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The Golden Key to Ascension

The Golden Key to Ascension

I wanted to share this story 18 months ago, but I knew in ancient times certain information was withheld from the general public until they were spiritually ready to proceed to the next step. The Kalachakra tantra contained special teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha that was not shared openly unless someone was spiritually advanced already. It also takes time to write a 400 page book that synthesizes twenty five years of research, thought, and practice. Now you get it for free. I also had some concerns the dark ones could use it the wrong way, but I now suspect they are aware of much of this and they have purposefully hidden this information from us for thousands of years. Maybe the eclipse can also be used to magnify dark thought in some way. Now we just need to flood the world with love and light during every eclipse and watch them magnify the outcomes.

If you become enlightened they lose power over you and that is why the truth has been suppressed for so long. In addition, the modern world is full of excess and rampant consumerism, so most people are not even aware of their spiritual existence. The higher path can not become another fad so something new can be gained. A person's foundation of being must be developed properly so one is ready spiritually to ascend. The right conditions must be set for sudden enlightenment to present. Much baggage has to be dropped and that can take great effort. There is also a brief period of confusion and fear when the illusory self burns off after enlightenment presents, so one must be careful and prepare the mind, body, and spirit for this transformation in consciousness and being.

It is hard to condense this teaching into a few pages, but I know a monk or a light worker will understand enough to make use of this rediscovery. Some light workers and lay people are already waking up and now they will at least fully understand what actually happened. The energies coming to the earth are also increasing so more will be awakening soon. We also need to make sure others arrive safely and their period of illusory self burn off is less stressful. The dark night of the soul can be very stressful is someone is not fully aware of what to expect. Some are even attacked by the dark energies, but they can giggle their way through this brief period and arrive home in less time if they are better prepared and aware.

If a person is not emotionally and mentally prepared they should not even be trying to ascend at this point. Take your time to work through your fears, negative emotions and any residual anger first. Training the mind to think better thoughts and to drop all the excess garbage it collects can take effort and time. Learning to bring the mind to a natural point of rest can be even more challenging for some. If you plan to teach others it is best to have a direct experience and make sure those you teach build a strong foundation of being first. It is also difficult to teach another to develop a loving heart. That must come from within.

About twenty years ago I traveled to Asia constantly for work and noticed halos around people in the Buddhist art on temple walls. I knew there was a connection to the halos in Christian art and I spent the next twenty years researching and living Buddhism trying to figure it all out. I had planned to write a book many years ago, but always thought it was a little foolish to write about enlightenment without the direct experience. It is almost like writing a cook book of recipes and never cooking a single meal yourself. I also saw the effects of global pollution all over Asia and the rest of the world and knew a better way to enlightenment would be needed if we had any hope of real change.

The rampant American style of capitalism is destroying society and Mother Earth, so great change is required. We are fighting wars for access to resources and almost everything is speculated on now and our entire economic system is based on perception. You must find inner peace before world peace becomes a reality. In the past monks and other adepts spent decades in retreats and followed extreme practices before enlightenment presented. The great Ch'an Zen Master Hui Neng's teaching taught me that our Buddha nature or spirit within is fundamentally pure already. He said it was pointless fighting the mind with the mind through rigid practice for decades. It is a paradox to train the mind with the mind anyway. His approach was to just let the mind come to rest naturally and eventually the Buddha nature would be revealed. An empty mind is one that is at rest naturally, not one that has forced itself into a false state of equanimity.

Some sitting meditation and certain mantras are always needed because the human mind can desire things and form attachments very easily. The human mind grasps many things and it thinks it is the ruler of your being. Your spirit or Buddha-nature within is overshadowed by the mind and this is the illusion most get trapped in. The person or body you see in the mirror each morning with all your thoughts and concepts is not who you really are. The mind and body will die, but the spirit or Buddha-nature within is immortal. Do you really think the Mother/Father Creator of the All would give your spirit only 50-75 years to learn all the life lessons it needs to ascend to the next dimension.

The spirit is infinitely wise and much stronger and nobler than the mind. This is why all your answers truly lie within. Every person on this planet has lived thousands of lives and you can not escape this dimension and progress to the next one until you attain enlightenment. It was called illumination by the Gnostics and early Christian schools in Egypt. Getting a halo is the same thing as reaching enlightenment, but that ancient wisdom was lost and suppressed when Rome took over. A born again Christian is really an illumined Christian. Baptism is the ritual, dedication to walking a higher path and ultimately attaining enlightenment is the only way to final liberation. Developing a loving heart, living simple, being humble, sharing with others, and meditation/prayer are the key ingredients to ascension.

Take time to slow down in life and connect with Mother Earth or nature a little more each day. Learn to be aware by seeing all things as empty, but interconnected at the same time. Nothing exists separately or independently from all other things. When the mind slows down and begins to let go of things that are not beneficial to the spirit the gates of enlightenment are near. Being able to meditate while in motion or working is crucial in learning how to walk in awareness. The best meditation you can ever practice is crystal clear awareness. Try walking outside in nature with total awareness. Watch the birds and flowers as they are without judgment or analysis and just be. In time you will be part of it and no longer feel as if you are separate from the world around you.

Nature will always be your best house of worship. Nature permeates the air with natural prana. This natural life force nourishes the spirit or Buddha-nature within. The lungs need air to breath and your spirit needs prana to breath. Mediate during the morning sunrise amongst nature as the sun, flowers, trees, and water all release prana. Humanity has lost its divine connection to Mother Earth and when we do this we are in danger of loosing everything. Mother Earth is a living being that wants to shift her energies higher as well and the time is drawing near. We are connected to the mountains, rivers, oceans, planets, sun, stars, galaxies, and all other living things within this multiverse. It is not a universe, but a vast multidimensional system with hundreds of trillions of galaxies. Within the void lies more than one universe and they likely number into the trillions as the Creator's creation is infinite.

We have created a hell like existence on earth through our own greed and the hunger for power. The truth has been hidden from us for a long time and the dark ones have infiltrated all aspects of our lives including the major religions, banks, media and key global corporations. Just look at the current state of the world and it is rather obvious something is seriously wrong. The entire system will fall so a new one can be built. The elite also control all the media so you have been programmed like sheep and most are not even aware their so called truth is manufactured for the most part. The higher realms will not support this lower vibrating energy, so now is the time for real change. Heaven is coming to earth and soon millions of souls will slowly begin to wake up from the illusory world we have helped the dark create. When fear and hate is replaced with love and compassion the dark forces will lose all their power over you. They simply will not be able to live in this newer energy, but there are other worlds available for them to continue their evolutionary path.

This earth and galaxy will ascend with or without you. The ones who choose to stay are going to create something much better, but now is the time to take giant steps forward individually. It begins with you and this is the era coming will be one of total freedom. However, with freedom comes self responsibility and there is no more fence to sit on. You do not have anyone else to blame for your circumstances but yourself from this day forward. No one is going to save you but you. It takes real effort and character to awaken the Buddha nature within, but the trade off is perpetual bliss. Be courageous and change your ways to help rescue Mother Earth and all your brothers and sisters across the world. A wise mind can easily break free from the falsehoods widely accepted by the masses as absolute truths.

On February 16, 2008 my girlfriend out of the blue suggested I should finally write a book to condense this teaching. I started writing it and never slept much for the first few days. On February 19, I was dreaming about a strange meteor approaching and then I was suddenly awoken and forced out of bed. When I peeked through the curtains, to my surprise there was an actual meteor in the sky and it exploded over the horizon and it eclipsed the predawn sky. It was not a normal white meteor and it was orangey red with blue hues. Many people that live in the Pacific North West saw this meteor. The next day I was driving to town and heard about a total lunar eclipse occurring that night. I remember reading that the ancient Tibetan and Chinese astrologers tracked strange meteors because they often mark a major change of events. I am also a little suspicious and knew two celestial events back-to-back like this could mean something more. I just instinctively knew the eclipse would reveal something important. When I arrived home I took three soup cans a played with them on the table to see if the position of the sun, earth and moon would reveal more about the interplay between the mind, body, and spirit. Nothing was found and I patiently waited for night to come.

It was a cold February night, but the full moon lit up the darkness and you could see the mountains clearly. Now imagine the Earth's shadow slowly moving across the moon and the reflected light of the moon begins to go dark. Now I want you to imagine three balls evenly spaced and threaded through the middle of a rope about four feet long. The first ball is yellow and it is the largest and it represents your sun mind. The second ball is blue and it represents your earth body. The smallest ball is blood red and it represents your Buddha nature or spirit within. Now take the rope by the end the Sun is at and twirl it above your head. This simple example illustrates the state of the human condition. We are stuck in a perpetual eclipse of ignorance. The mind thinks it is the ruler of you and the spirit is eclipsed and pushed deep into the earth body.

Ignorance in Buddhism is not from the lack of scholarly knowledge, but from lack of knowledge of the authentic self within that lies beyond the mind and body. The sun mind thinks it is the center of your existence with all is pride, intellect, and concepts. It spins continuously out of control with so much desire it creates a positive polarity. The sun mind uses the earth body and its senses for short-term pleasure, but as the body ages the mind suffers with the feelings of loss. This positive force of a mind spinning out of control with desire our entire lives actually pushes the moon spirit deep into the earth body's lower chakras. This is why we live with polarity consciousness and never truly live in spirit until we attain enlightenment. You will never let go of the illusory material world until you understand when enough is enough. The spirit or Buddha-nature is constantly eclipsed by the grasping mind full of desire and all the garbage it does not even need.

Enlightenment does not present until the Buddha-nature or spirit reaches the crown chakra located at the top of your head. The Buddha nature is an orb of light that comes from the Creator of the All. This inner light also has a positive and negative polarity and it attaches to the lower chakras before birth. Its energy field is what makes up the etheric body aura. All energy has polarity so the orbs positive side faces the positive charged mind and they repel each other like two charged magnets of the same polarity. Some fish for the Buddha nature too soon and they can pull it all the way to the third eye. You may gain higher insight when the Buddha nature reaches the third eye or pineal gland, but this is not final enlightenment. Someone may become more aware and perceptive, but enlightenment still eludes them. The Buddha nature or inner orb must actually hit the bottom first and reset polarity for sudden enlightenment to present at the crown chakra. This is why Shakyamuni Buddha and others went through periods of great despair before they attained enlightenment. This occurs more naturally during an eclipse if you can bring the spinning mind to complete rest.

Being fatigued and tired will assist, but try not to have second thoughts and just be empty during a lunar eclipse. Start writing a book and stay up for a few days and your mind will be less busy when the eclipse arrives. It may even help to fast for a couple of days before a lunar eclipse. Don't even imagine the Buddha-nature sinking to the bottom first; just be empty and drifting without second thought. Solar eclipses are more powerful and contain feminine energies, but they last only a few minutes. The solar eclipse is a sacred time for cleansing and healing. A lunar eclipse is a time for ascension. A lunar eclipse contains masculine energies and lasts up to three hours so you have time to bring the mind to complete rest naturally. Humanity also needs to find the balance again between the masculine and feminine energies again as the male on masculine energy has helped create too many dark ruthless men that only seek power and control.

Now as the earth body completely engulfed the moon spirit in its shadow, the moon became self illumined and turned into a blood red color. It did not need the suns reflected light to shine forth and it was more illumined without interference from the sun mind. The sun mind may appear like the center of you, but in reality the humble moon spirit is the real essence of your being and it is a billion times brighter. It is your connection point back to the cosmic whole. All things including the dark are interconnected and one. You will never understand the meaning of oneness until you see all things as interconnected and dependant on each other. As the earth slowly moved away everything became perfectly still. It was sudden and arrived in a flash.

Expect a few days or weeks of fear as the illusory self burns off. Take time to remain close to nature and find tranquility during this time. The dark energies that may come can not really do anything and the bliss you feel will soon be perpetual. Hold fast to the light and you will conquer all things. The Indian gurus often said you should go to a cave for another ten years, but that is not required now. You are no better than anyone else just because you have attained enlightenment and make sure you have a strong connection to the heart. Developing a loving heart is paramount to ascending properly. It is possible to ascend with the ego intact and no connection to the heart and this can create more problems than it solves. The spirit or Buddha nature uses the mind to experience a higher state of consciousness, but it can also use the heart to radiate loving kindness and compassion to the world. Whatever path you take to enlightenment please make sure it has lots of heart.

Some with a more scientific mind may ask how an eclipse can really change anything. We understand the three main properties of the multiverse fairly well (solids, liquids and gasses). However, there is a fourth element called plasma that we know very little about. The sun, earth and moon are just charged plasma spheres. Form is just energy slowed down enough to produce a physical object. Even the dark matter in space is made up of charged plasma but it is less dense. When the sun, earth, moon are in alignment the three plasma spheres create a vortex of invisible energy. This is also represented in sacred geometry were the zero point 1+1=0. This is the same principals we will use in developing free energy as the multiverse contains infinite energy that is always available. In space it is represented as a cosmic zero point. At this point the Buddha nature or inner orb can flip polarity and reach the crown chakra if the mind is at complete rest. This is how one gets a halo of invisible light around the head.

A mind full of desire, hate or greed will never reach this state of rest so much spiritual work is required. This is why you must walk a higher path first and prepare yourself for ascension. Shakyamuni Buddha said all Buddhas attain at night, so maybe a lunar eclipse is the optimal time. Ancient Tibetan astrologers said the power of a solar eclipse magnifies the energy vortex by 100,000 times and a lunar eclipse by 1000 times. Maybe we should just meditate and radiate peace and love during solar eclipses, but we should observe all of them with love and light for ever more. They have tremendous power to heal and cleanse when all our thoughts are in alignment and we have a solid vision of a better future. The best time to have global meditations and is during eclipses. Even a penumbral lunar eclipse is powerful, but a total lunar eclipse is the optimal time for ascending. If you have already crossed over and remember the dates go check and I bet some kind of cosmic alignment occurred. I do not think you even need to be in their direct path and the zero point is achieved globally during each eclipse. Some will feel a pulling at the top of their head when they occur.

I then spent a couple months researching ancient sites and discovered many interesting facts. The third and fourth world did exist in places called Lemuria and Atlantis. These places really existed and many of us lived there but we forgot our past when the dark ones came here. Our DNA was manipulated by them and that is why this world never seems to make sense at times. Atlantis was a space colony and this Earth was an Eden. That means a habitable planet and we were co-created by advance races. A galactic war caused the benevolent ones to leave and they have let us evolve on our own while malevolent ones tried to control us from the shadows. The benevolent ones love and serve the same higher power we call God or the Prime Creator. When you truly think about it the Creator created a perfect universe for us and the eye of God truly does open during the eclipse.

There is creation, evolution, and co-creation in the multiverse and it is likely hundreds of billions of years old. We have made many creations of our own in third density and that will only increase more as we ascend. Do a Google search off the coast of North Africa (51.16N, 194.2293W) and you will see the inland canals on the sea bed this is likely a city in Atlantis that Plato was told about. This is a huge area and we do not have technology today to do that type of construction. You can also see similar cannels of the coast of Ireland (31.19N, 24.55W). These are the true builders of Stonehenge and science has been carbon dating people who used this site much later. Stonehenge is an astrological calculator used for predicting solar and lunar eclipses. A high priest marked the rising and setting sun and moon with wood pegs by using the shadows as markers. This would help indicate when an eclipse or alignment would occur.

They also found similar rock circle outcrops in Goblekli Tepe in Turkey. Someone buried this site very carefully almost like they wanted us to find it later. As usual science is reading it all wrong, but it is also an astrological calculator for predicting eclipses. The famous Russian painter and mystic Nicolas Roerich found similar circular rock outcrops on his expeditions in Mongolia and Tibet as well in the early 1900s. There were no Druids in Tibet and all these sites are likely 10-12 thousand years old. When they asked the local lamas who put them there they said the ancients did. They also found one in Canada and have no idea who built it. The ancients knew the power of the eclipse and maybe they wanted us to figure it out for ourselves. Maybe this is part of our spiritual evolution. This is a spiritual multiverse, so first contact is not made when we reach the speed of light, but when we find the light. The Nazca lines in Peru are cruder and they are also used for predicting solar and lunar eclipses. Maybe the remnants of Atlantis lost there technology during the flood and could not cut large monolith stones, so they improvised with lines in the sand. There was also a series of eclipses during the time of their construction.

Even the Hieroglyph of THOTH in Egypt tells a similar story. The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that have circles above people's heads illustrate the same thing as a halo in Christian or Buddhist art. The two pyramids in Thoth's hand represent the cosmic zero point of the eclipse. The eye of Horus is when the sun and moon come together as one. The early Egyptians also had eclipse discs and hand held instruments for predicting the dates. This was likely Atlantean technology, but the later pyramids were built for pathetic men trying to glorify themselves. The Ankh on THOTH's arm is to break the cosmic egg during ascension. I think they were some kind of tuning fork device to help open the chakras up as pictures often show them being held to the lips. The Tibetans use singing bowls and special mantras to do the same thing.

The Mayans could predict eclipses thousands of years in advance using the long count. The Incas called the eclipse the eye of God and many claim they were the builders of the Nazca lines in Peru. It always seems that wherever these great civilizations existed the dark ones came later to corrupt the teachings and ruin the civilization. This is the role of the dark unfortunately and I think much of it was influenced by off world malevolent beings. Some have claimed they were told about a galactic war and maybe we really were caught up in it. Do you really think we are alone in this multiverse with trillions of galaxies each supporting trillions of suns? The lower vibrating worlds all likely have the fight between the dark and the light. We still kill each other and allow members of our own species to starve, so I would imagine we are viewed as a developing race that is not ready for direct contact.

The most obvious thing about this event took me another six months to figure out. Buddhists celebrate Wesak Festival on the full moon in May. Many historians believe Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment during the full moon of April or May. All lunar eclipses occur during full moons in the months of Feb, Mar, April or May. It is highly probable Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment during a lunar eclipse 2500 years ago. In the Diamond Sutra he talked about the galaxies, so he was aware of the scale of the multiverse when the technology was not available to even prove something like another galaxy existed. Maybe he just prepared for full moons and every year or so he would have a harvest. They say thousand of enlightened monks lived with him during his time on earth. All the great avatars of the past have come from the higher worlds in the multiverse. One can also visually watch for a full moon approaching and this would have provided them with a couple days of preparation.

There is even a quote in the Gospel of Matthew 6:22 that say "therefore thine eye be single the whole body shall be full of light. It reads differently in all the versions out there, but this is the original quote. This quote means no duality, but it could also be when the cosmic eye is singe. If you are a Christian and reading this the number one question you should ask is why is there not one church teaching you how to get a halo. If you are a critical thinker you already know why. The Roman Empire was made up of dark souls and the early church suppressed it. The Gnostics and Origen Adamantius of Egypt openly taught these concepts. The early church actually tortured Origen to rescind his beliefs and he died of his wounds two years later and his teachings were altered. The story of Horus and Krishna are also similar, so it is hard to tell what aspects may have been interchanged.

You all are more than the beliefs and concepts you have held on to as absolute truths. Be brave and let go of that which is not uplifting to the spirit. Let go of the unnecessary and learn to live simplistic joyful lives again. If a belief promotes division or perpetuates fear then it really is empty of any wisdom or truth. A wise person can see past all the false appearances of life and chases after nothing. The greatest effort is to conquer the illusory self. We are all about to take some giant steps on planet earth, and hopefully most will be prepared and we can all come together as a family. Listen to your spirit and it will guide you all the way back home. If you think the spirit is not real then ask why it hurts in your heart chakra when you are hurt emotionally when love fails. It is your spirit weeping. When you are scared suddenly many will actually place their hand over their solar plexus chakra as this is were fear presents.

The real miracle is each and every one of you. You are infinitely wise and have all the answers that lie dormant within. Wake up the Buddha-nature and become the amazing physical angel you were meant to be. I do not have all the answers, but if we truly are going to pass through the galactic plane in 2012 then that alignment could be like one giant eclipse and many could become illumined. It could also have a strong magnetic field that will shake the earth a little before we pass through it. If science can prove this is going to happen a coastal home may not be a good place to be during this time, but have no fear as you will be fine. Whatever the future brings be certain it will be truly a golden age. We must create it and align our thoughts around a common goal so we can manifest the new earth. We create with thoughts and if you have 2 billion people waiting for an end time we will create it. This was the plan of the dark so find the love and light instead.

I wanted to wait until my book got published before I released this, but the recent crop circles seem to be telling the world about the power of the eclipse. My heart tells me many are ready for this information and I hope it helps others ascend. Take your time with this and make sure you are walking the higher path before you try ascending during lunar eclipses. Do not take this warning lightly or some may be witness to their own insanity. If you teach others make sure they work through the basic steps first. The eclipses will gain in strength with the new energy coming to earth and some may become illumined without being fully prepared and this information will help them tremendously. There is a whole series of eclipses coming up, and in 2014 and 2015 four total lunar eclipses occur. The key steps to attain enlightenment are as follows:

• Develop a deeper understanding of all things (Wisdom)
• Drop all appearances, concepts and distinctions in your life (Ending duality)
• Less sitting and more awareness in motion (Perpetual mindfulness)
• Connect with nature everyday as it will show you the divine way forward (Feeding the spirit prana)
• Love unconditionally and develop universal compassion for all living things (Heart)
• Treat eclipses as holy days and make sure your thoughts are pure and your actions always serve the common good (Timing)

Someday the eclipse will come for you, but take your time to build a strong foundation of being first and have no goals for even enlightenment itself. Life is blissful when the race with the mind stops and the Buddha-nature within is revealed. If this message resonates truth with you please send it to others you know who are willing and ready to walk a higher path and ascend. Many of you are just one lunar eclipse away from perpetual bliss. The golden key of ascension will unlock any spirit ready to ascend. We are connected to the cosmos in the same way our cells in our body are connected to each other. All is one after all. Unconditional love, joy, beauty, compassion, and simplicity are the only tools you will need to see the fifth world dawn. May the dharma wheels spin for eternity. The Wen of Zen is now.

Preparing for Ascension

The conditions you are going through are great times for bringing out the best in people. There is an inherent something about many of you that responds to the needs of others, particularly when drastic action is required. The further you are pushed the greater is the compassion and desire to help each other. The recent years have been a make or break period, as the Light and dark have struggled to exert themselves. Outwardly the dark see their plan of enslaving the people of Earth appearing to work, but on another level the Light has been growing in intensity. The Light has now won the battle, and it only remains for it to manifest more fully to complete this cycle successfully.

For eons of time the dark forces have maintained a condition of separation, by whatever means possible. It has fermented any differences between nations, and set one against the other. It has also worked to influence their affairs, and it has often been engineered by placing their puppets within their governments and other high places. This is why there has to be governmental changes to remove them, and ensure Beings of the Light are installed. Once this has happened, we will then be able to go ahead with our plan for First Contact. You can already see that political parties are under extreme pressures to change, and if they do not they know they have no future. So you find political turmoil and hesitance, as they try to cling to the old paradigm that is now unworkable.

Whilst all the challenges are being sorted out our plans proceed to assist the abundance programs, but these also need adequate support to ensure they are put into being and serve the people. They will not be allowed to fall to the Illuminati, who would nevertheless attempt to steal the precious metals, and they are well protected by us. It is not just our duty, but also our desire to see the wealth of the world fairly distributed. For too long it has been siphoned off into the Illuminati banking families, who have used it to buy support for their plan. It does not matter where their precious metals are hidden, as there is no place that is hidden from our eyes.

The Light is shaking the foundations of all that is not for the highest purpose of Man. What has been hidden is being revealed, along with a great desire to reveal the truth about such covert operations. Evidence may be destroyed but we have the means to bring back it back to life, as we have any event of the past. The truth will out and Mankind will be able to see how his lives have been manipulated, and his assets, independence and sovereignty have been taken away from him. That is all to change and Man will gain back his total freedom to decide his own future. With Ascension the upliftment will mean that you return to levels that are your real home. Levels where you will be at peace, with everything around you of a high vibration revealing the splendor and beauty that exists beyond your present Earth.

We know many of you are tired of the daily frustrations and continual pressures to live a normal life. However, know that it is soon to end in a blaze of glory through the process of Ascension, and you will soon forget the difficult times. You have all traveled a long way to get to this point in your evolution, and the final efforts required to ascend are more than worth your total dedication to achieving it. Remember it will be the new you taking your place in the higher dimensions, and your body will be of a much lighter composition and in no way a burden such as your present physical one. The ailments that beset people on Earth will no longer affect you, as it will be beyond corruption or disease. If you have ever been out of the body you will know exactly what I mean, and how wonderfully free you feel and that is how it will be.

What is to come is overwhelming to many people, as it is hard to grasp how it will feel to be so vastly different to your present self. You are Cosmic Beings and you need to exist on a higher level to be able to experience the Cosmos. Earth is a prison from which you are about to be released to the real worlds that exist beyond it. You have learnt a lot from being in duality for so long, and your experience will see you serving others who are still bound by the lower vibrations. You will have the ability to lift others up, and your Light will open their hearts and minds to the reality of their God selves.

Wherever you are on your journey through evolution, there will always be an inner urge to find your true purpose in life. Also, a feeling that home is somewhere else, as the Earth does not satisfy your longing to find your real one. That urge propels you onwards until you find a path that leads you to the Light. The purpose of the Galactic Federation is to help you onto that path, and we serve the Will of God to ensure the plan for your evolution goes forward without hindrance. As Ones who have already ascended we are ideally suited to guide you on your journey. It is something that we have taken part in on numerous occasions, but for us it is to be a new experience because you are to ascend with your physical body.

We know you are full of questions and can assure you that following our arrival on Earth; the truth of many matters connected with Earth will be addressed. There is nothing that will be hidden from you, and your true history and purpose for being on Earth will be beamed around the world. It will be supported by evidence, as we wish to leave you in no doubt as to the truth. From the ancient of days your history was recorded for each civilisation, but little has survived due to acts of deliberate destruction, or hidden away by those who have gained from keeping you in the dark. Your modern history is also full of errors and alterations that hide the reality of what really happened.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and my background is much like yours, as my genetic history is linked with other civilisations. It has usually been through a deliberate intent to create the perfect Being, and this seeking never ends except you become pure Light Beings. However, first things first as the priority is to make sure as many of you as possible are prepared for Ascension. Initially all it requires is your intention to follow that path, and go forward with love in your hearts. Be sure we will be there with love in ours for you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Environmental Ion Depletion. Implications For Health


All VDTs and televisions exhibit an intrinsic problem of producing electrostatic charges on the face of the CRT (cathode ray tube). The charges can reach 50,000 volts per square inch. This positively charged surface tends to attract all negative ions in the intervening air space and neutralize them, thus creating a hazardous ion depletion in the work area of the operator. Numerous health authorities believe that the subsequent ion imbalance results in Video Operator's Distress Syndrome (VODS) which include symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory distress, skin rashes, etc. Also the ion imbalance increases the deposit of dust and other airborne contaminants onto the VDT screen as well as its operator.

Atmospheric ions are electrically charged molecules which make up the constituent gas in the air we breathe. While some controversy exists regarding the specific nature of various species of ions, it is generally agreed that negative ions are charged forms of oxygen and water in the form of O2-(H2O)n and CO2-. Positive ions are more likely to be N2+.

These charged air ions can be measured using sophisticated laboratory equipment. Measurement of these ions over the past few decades has revealed major differences exist between the air we breathe in a rural environment and the air we breathe in urban areas, especially indoors in urban centers. For example, a rural outdoor measurement would typically contain 2000 positive and 1500 negative ions per cubic centimeter of sampled air. An air conditioned data terminal center in the city contains on an average only 100 positive to 50 negative ions per cubic centimeter of sampled air.

The reason such a large disparity exists is generally due to the following factors:

  1. Ducted air conditioning. The metal ducting attracts charged particles and the air is subsequently depleted of ions.

  2. Static electricity, particularly positive voltage fields, attracts and degrades oppositely charged particles. Static charges are generated by VDTs, Synthetic carpets,furniture wall fabrics, and workers' clothing.

  3. Smoke and air pollution. The localized effect of dust, smoke, and other materials act as a sponge to literally soak up airborne ions.

  4. High density of individuals. Each individual removes ions from the air while breathing and each carries a certain amount of static electricity. The greater the concentration of individuals in a given air space the greater the likelihood of ion depletion.

Research has intensified recently regarding the possible health effects associated with ion depletion. This is due largely to findings of Prof. Albert Kruger (ref) and other noted scientists. Professor Kruger demonstrated that ions are biologically active. As such, they exert a direct impact on the body's ability to absorb oxygen into blood cells, oxidize serotonin in the blood stream and enhance or retard the body's efficiency in filtering airborne contaminants from lung tissue. His findings further isolated the negative ions as being productive to biological efficiency while the positive ions were generally found to be detrimental. The absence of either positive or negative charges in the breathable atmosphere resulted in death by suffocation to laboratory mice since their systems were unable to absorb nonionized oxygen.

Researchers in Russia (MINKH), Norway (HANS H. TJONN, M.D.), Israel (SULMAN, Ph.D), United States (ALEXANDER and FISHER, M.D.) and England (L. H. HAWKINS, Ph.D) are but a few who successfully linked the existence of air ion depletion to detrimental biological and behavioral effects in humans. Best known for studies relative to VDT operators was Leslie H. Hawkins, Ph.D., senior lecturer in human biology at the University of Surrey, Guildford, England. Dr. Hawkins conducted extensive double blind occupational studies to determine if positive and/or negative atmospheric ion levels could influence actual performance levels as well as attitudes among VDT operators.

The results of Dr. Hawkins' studies were published in the book Health Hazards from VDTs as well as a number of industry trade journals. He demonstrated that a majority of VDT operators (5:1) reported feeling more comfortable and alert when the deionized environment in which they had been working was replenished with a natural level of negative ions (anions). His studies also revealed that replenished anionic air increased work efficiency and productivity on the part of VDT operators with a concurrent reduction in reported symptoms of nausea, stress, fatigue, dizziness, etc.

Dr. Hawkins summarized his findings by acknowledging the fact that approximately 75 percent of all individuals are directly affected by severe changes in atmospheric ion balance. Further, he stated that VDT operators usually work in areas deficient in negative ions due to the static charge on the surface of their monitors which virtually annihilates the limited existence of available negative ions. He recommends that the introduction of artificially generated negative ions can significantly reduce complaint of illness, particularly headache, nausea, and dizziness while simultaneously improving the worker's subjective rating of the environment. He further found that negative ions improve certain types of psychological and psychomotor performance. Dr. Hawkins also cautioned maintenance of ion levels at the workstation should not be considered a total solution since other factors contribute to the complex nature of workplace safety. Human engineering, which deals directly with ion levels alone, has proven to substantially reduce illness and increase comfort and productivity among workers subject to such engineering.

Dr. Hawkins' studies demonstrate a significant reduction in ion levels near VDTs due to the high positive charge on the screen (figure 1). Where a large number of VDTs exist in a confined space, they collectively reduce ion levels of the total environment. More important is the fact that in the micro-environment in which the VDT operator is confined the depletion level is far greater than the room in general.

Distance from screen (meters)

Figure 1: Ion levels near a 14 inch screen with a surface charge of only +6 kv. The shaded area is the area in which most VDT operators position their head in relation to the screen.

The double blind procedure conducted by Dr. Hawkins consisted of installing negative ion generators in the work area and not allowing the subjects to know if the generators were on or off. The first four weeks consisted of ionizers installed but not working. During weeks 5 - 12, the ionizers were switched on, again unknown to the experimental design, thus insuring a double blind procedure. At the end of each week period, each subject completed a questionnaire. The incidence of reported headaches alone is shown in figure 2. Nausea and dizziness were reported as being proportionally increased when ionizers were turned off.

Figure 2: Effects of shift and ions on headaches. The incidence is expressed as the percentage of individuals in the group complaining at least once during any week.

Reported symptoms relative to facial rashes and eye irritation among VDT operators have been investigated by a number of respected dermatologists. Initially it was suspected facial skin symptoms and eruptions may be attributed to electromagnetic radiation from VDTs. However, Dr. Alexander A. Fisher, M.D., (ref) (clinical Professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical School) and Drs. R.J.G. Rycroft and C. D. Calnom (ref) (St. John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, London, United Kingdom) conducted case studies concluding that while a high number of facial rashes were present among VDT operators there was no evidence the rashes were being caused by electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Studies conducted by Hans H. Tjonn, M.D. (Directorate of Labour Inspection, Oslo, Norway) investigated possible causes of reported VDT operator skin rashes from sources other than electromagnetic radiation. By placing a window glass shielding between the operator and the screen, doctors reported subjects did not experience less facial irritation. Placing a grounded conductive material between the VDT operator and the screen did prevent cases from developing an outbreak. Finally, replacing most items in the environment which were a source of static voltage buildup, such as synthetic carpets, prevented cases from occurring at all.

The results of these studies led the researchers to conclude that electrostatic phenomena in a series of VDT work areas demonstrated that rash-prone operators are commonly exposed to extreme electrostatic fields which are caused by the high voltage associated with the VDTs and by electric charges accumulated by the bodies of the operators. Subsequently, a precipitation of submicron particles to the skin of the VDT operators contributes significantly to irritation and occasional infection of the skin.

Mitigation techniques include elimination of all static voltage generating sources, neutralization of static potentials (grounding) or balancing of charges in a predominantly positive field potential (ion balance). Elimination of static generating devices is, of course, impractical in most cases. Installing a grounding shield between the VDT operator and the screen is possible using a conductive screen mesh which may also double as a glare filter. However, these techniques, while moderately effective, do not correct the problem of negative ion depleted air. To fully mitigate the problems produced by static charge build-up and its subsequent harmful effects, the more effective means of correction is to treat the atmosphere itself. Zenion Industries, Inc. of Rohnert Park, California, manufactures just such a device called the Screen ELFtm. It is an inexpensive electronic device which mounts directly on the VDT and provides a constant flow of negative ion-enriched air to establish an "air wall" between the operator and the VDT equipment. Using a unique, patented pulsed plasma energy source, the Screen ELF recirculates the workstation atmosphere without voltage build-up and oxidizes unwanted chemicals and many airborne bacteria.

A study conducted by Bruce L. Rosenberg of the Federal Aviation Administration (ref) confirmed that flight control operators overwhelmingly experienced the same symptoms currently being reported by VDT operators. Air traffic control operators, like VDT operators, are exposed to cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in the radar control centers around the country. Mr. Rosenberg endeavored to discover if the incident of stress, fatigue, and skin irritation, etc. could, indeed, be attributed to the excessive, self-induced ion imbalance produced by the equipment and other factors in flight control centers. His findings did, in fact, confirm previous isolated studies and resulted in his recommendation to regulate ion levels, particularly negative ions, in all flight control centers. He further recommended negative ion levels in atmospheres should not be allowed to drop below 500 ions per cubic centimeter of air and that this threshold standard should also be applied to commercial aircraft compartments



Static Electricity Effects On Health

Static Causes Insomnia: Dr. Christopher also said that our bodies collect excessive static vibration. Our bodies receive electricity through the top of the head where we used to have soft spots when we were babies. This electricity is essential to our bodies but it must be fresh and free flowing, coming through the top of the head, down the spine, through the body and is grounded out into the earth. When we do not let the electricity out and be grounded into the earth, it becomes static and toxic and builds up so much that new electricity can't come in. We can't sleep and we become hard to live with. Each day, therefore, we need to send some time out on the lawn or the ground to get rid of this static electricity in the body. There was an elderly man who was having a lot of trouble sleeping. His insomnia got so bad that he became very difficult to be around. His son knew this principle of walking on the earth to discharge unwanted energy and tried to convince his father to do so, but his father said that no one was going to get him to take off his shoes in public and walk on the lawn barefooted! However, one day, the son said, "Dad, I have something I must talk to you about". He sat the old man down, quickly took off his shoes and whisked him outside. They walked around the lawn a few times, talking and then the old man said that he was feeling tired. He went in the house and went to bed--and slept all night! We have noticed that native peoples who walk without shoes or who wear leather soles that let the energy through are much less nervous than those of us who wear synthetic or rubber soles. We spend a good deal of the summer without shoes and although it may not look as proper or civilized as wearing the plastic sandals that are the style now, we feel much less nervous and very harmonious during this time.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Primal Defense Homeostatic Soil Organisms

What is Primal Defense ?

Primal Defense is a whole food probiotic blend containing 14 strains of hardy plant based, non-dairy HSOs(Homeostatic Soil Organisms.) HSOscontain naturally occurring live enzymes, vitamins and minerals designed to optimize the digestive terrain, bowel and immune system function. These unique micro-organisms are shown to devour undigested matter, and eliminate yeast, parasites and bad bacteria from the intestines. Primal Defense contains the same nutrients used for thousands of years by some of the healthiest and longest living people in the world.








Why do we need Primal Defense?

Beneficial soil and plant based microbes used to be ingested through food grown in rich, unpolluted soil. However, for the last 50 years our soil has been sterilized with pesticides and herbicides, destroying most bacteria, both bad and good. Our modern lifestyle, which includes antibiotics, chlorinated water, agricultural chemicals, pollution and poor diet, is responsible for eradicating much of the beneficial bacteria in our bodies. A lack of beneficial microorganisms often results in poor intestinal and immune system health, contributing to a wide range of symptoms and illnesses.

The following symptoms may result from a lack of probiotics:

  • Gas, Bloating and Indigestion

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  • Diarrhea and/or Constipation

  • Skin problems such as Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis

  • Bad Breath and Body Odor

  • Delayed development in children

  • Candida Yeast Infections

  • High Cholesterol Levels

  • Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

  • Frequent Colds and Flu

What are HSOs (Homeostatic Soil Organisms)?

The main component in Primal Defense is HSOs, which have been used for over 22 years by thousands of health care practitioners. The non-mutated naturally occurring colonies of probiotics are from the original, pristine cultures found in unpolluted soil and plants, now cultivated in U.S. laboratories using proprietary methods. The HSOsare in a substrate of nutrient rich superfoods providing vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and proteins. The probiotics are then made dormant using the Microflora Delivery System, which protects and delivers them directly to the GI tract where they multiply and flourish.

How do HSOs work?

Impervious to stomach acids and the digestive process, the microorganisms move through the stomach into the intestinal tract where they form colonies along the intestinal walls. HSOsmultiply in the intestines and actually compete with harmful bacteria and yeasts for receptor sites, crowding out pathogens and taking up residence. Once established, the organisms quickly begin producing the proper environment for nutrient absorption, thus reinstating a balanced pH.

According to early research and anecdotal evidence, the following is a summary of the actions of HSOs™ .

  • Work from inside the intestines dislodging accumulated decay from the walls and flushing out waste.

  • Breaks down hydrocarbons, a unique ability to split food into its most basic elements allowing almost total absorption through the digestive system. This increases overall nutrition and enhances cellular development.

  • Produce specific proteins that act as antigens, encouraging the immune system to manufacture huge pools of uncoded antibodies. This increased production of antibodies may significantly boost the body's ability to ward off disease.

  • ery aggressive against pathological molds, yeasts, fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses.

  • VWork in symbiosis with somatic (tissue or organ) cells to metabolize proteins and eliminate toxic waste.

  • Stimulate the body to produce natural alpha-interferon, a potent immune system enhancer and powerful virus inhibitor.

  • Provides critical Lactoferrin supplementation as a by-product of their metabolism. Lactoferrin is an iron binding protein essential for retrieving iron from foods.

What is the difference between Primal Defense and other probiotics?

Even if they manage to get through the destructive stomach acids, most probiotic supplements can have a difficult time implanting in colons that are pH imbalanced or have too many harmful bacteria. HSOs™ are designed to implant in any colonic environment. The Microflora Delivery System™ensures that the probiotics colonize throughout the digestive tract where they are most effective. The probiotics contained in Primal Defense™ are grown and incorporated into a living whole food substrate using the Poten-Zyme™ process, which allows them to thrive on their long journey through the GI tract.

Most probiotics on the market today grow bacteria, and then in a centrifuge, separate them from their substrate. We believe the substrate is as important as the probiotics themselves. Many probiotics have included fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in their product. FOS is an indigestible sugar that may cause digestive disturbances in certain individuals. Primal Defense™ contains no FOS.

Since most probiotic supplements contain live cultures, they are temperature and age sensitive, therefore requiring refrigeration. If room temperature can begin to degrade these probiotics, imagine what the warm human body will do. Our HSOs™ remain dormant until activated by body fluids, thus requiring no refrigeration. Many probiotic products measure their potency in colony forming units (CFU), whereas in Primal Defense™, it's not the quantity of probiotics, it's the quality. The hardy probiotic strains in Primal Defense™ are resistant to heat, cold, stomach acid, chlorine, fluorine, ascorbic acid and bile. The efficacy of a probiotic should be based upon its ability to ferment foods.

What are physicians saying about Primal Defense?

"I use quite a bit of Primal Defense™ for tough cases of bowel toxemia and irritable bowel syndrome. My patients like it, and I attest to Primal Defense™ being a superior product for gut metabolism."
-James Privatera, MD

"Almost all people who consult me for the care of irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis, Lyme disease, or infections get their gut flora changed to healthier consistencies by my prescribing Primal Defense™ for them. I am invariably using one of the lactobacillus preparations, and the HSOs™ in Primal Defense™ as the top of the line, the Cadillac of lactobacilli."
-Seldon Nelson, DO

"For many years now, I have been involved in alternative medical care and integrated medicine. In the search for effective, safe remedies, I am constantly reviewing product claims and anecdotal reports. More often than not they fail to meet my expectations, that is, except for Primal Defense™. This product generated the most affirmative response I have ever seen."
-Charles Hamel, MD

"As a mother and physician, I am enthusiastic about Primal Defense as a treatment for autism. Children with this disorder do not have normal gut functioning. Often they are infected with candida and clostridium, and fail to develop normally. If parents would put their little patients on a dairy-free diet and also supplement with Primal Defense™, much improvement in their communication skills would occur and many autistic symptoms would disappear. This happened for my son."
-Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

"I believe Primal Defense™ is applicable as a food supplement for everyone, whether a person is sick or not. Where people specifically find advantages in using Primal Defense™ is in situations involving chronic disease of gut origin. Since my expertise lies in the area of gastrointestinal disorders, this product is the primary therapy that I utilize on a routine basis. People with arthritis, chronic constipation, Crohn's disease, colitis, and other gut-linked systemic conditions improve by supplementing with Primal Defense™."
-Joseph Brasco, MD, Board Certified Gastroenterologist

"One of my patients had exceedingly elevated blood triglycerides at 305 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). Six weeks later, after taking the soil organisms, her triglycerides dropped to a mere 151 mg/dl. I'm excited about the product. There are many positive experiences associated with it."
-Phyllis Wilson Confer, DC

Two Primal Delivery Systems

Primal Defense comes in two easy to use forms: powder and UltraZorbecaplets. UltraZorbe caplets (Ultra-absorption) utilize a proprietary technology that fully preserves the delicate probiotics and enzymes in the product without the use of heat. UltraZorbecaplets are designed to rapidly disintegrate and dissolve thus delivering the nutrients in the most efficient and effective manner. Just drop a few caplets in water and see for yourself.

Primal Defense is cultured with the following:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus Lactobacillus Leichmannii

  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Lactobacillus Lactis

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum Lactobacillus Caseii

  • Lactobacillus Brevis Bifidobacteria Bifidum

  • Lactobacillus Caucasicus Saccharomyces Boulardii **

  • Lactobacillus Fermenti Bacillus Subtilis

  • Lactobacillus Helveticus Bacillus Lichenformis

Primal Defense™ is a natural whole food probiotic blend of HSOs(Homeostatic Soil Organisms) utilizing the Poten-Zyme™ process and the Microflora Delivery System™. Primal Defense™ contains naturally occuring enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and phyto sterols/sterolins.

** A lactic acid yeast that does not promote the growth of Candida.

Primal Defense
Supplement Fact Sheet


Suggested Use: Adults may take 1 caplet or scoop three times per day with 8oz of water or juice. For advanced usage, gradually increase dosage to 6-12 per day for 90 days, allowing the microorganisms to fully colonize - then gradually decrease to desired maintenance level of 3 per day. Best when taken on an empty stomach. Safe for all ages. Great for pets.
Caution: To avoid rapid detoxification start with 1 caplet per day and gradually increase to desired amount.
UltraZorbe™ caplets are processed without the use
of heat.
100% Vegetarian Product
**The naturally occurring fulvic source iron and ionic minerals contained in Primal Defense™ provides an ideal food source for the HSOs™.dy.

How to take Primal Defense Ultrazorbe Caplets

How Many / How Long. This is a therapeutic product. Proceed gradually. Primal Defense begins to clean out toxins and pathogens right away. However, if you increase too quickly, the cleansing will occur faster than the body can eliminate the accumulated toxins. This may cause some discomfort (see "What to Expect When Taking Primal Defense Ultrazorbe Caplets")

  1. How many: Start with one 900mg caplet per day and work up to a minimum of six per day for an average of about three months. This is done by taking one caplet for the first few days, two for the next few days, etc. People with severe problems may want to work up to and stay on a higher dosage longer. The therapeutic dosage for chronic or problematic illness is an average of twelve 900mg. caplets per day. During the three month period you will saturate your body with beneficial bacteria and allow the immune system functions to react. After three months or so you can gradually decrease back to the recommended maintenance serving of three caplets per day (one bottle per month).
  2. Water: Drink plenty of water: 8-10oz of only distilled or reverse-osmosis filtered water.
  3. When to take: Primal Defense is most effective when taken on a timed schedule. It is best to take the product 2-3 times per day equally spaced out by time. Take on an empty stomach at least 1/2 hour before meals, first thing in the morning or before bedtime.

Prohibitions. The following prohibitions should be observed:

  1. NO CHLORINATED WATER. Chlorine can kill beneficial bacteria in the body. Use distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water only. Drinking chlorinated water once in a while (such as in a restaurant) is OK.
  2. NO HARSH HERBAL COLON CLEANSES. These may be too invasive and interfere with the bacterial balance. If constipation occurs take a mild herbal laxative. HSOs cleanse the colon of putrefaction and balance colonic bacteria environment. This is generally accomplished in a gentle, systematic manner.
  3. COLON HYDROTHERAPY (physical cleanses, water only, no oxygen) is an excellent method of removing die-off bacteria parasites, and also to remove broken up mucoid (putrefaction)
  4. NO PARASITE KILLERS. Primal Defense and olive leaf extract will assist the body with the elimination of parasites, both regular and amoebic. Some herbal parasite killers may interfere with soil organisms ability to colonize.
  5. ANTIBIOTIC DRUGS. It is believed that antibiotics MAY kill much of the bacteria in the GI track, although some strains may survive. There's no definitive research on this subject. The developing biochemist recommends continuing to take Primal Defense (as far apart from the antibiotic ingestion as possible) and increasing the dosage after the antibiotics. Do not take Primal Defense within several hours of other medications.

LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENTS. Many things we do in our daily life affect our bacterial balance, absorption, and immune system. The following adjustments are suggested to increase your body's positive response.

  1. DECREASE COFFEE consumption. The acid in coffee will interfere with the bacterial environment. Try to consume no more than 1 cup per day.
  2. DECREASE SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES (including pasta). These feed parasites and yeast / fungi and can cause imbalances leading to diabetes and other abnormal conditions. Most of us have yeast and fungus overgrowth. Although Primal Defense will deal with this over time, why feed the pathogens if you don't have to? Many people report a decrease in sugar / carbohydrate cravings after being on the product for several months.
  3. INCREASE FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLE consumption. This will facilitate good elimination. Try our concentrated whole food product PERFECT FOOD. It is the nutritional equivalent of 5-10 servings of organic vegetables and the Vitamin C equivalent of 2 servings of fruit (per 2 level tablespoons) There are no fillers and no herbs in Perfect Food, and people who use it report increased energy and better elimination.
  4. INCREASE WATER consumption. You should be drinking at least eight 8-oz glasses of good water (not juice) a day on an empty stomach. Water helps flush toxins from the body to prevent re-absorption.

OTHER SUPPLEMENTS OR MEDICATION. Primal Defense can increase absorption. This means everything you ingest, including supplements, drugs and food, will be absorbed and assimilated better. You will need to monitor any medication, such as insulin and blood pressure medicine, to insure that you are not taking too much. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and whole food supplements (such as greens) are fine. Many people can eliminate enzyme supplements. Primal Defense is enzymatic in action especially when taken before meals. Primal Defense can replace other probiotics. Primal Defense contains ocean phytoplanktons (similar to blue/green algae) that contain over 70 micronutrients. These micronutrients are easily absorbed, providing a good base of trace minerals, proteins, and enzymes.


What Are Beneficial Bacteria? The beneficial microorganisms in the Primal Defense are multiple strains of beneficial "transient" and "resident" bacteria. Our bodies do not manufacture soil bacteria; we used to ingest them every day with unpolluted food from rich non-chemical soil. Since it is difficult to get unpolluted food or soil any more, and we live a lifestyle that kills off much of the good bacteria in our bodies, we have to supplement our diet every day with these organisms. "Resident" bacteria such as acidophillus can only proliferate when we eat the right living foods, our colons are not overrun with yeast or pahogenic bacteria, and our colonic pH is slightly acidic. Beneficial bacteria have multiple function in our bodies. One is to cleanse the rotting layers of undigested hydrocarbons lining our digestive system (including the small intestine); another is to trigger the immune system to create extra immune-bolstering chemicals and extra antibodies (B-lymphocytes). These vigorous antibodies travel the body searching out pathogens or foreign matter, and the increased immune function helps eliminate parasites as well as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts that are in the body actively or left over from previous illnesses. A fight then begins between the revitalized immune system and the pathogenic invaders that will cause a "die-off" (detoxification).

90-Day Program. "Good" bacteria in our intestines are responsible for keeping the "bad" bacteria in check to establish proper balance in the GI tract. Because most of us have putrefaction and bad bacteria, the friendly bacteria in Primal Defense must battle overwhelming odds to crowd out pathogens and have enough left over to provide the immune system with the proper stimulus. THIS NATURAL RESTORATION PROCESS TAKES TIME. You didn't arrive at your current health state overnight. If you are taking the product because you have a health problem, DO NOT EXPECT TO SEE OVERNIGHT RESULTS. BE PREPARED TO COMMIT TO A MINIMUM OF 90 DAYS at the recommended dosage.

Toxin Elimination. Your body may go through a "Healing Opportunity" period. As the body cleanses and repairs itself, toxins MUST BE PURGED from the body. For example, a "cold" is not "the sickness", a cold is the process by which your body eliminates the toxins after the fact. Many people have very few or mild toxin-elimination responses. But some MAY go through what is known as a "Herxheimer Reaction" when the body goes through a bout of what is or has been a symptom of illness. In homeopathy, it is commonly assumed a Herxheimer Reaction is a desired signal meaning the treatment is working. Symptoms of a prior condition repeating for a period of time are called "retracing". If you do experience a "healing opportunity", Don't PANIC, THIS IS NORMAL! The HSO's in Primal Defense are not making you sick. The yeast, fungi, harmful bacteria, parasites or viruses in your body are reacting to your body's own cleansing process.

Many people, when they understand why they may get a reaction, welcome any temporary discomfort they might experience as evidence of the cleansing and healing process. This discomfort is usually short and mild, from several hours to a day or two depending on the individual. For example, a person with allergies may go through an allergic period with headaches, stuffed nose, etc. Someone with chronic fatigue may go through a short time of exhaustion or weakness. A period of constipation is common as putrefaction is being pulled from the colon.

1. Bowel Function. If you've had constipation for a long time, you may have bouts of constipation while the digestive system goes through the normalization process, especially at the higher levels of Primal Defense. Increased constipation is a result not merely of lack of fiber but absence of the good bacteria necessary for enzymatic action on the food. Primal Defense will help your body regulate the elimination process. THIS WILL TAKE TIME. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to aid in the process and take a good green drink (try our "Perfect Food" organic whole food powder) as a supplement. If at any time you become too uncomfortable, decrease the dosage (i.e. if you are taking 6 caplets, back down to 3 or 4.) Do no be alarmed if your stools become very dark. This is the putrefaction being eliminated.

2. Headaches, Sore Throat, Body Aches, Allergic Symptoms, Runny Nose, Phlegm, Pimples or Skin Rashes, Flu-like Symptoms. These are regarded as classic symptoms of detoxification of the body. Rarely will these reactions cause much discomfort; often they last for only several hours and sometimes several days. Poisons have to come out of the body somewhere, and usually come out in the weakest areas. If one has had pneumonia or lung problems, often he will experience mucous and phlegm coughed up from the lungs. Sinus problems often result in headaches as the toxins are being eliminated through the digestive system. DRINK AT LEAST 8 GLASSES OF NON-CHLORINATED WATER DAILY. This will help flush the toxins out of the system.

3. Yeast and Fungus. Primal Defense is extremely aggressive against yeast and other fungi. If you have this problem, start by taking a small amount (1/2 caplet) and gradually increase to 9 to 12 per day. Many people experience yeast elimination very quickly. Sometimes this process takes several months. You may go through some sugar/carbohydrate cravings or even mild depression and tiredness. THIS IS NORMAL and will pass. If you get fecal tests, do not be surprised if more yeast or "bad" bacteria show up in your stool in the first several months. They have to come out somewhere! Because this elimination can be very quick or heavy, proceed conservatively.

4. Discomfort. IF AT ANY TIME YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO CURTAIL YOUR ACTIVITIES, REDUCE YOUR DOSAGE. If you are taking 3 caplets, reduce to 1 caplet. Do not stop taking the product! Just slow down so the toxin elimination is not so fast. Remember, if you are ill, the only way back to permanent health is to eliminate the cause of the disease, not to treat symptoms with drugs.

Primal Defense Clinical Study Results

Homeostatic soil organisms improve candida, asthma, and other conditions in medically unresponsive chronic disease states. A physician skeptic performs the study…

In January 2000, physician skeptic Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C., professor of gastroenterology and public health at Life Chiropractic College, came across promotional materials about a probiotic product called Primal Defense™ containing homeostatic soil organisms thought to be as old as the earth itself; a number of patients had questioned him about this product. Dr. Goldberg is not a big fan of nutritional supplements. He believes the claims surrounding products all too often exaggerate their benefits. He therefore challenged Garden of Life, manufacturer of Primal Defense, to allow him to do his own study utilizing a patient population that had been largely unresponsive to a wide range of medical treatments to see whether this formula could live up to its claims.* The completed study is scheduled to be published this fall in the peer-reviewed journal Progress in Nutrition.

Seventeen patients between 27 to 60 years of age, suffering from chronic diseases unresponsive to standard medical intervention for a minimum of three years, were given eighteen Primal Defense homeostatic soil organism (HSO) caplets per day for 120 days. Patients were evaluated by interview regarding their conditions pre- and post-administration of the Primal Defense caplets along with limited laboratory evaluation. At the termination of the study there were clinical improvements, of varying degrees, in subjects.

Scientific Validation for Primal Defense Soil Organisms
"Sixteen of seventeen subjects completing the study reported improvements in their symptoms including partial to complete relief from bowel problems, decreases in asthmatic symptomatology, increases in energy levels, improvement in skin conditions, improvement in chronic sinus infection and general improvements in overall well being," notes Dr. Goldberg. "No subjects reported any worsening of their symptoms at the completion of the study."

Notable Candida Yeast Reductions
Stool and/or blood testing before and after administration of Primal Defense revealed an appreciable lowering in candida yeast counts in each of the eight subjects who showed elevated yeast counts initially. That is astounding! Every person with elevated candida levels had a significant reduction. No subjects exhibited any significant increase in yeast counts. The results of the before and after stool microbiologies were notable. Based on these samples, the HSOs in Primal Defense appear to be effective at reducing candida yeast growth, Dr. Goldberg notes. Two subjects had candida antibody titers done prior to and after the protocol. Both showed a significant reduction in their titers along with pronounced clinical improvement in their symptoms.

Notable Improvements among Asthmatics
Two subjects had a history of asthma with current symptomatology for which they were on prescription medications. Both of these subjects had a 50 percent or greater reduction in their asthmatic symptoms and in their usage of prescription inhalant medications upon completing the protocol. "Particularly notable was the reduction in asthmatic symptoms seen in two patents who had been asthmatic for many years," notes Dr. Goldberg. "This is consistent with the 'hygiene hypothesis,' which suggests that the upsurge in childhood asthma has accompanied the decrease in bacterial exposure of modern children in industrialized societies and that through greater exposure to bacteria (and other microorganisms) a decrease in the incidence of asthma might be possible."

Notable Improvements in Intestinal Conditions
Eleven of twelve subjects who initially experienced intestinal difficulties reported improvement in their overall bowel function consisting of one or more of the following types: relief from chronic constipation, less irritable bowel-type symptoms, reduced frequency of diarrhea, and greater ease in elimination without straining. None of the subjects reported any negative effects on bowel functioning.

Results Explained
"I have long recognized the importance of the gastrointestinal flora in good intestinal functioning and in regards to a wide variety of systemic health problems," notes Dr. Goldberg. "Dietary modification, fasting, detoxification, lifestyle alterations, all are of positive impact on the gastrointestinal flora when properly applied; yet, with so many forces in our modern lives working against the maintenance of healthy gut flora I felt that additional reinforcement to the flora would be beneficial, particularly in clients with serious chronic health problems."

Dr. Goldberg adds that it has been suggested as far back as the Russian embryologist and immunologist Élie Metchnikoff (1845-1916) that taking supplemental beneficial bacteria to reinforce and balance intestinal flora promotes intestinal well-being and produces systemic benefits. "Mounting epidemiological data and clinical studies support the idea that exposure to a wide variety of bacteria, as found in nature in the soil and general environment, play an important role in the development of healthy immune systems and the general state of resistance, to a wide variety of ailments. Conversely, a theory known as the 'hygiene hypothesis' suggests that many people in modern societies have been too highly protected from normal bacteria. This isolation from the bacteria in our environment, according to the 'hygiene hypothesis,' may contribute to the rise in chronic degenerative diseases such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and a host of allergic conditions.

"It has been suggested that bacteria found in the soil, referred to as homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs) when ingested orally in a probiotic formulation, may have advantages over non HSO-probiotic formulas due to their ability to implant and survive in the gut. The value of HSOs reportedly lies in promoting positive intestinal function with corresponding systemic improvements in the patient's overall nutritional, immunological and gastrointestinal status.

"It has been postulated that human beings ingested HSOs as part and parcel of the dietary intake prior to the sanitizing of food products as it occurs today in most Western nations. There is increasing evidence that our well-intended attempts at sanitizing our homes and food supply with antimicrobial cleaning solutions, disinfectants and soaps may be excessive and contributing to immune systems that do not develop healthy responses to outside influences. This lack of challenge to our immune systems is becoming increasingly suspect in regards to the increasing amounts of asthmatic children, raised under increasingly sanitary conditions, in the United States.

Individual Patient Results
Let's look at the results first, see what kinds of conditions improved (if at all), and to what extent, and then let's try to find the explanation for these results.

Subject 1 A 53-year old male with a 27-year medical history of progressive psoriatic arthritis and ulcerative colitis experienced symptomatic improvement during the first three weeks with improvements in bowel function and arthritic pains followed by an exacerbation with increases in joint inflammation and bloody diarrhea. His Primal Defense dosage was reduced from 18 to two caplets, two times per day, with a reduction of symptoms. The patient increased his dosage over the next several days, returning to 18 caplets per day, completing the 120-day protocol. He reported that his bowel function improved 25 percent by the end of the study with occasional days of "near normal stools," which had not occurred for over five years. Improvements were also noted with less visible blood in his stool, better formed stools, and reduced incidence of cramping. There was no improvement in overall stiffness/joint discomforts. His sedimentation rate fluctuated, but, at the end of the study, remained close to what it had been at the start (55mm/hr). A follow up of the stool microbiology showed a significant reduction in the stool yeast count.

Subject 2 A 42-year-old female radiologist with a five-year history of chronic fungal infection of the lungs also had significant (approximately 25 percent) loss of lung function. She had chronic chest pain upon breathing. Long-term use of the anti-fungal drug Sporonox had not resolved the problem or allowed for any significant improvement. She also had chronic asthma and a significantly elevated serum yeast titer. At completion of the study, the subject reported feeling significant improvement. Her asthma symptomatology had improved by 70 percent, as rated by the subject. She reported greater ease in breathing, improved bowel function, and more energy. She had a reduction in chest pain and significant improvement in spirometer testing by her medical pulmonologist in January 2002. Yeast serum antibody testing performed on this subject at the completion of the study showed a marked drop in the titer from 900 to 438 U/ml. Therefore, it would appear that her infectious state had greatly improved, leading to improved lung function.

Subject 3 A 36-year-old male with chronic psoriasis widespread over his scalp, elbows, face, torso and legs improved with approximately 25 percent of the psoriatic lesions clearing and a lightening of the remaining affected areas.

Subject 4 A 46-year-old male with chronic irritable bowel syndrome since childhood that interfered with social and work activities, reported at the end of the protocol a reduction in symptoms of cramping / diarrhea / irritable bowel of approximately 25 to 30 percent.

Subject 5 A 57-year-old female with chronic diverticulitis, arthritis, and spinal degeneration, did not improve.

Subject 6 A 35-year-old female with chronic constipation of seven years duration and bowel movements that occurred once every three to four days, reported in the third week of the protocol that her constipation had abated entirely with bowel movements occurring every one to two days. She reported an enhanced sense of well being.

Subject 7 A 40-year-old male suffered from chronic fungal sinusitis of six years duration that had been unresponsive to medical treatments including allergy shots, antibiotics, and other drugs. The patient reported excellent response to the 120-day protocol, which was substantiated by examination of sinuses by his physician, an ear, nose and throat specialist. With the improvement of his sinuses, the patient also reported improvement in chronic fatigue that he had suffered from for approximately 10 years.

Subject 8 A 43-year-old female with chronic fatigue, constipation with laxative dependency, and depression, reported significant improvement in energy levels, reduction of depression, and complete relief from chronic constipation of five-plus year's duration with her laxative dependency ended. (Prior to protocol, this patient reported having a bowel movement once every three days. After the protocol, the patient reported a daily bowel movement without laxative usage.)

Subject 9 A 43-year-old female with ulcerative colitis of five years duration, experienced an overall improvement in bowel function (approximately 33 percent as per subject) with reduced bleeding and cramping.

Subject 10 A 34-year-old female with systemic arthritis, joint and muscle pain and irritable bowel syndrome, found that at completion of the protocol she experienced a complete absence of "irritable bowel" symptoms and 75 percent reduction in joint/muscle pain (as per subject's evaluation).

Subject 11 A 22-year-old female was medically diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, joint stiffness and general fatigue. She reported 75 percent improvement in joint stiffness and pain along with increased energy levels at completion of protocol. There was a decline in stool yeast growth, accompanied by drop in candida antibody serum titer from 1,688 to 183 u/ml.

Subject 12 A 40-year-old female with chronic diarrhea and fatigue found that after 40 days, her diarrhea completely abated and she experienced increased energy levels. Upon a follow-up examination after 80 days, she continued to report her bowel symptoms and energy improvement remained.

Subject 13 A 33-year-old female with chronic fatigue, indigestion and constipation, said she moved her bowels approximately once every 21 days. After 90 days, she reported that she was now having daily movements, accompanied by resolution of fatigue and digestive issues. A follow-up interview with the subject 30 days later showed she continued to remain well with absence of prior symptoms.

Subject 14 A 55-year-old female who had approximately one third of her colon removed three years earlier due to malignancy, had been experiencing intestinal distress with diarrhea for about three months. Following 60 days, she reported resolution of symptoms. She reported that she continued to remain symptom-free 60 days later.

Subject 15 A 35-year-old female had suffered chronic irritable bowel syndrome accompanied by cramping, diarrhea, and fatigue for over three years. Following 120 days, she reported a 50 to 75 percent symptomatic improvement in all symptoms. A follow-up of stool microbiology showed elimination of yeast in stool.

Subject 16 A 26-year-old male had a history of chronic nausea. Medical analysis/treatment had not been successful in alleviating the problem. Following 45 days, his nausea abated entirely. Upon follow-up 75 days later, his symptoms continued to be absent.

Subject 17 A 29-year-old female had chronic asthma. After 60 days, her asthma symptomatology had improved by 50 percent with a corresponding decrease in her prescription asthma medications.

"Anecdotal evidence suggests that a variety of chronic gastrointestinal, allergic, autoimmune and degenerative conditions can be positively affected by the consistent (three months or longer) administration of an HSO formulation."