timeless. We know what you've been teaching for years." So I say to you, then why don't you act like you understand it? For when you ask for something, you're so disappointed when it does not happen in your timeframe! Many of you tap your foot, waiting for the delivery of the package that you ordered from God. You think God's clock is your clock, don't you? But it is not. So if it is not, what are you going to do with this knowledge? How will you ever make sense of this? We'll talk of that tomorrow.

You even think God looks like you! We have said this before. Humans have painted the picture of God as a Human. Angels are the most sacred beings imaginable, who come and go in their miraculous interdimensional form, yet you paint them in 2D! You give them skin and wings, give them a name and say, "This is an angel, and it looks like God." No, it doesn't - it looks like you!

Then there are Lightworkers who say, "Well, we know better than that. We know that God doesn't look like Human Beings do." Oh, really? Then show me the painting of what you think God looks like. There are very few, because you cannot paint an interdimensional being. You think God is linear. The way you treat the whole process of the system, you say, " I am sick; I go to a place where I will be healed; I will get it, then I will leave." Oh, how linear of you. Do you not understand that you must swim in the energy with Spirit? Do you not understand that instead of that linearness, you must reach out and touch the face of God? What about this? "I have within myself the healing that I might need if I get sick. It will restore my sickness before I manifest it, so therefore, I will never get sick." So you might say, "What? That doesn't make sense. Help us with this, Kryon!" Indeed, I'll do my best. But you've got to throw away the idea that God is like you, living in 3D like you. Your reality is not God's reality.

Where is God?

Here you sit and ask, "Where is God?" I have the answer, and it's, "No." There is no place for God. It's an impossible question. And you say, "Well, there must be an answer to where is God! We've heard that God resides in heaven. There are streets paved with gold and that there are mansions there." Or, perhaps, you think esoterically that God lives in what you've called the great central sun? Well, none of those things would be correct. For the first one is simply a replication of a 3D city idea of yours. The second expression, the great central sun, is a metaphor for a place. It's a metaphor for the center of every single atom that exists. God is not in a place, since the concept of a "place" cannot exist in a quantum state.

Here is another example of the absence of "where." Psychics of your planet will go out and they will try to contact the dead, for the Human brain says, "These Humans are gone." This is because in linear time, the soul's energy has ceased to exist. Humans believe that that soul energy has gone somewhere... to a place. Therefore, the psychic using their three-dimensional perception goes to that place and they bring in "the soul's energy of the departed one." They get a message and bring it back, and everyone is excited and impressed. Let me tell you what has really happened. The departed didn't go anywhere! For the soul energy is now in an interdimensional space, where there is no past or future. There's no time on the other side of the veil. How can you have a past when there is no time? We have discussed before that every soul energy on this planet leaves a residual on Earth. It gets more complicated and I'll tell you about this in a moment. But think for a moment - your lifetime, right now, is being imprinted onto the crystalline grid of the planet forever. Forever! It has to be that way for the vibration of the earth is the culmination, the sum of all of the entities upon it. When your physical body leaves, your departure does not diminish the crystalline grid, for the energy that you have today is imprinted and it stays here. When the psychic goes out to contact the one who's departed, they're simply talking to the residual in the grid. They're not talking to a departed soul somewhere else. Instead, they are talking to the soul energy that remained here.

But because the psychic is based in 3D, the psychic says, "Yes, but I went somewhere else." The concept of the future or the past does not exist on the other side of the veil. Even the expression "other side of the veil" is incorrect. Do you know where you go, where you go when you meditate? You touch the sacred lattice that is always present. You journey into the center of atomic structure. You become in a quantum state with the Universe and you touch the face of God. This is advanced information for it tries the very fabric of your logic.

Then there are those who say, "God is in charge," not understanding at all how the system works. These are the ones who say God is in charge of everything that goes on in the planet, again, not understanding the system. Let me ask you something. Does it really look like God is in charge of anything? For most Humans, the system of spiritual reality must have a hierarchy of power and God must be at the top. However, the real system is this: God is in charge of nothing! Instead, it's the Human Beings who are making the difference - who find God in themselves, and who awaken with light, who let this God-light show through them. Therefore, it is the Human Being who is in charge of this planet! The more of you open this door and understand this system, the more light on this planet there will be.

There is dimensional confusion everywhere. You'll ask for prophecy and the prophet will travel to the other side of the veil to see what the future holds for Earth. And what he sees is chaos! Things are always changing to 3D eyes who look into the interdimensional void. There is no three-dimensional perception logic there, and it looks like nonsense. Yet the prophet has to make some sense of it, doesn't he? So let us add this part of the puzzle for the ant: Suddenly, the ant is on the giant picture again, only the face of God keeps changing. Then the ant comes back and tells the other ants, "It's even more confusing than I thought! I was sitting there minding my own business and the colors then started to change beneath my feet!" The other ants don't understand that.

Now, let's add another dimensionality to this "face of God" painting. Let us make it a three-dimensional painting, not a two-dimensional painting. Suddenly, the ant is now climbing hills of color that are always changing! The ant says, "This face of God is very confusing, for now there are mountains of changing color, but still no face of God." The problem is the same as I have discussed before. When you go to an interdimensional state, there is nothing you will observe that looks like what you want to see, or have been trained to see in your life's experience. Therefore, there is no logic or clear perception. So you make decisions in three dimensions based upon what your life experience is, but none of those decisions are accurate, for they only reflect your reality, not God's.

In that interdimensional state is the future of the planet, represented by every possible potential that exists. Imagine the chaos, the seeming chaos of future potentials created by the decisions of every Human Being on the planet. Everything you might do... represented in one place! Yet, it's not a place. I told you this would be advanced. What I'm doing is preparing you to understand how the system works with you, and the great beauty of it. Oh, it's beautiful! You see, it's only chaos to you. It's beautiful with lovely strands of order for us. And I haven't even begun to get to the confusing part yet.


Oh, I guess I ought to tell you. Who are you? Well, a piece of you exists in three dimension and you call it a Human. That's a piece of you. That's not all of you, just the part you think is you, for this piece is perceived as whole and complete by you in 3D. This is the piece that wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror and sees that they are another day older. This is the piece that's always searching for God on the painting, like the ant, but never seeing the big picture, or the big issue.

Let me tell you a little about who are you [and more about this in a channelling to come]. When you come into this planet, there is an energy deposited into the Akashic Record. There is a set-up that begins with the Crystalline Grid so that everything you do becomes part of Gaia. There is also a wonderful part of you that you have called the Higher-Self. This is the spiritual parent of your soul. So already, I've described three parts yet you're only aware of one... the one in the mirror. Oh, it gets even more complicated than that. Every time you come into this planet featuring another physical expression, you have the same Higher-Self soul parent. Let me explain. Your Higher-Self knows all about who you've been... your planetary 3D history. Because this part of you was here for all of them! Oh, it gets even more complicated - in this interdimensional system of potentials, there are pieces and parts of you also on the other side of the veil, helping you. There has to be. Think about it. This explains the system of co-creation. How can you co-create on this planet when there's only one piece of you? Don't you understand if you're part of the engine of the way things work, you have to be many parts of the engine of reality? You cannot be one part asking the other parts to help you. You see, that's an old doctrine and wouldn't co-create anything. You are multiple energies working together to create synchronicity.

Now, let us apply that to the ant again. The ant goes onto the picture, the colors are changing, the topography continues to change and the ant is frustrated. He's given up now, for he's seen too much for it to make sense. He's met himself! He now says, "Not only is this face of God unusual, changing and moving, but everywhere I have gone, I met myself! Somehow, I'm on the face of God." Indeed! That's the system.

Now, there really is some order in this, but I'm not done giving you the confusing parts. Not only are there pieces and parts of you in this interdimensional soup of chaos, but then there is the issue of who you used to be on Earth. What you call the Akashic Record is the record of your past lives. It's in 3D, just like you are. I have Lemurians here and they understand what I'm speaking of. How many times have you been on the earth, Lemurian? Shaman, and you find yourself sitting in the chair as a healer today. So interested, are you, in the energy of the healing of the lattice! And how many times on Earth do you think it took you to get to that place? Fifty times? A hundred times? More? And if I could introduce you to who you used to be, how would you feel? And which one of the yous that you think was past do you wish to be?

Well, I have more confusing news... something we have been teaching now for some years: There is no such thing as a past life! Instead, they are "now" lives, for I just told you that all of those expressions go into the Crystalline Grid, did I not? That means when you arrive on this planet (whoever you are) in an interdimensional state, all of those lives are active on the grid. And the way the system works is that they all flow right into your DNA when you get here! Inside you is every creature that you claim to have been. It's what makes you so different from one another.

Blessed is the Human Being who allows his heart to open and the Akash to spill out and for him see the work these lives have done together with the current one. He sees the old souls and the lineage of their past. He sees soul mates because their imprint is here forever. The system is beautiful, but to you, it looks confusing.

Tomorrow we're going to tell you how to make some sense of this. Therefore, these two channellings should be listened to as a pair. You are magnificent on this planet. I've just given you information that every single time you've come here, you leave something behind. I told you that there's multiple parts of you on the other side of that veil you call interdimensionality.

Some of you keenly feel it and you say, "Well, these other parts of me are my guides while I'm here." You are right! Some of you are very tuned into this. You say, "The angels are with me." Right again, but I have news for you: YOU are with you! That's why contact with Spirit feels so good, understand? It's a reunion of sorts if you let it be. Yet, there would be those who say, "I don't like that. I don't like the idea of 'me with me.' I want something bigger; I want someone very important and grand with me." Oh, it is someone important! Piece of God that you are; eternal being that you are; advanced creature of God that you are, this energy demands that you understand many of these confusing things about your multiple Magnificent Being.

Gone are those innocent days, where you come into a building like this and hope God does something for you. It's better than that! Now you come into a building and you find your own mastery - realizing who the family is, who the manifestor really is, and you start the training of self-realization. The system exists for you, and it's beautiful... filled with songs. "Songs" is the only word I can use. When you enjoy music on this earth, it often fills your heart. You think it's just here on this side, don't you? Well, think again! Oh, I've got music for you, and when you see me again, the tunes will play; the choirs will sing, and you will burst forth in light singing about the face of God, which you are part of. You won't be able to help it, you know? You will sing with joy and be filled with joy. The love of God is not filled with rules. That's the message of Kryon. The love of God is filled with unity and compassion.

I am Kryon and I have spoken through my partner for 18 years. And I have never, ever told any Human that I am the only source that they should listen to, for there are pieces of God everywhere. There are those who are coming through in Human channels so many places with profound information, male and female. Put the information together. Unify these messages and receive a larger message. Don't put walls around each one, saying, "Don't go see the other one." Listen. If any channeller ever tells you that - ever tells you that - walk away! For that is not God speaking. God is you, family, and it's open to everyone and you need each other in this way. This has always been my message and it always will be.

It would be a good time for a healing, wouldn't it? So who is it that's going to start understanding who they are? What if you were the one to heal yourself tonight? Is that too grand? Would you allow it? Do you really have to ask God for it? Does it make you feel better to ask Kryon for it? Because I don't have your healing. I have the answer, but I don't have the healing. Understand? Can you go inside and start to see your majesty?

"It's too hard, Kryon, just too hard. I would rather come to a place and sit there and be healed by a higher power." Indeed you would! This is the answer, which humanity does not understand. Healing is part of the system of God that you as Humans create. This sacred system is part of you and is ready to give you the healing that you came for. So claim your mastery. Understand that you are a part of this earth and this system.


All I can do is invite you to see this light. I cannot personally touch your heart. I cannot make your brain think a way that is different that you wish it to think.

It's a safe place here, you know? Yes, there are angels here - beautiful ones. They don't have skin and wings like you, and they have names that are sung in light. They contain pieces and parts of what you call your lineage. Some of them represent those who you have loved and lost on this planet. They are here. Do you really doubt that? I invite you to smell them. You know what they are like, since you've spent years with them. So you know their essence. Let their individual essences waft over you. Listen to the emotion of their hearts with yours. For if it is true what I told you today, then you walk with them every day in an interdimensional space. Do you believe?

Let them look at you now and say, "Well done, my child. Proud of you, we are." We would not say these things if they were not so. Is it too grand for you? Well, there's more. It continues tomorrow..

And so it is.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The door opens quickly with my partner, and the reason is that I never leave. He has become so used to the energy of Kryon that I'm always on the other side of the door. Perhaps this is difficult for you to imagine, but it's no different than speaking to your Higher-Self. We have always invited humanity to channel in many ways. You may call it whatever you choose, but when you look at the great art of the planet, can you doubt that it was from God? It was channelled! When you listen to the greatest music of your planet, do you understand that it came flowing through the pipeline? This energy is always available, always part of the system.

For you, it has been one full day since I last spoke, since the last communication. But for me, it was just a moment ago. So now we continue the teaching on this second day. In review, what we were speaking of was the system. We told you it is a confusing place, that interdimensionality you call the other side of the veil. We told you that it isn't a place at all but rather an interdimensional state of energy, one that you can put yourself into any time you choose. But because of your 3D experience, you want it to be a place. It's what your reality wants to see. But if you remember the teaching, you will now understand that this interdimensional energy is always around you. And when you put yourself in that space, it often looks chaotic and confusing. When a situation exists when you are in that state, you cannot make sense of what is going on.

Now let me start drawing the logic for you that seems to be missing. In that space that is interdimensional lays all the potentials of you. These are the potentials of what you will do, who you will meet, and what is your purpose in life. The reason these things look confusing is because none of them have been manifested yet. So in this latticework of energy are all of the potentials of your life, plus the others around you. The logic is this: When you go to that place on purpose, when you engage that interdimensional energy, you are then drawing lines of energy that "look for and find" the potentials you're asking for. And whereas you might think that it does not make sense, there are others who are doing the same thing. And where these lines meet is the synchronicity. I don't expect you to understand this, for it is in an interdimensional language. But I say it anyway so that those of you who are in that state of meditative reading will have it shown to you.

Yesterday, we told you that this day would be a practical day where we get to talk about Humans and the system, and so we will. We're going to start by giving you six postulates. We hesitate to say rules, so we'll say they are helping hints. These are hints to help you manifest and work with the system. By manifesting the system, we mean to actually get in touch with it and use it. At no time will we ask you to understand it. You have heard so many times the phrase, "God works in mysterious ways." Well, it's only mysterious to a 3D creature! There is actually great logic and purpose within it. It's not mysterious at all. Some of these postulates may sound familiar, for we have used some of them before in other lessons. However, this is the first time we have put them together in this form.

The first postulate is the most important one: Make no assumptions about anything. This means you have to throw away your three-dimensional concept of how things work when it comes to you and Spirit. When it comes to working the system, make no assumptions about anything. This is the hardest thing a Human Being can do! Even in profound meditation, Humans make assumptions. They sit and they open that door and they try to figure out where the voices are coming from. Right away we say again, "Don't try to understand it." Instead, we say, "Simply use it." When you ask to be shown your path, do not assume you know what it will be. Do not assume you know how it will be shown! Assume nothing and move forward and be surprised.

Number two: See yourself as part of the chaos. You do not stand alone as a three-dimensional creature that suddenly is placed into this soup of potentials. Instead, you are one of the potentials in the soup. So we're asking you to claim that you are part of the system. Sometimes we say, own this, and make it part of you. Some say, "Well, that sounds pretty easy. I'll do that." It's not easy, for you always see yourself apart from God. You say, "I am here, God is there. I'm trying to get to God." We're saying instead that you must see yourself as part of God, and therefore, part of the system.

Then, number three: Don't be afraid to step into it. You do this in many ways. We have told you for many years that the best thing a Human could ever ask is, "God, tell me what it is I need to know." This is you, stepping into the system. It's the activator of crossing over into the seeming chaos. It's an acknowledgement that you are ready for something you can do, even without understanding what it is.

So the first three postulates are all about you. Making no assumptions, owning the system, and stepping into it sound like easy things. But understand that most Human Beings don't do it this way, and have trouble with all of them. Again, the concept of God is that you are apart, separate entities, and not together with God. There you sit on Earth believing the teachings that the energy of Spirit is separate and apart from a Human. However, if you're going to use the system each day of your life, you must place yourself within it. This doesn't make sense with anything you have been taught, but it must now become your reality. Therefore, self-worth is going to come into play, isn't it? For the Human who feels they are worthless will never be able to come to grips with the fact that they are a part of God.

The next, number four, is this: Trust and follow your first instincts. This rule is to trust and follow your first intuitions. How many times have you had a situation where you said, "Oh, if I had only done what I had first thought?" This is actually part of the system, and that's the way it occurs to you. It is often the very first instinct you will have about a situation. Some call it intuition, but it's much more than that.

Some of you must learn to do this, for many of you are not used to what the first instinct even feels like. So part of the system is beginning to understand what intuition and instinct looks and feels like. "Well, Kryon, how do we do that?" How about asking for it? "Dear Spirit, let me recognize the signs when I feel them and hear them, and realize what they are." The promise is you'll always get them, but how bright they appear in your mind is up to you. There are certain Human Beings who actually suppress their instincts. They don't like them and they get in the way of their logic. Many do not think with their hearts at all, and only with their brains. But quite often the first instinct is a "heart connection" process.

The next one, number five, is so misunderstood. Gone are the days when the Human Being sits and waits for God to do something. The system is all around you. It's ready to facilitate your needs, but if you never open the door, nothing is ever going to happen. Yet Humans continue to pray. "I want the healing so bad," they say. "I want these things so much! I'd like a partner in my life. I'd like to know what I'm supposed to do with my life." So they spend all the time in prayer and meditation every day, asking, never leaving the house, constantly in prayer. That's a great way to meet someone, isn't it?

You've got to step out and push upon the doors. So here is what number five is: There must be action on your part. And it comes in many forms and honors whatever your culture supports. But in general, it means leaving the house and going places where you can interact with the potentials of the synchronicity. No matter what you're looking for, it will involve the system of humanity. Therefore, you can't sit in one room alone and expect answers.

Many say, "Dear Spirit, show me what it is I'm supposed to know." Then they sit there and nothing happens... and nothing happens... and nothing happens. So in desperation, they get up and go to the esoteric bookstore. They're walking along in the aisle and a book falls on their head! God just spoke! Then they often say, "This is the book I've been looking for. What a revelation for me. Thank you, God." And this is how it works. You've got to get up and go, and when you go, number six, the big one: Expect synchronicity.

Synchronicity is defined as energies that align with purpose. These situations look like accidents, but they are not. Listen. This is the key. You have heard there are no accidents, but there are those outside of your belief system who say, "That's crazy. That's not right." Synchronicity looks and appears like coincidence. It often looks like an accident, but it is not. It is you at the right time, at the right place, with the potentials aligned that you asked for. But if you're going to have synchronicity and aligned potentials, you've got to be there to experience them, don't you? So you've got to take some action, and whether it's a phone call, or it's an electronic communication, or whether it's you with your body, you've got to put yourself in places where the synchronicity and the system can work. And I say it for those in these rooms and those who are hearing and reading now. There are those of you who still will not do this, for you believe there's some kind of sacredness in staying put and just praying. Instead, try to understand the balance of things. There is a time for asking, and a time for receiving. They are done in separate places! If you spend all your time in the asking place, no receiving will occur.

Those are the postulates. Now I'm going to give you some practical things using these postulates. We're going to discuss some situations and show you how Spirit works. Some of you know these things, but perhaps you've never put it together.

The first one, the most difficult for Human Beings, is timing. Yesterday we said that your clock is not God's clock. We also told you that it's impossible to apply a 3D time frame to an interdimensional potential. It's frustrating to Humanity that God delivers things not when you ask for them, but only when you need them. You see, to us it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to give you an answer to put in your pocket. Because when you get to the place where you thought you'd need it, and pull it out of your pocket, it's the wrong answer! Instead, it must meet the scenario of the synchronicity and the energy of the moment.

Let me tell you about a specific Human Being. He thought he was using the system and doing his best. Actually, he really didn't understand how it worked, and had made some assumptions. This Human Being had a task at hand. He was a very gentle man, and he worked as a boss at a factory. He was in charge of many workers and was a good supervisor, for he loved his employees, knew their families, and respected all of them. He was about to have a challenge, however, since he was going to have to lay off one of the employees. Instructions had come from his superior that he had to cut back the work force by one man. Therefore, one of the men under his supervision had to be terminated from his job.

Now, here is a common, practical attribute of life. You're walking into a situation and you want to know how to handle it. It's a good request, is it not? It's an honorable request of God. "Dear Spirit, I know this man, I love this man, I know his family. Please give me guidance. What am I going to say? How shall I handle this for him? What's the best way? I'm anxious about it." And being a spiritual man, he went on his knees and he asked. He'd made an appointment with the employee, and he knew he had to do this deed within three days. But he received no answer at all. He received no intuition, which is what he depended on. He had no instinct. Instead, it seemed like God was on vacation, and it wasn't even August. No answer.

The second day, he went on his knees again. "I know I've been listening, but I'm receiving nothing at all. And I've got to know because I have an appointment tomorrow. Dear Spirit, give me the information so I will be able to do this in an honorable way. How is the best way to approach this?" Nothing. No answer at all.

Now here is where the Human Being becomes frustrated. "Well, I'm stuck. God is not listening. God doesn't care about me. I've got something important coming up and I've been praying and there's just no answer at all." That's where some Humans give up. Ah, but they don't know about the system! If you ever get no answers at all, what do you think is going on? I'll tell you that in the system - the place you call "chaos" - there are many things happening. There is no 3D answer except one: Be still. Be still, my family and trust in Spirit.

The third day came. The employee came into his office and sat down. Still no answer, and the supervisor was sweating. Here it was, within seconds of having to do this deed, and there's no answer, no guidance except to be still. Finally, he looked at the man in the chair. He was smiling, as he always did. The supervisor thought about the man's children and his heart hurt. The job meant so much to the man! He stalled and offered him some coffee. Then they sat down and the supervisor gathered his thoughts.

But before he could speak, the employee spoke first.

"I'm so glad you called me into the office. I don't know how to tell you this but I have found a better job. I'm so sorry. I know we are friends and you count on me, but I'm going to have to leave the factory. It will make a big difference to my family."

The supervisor smiled and then he knew - the answer was not in how he was supposed to prepare this man, it was how to prepare himself!

That's how it works. That's called synchronicity, yet you cannot begin to understand what appears to be chaos or chance. There'd be a temptation for that Human Being to say, "What a coincidence," not giving any credit to God or himself. But the reality is that it was in the system all along.

Make no assumptions about timing. We've told you this from the beginning. When Humans Beings ask for something, they feel they've purchased a ticket for a train. Then they tap their toe, expecting the train to come with God in it. It doesn't work that way. It's not a ticket at all. It's a request for synchronicity without any assumptions of timing.

We could say the same thing about the delivery of answers. This is the other thing that Human Beings do. They ask for something and they expect a complete answer. That's what you get in 3D, isn't it? When you go to the store and purchase an automobile, you get the whole thing, don't you? Isn't that what would be expected? You'd probably object if they only gave you the tires today and the vehicle tomorrow. But that's the way synchronicity works - piecemeal. What we are saying is that many times the answers come in pieces. And you're required to connect them together for the whole thing. Don't make any assumptions of how the answer is going to get to you, or that it's going to be complete or incomplete, or even where it's going to come from.

"Kryon, what is my path? What am I supposed to be doing? I want to know my purpose in life." We hear this so often. Oh, dear Human Beings, the very question is so 3D of you! You've made up your mind you have one path. How singular! Is that all you do, one thing? You are supposed to come into the planet and do one thing? You're spending your life asking Spirit, "What is the one thing I'm supposed to do? I'm really looking for it. I don't know what it is yet." It's like you were going to find some prize on the road that has your name on it. Then you would work it for the rest of your life. Oh, dear Human Beings. You have no idea of who you are. Your potentials are so complex.

We have said this before to you, but you now need to hear it in the context of this teaching. The sacred path that you have in your DNA is for today. And the irony is that you may very well be on it! You may be doing it, participating in it, while at the same time you make assumptions of what it's supposed to be, so you're sitting on the floor, crying out to God, "What is my path?" The system needs anchors of light. Where do you live? Where do you work? Is it difficult there? Maybe that's your path - to be in a difficult place holding the light. Much light should be in the areas where it is tough, to create sacredness where there is darkness, to hold joy and be the only person in the area to do it, because that's what you're good at. And all the while, you say, "I am doing nothing for anyone. I've got to know my path... got to know my path." Yet the Human is frustrated, never understanding the path is what they are already doing so well, and tomorrow, it may change!

Every day of your life, you hold a place for the light for God to come in and shine. It's often in the places where there is no one else but you who holds light. Did you ever think of that? There are as many paths as there are days in the year. That is synchronicity. What is your passion? If you follow it, that's where your path will lead.

Your "path" is changeable and not one "thing." Yet many times, Humans make up their minds they will be one thing. "I'm going to be a healer," they say and they think that that's what God wants. They've got it all figured out. They've made an assumption, however - a singular one, like they had some kind of meeting with God and God agrees! Unknown to them, they did this agreement all by themselves. God wasn't even there. And then when they hit obstacles, they say, "How can this be? I'm supposed to be a healer." They made the assumption that what they "see" is, therefore, their path. There is no synchronicity in that. They're not part of the system, you see? They're not following the system. Instead, they're plowing a trough of their own vision in three dimensions. Sometimes this is difficult to explain to 3D creatures who work every day in that reality, to "feel" the difference between what you have visualized for yourself and what the system instead has for you.

So the next question would be, what is the voice of God? "Dear Spirit, I've been waiting for answers. I need specifics." Then the Humans will think they're going to hear something in their brains. Perhaps somehow it will be written on the wall! I will tell you again - the reason we tell you to follow your first instinct is that the vehicle for communication is intuition. This intuition is a product of synchronicity. It's a very real way of God, the system, communicating with humanity. Humans don't like it because it appears as though they thought of it, so it isn't from God. After all, they've waited for an answer from God, not themselves.

Some of you get a thought in your brain and you say, "Well, I just thought that myself. It can't be God." That's exactly who it is! But that's you using the synchronicity because you gave intention to step into it. Don't you deserve to receive these messages in that way? Aren't you sacred? Intuition is the way. That's how it works. But again, the assumption is that God is big and you are small. Therefore, what you think personally is not what God is telling you (you think). Get used to intuition being the answer. When my partner began this process of channeling, even though he had opened the door for Kryon, even though he received messages, he didn't believe it. Even with validation from those who knew the truth, in his intellectual mind he said, "I'm making it up." This is because when you channel it feels like it involves the Human brain. Well, it does! It has to. It involves all of your DNA, your emotional state, and your intellect - all connected to source.

He finally let go and realized the channel was also using his own sacredness. That's when it got clearer. Trust your intuition, for those are the words of God. Some have even said it is messages from what many have called The Holy Spirit. This is another way of saying the Higher-Self. Many belief systems have different names for the same energy, but it's always about how you receive the messages. You see, you're part of the system.

There have also been many questions about business. I told you this message would be practical, so I'll give you two examples. Here is advice for those who are trying to co-create jobs so they can help develop the abundance needed within a society, to be able to live. First, dear one, God is not in the dark. God knows the society that you live in. Spirit understands that you need abundance in order to stay in the place you are, to purchase the food, for the transportation and more. God is not against money! As soon as you understand that, you'll be far more peaceful. In fact, it is up to you to manifest, through synchronicity, the abundance you need to live. In other words, money is part of the system. It's as divine as any other part of your path when you treat it spiritually.

Did anybody ever tell you that Spirit wanted you to suffer a little? Perhaps you're supposed to walk to work with no vehicle? Maybe you shouldn't eat? Perhaps you should stay out in the cold for awhile because you can't find a home? What kind of Lightworker is that? When others look at you, do they say, "I'd like to be just like him - destitute, unhappy, hungry, cold." That doesn't make sense, does it? No. It's just the opposite. Spirit wants you in abundance, and abundance is defined as sustenance for each day at a time, in joy. How can you hold the light if you are in survival mode?

What is your source for abundance? Do you worry about it, or do you consider it part of the system? Do you give it to Spirit or do you sequester it because you don't think God understands money? Blessed is the Human Being who integrates everything in their society and themselves and understand that it is divine. For these are the Lightworkers who are healthy, balanced and mobile. They are the ones who make a difference on the planet. That's business.

Money is only a challenging energy when it is horded or the source of worry, or not within your control. That's when it becomes a god unto itself, and takes on the challenging energy assigned to it. The invitation is to see it as simply another thing in your toolbox - like love and compassion and joy. Fear of not having it will create its absence.

Another part of business has to do with partnering with someone in an endeavor. You'd better use the system that I've just given you, which is synchronicity and potentials. The advice is to find somebody who spiritually loves you. This partnership will last as long as you choose, and there will never be betrayal. Surround yourself with those who love your heart, and the partnerships will endure. And I'm speaking of financial things and business. I'm speaking of whatever you do in your society that is commercial. "Oh, that's odd. Kryon is talking about commercial things." Yes, I am. If you live in the society, it's part of you. If you live in the culture, it's part of you. So why not use the divine tools you have to make it work as part of you? There is no separation of commercial things and spiritual things to God. They are all part of your walk from day to day, and are seen as part of the energy of your time on Earth. Those who wish to separate them and call some sacred and some less sacred are not considering the "wholeness" of your task on the planet. For again I say that in order to hold the energy of light on this planet, you must see everything you do as sacred, and everywhere you walk as part of the system of God.

Relationships are difficult. And again, there is the assumption of "the one for you." But it may not be that way. It may be many relationships over a period of time that synchronistically put themselves together with you for a purpose that only becomes obvious later. Let me reveal some things about relationship - a revelation about romance. Many of you have your partners existing in your lives. Others do not. So this is for those who do not and also for the wisdom of those who do, so they can teach their children about the system.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you are so individually different about those who you choose? For those looking for a partner, you have an idea of what is acceptable and what is not. Where do these attributes come from, for each of you are so different from each other? Now I'm going to reveal something: In the system, there are synchronicities and potentials of the partner who might be out there. So within your own consciousness, you are given the desires that are meant to match the synchronicities of those who are out there, and therefore, the setup is complete. That's who you're looking for, and that's why. And all of you are so different, but that's where the desire for special attributes comes from. It's not just personal choice. It's instinct! There is a potential out there that looks just like the one you are imagining. And I mean in all ways - what their heart looks like, what their consciousness looks like, all things. How's it make you feel? It's not just how you feel about what you want. Your personal choices have been placed there because you asked for this.

Let me tell you about Mary. Mary makes assumptions, just like everyone else. She's a Lightworker and she's single and she's looking for a partner. So Mary prayed to God, "I want a partner. I can just visualize him: He's got these big brown eyes, his eyebrows are a little bushy, and he's got a beard. I like men with hair." Pretty specific, wasn't it? Mary knew, however, that she was watching for a man who looked like this. "God bring me this man. I'll be patient. I'll wait. Bring in a man like this."

Indeed, a man showed up in her life and he said, "I've been watching you. We're having a family dance... a get-together. It's a festival for our family, and we do it once a year. I don't know how to ask you this, but would you come to the dance with me?" Well, this man didn't have bushy eyebrows, no big brown eyes. He wasn't her type at all. He didn't have a beard either. Normally, Mary would just say no. After all, she knew who she was looking for. She'd say no because that wasn't what she felt God would bring her. But somewhere Mary had heard the information - Make no assumptions about anything. She thought very hard about this, but she did not want to lead this man on. She did not want to give him hope that she would be a partner. She didn't want to say yes because of this, but then she didn't want to hurt his feelings.

So Mary made a decision to go. "All right, it can't hurt. I'll go to the dance," she said, "Yes, I'll go."

They arrived at the family gathering and the man who asked her was suddenly very shy. "Mary, I have not been honest with you," he said. "Please forgive me. But I have an extremely shy brother who really wanted you here so he could meet you." Mary looked around and there was this man, with dark blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a beard! Mary smiled and thought to herself, "I got everything right but the eyes. I'll take him!" Indeed, it was him! Do you get the point? You can't make the normal singular assumptions you are prone to make. Also, you're not always 100 percent correct in what you see, either, but you're close enough to know when it's right.

In a 3D decision, Mary could have said, "No," to the man. She could have thought to herself, "I'm waiting for the right guy." But she honored synchronicity. Those who try to figure it all out in 3D don't know about the system, you see? They really don't understand the synchronicity. Dear ones, don't try to understand it. Just use it. Watch for the invitations and take them, knowing that there is not some simple, singular path that is going to be given. Many Humans are needed to lead you to the potentials of the final goal, but not unless you allow yourself the flexibility to go when you should go. Let your intuition serve you in these things. We're almost finished.

Co-creation is one of the hardest things to explain. We can give you many stories, but the rules are the same, and the first one is "make no assumptions." There is the man who is trying to co-create a car for himself. He could not go to the car store, for he could not afford a new one. He couldn't even afford a used one at the places where they sell those. He needed a miracle. "God, give me a car. I need it to go to work. I need to manifest a vehicle." Listen to this, for many of you have been exactly in this situation before. Practical information: Here's how the system works.

He had a friend who said, "I don't know about a car, but I've got a guy who can give you a ride to work." And that's where most Human Beings would say, "Well, no, I don't need a ride. I need a car. I'll be wasting time if I just get a ride. I need to go find a car." But this Human Being knew about the system and about synchronicity. So he took the opportunity and he took the ride to work. When he struck up a conversation with the man who was giving the ride, the man said, "Did you know this car is for sale?" You know the rest of the story. Of course, he bought the driver's car! This is how Spirit works. Outside the box of logic, within something that looks like chaos, is a beautiful answer. This is the way the strands of the lattice connect the potentials of energy. And for a Human Being to use it, all they have to do is understand they are a part of it and begin to manifest it. But to most Human Beings, it looks illogical and even foolish. It doesn't seem right that there could be accidental answers that you can plan on. You see, there's a system, and it's ready to manifest for you. Oh, there'll be challenges and there'll be learning. Isn't that the way everything is? But the answers to so many of your co-creative efforts are already floating there in the system, if you allow it to work for you.

We're about to close and leave this place. It's no accident that we sit in Spain, for the synchronicity is clear. Those who you've met this weekend are part of what my partner calls The Team of Kryon, and they are here through synchronicity. It's not a coincidence. It's also not an accident that you're in the chair, listening to this. So, how about that healing? Are we ready yet? Are you starting to understand yet? Perhaps you didn't just come to get a healing from Kryon. Perhaps there's someone here you're supposed to meet who has an answer? You came for one reason, but you leave realizing another. Did you go out of your way to meet someone you don't know today? It's not too late. But you have the concept now that perhaps in this group many have come synchronistically to meet others. Perhaps they have the answer to help you on your current path. Did you take advantage of it, or not? This is Human free choice. But I'll tell you, the system is grand, and it's at work right here. Blessed is the one who has come for the healing, for it is given. And you will know it, dear one, for it is an awakening in your old soul, a realization that says, "Indeed, I am divine." And you've realized it surrounded by family who love you. That's the message of Kryon.

Leave this place changed, differently than you came in. Understand that this place is not where Kryon is. It's not where Spirit is. It's not where your lineage is. Your spiritual lineage is wherever you are on the planet, available at any time, anywhere. Kryon is like that and Spirit is like that. It's the family who you've called on today. That is the way it works, dear Human Beings.

And so it is that the team leaves this place. Did you feel the love of one Human for another? Did you feel it cutting through cultural understanding and language? Because that is the purpose of the meeting, to bring you to a place where you realize that what you all have in common is that you are all part of the family of God. It's hard to leave. These are times when you allow Kryon into your 3D reality for just a moment. And it's beautiful for us.

And so it is.