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Cancer And Magnetic Therapy

Cancer, The Magnetic Answer- Dr Philpott explains why cancer dies in a strong prolonged Negative magnetic field, The Importance Of Polarity and Biological response to magnetic fields.

The skeptics and career opponents of magnet therapy refuse to recognize legitimate FDA qualified research such as "The Magnetic Resonance Therapeutic Research Project" conducted by Linus Pauling Award recipient '''William H. Philpott, M.D.''' which spanned 23 consecutive years. This well documented research resulted in Dr Philpott writing and publishing 40 detailed. Magnetic Health Quarterly research reports documenting observations, case histories, and the magnetic research protocols prescribed for the management and reversal of over 100 diseases and medical conditions. The polarities of magnets (+)positive and negative(-) are scientifically known to be opposite, and this knowledge is used to great advantage in commercial applications, such as the compass that is used for navigation. Yet the opponents of magnetic therapy refuse to concede that these known properties Could have any relevance in the application of magnets to the body (biomagnetics). DR Philpott from many years of close observation has concluded that the effect of opposite magnetic fields to the biological system is as opposite as night and day. Effects of Magnetic Energy on Living Metabolic Systems-Magnetic therapy authority William H. Philpott, M.D  states in his Biomagnetic Handbook (copyright 1990)  "The application of both a positive and negative magnetic field at the same time in the same area does not serve a useful purpose." 

The following chart from the Biomagnetic Handbook by DR Philpott is compiled from other's research as well as his own observations.
NORTH POLE-Alkalizing
( - ) Negative magnetic field energy:
Increases cellular oxygen *
Pulls fluids & gases
Reduces fluid retention
Encourages deep restorative sleep
Fights infection
Promotes mental acuity
supports biological healing
Reduces inflammation
Normalizes acid base balance
Relieves/stops pain
Reduces/dissolves fatty deposits
Reduces dissolves calcium deposits  SOUTH POLE-Acidic
( + ) Positive magnetic field energy:
Decreases cellular oxygen *
Pushes fluids & gases
Increases intracellular edema
Stimulates wakefulness
Accelerates micro-organism growth
Inhibits biological healing
Can increase inflammation
pH level becomes more acidic
Increases pain
Encourages fat depositing  
* Indirect evidence-characteristically negative magnetic energy normalizes and calms while positive magnetic energy disorders and overstimulates the biological system. Micro-organisms and parasites (including those harboured in the human) overgrow with positive magnetic energy exposure and are inhibited by negative magnetic pole exposure. It is absolutely necessary that the negative field be present during the healing process. The negative magnetic field is alkalinizing. We have to have alkalinized area for healing because you cannot have oxygen in an acidic medium.
*** The above chart is from page 6 in "The Biomagnetic Handbook" written by William H. Philpott,  

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How Water Accumulates Orgone


How water accumulates Orgone
by Jan Wicherink





Zero point energy

In recent years Harold Puthoff been popularising the zero point energy from the vacuum from his discoveries of quantum science. Although seemingly and revolutionary to modern science, this zero point energy has been discovered many times before and has been given many names such as Orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich) and Tachyon energy. This energy has been known to mankind since time memorial, the ancients called it 'Chi' (Chinese), 'Ki' (Japanese) or Prana (Indian). Modern day science is just catching up with ancient wisdom and rediscovering it as zero point energy. Let's call it the energy of life, as Wilhelm Reich discovered it, it's the energy that animates and gives life to every living specie on earth, whether it be plant, animal or human.

Implosion physics

To understand the free zero point energy of the universe, is to understand the ancient cosmologies and the nature of our universe. The ancients believed that he universe consists of a vibrating sea of energy, the ether that is all around us. This means that the material world does not exist of separate particles, but instead matter is created from standing waves in the ether. This ancient view of our universe is best explained in a novel physics called 'implosion physics' by Daniel Winter, who is an expert in sacred geometry, an ancient science and philosophy that can be traced back to the Egyptians.

Daniel Winter's implosion physics describes matter as a self sustaining arrangement of imploding vortexes in the ether. The atom is simply the geometrical arrangement of these vortexes. Each vortex corresponds with what mainstream physics regards to be an electron particle. When the imploding vortexes are arranged according to the Platonic Solids, the electron shells and their magnetic quantum numbers, the number of electrons in a shell (2, 6, 10, 14) emerge naturally from the symmetries of these geometrical forms. Nest these Platonic Solids one inside the other to form fractals, and we have a model of the atom existing of different electron shells = fractal or nested set of Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids were mentioned by Plato 300 BC and he equated these solids to the five elements fire (tetrahedron), air (octahedron), earth (cube), water (icosahedron) and the ether (dodecahedron). Remember that Plato equated the icosahedron to water and we'll show you how right he was!

Now just for a moment image the universe to be electrical in nature and imagine all matter to actually exist of these imploding ether vortexes. This makes our observable universe basically a matrix consisting of electromagnetic waves all imploding into what we observe as matter. The matrix itself consists of interwoven Platonic Solids geometries spun by these waves. When waves are nested within waves from long to short wave lengths, everything gets interconnected, galaxies, planets, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles.

This matrix exists of spiralling electromagnetic energy waves that interfere non-destructively into a zero or still point within the atom. The imploding effect is what we observe as gravity as these waves not only pack together in the implosion to form matter, but also speed up to reach superluminal speeds.
To visualise an imploding vortex just imagine the little whirlpool that is created when you pull the plug in your bathtub, feel the suction of the whirlpool as it attracts everything into its funnel. This is what the imploding ether vortex of electromagnetic energy does; it sucks in matter creating gravity. It's also the key to zero point energy, since in the zero still point the energy density has become infinitely high!

Torsion fields

According to Dan Winter this is the relation between electromagnetism and gravity that Einstein was looking for. Russian scientists call these imploding electromagnetic energy fields, torsion fields. The spiralling wave that spirals into the zero still point is the torsion wave. Tapping the zero point energy from the universe is tapping the energy from the matrix of energy that makes up our physical reality! It's tapping the energy from gravity itself!

In the fifties Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrated with his Cymatics experiments using simple sound waves that all of the Platonic Solids emerge as standing wave interference patterns in spherical volumes. The Platonic Solids are the blueprint for the self organising universe. The spiralling imploding waves in a vortex also create these Platonic Solids as standing wave patterns. The implosion is simply a set of these nested or fractal Platonic solids as wave interference patterns.

.  .

Cymatics experiments icosahedron on the left, star tetrahedron on the right

This is the reason why geometric forms like the Platonic Solids are able to resonate with the energies of the universe. Russian science calls them passive torsion field generators. This is the secret of the Great Pyramid of Giza that is actually half an octahedron and is able to resonate with the torsion fields of the Earth. The Earth's electromagnetic energy matrix, called the Earth grid consists completely of these nested Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solid energy grids of the atom simply locks into the larger Platonic Solids of the energy grid of the Earth, which in term locks in the energy matrix of the dodecahedral zodiac and the dodecahedral energy grid of the universe at large (from the latest Hubble space telescope observations). This makes up the matrix of our physical reality.


Pictures courtecy of Dan Winter (

Imploding donut field with internal Platonic Solids

The ancients understood all of this very well. It's the secret of geomancy, Feng Shui, the art of channelling and balancing the Chi energy of the universe. By creating geometrical patterns on the land, resonance is created with the geometrical patterns of the energy matrix of our universe!

Structured water

With this introduction into ancient wisdom and modern day implosion physics, we can now start to explore the properties of water and start to understand how water can harness this life giving cosmic energy from the vacuum of space. The secret of water is that it is able to conduct the Chi, Orgone or zero point energy from the universe using the same ancient geomancy principles, the art of Feng Shui: resonance through geometrical form! It's most likely the secret to the ability of our own body cells to harness the life force, the Chi, zero point or Orgone energy from the universe using these resonance principles.

It has been known for quit some time that water can form internal structures when the hydrogen atoms of one water molecule start to bond with the oxygen atom of another water molecule. Although the water molecule is electrically neutral, its charge is not dispersed equally along the molecule. Water molecules are actually small dipoles since the bigger oxygen atom in the H2O water molecule attracts the valence electrons harder than the much smaller hydrogen atoms. The result is that the hydrogen becomes somewhat positively charged and the oxygen atom becomes negatively charged. This dipole effect allows water molecules to form chains of molecules. The positively charged hydrogen atoms bond with the negatively charged oxygen atoms of another H2O molecule. The hydrogen bonding in normal water is very instable and these connections last only picoseconds. So water is constantly dynamically rebuilding these internal structures as a result of the thermic vibrations of the water molecule. Only at temperatures below zero do the hydrogen bonds become stable enough to form ice crystals.

A recent theory by Martin Chaplin Professor of Applied Science Water and Aqueous Systems Research of the London South Bank University demonstrates that water molecules can arrange themselves in various structures and configurations based on the icosahedron. The most amazing structure is a super icosahedral structure that exists of 13 smaller icosahedral structures with a total of 1820 water molecules:

Icosahedral super water cluster of 1820 H2O molecules

Chaplin's model of the molecular structuring of water is able to explain many of the anomalous properties of water, such as its expansion between 0 en 4 degrees, its high boiling point and many other strange properties that makes water such a rare fluid. So what this theory shows is that water dynamically creates these super icosahedral clusters to give water its exclusive properties.

Now here's the secret of water in relation with Orgone energy, these icosahedral structures resonate with the zero point energy through form! They are the waveguides that allow the zero point energy to implode. The icosahedral water clusters simply, nest or fit recursively into the fractal matrix of imploding waves that sustains matter, i.e. the atoms of the water molecules. According to Daniel Winter, the implosion of this electromagnetic energy into matter is what we observe as gravity. So in other words the icosahedral structure is a wave guide for the imploding Orgone energy, allowing super conductance of these imploding waves, which is just another word for this non-destructive Golden Mean based electromagnetic implosion. What happens in the water is that a vortex of imploding electromagnetic energy is created, drawing in this Orgone, or Chi energy from the universe into the water. Just think of it as an ether vortex or whirlpool that is sucking in ether and it is this suction of the ether wind is that we experience as gravity.

Recent discoveries in biology now show that the water inside a biological cell is highly structured. This is the secret as to why the Chi or life force energy of the universe animates all biological life.


Orgone and consciousness

Human consciousness seems to have an effect on the clustering of the water molecules.

In the late fifties, Russian scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev has proven that human thoughts and emotions relate to torsion fields. Torsion fields or vacuum domains as the Russians tend to call them are the equivalent of the electromagnetic imploding vortexes in the vacuum of space.

At Heart Math institute Daniel Winter has proven that e-motion is actually an implosion of electromagnetic energy from the heart and mind when coherence is reached between the EEG and the ECG. Feelings of love will harmonically entrain brain and heart waves by Golden Mean ratio related frequencies in the frequency spectrum of the EEG and ECG. This will create an imploding vortex in the energy field around the person. This effect which creates Kozyrev's conscious torsion field, may also explain why Masaru Emoto's water crystals are influenced by thoughts and emotions. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who has proven that the formation of ice crystals from water samples can be altered by human intention.

It's noteworthy that all of Masaru Emoto's water samples that stem from natural and unpolluted water sources as well as those that have been administered positive human intentions, form ice crystals with a hexagonal core. It's only from pure, natural spring water or water that has been treated with love that these beautiful hexagonal ice crystals can be created. In all other cases, the ice crystals are chaotic.

The ice crystals with a single hexagonal core have fractal structures at the vertices of the hexagon, often hexagonal structures themselves. In reality the hexagon in Masaru's water crystal is the top view of an icosahedron:


                     The hexagon in the icosahedron

Masaru Emoto research on this hexagonal or icosahedral structured water has shown that this water has abilities to transfer what he has coined 'Hado' or the vital energy of the universe. Now isn't Hado just the Japanese term for Orgone that Wilhelm Reich discovered? Masaru Emoto's research seems to acknowledge the abilities of water to act as a superconductor for this cosmic energy once the water itself gets structured. Masaru Emoto's research has shown that:

  • Hexagonal structured water appears in natural clean water sources
  • Ordinary water such as tap water can be changed into hexagonal structured water by positive and loving human intentions.
  • Hexagonal structured water can be artificially created using scalar waves or torsion fields.


There is a Dutch psychic woman by the name of Woutje Winkler-Prins who's been paranormally receiving information from her spiritual guides about geometrical forms that supposedly impose 'healing faculties' on water. She's been creating her 'structured water' using geometrical forms drawn on paper for at least 20 years now and the latest geometrical form that she has been using to create her Donave trademark water is this:

.  .
Woutje's geometrical form       icosahedral super water cluster

The similarity between the two images is striking. Pay especially attention to the number of rings in both diagrams and the trapezium like shapes in the outer ring with the double loops.

Could it be that this woman has been intuitively receiving information about hexagonal or icosahedral structured water?

I think it's not a coincidence.



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Curing Cancer With Magnets. A Case Study


Curing cancer with magnets; a case study

Patient: Norma Redman.
Age: 65.
Diagnosis: Undifferentiated small cell (Oatcell) carcinoma - lung cancer.
Medical History: Little or no health problems until present illness.
Miscellaneous: Patient smoked two or three packs of cigarettes per day for fifty years.

In August of 1986, the patient developed a severe cough and experienced difficulty in breathing. She visited her doctor and he diagnosed her as having pneumonia and he admitted her to the hospital. After further testing - C.A.T scans and x-rays - she was diagnosed as having small cell carcinoma. A broncoscophy confirmed the diagnosis.

In September 1986, chemotherapy was begun. Chemotherapy continued until April 1987. Then she was given ten days of cobalt radiation directed at the brain. This treatment is necessary because conventional chemotherapy will not kill cancer cells of the Oatcell type in the brain. Chemotherapy was reinstated through late November and early December 1987.

In December 1987, one of her doctors told her she had about one month to live and that they had done all they could for her. At this time, she was experiencing severe back pain and the doctors determined the cancer had moved into her spine. She was given radiation (5 days) and one more round of chemotherapy. At that point she was told that any additional treatment would be of little or no value. On December 23, 1987, she was released from the hospital.

I visited the patient on December 25, 1987. Her condition was as follows:

a. Mental confusion. Could not remember things told to her longer that five minutes.
b. Patient was in severe pain.
c. Patient was on pain medication (Percoset), 2 tablets every 3 hours.
d. Patient could not stand or walk, aided or unaided.
e. Patient could not sleep through the night. Would awaken several times during the night and require assistance.
f. Patient was depressed and exhibited child-like mannerisms.

The "Neomax" was placed on the patient with the north polarity toward the body. After two days had passed, the patient was only taking one pain tablet in the morning and one at night. The mental confusion was noticeably absent and the patient stated that she had slept uninterrupted from 9:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. the next day.

I visited the patient on January 2, 1988. She told me she had been sleeping well every night, not awakening at all during the night. She was taking very little pain medicine. Her back was still hurting when she moved. But she stated it was more tolerable.

On January 5, 1988, the patient was moved to a skilled care nursing home. The doctors there conferred with her oncologist about her condition. On Wednesday, January 6, 1988, the patient told me she had no pain medication that day and that twice that day she had walked (aided) to the bathroom. Also, the resident doctor told her that they determined by studying x-rays, C.A.T. scans, and by other means, that she did not have any cancer in her spine. Instead, they thought her back pain was being caused by osteoporosis. Further, they told her that all tests they performed on her showed no trace of any cancer.

I talked with the patient on Friday, January 8, 1988. Her mental condition was excellent. She stated that she was taking very little pain medication and was in less pain than previous conversations. She has been wearing the super magnet, as of this writing, for fourteen days and has made remarkable progress in so short a period of time. I visited the patient on January 9, 1988. She was able to sit up in bed by herself, could sit on the side of the bed by herself, and could walk, unaided, to the bathroom by herself, although I walked along beside her just to be on the safe side. She is presently taking little or no pain medication, and no other drugs. Her appetite is not very good, but it is improving daily. I expect to visit her again at the end of January and I will be in contact with her by phone almost on a daily basis.

I will continue to monitor and report on her condition until she has fully recovered.

Douglas M. Redman

Supermagnets cure cancer. A conventional horse-shoe magnet weighs about 5 kilograms and has a strength of about 4,000 gauss. A Neomax supermagnet with a strength of about 4,000 gauss weighs only about one ounce. Professor Wollin of Clyde, N.C., formerly with Columbia University for 36 years, is the inventor of the method of treating cancer using supermagnets. The supermagnet hangs around the patient's neck. Cancer patients in Sweden and America who were told by their physicians that they had only one, or at the most two, more months to live have been treated successfully.

(End of article.)

In 1985, a conventional horseshoe magnet weighed approximately 5 kilograms (12 ½ pounds) and produced 4,000 gauss. Today, using a special combination of metals, the same 4,000 gauss strength is produced by a magnet weighing about an ounce and is approximately the size of three U.S. quarters stacked together.

These magnets are enclosed in soft leather necklace pouch because, according to Dr. Wollin, the north side of the magnet should be worn or placed securely over the sternum (the hard bone in the middle of the chest) just above the stomach cavity. To date, there have been thousands of these supermagnets sold. In Sweden, the charge is approximately $150.00 for one of these magnets.

Even though magnets raise the body's pH and oxygen level within the body, many other things help. Regardless of how beneficial the use of supermagnets may be in the treatment of cancer, a person should still consider making major life style changes, both mentally and physically, in order to correctly adjust their pH toward slightly alkaline (healthy) pH.

A person can increase the oxygen and alkaline levels by using certain types of magnets. But, a person with cancer is already extremely acidic and oxygen depleted. This situation has to be dealt with. We feel that the magnet is just an additional method in aiding the body towards the environment that is needed. These people should also drastically lower their consumption of acid-causing food and liquids and increase their consumption of alkaline promoting foods, liquids and supplements if they hope to totally win the battle against cancer or disease.

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Earthing Technology

Earthing™ Technology – The Discovery of Earthing™

The remarkable story of the discovery of Earthing began when a retired cable TV executive started to think about biology. Over a period of about 23 years, Clint Ober watched cable TV thrive by giving customers images that were superior to broadcast television. What does cable TV have to do with health? The answer may surprise you.

The crisp image delivered by the cable is the result of shielding that prevents signals from leaking out and prevents noise from leaking in. The cable consists of an inner copper conductor surrounded by a mesh shield. The shield is electrically connected to the earth (grounded), so that the earth can either deliver or absorb electrons and prevent the build-up of electrical charges. All of the shielding must be at the same electrical potential as the earth's surface.

Sometime after his retirement, Clint began to consider how his experience with cable TV might apply to the human body. He realized that most people wear synthetic-soled shoes that insulate their bodies from the earth. Clint wondered if this loss of natural grounding might affect health. He began investigating with a simple voltmeter, using a procedure he had used many times to check the electrical potential on shielded cables. He found a substantial potential of 4 to 5 volts on the surface of his body when he was sitting at his computer. Voltages are induced onto the body by electric fields radiating from household electrical wires and appliances such as lights and computers.   

Clint took the voltmeter around his house, observing how his body voltage varied as he moved from place to place. His bedroom and his bed were the most "electrically active" regions of his home. His bed was up against a wall with electrical wires hidden behind it. Clint wondered whether connecting to the earth during sleep might be helpful – especially since sleep is the time the body regenerates.

To test his idea, Clint placed a crude conducting system on his mattress and connected it to a wire that went out his bedroom window to a rod pushed into the earth. Lying down on this grounded surface, his body voltage dropped to nearly zero. He found that his connection with the conductive mattress was equivalent, electrically, to lying directly on the earth.

At that time, Clint did not sleep well. Several surgeries had left him with chronic back pain that kept him awake every night. His first night of sleeping on the grounded mattress was extremely revealing. Lying down with his voltmeter he confirmed that his body voltage had dropped to nearly zero. He quickly fell asleep with the voltmeter on his chest and woke up the next morning with the voltmeter still on his chest. He had slept soundly for the first time in years, and had not moved at all during the entire night.

Excited by this discovery, Clint decided to try the system on some of his friends. The results were equally astonishing. Everyone reported that they slept much better on the grounded mattress. After several days, when one of Clint's friends mentioned that he was no longer stiff and sore in the morning, Clint suddenly realized that he had stopped taking pain medications in the morning. He had been waking stiff and sore for years, but that was no longer the case.

It was at this point that Clint realized he might have discovered something important. It occurred to him that there might be a similarity between the human body and a TV cable. The TV cable has hundreds of channels of information flowing through it. Similarly, the body has miles of nerves, blood vessels, and other channels that conduct electrical signals. When the skin is grounded, it might prevent the entry of "noise" that can disturb physiological signaling.

Within a month, Clint had moved to California to find researchers and engineers who could help test and further develop the Earthing™ system. Clint adopted the term "Earthing™" to distinguish between the grounding of TV cables and electrical equipment and connecting the human body to the earth.

Clint's first question was whether there was any possibility that sleeping "earthed" could be harmful. Medical and electronics experts both reassured him that Earthing™ was perfectly safe. In fact, being "earthed" has actually been the natural state of living systems throughout evolutionary history – it is the separation from earth that is unnatural. A medical electronics expert suggested that Clint put a protective fuse in the Earthing™ wire, as is done with electrical devices, so that in the extremely unlikely event the grounding wire came in contact with electricity, the fuse would protect the individual on the pad.

After consulting with a scientist at UCLA, Clint set up his own blinded study. Sixty people with sleep problems, pain and stiffness were selected for the research. Half of them slept on an improved version of the mattress pad in their homes for 30 days. The results showed that people went to sleep more quickly, slept throughout the night, woke feeling more rested, had reduced muscle stiffness, reduced chronic back and joint pain, and improved general health. Several subjects reported significant relief from asthmatic and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, sleep apnea, and hypertension. 

See also: Sleep Study

One woman in the study had crippling arthritis in the joints of her hands and arms and had difficulty walking. Rather than asking her to move to an Earthing™ pad, Clint decided to demonstrate the change in body voltage while she sat in her chair. He substituted an EEG-type electrode patch for the mattress pad. After chatting for 5-10 minutes, the woman said the pain in her arm was much better; she asked for the patch to be moved to her other arm. Minutes later, she reported a reduction in the pain in that arm as well.

Clint immediately called some of his friends who had arthritis and other painful conditions, and gave them electrode patches and Earthing™ wires. Remarkably, everyone reported a reduction in pain. The Earthing™ patch seemed to produce very rapid reduction in inflammation.

In early 2000, a corporation was formed to research Earthing™, to develop a line of Earthing™ products, and to patent the ideas. United States Patent 6,683,779, for a personal body grounding system, was granted on January 27, 2004.

Clint met with anesthesiologist, Maurice Ghaly M.D., who was skeptical of the results of Clint's first study. Dr. Ghaly agreed to conduct his own study and monitor cortisol levels. Since cortisol is a reliable indicator of both stress and inflammation, shifts in cortisol levels would indicate whether or not inflammation was really being reduced.

In collaboration with Dale Teplitz, Dr. Ghaly studied a group of 12 people reporting pain and poor sleep. The subjects were grounded (earthed) during sleep in their own beds. Saliva was tested to determine the daily cortisol levels before and after six weeks of sleeping earthed. Each day during the study, the subjects were also asked to assess symptoms of sleep dysfunction, pain, and stress.

Although Dr. Ghaly had set out to prove that the Earthing™ concept was flawed, what he found was just the opposite. To his surprise, he discovered that Earthing™ reduced nighttime levels of cortisol and shifted the 24-hour circadian cortisol rhythms toward normal. He also found that nearly all participants reported reduced or eliminated symptoms of a variety of pains and sleep disorders.

In 2003, news of the Earthing™ discovery reached Jeffrey Spencer, D.C., a specialist in athletic performance and recovery. As the chiropractor for the U.S. cycling team participating in the Tour de France, Jeff was prompted to investigate Earthing™ because of Dr. Ghaly's cortisol study. Cyclists and other high performance athletes often show abnormalities in cortisol rhythms; most cyclists begin to have trouble sleeping after several days of cycling in the demanding Tour.

Dr. Spencer recognized the potential of Earthing™ for treating a variety of problems related to athletic performance and chronic injury. He realized that sleeping earthed on a regular basis could provide athletes with a tremendous competitive advantage. That year during the Tour de France, the following outcomes were observed.

  • Sleep was universally improved.
  • Tendonitis was virtually eliminated.
  • Wound healing and recovery from injury were vastly accelerated.
  • Consistency of performance was significantly improved.
  • Team morale remained high throughout the entire Tour.

Dr. Spencer now uses the Earthing™ technology in his practice which includes a number of high-profile athletes. Since 2003, Earthing™ has become standard protocol for the U.S. cycling team (now called Team Discovery) during the Tour de France. 

The story of the discovery of Earthing™ is far from complete. During the last two years, several studies have shown that Earthing™ has nearly instantaneous effects on the brain, muscles, blood pressure, and respiratory rhythms. Clinical sleep studies are demonstrating improvements in a wide variety of parameters that influence quality of sleep.

The more we learn, the more we are coming to understand that one of the most important things we can do is maintain a connection with the earth. Fortunately, the Earthing™ technology makes that possible during the third of our lives we spend sleeping. The methods developed by Clint Ober enable anyone to have the benefits of being in contact with the earth, even in climates where standing outside barefoot is impractical.

for more information visit

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Beloved Masters, many time/event triggers within the Sacred Heart core of humanity and within the crystalline construct of the Earth are being activated as ALL Creation within this universal experience moves more rapidly along the spiral of evolutionary ascension. One of the major time triggers for the activation of the eighth-dimensional Infinity Gateway will occur on your calendar date of August 8, 2008 or 8-8-8. An important cosmic moment will take place at that time, for the eighth-dimensional portal will be accessible to those of you who are diligently working to balance and harmonize your frequency patterns so that you will be able to integrate the maximum Creator Light during these times of unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth. By doing so you, the vanguard, are opening and clearing the pathway for those following behind you. Even though there is no linear time in the higher realms, these event triggers are initiated during specific times which are important to humanity and, therefore, will more readily inspire participation and remembrance of the event.

Beginning with the Total Eclipse of the Sun in the sign of Leo on August 1, 2008, humanity and the Earth will experience another cycle of acceleration and expansion of consciousness. There will also be a partial Eclipse of the Moon on August 16, 2008 in Aquarius, the solar sign of the coming Golden Age. August 16th is also the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence which took place 21 years ago in 1987. At that time, many people around the Earth awakened, for a cosmic alarm clock went off which triggered a massive Divine discontent among the Star Seed who came to Earth to be the wayshowers and the advance guard for the ascension process that is now in full swing.

THE FIGURE EIGHT TURNED ON ITS SIDE IS THE INFINITY SIGN OF ETERNAL LIFE and connects you with the brightness and blessings of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. The 8-8-8 Galactic Gateway is being flung open to allow the full measure of Adamantine Particles to flow forth from the heart center of the Supreme Creator via our Father/Mother God. These particles, which are filled with unlimited potential, are being made available for all those who have prepared their human vessels to receive this gift of Life/Light. It will be of great benefit if you make your preparations now for the 8-8-8 Galactic Gateway activation. It has been called the Lion's gate; however, it could better be called the Royal Gateway, for it is the gateway to your Divine heritage and the true beginning of your return journey to your many mansions in the heavenly realms that you created on your journey into density. You are being prepared to meet and merge with many of the facets of your Higher Self that you left in a multitude of Pyramids of Light throughout this universe. Those of you on the path are gradually returning to an understanding of universal laws and cosmic truths. As you traverse the path toward enlightenment, you will gradually rectify and eliminate all erroneous concepts from the past that have created your false, creed-bound traditions and your limited reality of scarcity, unworthiness, superstition and fear. Via self-examination, you must develop a new creed of life and decide whether you will follow the path of Light or the path of the shadowlands.

We are asking those of you who have faithfully followed our teachings to join together in the World Pyramid of Light in the highest fifth dimension during this important time. As you unite with your spiritual brothers and sisters from around the world, we ask you to join in a great prayer together: "BELOVED FATHER/MOTHER GOD, I ASK FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD, THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE EARTH AND ALL HUMANITY." Breathe in the LIGHT, and breathe OUT the sacred Adamantine Particles of Creation activated by your unconditional loving energy. "BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE ** BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE." The Infinity Breath exercise will enhance your efforts and increase the personal benefits you will derive; however, it is not necessary for this powerful meditation and prayer to be effective. By doing so, you will radiate forth from your Sacred Heart core the Adamantine Particles of Life/Light that you have drawn forth from the Creator Source, and it will be gathered and magnified one thousand fold. This blessed elixir will be used to assist humanity and the Earth, it will reinforce the determination and dedication of the righteous, dedicated souls, and will gradually cut off the resources of those who are only interested in power, control and domination of the masses. Also, while in communion with your Father/Mother God, radiate your gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the many blessings that are being bestowed upon you. Not with words, beloveds, but with an outpouring of love from within the core of your Sacred Heart. It is also a most wondrous gift to yourself, for you will know without a doubt that you are connected to the Source of ALL as the love is returned to you in greater and greater measure.

When your Sacred Heart blazes forth with the Living Fire of Adamantine Particles, which are the particles of infinite Creation, you will begin to manifest miracles beyond imagining. When you regain access to this precious Elixir of life and ignite it with your loving intention, all the qualities of God-consciousness begin to flow through you and out into the world of form. The practice of discernment requires the use of the wisdom and the advanced intelligence stored within your Sacred Mind. However, you must not judge those whose truth does not conform with your own. Discernment is deciding what your personal truth is, which creates the rules and wisdom you are to live by. The mind can be a masterful servant, but without its connection to the Sacred Heart it can be a destructive master. That is why it is imperative that you activate and empower both the Sacred Heart and the Sacred Mind. The ego attracts disharmony and dissatisfaction, and causes you to look outside of yourself for solutions and a state of equilibrium. The ego mind judges and condemns; however, the Sacred Mind requires that you filter information/knowledge through the Sacred Heart, thereby making the best choices for the greatest good. Moving from judgment to discernment means making choices via the wisdom of the Sacred Mind and the compassion of the Sacred Heart. This means developing your own creed based upon the truth as you know it and then living that truth to the best of your ability, while allowing others the same right. Seeking and living your truth is your covenant with our Father/Mother God and it is the path of harmonious and fruitful living. When you separate yourself from the Supreme Creator and the God parents of this universe, you also separate yourself from the flow of Adamantine Particles and diminishes your Life Line to the Source. Beloveds, as you gain self-mastery, you will begin to view life through a filter of love. You will become an observer and a positive interactive force, not a reactor who reinforces or compounds a negative situation that comes your way for your learning. When your prayers are wrapped in the loving energy of your Sacred Heart, they are always answered for your greatest good. Prayers from the ego-self are answered by allowing you to seek your own solution through the filter of your misconceptions, and via the distorted frequency patterns of your inappropriate actions. You must embrace all facets of your God-consciousness. Do not see the trials and tests in your life as punishment, but as an opportunity to discover the illusion of limitation you have built around you which is keeping you from true freedom of expression and creation. Self-mastery means that you decide what you wish to experience and the path you will follow. You initiate action instead of reacting to circumstances and other people's actions. As a human Being, you must be aware of negative emotions as they arise. Immediately neutralize them through the transformative power of forgiveness.

Many of you on the path are very old souls and are experiencing your last reincarnation on Earth, if you so desire. You have completed your earthly mission and did not need to return, but agreed to do so in order to be a wayshower for your soul families and loved ones. Before incarnating, you agreed to help anchor the higher frequencies of Light needed to assure that the greatest number of souls would be ready and able to take part in the ascension process now in progress. We know who you are. We of the higher realms recognize each of you through your Soul/energy signatures. As your intuitive abilities increase, you will also be able to recognize us through our loving vibrational patterns or our energetic signature. Once the shield that you have placed over your Solar Power Center is removed and your Sacred Heart is ignited with Adamantine Particles, the beauty of your Soul and the fire of Spirit will always shine through, and your auric field will begin to expand and grow in radiance. You are laying the foundation for higher truths: a new creed for all humankind, a creed of freedom, equality, abundance and peaceful co-existence and, most important, a closer connection with our Father/Mother God and with us.

Beloved sons and daughters of the Light, the glorious gifts and opportunities being offered to you are beyond the comprehension of many of you and the unawakened masses. The information we, the servants of our Mother/Father God, have given you over the past few decades has never been revealed to the masses before. The secret wisdom teachings were reserved for the select few, the initiates and disciples who took an oath to reject their loved ones, all earthly pleasures and possessions. Slowly and laboriously, sometimes over several lifetimes, they dedicated themselves to intense study, deprivation of physical needs, and rigorous training, exercises and initiations. Many perished or fell by the wayside, for some of the tests were dangerous and beyond the capabilities of all but the most disciplined and hardy souls. Many of you who are fearful and hesitate to move forward on the path of illumination were among those who failed or perished in past initiations. You did not fail, beloveds, for you helped set the stage and open the higher frequency pathways for the miraculous times you are in the midst of presently. During these unprecedented times, you are not being asked to abandon your family, your possessions or earthly pleasures. In fact, just the opposite is encouraged. As a self-master you must strive to live in both your inner and outer worlds; if you deny either one, you are not fully conscious and you are out of balance. You have not been asked to retreat into a remote sanctuary to gain en-Lighten-ment, but to create a sacred sanctuary, a column of refined frequencies of Light around you, so that no matter where you go, you will take your sacred space with you. You are being offered an opportunity to don your cloak of Light and accept the crown of immortality as you join the ranks of 'ascending masters'. Dearest hearts, be of great courage and resolve, for you are the guiding Lights for humanity. The rarified Light frequencies and codes of ascension must flow through you and out into the world. You are honored for your dedication and steadfastness, and you are loved profoundly, I AM Archangel Michael

**Transmitted through Ronna Herman * STAR*QUEST* Phone/Fax:775-856-3654

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Miraculous Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil


Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp is quite simply a miracle plant that has survived mankind's assault on nature. Thought to be of Asian origin, the hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant has reached around the globe. The earliest texts describing hemp and its health benefits are the Egyptian Ebers papyrus dating back thousands of years. In ancient Indian and Chinese medicine hemp's broad applications were described, including "increased chi, slowed ageing, stimulate and enhance the circulation helping to overcome obstructions to blood flow and restore the arteries and veins. It helps treat the paralysis and neurological impairment due to stroke. Milk flow is increased in nursing mothers and if the hair is washed with the oil, its growth accelerates."

The supreme nutritional benefits of hemp seed oil are mainly due to the perfect ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. These long chain unsaturated fats provide various benefits including; cell membrane fluidity, normal cell growth and maturation, brain development, prostaglandin production, cardiovascular health, nerve cell (myelin sheath) maintenance, and a healthy immune response.

Research data suggests that body requirements are such that an optimum ratio for human health is in the region of 3-5:1 respectively, omega 6 to omega 3. In most cells the ratio is at this level, and this is likely to have meaning for cell and tissue homeostasis.

Hemp seed oil is the only oil to fulfill this profile as it contains a ratio of 3:1 omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp also contains substantial amounts of GLA, which is the only edible seed to do so. This makes it particularly beneficial as an alternative to other GLA rich sources such as starflower (borage) or evening primrose oil.

At the end of the 19th Century, the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 in the average diet was approximately 2:1 to 4:1. Studies in western populations today suggest that our diets now range from 10:1 to 20:1. It is likely that excess refined foods, dairy foods, margarines, and a lack of whole foods have contributed to this change. Through dietary adjustment and increasing the intake of high quality oils such as hemp seed oil, we can improve cellular health and help maximize our potential for long-term vitality.

  • HORMONAL BALANCE - Hemp is the only edible seed containing GLA thus it makes a suitable choice in PMS conditions. The fatty acid profile of hemp makes it more suitable than GLA for long term use. The magnesium rich chlorophyll contained in hemp seed oil is also beneficial in PMS conditions.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR TONIC - Hemp is more dominant in the omega 6 series fatty acids (3:1 ratio of 6s to 3s) but is highly beneficial in maintaining cardiovascular health. Omega 3 oils have been shown in hundreds of studies to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. The omega 3 fatty acids in hemp are effective in decreasing blood pressure, platelet stickiness and in decreasing fibrinogen levels a key marker in atheroslerosis. Research has found that for every 1 percent increase in alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) content there was a decrease of 5mm Hg in the systolic, diastolic, and mean blood pressure (Berry and Hirsch 1986).
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY/ALLERGIC - The omega 3 fatty acids help produce prostaglandin 3 series (PG3), the anti-inflammatory chemicals that work as local hormones in the body. Numerous clinical studies have shown good results in using Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in the treatment of many chronic allergic and inflammatory diseases e.g. eczema, psoriasis, lupus and ulcerative colitis.
  • ANTI-ARTHRITIC - Hemp seed oil provides the key fatty acids for long term support and maintenance of arthritic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis
  • METABOLISM ENHANCEMENT - EFAs have been shown to link with oxygen and enhance electron transport, key activities in energy output within the cell.
  • NERVE FUNCTION - EFAs are required for healthy cell membrane structures, particularly in nerve cells as they are required for the myelin sheath (insulation around the nerve cell).
  • BRAIN DEVELOPMENT - In children, EFAs (DHA specifically) are required for brain development
  • SKIN HEALTH - Hemp seed oil provides the fatty acids necessary for maintaining healthy and flexible cell membranes as well as exerting anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.
  • IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT - EFAs have been found to enhance immune function, speed up the rate of immune reactions, help re-establish population control over intestinal bacteria, and enable improved cellular energy for removing waste materials.
  • PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE - The omega 3 fatty acids help support the cardiovascular system and also reduce the negative effect on the immune system caused by intense exercise.


5-15ml - Higher levels can be used under the guidance of a health practitioner. The ratio of fatty acids in hemp seed oil is the most suitable for long-term consumption.

Potential applications

Hypertension, atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol/triglycerides, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid/osteoarthritis, auto-immune disorders, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, learning difficulties, ADHD, acne, dry skin, dandruff, infections, candida, sports nutrition (particularly endurance).

Known contraindications

None known.

Use in conjunction with

Hemp seed oil links well with dong quai, magnesium, vitamin B6, and a multi-vitamin/mineral in PMS cases.


Hemp seed oil would appear best taken with other food as research reveals that protein and fats work together.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Foods That May Be Toxic For Dogs

Avocados (fruit, pit, and plant) ? toxic, causes breathing
difficulties and pancreatitis.
Grapes and raisins ? kidney failure
Tomatoes ? ?tremors and heart arrhythmias?
Nutmeg ? causes seizures, tremors and death
Caffeine ? causes ?vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations? and death
Diet products ? drop in blood sugar
Macadamia nuts ? muscle tremor, weakness and paralysis
Walnuts - poisonous
Fruit pips, seeds ? poisonous since it contains cyanide
Salt ? dog may develop bloating due to too much drinking
Ham and bacon ? pancreatitis
Liver (raw or uncooked)- Vitamin A deficiency
Wild mushrooms ? poisonous causing liver and kidney damage other
abdominal discomfort and death
Raw egg whites ? biotin depletion
Cooked bones ? Destroy dogs internal organs
Vegetables ? Dogs cannot digest vegetables
Dairy food - pancreatitis, gas and diarrhea


Chocolate - seizures, coma and death
Fatty foods ? pancreatitis
Onions & Garlic ? causes anemia
Grapes ? poisonous, acute kidney failure
Cocoa Mulch - seizures, coma and death (like chocolate)
Turkey ? causes pancreatitis


Alcoholic drinks ? coma and death
Baby food ? toxic, result to nutritional deficiencies
Fish and Poultry Bones ? causes laceration of digestive system
Cat Food - high in fat, causes pancreatitis
Citrus oil extracts ? vomiting
Hops ? seizures and deaths
Marijuana ? depression and heart rate changes
Mushrooms ? toxic, causes shock and death
Persimmons ? ?intestinal obstruction and enteritis?
Tobacco ? causes heart rate changes and death
Yeast dough - rupture to the stomach or intestines


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foods harmful to dogs

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Skilling Harmonic Pulser

The Skilling Harmonic Pulser
Ed Skilling is a pioneer researcher and inventor in electro medicine. His life's work has been dedicated to healing the human body. From a very young age, Ed Skilling had always shown an exceptional aptitude for working with electricity. At the age of ten in 1928 Detroit, he constructed his first radio and has been building and experimenting with electronic equipment ever since.  

Through an early experiment, he realized there were benefits to sound frequencies. On the family lawn, he transmitted radio signals underground from one copper pipe to another. To his surprise, the grass between the two copper pipes grew profusely. When he sent radio frequencies through soil planted with alfalfa seeds, he found they grew higher and faster than usual as well.

Ed trained as an electrical engineer, though his passion for engineering drew him to the fields of mechanical and hydraulic engineering. Rather than work in a conventional industry, Ed Skilling devoted his efforts to his true passion, which was developing his own inventions. Ed's hobby and rapidly growing knowledge led to industrial engineering positions. He worked in Aerospace Engineering from 1950 to 1983. As his knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and hydraulics became known, he secured steady promotions. Eventually he was advanced to a position as an electronic engineer and section head with the first guided missile plant in the United States. Ed's ability to solve aerospace and industrial problems by inventing innovative machinery attracted several companies over the years. 

It was the death of his daughter from cancer in 1983 that turned Ed's interest to advancing the use of electricity for health. Establishing his own company, E.F. Skilling, Inc., he continued building electronic devices for electro-medicine, as a designer, including pulse and neuro-muscle stimulators, the SuperPro and the Photon Sound Beam. The U.S. Psychotronics Foundation awarded him the "Man of the Year" award for his Sweep Resonator

He was the first to build on the frequency research of Royal Raymond Rife after his work had been dropped in the 1950s. Collaberating with a group of prestigious doctors in the 1930's, Rife utilized radio tubes to demonstrate how frequency could be used to cure cancer. The American Medical Association eventually succeeded in burying Rife's work. 

In 1988, Ed attended a meeting during a conference in Los Angeles, where several medical doctors showed interest in applying Rife's work with frequency to cure AIDS.  Rife had used high frequencies in the radio wave range to kill a variety of viruses associated with specific diseases. Ed had been researching frequency devices so he volunteered to further develop Rife's work to develop a frequency generator.

Ed had also studied the work of Georges Lakhovsky. Lakhovsky had worked with hospitals in the application of frequency in the 1920s. Lakhovsky recognized that cells have a natural frequency that keeps them healthy and resistant to viruses and other pathogens. In order to restore this natural frequency, Lakhovsky developed a Multiple Wave Oscillator to produce high frequencies. The frequencies, in turn, produced a broad range of harmonic frequencies.

When an object is exposed to its natural frequency it will pick up or resonate with that frequency. This is what happens when two violins have been precisely tuned. If the string on one violin is plucked or vibrated, the same string on the other violin will start to vibrate as well. When exposed to the harmonics produced by Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator, the cells could pick up their natural frequency with the results that their strength and health would be improved.

In a Radio News Magazine article published in February 1925, Lakhovsky wrote: "In conclusion I wish to call attention of the reader to the fact that I have obtained very conclusive results not only with a wavelength of two meters, but with longer and shorter wavelengths. The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible."

Skilling devoted his talents and genius to the design of a unit incorporating the research of Lakhovsky and Rife to produce a healing frequency and also a broad range of harmonic frequencies. Skilling does not strive toward developing units for specific diseases. Rather, he designed a unit to output 728 Hz which is the Rife frequency considered to be the most healing. This frequency is carried on a radio frequency wave to transport it to the body. This works in the same way a radio transmitter carries the signal for a particular radio station so it can be received by a radio in any given area. Skilling's unit operates with a very gentle 100 milliwatts of power, a lot less intense than it's Rife cousin. The carrier wave of 28.322 MHz is in the high radio frequency (RF) band. The 728 Hz modulates the 28.322 MHz to create a great range of harmonic frequencies - up into the Giga Hertz range.

The cells can then pick up their resonant healthy frequency. The immune system can gradually grow in strength, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally rather than creating an artificial homeostasis through the use of frequencies. Ed's unit became known as the RF Flat Pack or Sound Magi. The design has since been improved and is now known as a Harmonic Pulser.

Ed has worked with a number of health practitioners who have found that the Sound Magi (now the Harmonic Pulser) assists the body in at least two ways: 

1.      Increased blood circulation, and

2.      Improved lymph flow.

Ed Skilling says he's been putting electricity into his body either accidentally or on purpose since he was a boy. He's certain electricity has been good for him. What motivates Ed to continue his research? The many 'thank you' letters he receives. 


Ed Skilling still actively lectures and educates America about the positive effects of energetic medicine. Though he is in his 80s, he exhibits the zeal and vigor of a man twenty years his junior. Even after gaining international recognition for his work with frequencies, he still selflessly carries on his research for the greater benefit of the Energy Medicine community.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sonic Entrainment

Sonic Entrainment
by Jonathan Goldman

All life consists of rhythmic processes. From the simple pulsations of a single-cell organism to the rising and falling of our breath, life is filled with rhythm. This rhythm is also called "periodicity," meaning that the activity of something falls in cycles. Much of life is directed by the external rhythms of nature. For example, the earth spins on its axis and rotates around the sun, and around our moon orbits the earth. We attune ourselves to the cycles of the sun and the moon, following the different rhythms they create. With day and night, different behavior is created; we usually get up with daylight and go to sleep at night. When our light-dark cycle is disturbed, as when we take a long jet flight, our ability to function in the new environment is affected for a day or two. We call this "jet lag." Different behavior due to rhythm also occurs for the different seasons of the year and the response of nature to this. Not only our sleep patterns, but our eating patterns, digestive patterns, even our harvesting and mating patterns are affected by the rhythms of these cycles.

Sound and Frequency

Sound can be understood as being rhythmic. Sound takes the form of waves, which are measured in cycles per second (hertz or hz). This periodicity is rhythmic in nature. Each cycle of a wave may be recognized as a pulse of sound. Each individual frequency that we measure may be understood as being rhythmic, for the number of cycles per second that make up that frequency creates a rhythm. Low notes pulse much slower than high notes. The lowest note on a piano produces a frequency that vibrates at 27.5 hz; the highest note on a piano vibrates at 4,186 hz.

The range of hearing for the human ear varies immensely. The upper range for "normal" hearing is between 16,000 and 20,000 hz. The bottom limit of what we can hear is around 16 hz. We cannot actually hear very slow pulsed notes, below the threshold of hearing, as single tones, but we can perceive them as being rhythmical in nature. These extremely low frequencies (called ELF5) sometimes can even be counted. In particular, sounds pulsed in the range of 0.1 hz to 8 hz are perceived as being rhythmic in nature. Events slower than this are not perceived as part of an ongoing rhythm, while faster events are heard as a single tone.

Entrainment and Resonance

Entrainment is an aspect of sound that is closely related to rhythms and the way these rhythms affect us. It is a phenomenon of sound in which the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object will cause the less powerful vibrations of another object to lock in step and oscillate at the first object's rate. This phenomenon of nature has to do with the conservation of energy. It seems that nature finds it more economical in terms of energy to have periodic events that are close enough in frequency to occur in phase or in step with each other.

Itzhak Bentov illustrates an excellent example of entrainment in his book Stalking the Wild Pendulum. If you have a room full of pendulum-type grandfather clocks and start the pendulums in motion at different times, they will all swing differently. However, if you walk out of this room and come back the next day, you will find that all the pendulums are swinging together at the same rate. This locking in step of rhythms is entrainment. The Dutch scientist Christian Huygens discovered it in 1665.

Entrainment is actually an aspect of resonance. Resonance may be defined as the frequency at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate. One object may set another object into motion if it shares the same resonant frequency. If, for example, you strike a tuning fork of 100 cycles per second and bring it near another tuning fork of that same frequency, the second tuning fork will be set in motion. Even though it has not been struck, the second fork will begin to vibrate and sound merely by being in the same field as the vibrating tuning fork.

We have all seen a singer break a glass with his or her voice. This is another example of resonance. This also occurs between two guitar strings, one struck and one unstruck. Resonance is a cooperative phenomenon between two objects that share the same frequency. With resonance you are meeting the natural vibrations of an object with its own vibrations, thereby setting it into motion. Thus resonance may be conceived of as being passive in nature.

Entrainment, on the other hand, seems to be active. With entrainment you are changing the natural oscillatory patterns of one object and replacing them with the different oscillatory patterns of another object. You are actively changing the vibrations (the frequency or rhythm) of one object to another rate.

The oscillators of television sets, radio receivers and other similar equipment lock on to each other and entrain. With television sets, when you turn the knobs you are adjusting the frequency of your set's oscillators to match the frequency of the station's oscillators. When the frequencies come close to one another, they suddenly lock, as if they "want" to pulse together. Usually, the fastest oscillator will force the slower ones to operate at its pace. Living things are like television sets in that they also oscillate; they pulse, they vibrate, they have rhythm. These rhythms of life allow for entrainment.

Entrainment is found throughout nature. Fireflies blinking on and off entrain with each other. Female college roommates often have menstrual cycles that synchronize together. Muscle cells from the heart, when they move closer together, suddenly shift in their rhythm and start pulsing together, perfectly synchronized. This entrainment also takes place when two people have a good conversation. Their brain waves oscillate synchronously. Such entrainment is seen in the relationship between students and their professors. Psychotherapists and clients entrain with each other, as do preachers and their congregation.

Within our own bodies, we are constantly locking in our own rhythms. Our heart rate, respiration and brain waves all entrain to each other. Slow down your breath, for example, and you slow down your heartbeat and your brain waves. Conversely, if you are able to slow down your brain waves, you can affect your heart rate and respiration. This is one of the principles of biofeedback.

It has been found that the frequencies of pulse, breathing and blood circulation, as well as their combined activities, all function harmonically. That is, their rhythms are strictly coordinated in whole number ratios-two to one, three to two.

Brain Waves

Our brain waves pulsate and oscillate at particular frequencies that can be measured, just like sound waves, in cycles per second. There are four basic delineations of different brain wave states, based upon the cycles per second of the brain. They are:

Beta waves-from 14 to 20 hz. They are found in our normal waking state of consciousness. Beta waves are present when our focus of attention is on activities of the external world.

Alpha waves-from 8 to 13 hz. They occur when we daydream and are often associated with a state of meditation. Alpha waves become stronger and more regular when our eyes are closed.

Theta waves-from 4 to 7 hz. They are found in states of high creativity and have been equated to states of consciousness found in much shamanic work. Theta waves also occur in state of deep meditation and sleep.

Delta waves-from .5 to 3 hz. They occur in states of deep sleep or unconsciousness. Some of the newer brain wave work indicates that a state of deep meditation produces Delta waves in conscious individuals.

Two other delineations of brain-wave activity have been noted by some researches:

High Beta-from 23 to 33 hz. They are associated with hyperactivity and some types of anxiety.

K Complex-over 33 hz. They usually occur in short bursts and are often associated with the "aha" moments, when there is a sudden integration of ideas or experiences.

External Rhythms and Internal Processes

As the functions of the human body can entrain to each other, it is possible to use external rhythms to affect the internal mechanism of heart rate, respiration and brain wave activity. This ability to affect internal rhythms by external means seems fairly logical and matter of fact. Yet research into this area did not make its way into scientific journals until the 1970s, when studies began to report that resonance and entrainment of bodily processes could occur in response to external sound and musical rhythms. In his paper "On the Effects of Lullabies" Johannes Kneutgen reported on the soothing effects of lullabies played for infants and noted that breathing rhythms became synchronized with the rhythm of the music. A paper by Janet and Hobart Landreth called "Effects of Music on Physiological Response" reported that heart rate changes were directly related to changes in tempo.

One series of extensive studies by Harrer and Harrer called "Music, Emotion and Autonomic Function" explored some of the effects that emotional musical experiences have on the autonomic nervous system, including blood pressures, pulse rate, respiration, galvanic skin response and muscle tension. The authors found that heart rate was sensitive to both music volume and rhythm. They also found that some subjects tended to synchronize either their heartbeat or their respiratory rhythm to the music.

In 1980, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder's book Superlearning brought to the public some awareness of the potential abilities of music to entrain. They examined the Lozanov Method of education, which originated in Bulgaria. In part of the program music is used to help induce states of consciousness effective in heightening the learning process. Music pulsed at about 60 beats per minute was found to be helpful in inducing an alpha state.

Lozanov utilized baroque music in his work. Almost immediately after the book appeared, sales of baroque music climbed dramatically, due to its use in various learning acceleration programs. However, close examination of the Lozanov Method revealed that only the adagio sections of certain baroque pieces were effective. In Bulgaria Lozanov had limited access to music. It has since been found that much "New Age" music is pulsed at this 60 beats per minute and is as effective as baroque music in entraining brain waves in listeners.

These cited studies of the 1970s, as well as information in Superlearning, did not seem to contain conclusive data about the ability of external rhythms to entrain internal rhythms. An external rhythm of 60 beats per minute should reduce the heart rate and a much faster rhythm should raise it, but the change was not always directly proportional; 60 musical beats per minute would not always produce 60 heart beats per minute. For example, some heartbeats might go down from 72 to 64 beats per minute, and others might reduce to 68. This differentiation makes data for certain research studies inconclusive, though it does not rule out the ability of external rhythms to entrain internal rhythms.

It is also important to understand that different individuals being tested had the ability consciously to fight against external rhythms and not be affected by entrainment to them. An additional factor is that the strength of response to the entraining rhythm may vary from person to person.

Monroe's Entrainment of Brain Waves

During the time much of this research on the various effects of external rhythms and heartbeat was being conducted in universities and medical centers, a great deal of private research was being conducted on using, not specific rhythms to entrain heart beat, but specific frequencies to entrain the brain. This work was pioneered by Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute.

Robert Monroe was a business executive with a background in broadcasting. He was director of the Mutual Broadcasting System and owner of a group of radio stations and cable television corporations in the southeast. When Monroe began having spontaneous out-of-body experiences in the 1960s, he started private research into the effects of different frequencies on various states of consciousness. Part of Monroe's experience with out-of-body travels involved hearing different frequencies, which he felt, triggered the experiences. He felt that sound somehow could play a role in helping others achieve similar states of consciousness, and with the help of a research team, he set out to discover if he could control or drive the brain with sound waves.

Through trial and error and probably a lot of intuition, Monroe discovered that specific frequencies could produce entrainment of brain waves. He found that, much like a glass resonated by a pure tone, the brain resonated when bombarded with pulsing sound waves. Monroe called this a frequency following response, or FFR, and patented this effect in 1975. In particular, the neo cortex, or frontal lobes of the brain responded to sound in this manner.

The frequencies Monroe used to entrain the brain were in the same spectrum as the brain waves themselves-from .5 hz to about 20 hz. These are frequencies that the human ear is incapable of hearing. However, working with a psycho-acoustic phenomenon called beat frequencies, Monroe found that it was possible to create very low frequencies from much higher sound.

At the same time that Monroe was doing this work, Dr. Gerald Oster, a biophysicist at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York, was independently investigating the effects of this beat phenomenon. The phenomenon is this: If you use two independent sound sources, for example a tuning fork of 100 cycles per second and another of 108 cycles per second, they produce a tone that waxes and wanes in a pulsing wah-wah-wah sound or beat. The rapidity of the beat equals the difference between the two frequencies. In the above illustration, between the two tuning forks of 100 and 108, you would create an 8 cycle per second beat frequency. If the sound comes from an external source, such as a loudspeaker, the beats can be heard with both ears or with only one ear, which is called a "monaural" beat frequency. The phenomenon of beat frequencies is described in many psycho-acoustic journals.

If the frequencies of the two sound sources are applied separately, one to each ear, a "binaural" beat frequency is created. This beat frequency is not an actual sound, but only a frequency difference between the two actual sounds. This sound is "heard" within the brain itself; the binaural beat frequency is created by both brain hemispheres working simultaneously. Thus, in his attempt to discover a technique to entrain the brain, Monroe found a way to sonically synchronize the left and right hemispheres. In thousands of experiments using an EEG to monitor the brain waves of people hearing a different signal in each ear, he verified that binaural beats could indeed entrain or drive brain waves. The entrainment or frequency following response did not take place only in the area of the brain responsible for hearing, or only in the left and right hemispheres; the entire brain resonated, the waveforms of both hemispheres becoming identical in frequency, amplitude, phase and coherence.

This paper is not on the potential uses of brain synchronization, which may have remarkable implications for education, but rather on the ability of external sound stimuli to affect the internal rhythms of the brain. This most interesting side effect-the ability to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain-is mentioned for those interested in further study.

In order for this patented process (which Monroe called "Hemi-sync") to work, it appeared that headphones were necessary. Later work with the FFR, however, indicated that entrainment of the brain still occurred with external sound sources, such as stereo speakers, if they were given enough separation in the room. While the effects were not quite as rapid or as powerful as with headphones, sonic entrainment still took place.

Other Work on Sonic Entrainment

Monroe is the creator of this technology. However, he is not the only person who is utilizing sonic phenomenon to entrain the brain. A number of other private institutions utilize similar processes. One person, a non-sectarian monk named Master (formally "Brother") Charles, is head of M.S.H. Associates, which specializes in using sound to enhance and accelerate consciousness. Master Charles was a disciple of the Eastern spiritual leaders Swami Paramahansa Muktananda. He found that through the new sonic entrainment technology it was possible almost instantly to induce states of deep meditation, normally not available to people without years of meditational practice. Charles uses a process called "phasing,'~ which employs a mechanism very similar to Monroe's to create altered states of consciousness. Indeed, it is the innate ability of the brain to detect waveform phase difference which gives rise to binaural beats.

An additional aspect of this sonic entrainment technology, brought to my attention by Sharry Edwards, a researcher at Ohio University, is that if the carrier waves creating-the beat frequencies are harmonically related to the beat frequencies, a more powerful sonic entrainment occurs. According to Edwards, the most powerful form of entrainment to induce 7 hz., for example, involves using two differentiated signals that are harmonic multiples of frequencies of 7-say 49 hz and 56 hz. For entrainment of 6 cycles, you would work with a multiple of 6-perhaps 60 and 66. Thus far there has not been much available research regarding this. It does make sense, however, and I mention it for those interested in working with this technology. Ronald deStrulle, director of Holistic Programs, Inc., of New York, utilizes a process which seems to be in agreement with Edwards' thoughts on entrainment.

One of the most popular entrainment frequencies being utilized these days is that of 7.8 cycles per second. Both Ronald deStrulle and scientist Robert Tollaksen have created different tapes utilizing this frequency. DeStrulle's is called "Geo-Magnetic Field Entrainment," while Tollaksen's is simply called "Earth Hertz." It is of interest to note that the earth's ionosphere, the electromagnetic field around the earth, has been measured. This is called the Schumann Resonance, and it appears that the frequency of the earth is somewhere around 7.83 cycles per second, which is identical to the alpha wave rhythm of the human brain. Itzhak Bentov, author of Stalking the Wild Pendulum, theorized that persons vibrating at these frequencies during meditation would entrain with the geomagnetic energies of the earth and lock in resonance with it. There are also some researchers who, like Bentov, believe that this 7.8 hz frequency is the resonant frequency of the human body.

It has been suggested by Dr. Robert Beck that perhaps this frequency is a "cosmic carrier of information" and could be the "drummer" to which psychics, healers, dowsers, etc. are entrained. By listening to tapes of the 7.8 hz it may be possible that listeners are able to resonate with the frequency of the earth's aura. Both deStrulle and Tollaksen have reported rather remarkable therapeutic experiences from those who have utilized these frequencies. It should be remembered however, that the Schumann Resonance is actually an average of the electromagnetic pulsations of the earth. These electromagnetic frequencies go up and down. Some suggest that 8 hz. is an equally valid frequency that may be used for this resonance.

The original innovator and creator of this entrainment process, Robert Monroe, does not utilize beat frequencies of 7.8 hz or those in the alpha frequency spectrum. Most of the beat frequencies in his tapes, such as "Way of Hemi Sync," focus more on delta and theta waves mixed with beta frequencies. Additionally, unlike many of the other recordings to be discussed, Monroe does not deal with one specific frequency but with many.

Tom Kenyon, head of Acoustic Brain Research in North Carolina, produces various sonic entrainment cassettes called "WaveForms." Along with "Differential Signaling," Tom's term for the Hemi-Synch process, he also utilizes the pulsing of low tones at specific rhythmic patterns to entrain the brain into the desired state. He claims that an advantage of this form of entrainment is that a person with ear deafness can still get the entrainment, whereas in differential signaling, there would be no entrainment since one of the signals is not being received. Tom has worked with researchers using a 24 channel Neuromap EEG recording of subjects after they listened to his WaveForm tape. This research showed a shift of dominant alpha brain activity and a powerful increase in theta (4-8 hz).

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a chiropractor working with sound at Sound Sphere Productions has produced the "Isle of Skye," which incorporates music as well as the sonic entrainment technology. This tape, according to Dr. Thompson, "contains specific frequency modulation designed to induce the production of Alpha and Theta waves in the human cerebral cortex. I use multiple variations of Alpha and Theta wave frequencies, phasing the waveforms through the 3.5 to 13 hz. range." Jeffrey uses a number of other sonic therapies besides these tapes, and his work merits further investigation.

The use of music to accompany these sonic entrainment frequencies is becoming more and more common. Many of Monroe's tapes utilize music as well as the Hemi-Sync frequencies, with most of the Hemi-Sync frequencies at a subliminal listening level. These subliminal frequencies have been found to be as effective as the audible ones.

It is important to understand that with these extremely low frequencies any music which may accompany the sounds must be pulsed slowly. As discussed before, music pulsed at about 60 beats per minute is ideal for helping to induce alpha states. If music pulsed a good deal faster were used, the entrainment of the heart to faster rhythms would clash with the slow brain waves pulses created by the beat frequency process. The effect would be minimal, if it existed at all. Therefore, slow music must be utilized.

"Dolphin Dreams"

The relationship between rhythms and brain wave frequencies is utilized and applied in the Spirit Music recording of "Dolphin Dreams." This is a sonic environment created as a tool for meditation and birth. It features the sounds of the ocean, human heartbeat, dolphin sounds and choral voices. The choral voices utilize a wordless melody containing the "Ur" song, a descending melodic minor tune that is found in lullabies throughout the world. Along with these sounds, there is a choir chanting the Sanskrit mantra "Om." This sound was detuned in each channel to be slightly out of phase in order to attempt to create the "Schumann" resonance of 7.8 hz.

Some of the dolphin frequencies heard on this recording also resonated in this 7.8 hz range, with the dolphins utilizing a vibrato effect in order to create this frequency. Scientists at the Aspen Research Center have found that not only do dolphins create this frequency, but they have also been attracted to 7.8 hz when it was sent out via sonic instrumentation during underwater research.

In choosing the correct heart beat for "Dolphin Dreams," researchers experimented with a number of different pulsed heartbeats. At first the heart beat of an infant in utero was tried, but the heart beat of the infant's mother was found to be equally if not more effective for calming. A heart beat of 60 beats per minute was also tried, since it is so favored by the Lozanov Method, but a heart beat of 48 to 50 beats per minute was finally found to be most effective for working harmoniously and harmonically with the other soothing sounds on the recording.

Since the time of recording "Dolphin Dreams", I have continued to apply principles of sonic entrainment to many of the various recordings I have made. I have utilized the beat frequency phenomenon as well as other sonic entrainment techniques with such recordings as "Chakra Chants" and "The Lost Chord". Researchers have found that these recordings produce very slow and deep states of brainwave activity-including both Theta and Delta.

The power of different mantras and chants, specific harmonic frequencies and specific sonic intervals creates by themselves, very powerful effects upon the nervous system and the brain. Some of this information is contained in my book Healing Sounds. The Pythagorean ratio of 2:3, for example, can help induce synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain as well as deepened states of brainwave activity. However, when combined with many of the different psycho acoustic methods available to create sonic entrainment, the utilization of sacred sounds such as mantras and Pythagorean intervals produces the most powerful recordings available for transformation. My recording, "Ultimate Om", is an example of this application, as is "Hermetic Harmonics".

Tibetan Bells, Peruvian Whistles

"Sonic entrainment" when first used in this paper was a relatively new term. Yet, sonic entrainment as a phenomenon has been used by medicine men and women and shamans from different cultures since prehistoric days. The ability to create altered states of consciousness through drumming, chanting and music is probably as old as music itself. Jeanne Achterberg in her book Imagery in Healing notes, for example, that analysis of shamanic drumming encompasses a frequency range of from .8 to 5.0 cycles per second, which she refers to as "theta driving capacity."

Tibetan bells, or Ting-Sha's, have been utilized in Buddhist meditation practice for many centuries. An examination reveals that the two bells, which are rung together, are slightly out of tune with each other. Depending upon the bells, the difference tones between them create ELFs somewhere between 4 and 8 cycles per second. This falls exactly within the range of the brain waves created during meditation and helps shift the brain to these frequencies. It is little wonder that Tibetan bells are experiencing a worldwide increase in popularity as tools for increased relaxation and reduction of stress.

Peruvian whistling vessels are ancient pipe-like instruments, originally found buried with mummies in Peru. For quite a while it was thought that they were just water jars. Then, some people began to experiment with them, blowing on them as whistles. The psychoacoustic effects of actually blowing these vessels are quite amazing and powerful.

Recently, replicas of these whistling vessels have been made available for experimentation and research. The entire cranium of the person blowing them seems to act as a resonating chamber-an effect that cannot be reproduced on a record. These vessels are usually blown in sets of seven and they create tremendous beat frequencies.

The March 29th, 1988, science section of the New York Times was devoted to these vessels. The headline read "Complex Whistles Found to Play Key Roles in Inca and Maya Life"; the subtitle read "Much more than toys, the whistles were genuine musical instruments." Stephen Garret and Daniel Statnekov tested the tonal ranges of these vessels using spectrum analysers and frequency meters. They suggested that, rather than being primarily utilitarian liquid containers as anthropologists regarded them, the bottles were specifically produced as whistles. Dr. Garret found that curious sounds were produced when two or three bottles of the same culture were blown simultaneously. Their higher notes would interact to produce deep lower notes that could not be tape-recorded but heard only in the ear, where the effect is generated. He said, "The idea is that these low frequency sounds were important religious rituals for changing states of consciousness." Such vessels were undoubtedly sacred tools, used under the guidance of a shaman or priest and utilized only at specific times and for specific purposes. Listening to these whistling vessels makes one truly appreciate the possibility of profound knowledge of sound among ancient cultures.

The Peruvian whistling vessels and the Tibetan bells are two examples of shamanic tools that employed the concept of sonic entrainment for the brain. Numerous other ancient cultures knew of these principles for using ELFs to alter consciousness and applied them in their instruments, drumming and chanting.

Today, healers and therapists working with sound and music have the potential of following in the paths of the ancient shamanic traditions, combining magic and mysticism with modern science and technology. These healers and therapists are responsible for being aware of new discoveries of the use of sound and music in this manner.

Hemi-Sync and Other Uses of ELF

The technology of creating sonic entrainment may turn out to be a most important aspect of the therapeutic use of sound and music. Private research from various people working with this technology has indicated very promising results. However, the available literature is at this time mostly anecdotal, and experiental data is limited.

As creator of this technology, Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute have done the most research for the longest period of time with their Hemi-Sync, particularly in the area of using sound to enhance education. A number of subjective studies have shown that groups of students in various age groups using tapes with Hemi-Sync had higher test scores and grades than control groups not using the technology. Hemi-Sync has also proved to be of help in the areas of learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, uncontrolled seizure disorder, emotional disturbance, and Down's syndrome. Sonic entrainment is also being utilized for pain control, stress reduction and relaxation.

Ronald deStrulle, cited earlier, utilizes an entrainment frequency of about 1.45 hz, which he calls a "Tri-Thalamic Entrainment Format." It is designed to create entrainment between the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal centers of the brain. Master Charles is experimenting with this frequency in a select group of test subjects, and he also believes it stimulates the pituitary gland.

While there is little research to indicate the effects of utilizing frequencies such as 1.45 hz, it is certainly an area of research that may prove enlightening. In a letter, deStrulle wrote that several doctors and audiologists from the New England Dyslectic Center Group have been obtaining excellent results with dyslexia by using Tri-Thalamic Format and that a study was presently being conducted which indicated profound improvement with Alzheimer's patients. We have been unable to confirm these reports, but they indicate the possibility of great inroads in this area.

It seems likely that in the area of neurological illnesses and brain injuries, sound, and in particular sonic entrainment, may prove to be the most effective, especially when this technology is combined with other sonic technologies such as those developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Hemi-Sync has been utilized with stroke and aphasia patients with seemingly considerable success. If, as has been indicated, it may be possible to resonate specific portions of the brain using particular frequencies, it may therefore be possible to treat all manner of physical and emotional ailments using sound in this manner. Hopefully, we are just at the very beginning of some very powerful therapies which will utilize this technology.


At the same time, it seems that caution is needed. If such frequencies stimulate the pituitary, for example, what effects would occur from long-term exposure to them? It has been suggested that these frequencies could be dangerous as well as healing, perhaps bringing on premature strokes and other imbalances in the brain. We do not know. Sonic entrainment is by no means the cure-all or the answer to all the potential uses of healing with sound, but it certainly is an important development with astounding possibilities. As with all new discoveries, there is equal concern about misuse. With technology as simple as this, it is becoming increasingly easy for anyone with a bit of recording equipment to produce tapes that create sonic entrainment The ease with which such tapes may also be obtained and used without discretion is of equal concern.

Without proper research and study, we may be unleashing a Pandora's box to an unsuspecting public. It is important that the long-term effects of some of these frequencies being utilized should be studied, and that we determine whether they are beneficial or dangerous. We are currently at the forefront of using sound to affect the body, mind and spirit. These are exciting times with many new discoveries and developments. The potential areas of use may be limited only by our imagination.


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