Monday, November 30, 2009

Activating Our Expanded Perceptions

As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand as well. With the awakening of our expanded perceptions, the volumes of information that have been hidden behind the limitations of our five physical senses come to the surface of our awareness and create a transparency in our reality. This "all knowing" in our daily life serves to tear down the remaining illusions of limitation and separation.

Just as we have special talents in our daily lives, certain expanded perceptions will be stronger and will come "online" first to our mundane consciousness. We all have these expanded perceptions as an innate component of our true, multidimensional nature. A greater number of us would openly use our expanded perceptions if we had not suffered judgment from those who feared that which they could not understand. Fortunately, as more and more of us awaken, there is less judgment. Therefore, more and more of us are "coming out" with our newly activated, or long hidden, perceptual abilities.


As with all spiritual/enlightened endeavors, we cannot try to awaken or force our expanded perceptions. The Path to awakening is like a river in which we must stay in the center current to allow ourselves to be easily carried along with the flow. If we struggle or work, we only push ourselves out of the center current and into the many eddies and whirlpools of third dimensional life.

One of the main keys to restoring our innate "psychic" perception is to listen to the still, small voice within that whispers into our mind, heart and body. Just as our physical body uses our five sense to inform us of what we are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and touching, it also alerts us to information that resonates to the expanded frequencies of our higher consciousness.

Through merging with, downloading and integrating our Multidimensional SELF into our third dimensional earth vessel, we upload our new, multidimensional operating system to bring these expanded perceptions online. Then our brain, our biological computer, can signal our body to respond to frequencies of information that were beyond the threshold of our old, third dimensional operating system.

Remember, we do not just raise our consciousness. We expand it. As we expand our consciousness, thinking, expectations and perceptions, we receive information, not only with the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions and beyond, but also with the second, first dimensions, and the quantum realities. When we moved into our exploration of the extremes of individuality, we became separated from our body, our animal instincts, our SELF, others, Spirit, "Heaven," the planet and all of Nature. One of the innate, animal perceptions that we lost was our instinct.


Instinct, which is an innate "knowing," is a second dimensional ability based on our "primitive self" who has the ability to tune into the planet to know where there is water, what food will heal us or poison us and the location of our "tribe." If we "give a horse his head," he will find water. Animals in the wild know what food they are meant to eat and what food will hurt them. Animals know when a predator is stalking them or simply sharing the waterhole. In our quest for evolution, we have lost some of our basic survival skills.

Our instincts are usually a physical sensation, which our left-brain, logical self has been trained to ignore. However, as we regain our Whole Brain Thinking, we begin to become close friends with our earth vessel. As we awaken, we begin to realize that WE are not our body. WE are IN our body. Our physical form is one of many forms that surround our consciousness. However, without our physical body we cannot continue to play the 3D Game.

In other realities in which we held a tribal consciousness, or in which we had to survive off the land, our instinct was one of our most important perceptions. Our instincts are able to pull together information from our five physical senses that are just below our threshold of perception. However, when the distant vision, quiet sound, faint oder, proximity of someone or something that we cannot touch comes together in our right brain, our instincts give us the meaning of the subliminal information. Unfortunately, if we still deny our right-brain perceptions because we have become trapped in our logic, we will not receive their message.

When we say, "I just have a feeling," or "I sense that I am being watched," these statements are arising from our instincts. When we give our attention to these messages, we reinforce our instincts and invite them to remain active in our lives. All of our expanded perceptions are much like muscles. If we use them, they get stronger, but if we don't use them, we lose them.


Empathy is the ability to feel another person's emotions. It is a second dimensional ability shared by "primitive" tribal societies, herd animals, and birds in a flock. An example of this is when our pet comes up and nudges us in an attempt to comfort our sadness. Other examples are a mother's understanding of what her nonverbal infant needs or a healer's deep knowing of how a patient feels.

Empathy is another one of our "animal perceptions," in which we must pay attention to our bodies in order to receive and understand them. Darwin wrote about animals' four basic emotions as a means for survival. The survival purpose of fear is to create a state of fight or flight; sadness creates bonding within the herd/pack/flock; happiness urges procreation of the species; and anger's purpose is to break through barriers. Our third dimensional animal self makes use of emotions in much the same way.

We tend to be more empathic with people that we deeply care for, even love. However, intense anger or fear can doom us to feeling the emotions of the person whom we greatly dislike. The complicated part of empathy is that we feel the emotions of another in our own bodies, as if they are our emotions. Therefore, to avoid confusion we need to understand our own emotions. For example, if we are in a fine mood and we walk into a room where someone is angry, it will not feel like that person is angry, but instead it will feel like we are angry.

In order to differentiate between our own feelings and someone else's, we need to have a conscious recognition of our own emotions. Then, when we walk into that room and say, "I suddenly feel very angry," we can also say, "However, it does not feel like my anger." In that case, we can look around the room to determine the source of the anger that we have been feeling inside our own body. Empathy is not limited to time and space. We can suddenly feel an emotion from someone far away. However, this is usually only when we have a strong, psychic attachment to that person.

Fear and anger are very loud emotions because they are important to activate the Fight/Flight Response of our body. These emotions are loud in our psyche because they are directly related to our survival mechanism. Sadness is not as loud, but it is very contagious. We have all had experiences of crying at a funeral of someone we didn't know that well, but we empathically feel everyone's sadness.

Love, and the happiness that arises from love, comes in two categories: 1) conditional love (from humans); and 2) unconditional love (from Spirit). If we have no ability to feel and identify a certain emotion in our own body, it will be difficult for us to empathically feel that emotion in another. Hence, if we have never experienced someone loving us, or if we have never loved our self, we may be very close to someone who deeply loves us and never know it. It is sad to say that love is learned, but here, in the third dimension, it can be true.

Fortunately, there are those who never lose their connection to spiritual love. These people have "eleventh hour luck," for they always find someone to love them when they need it, even though they currently have no loving support. In fact, many of those who vowed to awaken in this lifetime were born into loveless childhoods to urge them to look inside to find the love they need. The gift is that when they look inside, they not only find love, they find unconditional love from spirit.


Intuition, another form of bodily knowing, gives us answers, "gut feelings," without the need for thought. Intuition is the ability to combine the perceptions of the fourth dimension and beyond, such as vision, hearing, proprioception (your location in space) and smell. All these abilities are derived from our brain's functioning beyond the 10-15% range that is considered "normal." Many people use their intuition everyday, but they call it "luck."

Intuition is much like instinct, except that it calls in the messages, answers and protection from our Spirit Guides. Instinct and empathy come to us while we are in daily, beta brainwave consciousness. On the other hand, it takes alpha wave consciousness to access our intuition. We get an intuition when we "think outside of the box," beyond the limitations of daily, third dimensional thinking.

Intuition can come to us as a warning or message from "above." Of course, as we awaken, we realize that the message does not come from above but instead, from within. Hence, in order to receive our deepest intuition, we need to venture into the hidden places of our unconscious mind and injured heart. If we cannot gain a clear reading on our own emotions, we will project that tainted reading onto our intuition about others and get faulty information.

In other words, if we look out into the world with dark glasses, or an unclear aura, it will look as though the outside world is dirty or unclear. Because we are unaware of our "dark glasses," we will not realize that the darkness and lack of clarity is within our own consciousness. Unresolved fear, anger and sadness tarnish our vision of reality and make us feel too unsafe to surrender to Spirit to receive our healing. As children, many of us had perceptions of faeries, ghosts or the face on the tree, which were lost in our adult struggle for survival.

To return to our innate intuition, we need to heal our wounded ego and regain the innocence and wonder that we had as a child. When we find the courage to make this journey, we will meet with higher and wiser expressions of our SELF who will assist us with our awakening.


Telepathy is the ability to read, or have a "knowing," of another person's thoughts. An example would be when we answer a question that the other person has not yet asked. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which is a natural consequence of either moving beyond the constraints of third dimensional time and into the more fluid fourth dimensional time, and/or moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where all life is blended in unity with the ONE.

Many of us have had telepathic experiences where we knew someone was going to call us or say something, and they did. We can write it off as a coincidence, recognize that we are awakening to our expanded perceptions, or realize that we are finally acknowledging what has been happening for a long time. Awakening to our full potential is a process of acknowledging that we are more than we once believed and accepting our new SELF as it is revealed in our daily life.

It is important that we take the time to commune with our Multidimensional SELF through meditation, reflection, being in Nature, enjoying a creative endeavor, or whatever we choose. If we can take at least 5 minutes before we start our busy day to calibrate our consciousness to the resonance of our SELF, we can better maintain multidimensional thinking, expect that we are awakening to our true SELF, acknowledge our expanded perceptions and allow them to guide us to BE our SELF in daily life.

Therefore, when we have a moment of telepathy, we can take a long breath of gratitude to be thankful for our transformation back to SELF. Thanksgiving for the moment at hand will duplicate that moment indefinitely. Furthermore, as we communicate regularly with our inner Self, telepathic messages no longer seem unique. Hence, they don't illicit fear. In fact, as we activate more and more of our expanded perceptions, our innate love grows, our fear diminishes and our consciousness expands exponentially.

When our consciousness expands beyond the third dimension and into the fourth and second dimensions, we can more easily have telepathic communications with fourth dimensional Elementals and Spirit Guides, as well as the second dimensional plant and animal kingdom. When our consciousness encompasses the fifth and first dimensions, we will have more and more telepathic experiences with our Soul/SELF, fifth dimensional parallel realities, and with the genetic, cellular, and DNA foundations of our personal and planetary bodies.

When our consciousness expands into the fifth dimension/first dimension and the sixth dimension/quantum reality, we gain freedom from time/space, form and the linearity of third dimensional thinking. At this point, we regain our multidimensional/quantum thinking to receive, accept and understand messages free of any bondage of third dimensional limitation, separation or space/time. It is then that our messages can become precognitive and clairaudient.


Precognition, seeing into the "future," is the fourth and fifth dimensional ability to move beyond the constraints of 3D time and into the mutable time of the fourth dimension or the NOW of the fifth. Precognition is helpful to assist us in creating our personal road map through life.

As we further expand our consciousness, we begin to perceive our physical reality from different points of view. While limited to our five physical senses, we perceive our reality as though we are in a huge forest among many trees which our block our view. Conversely, using our expanded perception is like being in a control tower at the peak of the highest mountain. From this "tower," which is beyond time and space, we can see where each trail of our thoughts, emotions and actions leads.

With this information, we can change our course at any time by raising our consciousness, changing our thinking, expecting another path and perceiving solutions that we could not find before. For this reason, the future is very fluid. Once we have mastered our precognition, we can more easily discriminate between a "possible reality" and a "probable reality." A possible reality is a choice of the ego and may or may not happen. On the other hand, a probable reality is a reality that already exists in the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, if we are in alignment with our Soul, we will choose to manifest that reality.

The challenge is that, no matter how much mastery of our precognitive abilities we have attained, there is usually a "blind spot" regarding ourselves. Therefore, our best choice is to tune into and follow the directives of our Soul/SELF. By surrendering control of physical reality to our Multidimensional SELF, we have assistance in maintaining an expanded consciousness. In this manner, our daily consciousness, thoughts, expectations and perceptions can be harmonious and loving.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds and communications from the fourth dimension and beyond. With practice, we can all communicate with realities that resonate to frequencies beyond the third dimension.

Clairaudience differs from telepathy in that clairaudience usually refers to communication with higher dimensional beings that cannot be seen with our physical senses, whereas telepathy usually refers to non-spoken communication with beings of the same dimension. Channeling is a form of clairaudience. There are two kinds of channeling: unconscious and conscious.

With unconscious channeling, known as "trance medium," the recipient, known as the "channel," vacates his or her third dimensional form and allows the messenger to use his or her body as a link to the third dimension. With this type of channeling, the channel cannot hear the message, even though their vocal cords are being used. Someone else needs to record or write down the message that was spoken through the channel. Edgar Casey is an example of a trance medium.

On the other hand, during conscious channeling we are fully aware of our physical body and awake to our daily life. However, we are in an expanded state of consciousness. Because we are using our multidimensional consciousness, third dimensional consciousness as well as fourth dimensional and beyond, it is difficult to remember our message if we do not quickly manifest it in our physical life by transcribing it as written material, poem or song. Art forms such drawing, painting, dance, architecture, athletics, etc, are more often perceived via our clairvoyance.

We can activate our clairaudience by listening to the still, small voice within. As we listen to our SELF, we calibrate our consciousness to that resonance. It is vital to remember that there are many dimensions above the third, including the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension, which is a realm of fear and darkness. Also, just because a person is "dead" and speaking from the fourth dimension, does not mean that they know more than they did when they were "alive" on the third dimension. Therefore, it is vital that we ONLY attend to messages that come to us within the carrier frequency of unconditional love.

Furthermore, messages from the fourth dimension have a different time sequence than the physical plane, and those for the fifth dimension and beyond come into us in a flash of light from the NOW of the ONE. We then need to translate these massages into our third dimensional language in order to incorporate them into our daily life and share them with others. Our brain, which translates these messages, is like a computer. It only contains the information that we have downloaded into it. Therefore, it will be difficult to translate a light message if the concepts are totally unique to our third dimensional thinking. When the channel/medium vacates their physical form to allow the higher being to use their voice, the channel does not need to translate the message. In this case, the channel does not need to understand it.

However, no matter how benefic the being that we are channeling may be, it is dangerous to leave our bodies. Many channels who have done so have found this to be true. When we vacate our form, we greatly weaken our immune system, as well as take on energies that are not of our life-stream. Often we can take on the energy patterns, and even latent darkness, of the being we are channeling. The being on the other side may be able to deal with their darkness, but it can be extremely damaging to the third dimensional channel.

As we are awakening to, downloading and integrating our Multidimensional SELF, more and more of our channeling comes from a higher dimensional aspect of our SELF. It is important to remember that we have a resonance of our SELF on many planets, galaxies and dimensions. With our expanded perceptions activated, we can learn to communicate with them while we still hold a physical, earth vessel.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects that resonate to the fourth dimension and beyond. As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand beyond the confines of the physical spectrum of light. Hence, we can "see" objects and beings in the fourth dimension and beyond.

Whereas clairaudience is our multidimensional hearing, clairvoyance is our multidimensional seeing. We perceive the various dimensions differently, as they resonate to diverse frequencies of light. One of the most common clairvoyant experiences is the perception of ghosts. Within our third dimensional thinking and belief systems, we think of a ghost as being dead. However, death is an illusion, for it means only that the person has returned it's resonate frequency to a higher frequency. The exception to this is when one moves into a lower frequency, the Lower Astral Plane, often labeled Hell.

Hell is not a place; it is a resonance of the lowest frequency of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. The fourth dimension is the aura of planet Earth, as well as the aura of each person. We perceive different frequencies through placing our attention on the correlating resonance within our aura. Just as we have dark and light patches in our aura, so does Gaia. There are many power places on Earth where people have expanded their frequency, grounded that expansion into the planet and crossed over, returned Home, in bliss and unconditional love.

On the other hand, there are other places on Earth where great injustice, cruelty, fear and anger have scarred the face of Gaia and left a blotch in Her aura. Once we have activated our clairvoyant abilities, we can easily tell the difference between these two places. As we awaken our clairvoyance, as well as our clairaudience, we are called upon to take the initiation of creating a tunnel of light through our own Lower Astral Plane and ground the tunnel into the body of Gaia. If we are unable to clear a pathway through the darkness of our own aura, our expanded perceptions will be a beacon to the collective darkness that humanity has left in the aura of our planet.

The initiation of clearing our "tunnel of Light" teaches us to differentiate between voices and apparitions who resonate to either the light or the dark. There have indeed been many actions of fear, hatred and darkness that have left their mark in the Lower Astral Plane. We have also suffered many fearful, angry or sorrowful experiences in our life that have left darkness in our aura. First, we must heal our self, which is healing our aura, or the darkness in our aura will mar our ability to differentiate between messages from Lower Astral Plane and from the higher planes. Our aura is the filter for our perceptions. If our filter is darkened with fear, so will be our expanded perceptions.

Fear is our psychic braking system. If we have a fearful experience, then fear will bring us out of our expanded perceptions and back into our mundane reality. Fortunately, once we have become the Master over our fear by confronting, healing and releasing it with our light, we become the Master over fear in the Lower Astral Plane. One of the ways we can confront and gain Mastery over negative entities is to stretch our hand and stand with firmness and love, "In the name of the ONE, be gone!" It is a Cosmic Law that the lower frequencies cannot stay when commanded to leave by a being of a higher frequency.

We can also send unconditional love to these wounded, lower dimensional apparitions. In this case, they will either show gratitude for our concern, then ride our wave of unconditional love into a higher resonance, or they will run from us, overwhelmed by their own fear. The real initiation is that we must face our own fear in order to have the courage to stay in our altered state and confront the apparition that can only be perceived through our own fear. Once we have become Masters over our own fear, we can sense the darkness, place our greater light around us and continue through the darkness, creating a tunnel of light as we do so.

A lower frequency entity cannot harm a higher frequency being anymore than a monster at the bottom of the ocean can harm a sailor on the surface. This astral "monster" cannot raise its resonance toward the higher frequency until the fear that has bound it to that resonance has been healed and released. Spiritualists are a group of people whose spiritual purpose is to assist those trapped in the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension.

When our consciousness flows through our tunnel of light into the Land of Faerie and the Emotional Plane of the fourth dimension, the colors are very bright and the beings beautiful, although their forms can easily change. In the Mental Plane, the colors are calmer and the forms even more wavering. In the Causal and Spiritual Planes, the beings all flash with light. They seldom seem to have feet, and their hands and face are so full of light that you can barely make them out. Often, all we can see of their face is their eyes, and their hands are torches of light.

In the void between the fourth and fifth dimension, we experience complete nothingness. We appear to be alone, although we feel life all around us. Before we can release our ego enough to gain entry into the fifth dimension, it is our initiation to release our attachment to the forms of the third and fourth dimension and perceive our self as a speck of light. Once in that resonance, our "seeing" is more like a "think-see" (seeing through our Third Eye) or a "feel-see" (seeing through our High Heart}. In other words, we must trust our SELF unconditionally to KNOW that if we think it or feel it, our perception is real. With practice, we can learn to perceive in a thinking/feeling way.

Once we Master our fifth dimensional perception, we can begin to "see" and "hear" beings who exist only as a group consciousness. We experience the call from these beings within our own physical body, usually our Third Eye or High Heart. We need to expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension to be able to have a communication with these beings. Our inner planes are FULL with wondrous beings, eagerly awaiting our ability to remember how to perceive them. They have illumined information to share and wise guidance to give.


Clairsentience is the umbrella term for all psychic senses together. When we are clairsentient, we can access our expanded senses to smell, see and touch another person's aura, hear another person's thoughts, feel their emotions and/or communicate with higher dimensional beings.

Clairsentience is experienced as a feeling, usually accompanied by a physical sensation. We may smell something that "isn't there," get a quick glimpse of something from the corner of our eye, know something we didn't know a moment before, blink out for a second to another reality and/or suddenly feel confused and disoriented. Very often we experience our alternate realities through our clairsentience.

There are different kinds of "alternate realities." One is usually known as our "past lives." However, time and space are an illusion particular to the third dimension. Hence, once we raise our consciousness into even the fourth dimension, we often begin to experience ourselves in a lifetime that is not consistent with the third dimensional life that we are used to experiencing.

Once we can look "down" in frequency through our fourth dimensional consciousness into the third dimension, we are able to perceive any time frame that we wish. Our many incarnations on third dimensional Earth can be witnessed from this perception as being aligned on a wheel of time. From our viewpoint on the fourth dimension, this wheel is not bound by time. Hence, we can visit any lifetime without the constraint of sequential time. In other words, we can visit a life in 223 BC, then visit a life in 2034 AD, then visit one in 1895 BC. Nevertheless, once we enter any of these times, we are limited to the chronological movement of third dimensional time.

Clairsentience can be experienced as a "Knowing" that comes into our consciousness. If we can trust that knowing, it can guide us through the many roadblocks of life. This inner guidance also directs us toward a better Knowing of our self. The more we know our self, the more we can discriminate between the inner sensations that we have picked up from another and the inner sensations that arise from our expanded perceptions. As with all relationships, unconditional love and trust are\ what develop intimacy. Being intimate with our self is a foreign concept to many, but once we remember and embrace our true, Multidimensional Soul/SELF, this intimacy expands exponentially.


Telekinesis is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which allows us to move objects through space without the workings of our physical body. In our fourth and fifth dimensional self, our mind, emotions and intentions are more powerful than our muscles. Therefore, we can displace objects by combining our thoughts and emotions with our conscious intention.

Telekinesis is often referred to as "mind over matter." In other words, with conscious use of our telekinetic abilities we can move and/or influence matter with the power of our mind. However, emotions also play a strong role in telekinesis. Conscious telekinesis is one of the least common of the expanded perceptions. On the other hand, we often influence matter with our mind/emotions in an unconscious manner. For example, those who have more of a proclivity towards telekinesis, sometimes turn street lights on or off simply by walking underneath them.

These people may be attracted to martial arts or sports such as tennis, baseball, golf, wherein the power of their intention can be consciously used to direct the course of the ball or the force of their martial arts blow. Artists who work with carving or sculpting may also have an unrecognized talent towards telekinesis, as they manipulate matter with their hands, but the intention of their unconscious minds/emotions may also be a strong component of their artwork.

Another type of unconscious telekinesis is a poltergeist. A poltergeist is not a "ghost," but the movement of matter through the unconscious intention of a living person. Often this person is an adolescent who is unaware of the force of their extreme emotions. In fact, fear, anger and sorrow can be very powerful forces. Unfortunately, when these emotions are unconsciously used to manipulate matter, it is usually terrifying to the person who unwittingly created that movement. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist and disciple of Freud, spoke of his adolescent telekinetic experiences in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections. As a teen, he read all the thirteenth century books on alchemy he could find. Hence, he awakened a great power but had not yet gained any mastery over his emotions.

Strong emotion is an important element in telekinesis because emotion is "energy in motion." Once we have gained mastery over our emotions, we can use love-based emotions to consciously and lovingly raise the frequency of the matter to the fourth dimension where it is less encumbered by time and space. We can then move it without the limitation of third dimensional weight or mass. If we can consciously connect with our quantum consciousness, we can use the instant manifestation of our quantum thinking to teleport matter anywhere in the Universe, instantly!

Our "junk DNA" has been proved to function as tiny wormholes where messages, and eventually matter, can be instantly teleported to any location. In one experiment, samples of the junk DNA were put in vials and taken to another room. Pictures of fearful emotions were shown to the subject, and the DNA in the other room instantly collapsed and became somewhat unraveled. Pictures of loving emotions were then shown and, instantly, the DNA perked up and returned to its most vibrant state. The experimenter, the US Military, then moved the vials hundreds of miles away and the DNA still responded instantly. It is likely that the "teleporting" used on the Star Trek shows is an example of this form of telekinesis. The matter is taken down to the quantum level, where it can move beyond time and space, then restructured at the intended location.


Illumination arises as we surrender our ego to our fifth dimensional Soul/SELF to become ONE with the NOW of the higher dimensions. Just one 3D moment of such Union can set us on a Path that takes most of our life to travel.

Illumination is what occurs as we download and integrate our Multidimensional SELF into our physical earth vessel. Once we have fully integrated our SELF into our self, our consciousness expands from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. With each expansion of our consciousness, our sense of SELF expands. Our "sense of SELF" is defined as that with which we feel a complete sense of UNITY.

While in Personal Consciousness, we think of our self as a third dimensional human being who is fully conscious of the workings of our mundane life. We are also aware of our Inner Child and Ego. However, we may not be able to consciously access our expanded perceptions. With Collective Consciousness we feel unity with all humanity and think of our SELF as being a member of the family of all humanity. Because of this, we can use our expanded perceptions to tune into the fourth dimension and communicate with the mass, Collective Consciousness of humans on Earth.

With Planetary Consciousness, we feel complete unity with our planet, which expands our consciousness to embrace the fourth dimension. With the awakening of our multidimensional consciousness, we can perceive our SELF as a component of Gaia, the consciousness of Earth. In this case, we use our expanded perceptions to communicate directly with Mother Earth, as well as with ALL Her inhabitants. We can also connect with the fourth dimensional Elementals of earth/gnomes, air/ sylphs, water/undines and fire/salamanders. With fourth dimensional consciousness, we can also communicate with the many realities and beings that resonate to the fourth dimension. At first, we may only be able to believe that these wondrous Beings and Spirit Guides even exist. Then, over time, we realize that many of these beings are fourth dimensional expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF.

With Galactic Consciousness, we feel complete unity with the many planets, solar systems, and galaxies that resonate to the fourth and fifth dimensions. This unity allows us to fully integrate our Multidimensional SELF and expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension and ground that frequency of Light into the body of Gaia. By now, "ETs" are perceived as other expressions of our Soul/SELF and members of our Stellar Family.

We have moved beyond the limitations of duality, time, space and separation. We perceive our physical body as the earth vehicle that we use and maintain to "drive" us through the experiences of being a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. We perceive every aspect of our physical reality as a blessing or an initiation to remember to release all fear and live in unconditional love, forever and always. From this state of consciousness, we are Masters of Energy and keep close watch on our thoughts and emotions so that they do not threaten to lower our consciousness. We are no longer victim to any person, place, situation or thing and take full responsibility for every manifestation in our life.

With Cosmic Consciousness, we can move into the sixth dimension and beyond, as well into quantum realities and quantum thinking. We are preparing to release all attachment to form and see ourself as a being of pure consciousness. Inter-dimensional travel is normal, as we interface with our Oversoul in the seventh dimension to assist our Soul Family in bringing ALL of our expressions of SELF Home to the resonance of Multidimensional Consciousness.

We no longer need to seek, for we live in Divine Intelligence, Spiritual Wisdom and Infinite Creativity. We share our Illumined Being with other expressions of our SELF and with all who seek our counsel. If we still maintain a grounded, earth vessel (usually to participate in the planetary ascension), we maintain a constant connection to our Multidimensional SELF and the heart of Gaia. We see one of our services as being "step-down transformers" to ground the higher frequency light and quantum reality into the body of Earth. With this service, we raise the resonant frequency of the planet to facilitate planetary ascension.

We are free of ego, so we do not seek fame or recognition and often see it as a distraction to our true work. We walk planet Earth as a "regular" person who still has to pay bills, go to work and feed our body. We know that it is a huge task to maintain a third dimensional form with the expanded frequencies of our consciousness, but we live with the many aches and pains of physical reality knowing that "this, too, shall pass."

We KNOW we are greatly privileged to be a member of this Cosmic Moment and constantly strive to hold the connection with our Oversoul, through all our many dimensional realities and into our physical body. Most of us have suffered greatly in our sacrifice to forget our SELF in order to serve in the creation of and return to fifth dimensional Earth. We know that, since fifth dimensional Earth resonates beyond time and space, "returning to" and "creating" can happen simultaneously.

We seek others of our kind who hold their SELF within their vessel of clay as a planetary and galactic service. We still get hungry, tired, angry, confused, poor or sick. It is the ultimate sacrifice that we have made to ground our great SELF into Gaia and to assist in the ascension as an entire planet into the fifth dimension. Fortunately, more and more of us are awakening to our Illumined SELF and realizing that we don't have to DO anything. We only have to BE our SELF!

Thank you for sharing this moment of the NOW with us,

Suzanne Lie

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Positive Signs Of The Changes

Very soon and out of the gloom of yesterday, shall come the first positive signs of the changes you desire so much. It does not require an earth-shattering event to do so, but nevertheless what is planned will bring the truth about us into your lives. It will remove long held beliefs that are not truly reflecting our place in your lives. The acknowledgement of our existence, will not surprise those who have been involved in matters relative to our sightings and previous contacts. It will however make the subject more acceptable, and openly spoke about without fear of ridicule. For the first time many people will learn about our intentions over the coming period, and how we will join forces with you to put many problems right that are preventing you from evolving. You have been held back for far too long, and you are to benefit from advancements that have been deliberately held from you.

We wish to share with you many advanced technologies that you have become aware of, not just because of what you have seen of our abilities, but your own governments. They have developed technologies gained from other extraterrestrials for their own gain and power. There have been spin-offs for you, but free energy is for example of one that should have entered your commercial markets by now. With all of the existing problems and the coming shortages, you need to be assured that all of the basic living requirements are made available to everyone. When allowed to we shall distribute the knowledge, and provide the needs to satisfy these requirements.

In a society that was based on fairness and sharing there would be no hunger or deprivation, and certainly no one would suffer from hunger or shortage of water. Neither would anyone be ill equipped to withstand the elements, or die for the want of medical attention. Everything you need to form a society that functions as intended, with the promise of a happy and fulfilling life already exists. Poverty could be eradicated now if the means were given to those who can already solve them. There are many Dear Souls whose hearts ache at what they see taking place, yet know how easily problems could be overcome. They have come into incarnation at this special time, for the very purpose of giving their knowledge and abilities for the good of all. With our coming we can quickly motivate groups in readiness, to go out into the world and achieve what they came for.

God does not sit idly by and allow the dark forces to go against the will of the people. There is God's plan that has reached the point where duality is being balanced, to allow the Light to determine where Mankind goes next. Nothing can remain static forever, and your evolution must necessarily take a giant step forward. Ascension looms ever nearer, and it will not be allowed to be prevented from giving every soul that so desires the opportunity for upliftment. Of course as has happened at the end of many of your past cycles, there have been almost total disasters with great loss of life. This will not happen on such a scale this time, and we are taking steps to minimize the effects of the Earth changes that are inevitable. Some souls have made the decision to leave prematurely, but that will fit in with their life contract. We know that some find such plans difficult to accept, but death is simply a means of bringing a life to a close. Be assured that after such a transition, there is very little time before such souls are released from any trauma experienced. They are quickly healed and reconnected with their loved ones, who have arrived before them.

Dear Ones, know that there are so many souls working with each of you, both off and on Earth. Trust them to know what is best for you, and that they are helping you to complete your life plan successfully. Every soul is on Earth for a specific purpose, and some set goals for themselves that are extremely high, but you will never take on more than is humanly possible. Guides always attend your discussions prior to incarnating, and decisions are made based on your achievements, or lack of achievements as the case may be. You will not normally be aware of the lessons your life experiences are going to lead you into, but they will be set up to ensure they take place. Freewill is still yours to use, but you would not wish to go back on arrangements that are for your spiritual evolution. If you did, they would only come up again in another lifetime. It is best to allow your experiences to unfold, knowing that you have been party to the plan.

Naturally you are not always the key figure in your experiences, often your part is to partake in another souls plan and the likelihood is that are close to you. You will take whatever role the situation demands, and can be the leading light that shows the way. You all have a lot to thank each other for as nothing is really happening by chance. Therefore, think carefully of the responsibility you have undertaken, and always try to see a situation from all angles. Do not judge another soul who crosses your path, as you know no more about their level of consciousness or life plan, than they know about yours. Do what is necessary to help anyone in need and you will gain through such acts. Compassion is vital regardless as to who requires your help, and do not let an opportunity go by where you can express your own Light and Love. Evolution comes with finding your spiritual self and exercising your love for all other life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is guided by Higher Beings who reside at levels of pure Light. They have the wisdom and the power of God, and oversee all that happens in your Universe. Their decisions are all based on a total understanding of life, and an immense love that enfolds it all. Should they appear to you, you would believe that you had met God; such is their magnificence and majesty. They are the Masters of the Universe that carry out the Creator's plan.

We have been with you and followed your progress for millennia of time, and we are not going to fall away now. We will go hand in hand to the end of the cycle, and victory shall be yours as decreed, We are of the Light, and you are of the Light, and so it shall remain forever. Together we shall overcome all obstacles, and achieve upliftment to the higher dimensions. We Are One, and it has always been that way and so it will remain for all Infinity.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The 6th Night & The New Cycle of Time

The 6th Night & The New Cycle of Time

-Pleiadian High Council

A Shift in Time

For several days now and into the new time matrix you will be experiencing shifts on all levels of your being-ness. You may be noticing that the time in your mind and body do not necessarily correlate with the time on may be experiencing intermitten portals of eternity, moments by which time seems to extend into infinity, coupled with a drop back into 3d dimensional perceptions of polarization and time that is rapidly speeding up.

This fluctuation is normal and to be expected for the actual time of the planet is shifting into greater awareness of universal time. All who participate on the new universal timeline will be consciously affected by this transition while anchoring more permanently into infinity time, or neutral scalar wave patterning.

Most of these changes are being prompted by the entrance into the galactic 6th night, as documented in the sacred Mayan calendar, however the portal of 111111 is precipitating the shift required to align with the new frequencies of the 9th level of the galactic underworld and time-coded experience.

The most important thing to realize from this recent shift is that the amount of time that you work with presently is only a fraction of the real time encodement that you will be working with in the future. This is why you are seemingly able to accomplish great tasks in short periods of recorded time on clear days of alignment with the new timeline, and on days of wading thru 3d dimensional polarity consciousness, time escapes you.

What is happening on a higher level is profound. Let us explain.

The earth and sun are rotating at rates that are unfamiliar to earth scientists at present. There is a shift in the rotation from the solar sun to the great central sun which will change the course of history and time as it is presently understood.

This time shift precipitates the shift in consciousness that will begin to transmit new frequencies to the planet and her people and will cause for a great stir in the global community. This information is such that most scientists will have already disregarded their theories of time and space which will consequently open the doorway to more expanded concepts than the present linear understandings.

In this transition, there is a centrifuge of energy that will begin to disrupt the earths electromagnetic field. This magnetic field is one of great importance to the human populace for it holds the realm of information in place that connects individual human thought to the central mainframe of global consciousness.

The ramifications of this galactic shift will be heralded as miraculous, however, there will be some confusion as to why the earths magnetic field is changing. There will of course be talk of pole shifts, by which this is not the case, however there IS a field of energy dynamics that will alter the magnitude of the poles temporarily. As the earth comes to rely upon the full radiance of the great central sun, this shift will eventually end the earths reliance upon the solar sun as we know it, while simultaneously precipitating a dimensional parting of holographic reality matrices.

The Separation of Realities

The prophesied time for the separation of realities has been talked about in various spiritual circles and communities of new thought, however, is mostly misunderstood. The separation of worlds as you will come to experience, is not a physical separation, but a separation in consciousness. This will however lead to a seeming segregation of sorts, in that the communities of like mind will begin to come together, rather they will gravitate toward one another. As this happens, those who are operating on the new timeline, that of the emanations from the great central sun, will begin to step fully into their ascended or Christed consciousness.

Earth is shifting in this manner so it can effectively spin out the proper vibrational outputs and filter levels of consciousness in groups for the purposes of coming together and creating a new earth. In the interim, there will be a period of transition and it will be for the new galactic-centered wayshowers, those of ascended consciousness and activated divine blueprints who will lead the next level brigades, or groups of awakening souls, into their proper vibrational vortices.

This means gatherings of many kinds... the gathering of awakened heart-centered souls who will come together for the purposes of reuniting in the physical, but also for the purposes of easing the transition for the next wave of awakening souls. It will also be a time of gathering for the new wave of warrior souls here to dismantle the next level of outworn systems, as well as the reuniting of many twin souls, either thru existing relationships or new relationships. In either case, these relationships will feel well worn and it will be clear that you have come together to create a cosmic wave of love of and source connectivity to ripple out into the universe thru the purified vibrations of bliss.

Birthing the New Children

Through the 111111 gateway portal, and the merging of masculine and feminine energy codes within the high heart, the time will arrive for many twin souls to activate the sacred triad of evolving consciousness thru unification, procreation and the birth of highly evolved souls to enter the new galactic time zone. This act of procreation will be the result of a much higher level of love and those with new earth contracts to serve through child rearing will now begin to fully align with this knowing on all levels and as the awareness is activated with great desire in the coming days.

Keep in mind that those who have contracted to serve humanity in this way will come in all forms, not just in the traditional sense. If you are one who has been called to participate in birthing or raising the new children, know that many miracles will align to make the impossible, possible.

For those who are more likely to procreate in the traditional sense, there will be support available thru non-traditional, or alternative modalities that will be coming into your awareness to provide a source of comfort and guidance on conscious parenting and how to support and nurture these highly evolved souls both thru pregnancy and child rearing. For some, this will be a well understood and natural process, but for many, assistance will be needed, and therefore available.

We would also like to make it known that the first wave of wayshowers will be entering into a much needed time of respite and will therefore require some downtime to bask and nurture themselves and each other prior to the consideration of extending their immediate family. Please realize that if you are being called to parent, the timing for each evolved soul to enter the world is unique and based on the firm foundation of new earth supports in and around the hosts' sphere.

This is not to say that you will be experiencing a lag time, quite contrarily, you will be experiencing time to play in the new earth energies, to master the manifestation of your full potential as fully embodied souls and to nourish the richness of your new life and new beginnings. On this we say...keep abreast of your desires, those things that feel good to you in each moment, and you will know well your every next step.

Building the New Earth

We would now like to quickly touch upon the roles of those of you here to begin building the new earth communities and structures and to inform each of you that the time for gathering is nigh.
br> The next several months and into the new Gregorian calendar year will be for those of you on the new galactic time line to begin meeting with and preparing to implement your gifts of expertise.

For those who have a role to play in bridging the new earth reality structures with the old paradigm structures, you will be nudged to begin the preparations and groundwork for the new systems of light... from the planning stages to the implementation and building stages. Those of you with activated contracts are here to provide those ideas and revolutionary concepts that you have been nurturing to those who are ready to step outside of linear thinking and into the new ways of quantum creation.

As the old systems begin to crumble more rapidly, you will be called upon, thru seemingly serendipitous meetings and events, to share your ideas and radiance with those who will be supporting you in your endeavors.

The first of which will be the construction of physical way stations, intermediate plans for existing structures and systems to weave into the integrated systems of interconnectivity and based on the concept of wholism. This time period will be confusing at best and many will require your spiritual mastery along with your masterful skill to implement these new systems of dependence as the earth shifts from polar to non-polarized living.

Interconnectivity and unity consciousness will be the way of the new earth and the path that all those who wish to rise to the occasion must follow. There are strong advocates for many systems of sustainable living that are ripe and ready for the implementation phase, for those of you who have been waiting for the green light, your plans are soon to be welcomed with open arms.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the ways of sustainability will be vast and varied, and each system design will depend wholly on the creators who envision them. It is not a future of homogenization and sameness at the fore, but a future of infinite possibility based solely on human imagination. In this way, earth will eventually become a magical sphere of pure potentiality and creative expression. Fear not for the inaccessibility of your hearts desire.... where there is a will, there will be a way.

Beloved members of the new earth society, we are delighted to be working with you in this capacity and we are enormously proud of your steadfast determination to greet us in this dimension of pure possibility. We know that working with you in these endeavors will be one of the most rewarding ventures of many lifetimes, and together we will create harmony where once there was none, we will build bridges where one their were damns, and together we will create the outer expression of love everywhere it is welcomed!

We are the Pleiadian High Council and we look forward to traversing this new cycle of time with you, our brothers and sisters of eternity.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Refined Sugar And Mental Illness

Noted British psychiatric researcher Malcolm Peet has conducted a provocative cross-cultural analysis of the relationship between diet and mental illness. His primary finding may surprise you: a strong link between high sugar consumption and the risk of both depression and schizophrenia.

In fact, there are two potential mechanisms through which refined sugar intake could exert a toxic effect on mental health.

First, sugar actually suppresses activity of a key growth hormone in the brain called BDNF. This hormone promotes the health and maintenance of neurons in the brain, and it plays a vital role in memory function by triggering the growth of new connections between neurons. BDNF levels are critically low in both depression and schizophrenia, which explains why both syndromes often lead to shrinkage of key brain regions over time (yes, chronic depression actually leads to brain damage). There's also evidence from animal models that low BDNF can trigger depression.

Second, sugar consumption triggers a cascade of chemical reactions in the body that promote chronic inflammation. Now, under certain circumstances (like when your body needs to heal a bug bite), a little inflammation can be a good thing, since it can increase immune activity and blood flow to a wound. But in the long term, inflammation is a big problem. It disrupts the normal functioning of the immune system, and wreaks havoc on the brain.

Inflammation is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even some forms of cancer . . . it's also linked to a greater risk of depression and schizophrenia. And again, eating refined sugar triggers inflammation. So does eating heavily processed molecular cousins like 'high fructose corn syrup'.

If you think about it, it makes sense that our bodies don't handle refined sugar very well. After all, for the vast majority (99.9%) of our existence as a species, there simply was no such sugar. We were endowed with a sweet tooth so that we'd crave the highly nutritious fruits that were available - sometimes in short supply - in the ancestral environment. But with the advent of processed sugar cane a few centuries ago, the blessing of our formerly adaptive sweet tooth suddenly turned into a curse - causing us to crave foods that we were simply never designed to process.

As I've become increasingly convinced by these research data, I've begun gently encouraging my depressed patients to simply try cutting out sugars for a couple of weeks to see if they notice any effect. (I also ask them to cut out simple starches - like crackers and white bread - which the body converts directly to sugars). A few have had the courage and determination to given it a go: they're reported remarkable improvements in mood, energy, and mental clarity.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chocolate Toxicity Warning

Raw Toxic Chocolate
by Paul Nison

This month my article is about chocolate. I chose to write abut this topic because many raw food eaters today are being misled and told that it is healthy. It is dangerous and people need to know the truth.

More True Information on the Negative Effects of Cacao…

Since my last article on the negative effects of cacao, many people have agreed with me how toxic it really is. On the other hand, there were some people who would not change their mind about it no matter what the cost. In fact, those people became angry with me. The truth can hurt, but I'm just the messenger. As I said in my last article about cacao, I wish it were healthy, but the fact is it is not! Whether you are willing to admit it or not is your decision, but there are so many foods that are proven to be healthy, why continue to take some that are up for debate? Many people are being misled to believe cacao and other raw foods are healthy. Many of the people who promote it, have a good heart and really feel it is a good food, but I know there are many who sell this product knowing it is toxic and addictive, just to make money.

I recently spoke to a good friend of mine Jeremy Saffaron. Jeremy has been involved in the raw food community for a very long time. He has the author of a raw food recipe book and also an excellent resource guide. Jeremy told me he was the first person to do any raw research with cacao involving the raw food movement. He spent 4 years (1999 -2003) studying the effects of cacao and has dedicated countless hours surfing the net, talking with specialists, and even got involved with the University of Hawaii, who's agriculture branch is looking into raw cacao toxicity.

When Jeremy first found out about cacao he was so excited about it. He sold it for a short while (2001-2002) and was the first person to let others in the raw food world know about it. Again I repeat, JEREMY WAS THE FIRST PERSON IN THE RAW WORLD to let others know about cacao.

He turned on many raw food promoters to it because he believed at the time that is was an amazing discovery as a great tasting, nutritionally loaded food and it was also a way to connect with his friends who were still addicted to cooked chocolate even though they were raw otherwise. Another big turn on was the fact that many of the daily coffee drinkers he knew in the yoga scene were glad to switch to raw cacao from their roasted coffee. Jeremy told me he never drank coffee in his life, but as a kid did eat chocolate from the store. But 13 years ago, he stopped eating chocolate because he found out about the bugs that were in all chocolate. (I mentioned that in my last article about cacao.)

With all the excitement about raw chocolate and all the benefits, Jeremy was thrilled to get the product to the public. However, when Jeremy was selling it, he did warn people that all the studies on it were not in yet so to be careful not to over due it until further research is conducted. It was also very cost prohibitive at the time at twenty five cents a bean, plus each bean had to be personally peeled to eat them. (By the way, this should be a hint about how much can and should be eaten in one sitting.)

After eating cacao for six months, Jeremy didn't really experience negative side effects, but he noticed those around him whose health and digestion weren't as efficient as his started to experience issues with the cacao. That was the first sign that lead him to begin to study the negative effects of cacao.

I myself have a similar experience. I consumed cacao in small amounts as well, but unlike Jeremy, I felt the difference every time I tried it. It didn't make me feel good. A good friend of mine, doctor Fred Bisci ,a raw foodist for about 40 years, also confirmed what Jeremy and I suspected, cacao is toxic!

Jeremy's findings were as follows:

  • No animal in nature will eat it unless tricked into it with milk or sugar.
  • If you can convince an animal to eat it then it greatly shortens their life span if it doesn't kill them immediately.
  • The native people who ate it only ate the fruit of the theobroma (which contains all the benefits and none of the detriments) and only used the cacao seed as an addition to their psychedelic brew ahyuwasca and as a medicine in emergencies.
  • Native people did not eat it as a food nor as a supplement, only for sacred use.
  • Cacao is one of the most addictive substances known
  • Cacao is super toxic to the liver
  • It acts as a stimulant and agitates the kidneys and adrenal glands. This can cause: insomnia, nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night, shakes, and extreme energy shifts
  • It is extremely clogging due to the toxins carried in the oils contained within. Plus the fat chains are highly complex and require tons of work to break down.
  • The result of long term use is a high level of liver and blood toxicity which can cause extreme mood swings, angry outbursts, violence, depression, paranoia, & dizziness.
  • In some cases of long term use, there are also psychological effects that range from addictive tendencies, sexual dysfunction, violent outbursts, lack of reasoning, and decreased will.
  • At mega does of 40 plus beans, it acts as a hallucinogen and can cause many effects attributed to LSD or Hashish

Jeremy concludes that his personal study (it took 1.5 years of him eating it to see extreme negative effects) and his friends showed him clearly the negative effects of cacao.

From my study it seems that the people using cooked cacao powder had less toxic effects than those using roasted cacao beans whole and far, far less than those using whole, raw cacao beans.

There are a good amount of people who have experienced the same negative affect of cacao and have changed their opinion about it being such a super food. I personally can't see anyone taking it for a long time not feeling the negative effects on some level. A big problem is, at that point so many people are already addicted to it and can't stop even if they wanted to. Very similar to the addiction people have to cooked food. They just can't except that it's not healthy for them so they make excuses to keep consuming it.

Jeremy and I both feel the sadness that raw food promoters command so much public attention and use it to sell anything they can. It should be information, not products that people seek out.

The bottom line is no matter what someone feels, or believes, cacao is toxic! Science will confirm it. You may be able to consume the drug cacao and not have felt any negative affects, but in time you will. Please do not wait to experience the negative affects and get off this drug as soon as you can.

For those of you who say, I am always knocking someone else's glory or product, I can just reply by saying I am concerned about each individual's health. That is the most important thing to me. I know what it is like to live with disease and I want to help as many people as possible avoid it. I am so blessed to know people like Jeremy who have an open mind and continue to share the same mission with me of bringing the truth to the surface and helping others.

Jeremy and I acknowledge there are many toxic things that people do everyday from using a computer, to driving a car, from drinking coffee to smoking to all sorts of wild practices and toxic substances and experiences. Each one must make a choice and it's our hope that people with power use it responsibly.

Jeremy wanted me to share with my readers a warning to always study and research before promoting or selling anything. He learned the hard way. Years ago he promoted the use of coconuts because he lived in the tropics and knew the benefits well. The down side was people wanting coconuts and not realizing that the answer was to go where they grow. Instead they found a way to engage in exploitation and buy toxic formaldehyde dipped bleached nuts wrapped in plastic irradiated from Thailand. He went back and tried to dissuade people from eating the toxic nuts but they didn't seem to care. Cacao seems the same, those who want to engage with it will, toxic or not. (Once again after recently getting tons of coconuts right off the trees in Florida, I feel such a difference after eating Thai coconuts.)

Jeremy's final stand on cacao is it is for medicinal, sacred and entertainment usage only, it is not a health food! My personal, final opinion is that we should only consume foods for nutritional needs, anything else will lead to disease, especially the way we overuse it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sacredness That You Are

You each hold and house records of what has come, records of what will come, and records that exist dimensionally through space and time. You hold within you ancient truths that did not work, and ancient truths that succeeded. Every essence that is alive issues to you a declaration. Use these escaped truths as a platform, a base, and a microphone. Voice, and decree what it is that you seek, what it is that you desire, and what it is that you place your thoughts upon in order to bypass the chaos of manifestation.

The sacredness that you are, the sacredness that you seek, the sacredness that you yearn for, comes forth to you in the upcoming time as you breathe in the possibilities of your evolution, your expansion, of your tomorrow's. On the air comes forth an issuance of decrees and knowledge of all that has been hidden. It exposes itself surmounting the borders of non-disclosure, entering you through the air, your breath, and your intent.

The world is not haphazardly created by outside energies or beings, for all is contained innately upon the surface of humanness and the surface of earth. Each one of your prayers does not leave the auric energetic field of Terra Gaia your Mother Earth, but ricochets off of her external body and lands upon a place that then creates a wish fulfilled, a dream imagined, a problem solved, a success assured. Your prayers do not leave the surface/environment of the earth. They are not sent via cosmic mail delivery to a god that checks his prayer mail.

Earth herself has the quantified ability to manifest for and with humanity all desires and wanting no matter how casually they were created. These thoughts that run in your minds, in your hearts, and in your everyday existences are asking for solutions, not from a government, not from a board or a committee, not from a book or a dialog with a wise one, but from you. You house and host the truths, the wisdom's, and the solutions to all thoughts and problems within your sphere of existence. Everything that is issued to you in thought, in action, or in decree can be solved by you in thought, in action, in decree!

When you ponder injustices, you awaken a cellular vibration and knowledge of every time throughout existence that that injustice existed. At that point of awakening you can strengthen or dilute the injustices by your thoughts. Your woes, your wants, and your non-solutions can command the elements into disaster. Or you can embrace your inherent power by using your breath, your intent, and your manifestation ability to assist in the solution of the problem.

You inherently hold all questions, all answers simultaneously. In this upcoming experience of humanness, when you have a thought that involves or revolves around a person's decisions, a place, or disease, or injustice – your biological essence is asking you to add your thoughts of completion to it. It is crucial to add your thoughts in a positive element to the outcome, not to hold on to the negativity and the injustices or ask why on any level (body, mind, and spirit) that the problem is not solved.

Your destiny is to be part of the liquid solution of all things that you seek. Everything that is addresses by you is addressed by you because you are part of the destiny of the solution. It does not matter if it is personal, planetary, or private. When it comes to you, it is asking for your help. You have the deciding energetic vote. You have the deciding X-factor. You have the deciding quantum/quark that will shift the situation from problem to solution. Do you see how much power is involved in this knowledge?

Do you understand that with each thought throughout your day, you are influencing the outcome of humanity, of earth, of this solar system that you exist in, and this universe that you play in? You think that you do not make a difference but you do. Every thought you have is a deciding vote. Every desire you have to make right, to do good, is a deciding vote in favor of illumination, ascension, and evolution. Look at your day. Look at your thoughts. Look at your actions and then in a subconscious vision, see how many matchsticks pile up as problems and how many matchsticks pile up as solutions. Everyday work on that until that problem pile no longer exists and there is nothing but a grand mountain of solutions that is in your energy field.

This power seems minuscule to you, but you all sit on a jury of life and death in a multitude of expressions. Will your dreams live or will they die? You decide. Will the earth live or shall she pass into the dust. You decide. Will disease be conquered, will there be a cure? You decide. Do not leave this up to what appears to be geniuses for they may use the frontal lobe of their brain, but they do not use their heart. Vote from heart. Make a difference from heart. Decree from heart. Hold the focus on what you want to see. You are the deciding celestial vote in everything that you wonder about.

We are the Sananda Council. You are God's in swaddling clothes on a cold winter's night in a starry sky. Open your eyes to your gifts. the gifts that you will unwrap this Christmas are grand. We leave you in love and in knowledge.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Greetings From Kyron

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I've said that before, right here within the energy of this building. There's always a complement of humanity who does not want to believe this [a channelled message]. Even this day, there will be those who would sit before me as old souls, as ones that I know, and they will cross their arms and say, "It is the Human Being pretending to channel." They do not want to think that this might be real. Yet next to them will be one who for years has been able to see the colors, and who can experience the attributes of interdimensionality. It's interesting, two humans, side by side - one in full disagreement with what is taking place, and the other one being healed.

So, what does that tell you? It indicates that you are free, completely free to absorb or not the energies that are placed before you. This is the way of it, and there will be no effort tonight on my part to convince the one who does not want to be convinced. I am here with information. I am here with love, and I am here for those who wish to enjoy this energy.

Awakening is a very personal experience. You are honored, each old soul here, regardless of whether you believe this channelling is real or not. All are equally honored and loved by God. Feel this if you will. Some will walk out today having believed none of it. It doesn't matter, for the love is here anyway.

Let me tell you something, unbeliever, that I want you to think about. You may not believe what is taking place on this stage at the moment is real. My partner takes a back seat to me. He's not in trance. He's listening when he lets me have the microphone and I use his personality, his knowledge, his language, his intellect and his Akashic experience. I use the Human vehicle and through these years the pipeline that he has developed with me has increased in its purity, in its integrity, and it has opened up even more. Now I can speak to you in ways I could not 20 years ago. Yet you still may not believe it.

There's an entourage around you who you call angels or guides or whatever you choose as names. They're here as support for you, and they'll be here all your life, yet you don't even know it. Some of you walk your entire life with them just standing there, and they're not allowed to say a thing. Your free choice guarantees that. They love you beyond measure, yet they can't say a thing or make themselves known.

They come in with you; they stand around the bed when you're born, and they are with you for life. For life! When you take your last breath, they'll be there. Yet if you never speak to them, they'll never say a word. And if you live a full life and you're 90 when you pass, or 100 …they won't say a word. That's how honored your free choice is. They won't poke you; they won't prod you. They won't tell you that you should have done this or you should have done that. The only way they're going to allow you to feel anything at all is if you allow pure intent to speak to them. And you don't have to know their names, because they don't have any.

There are those in this assemblage who know exactly what I'm talking about because they discovered these helpers. They heard from them when they went to their knees one day in meditation and said, "If you're there, let me know, because I want to change some things about life. I want to change some things about me, against all odds. I want to change who I am. I wish to find the God piece in me." This activated them all!

They're unique and they are different for every single Human. But you can feel them at work. Synchronicity begins to happen. Your personality begins to be more comfortable. Anxiety starts to go away, drama diminishes, and the problems of your life are not as hard anymore. Would you like that? Some say this is impossible and, against all odds, that it is real.

Many feel that channelling is not appropriate. They say, "This is too odd and strange, you know? Here we are with a Human Being receiving messages from the other side of the veil. How can anyone justify that? Where is that in spiritual history?" I'll tell you where that is in history, yet you often don't realize it. All of the scriptures, all of them on this planet, the most profound scriptures that you have ever read, did not come from God. They came from Human Beings who wrote them for you! They're not the words of God, they're the words of Human Beings under the influence of a divine Higher-Self.

So profound were they! Some of them were written in jail cells months before the death of the writer, yet the writer was not in a state of anxiety. He was in a state of joy writing to his friends, so many of them, and the words rang out with, "Praise God, from whom all good things come." Then the writer would go on to speak about the joy of finding the Higher-Self. These are the scriptures from Humans in love with God!

Listen: The most ancient and profound way that the Creator can speak to humanity is happening at this moment in this room. Perhaps you didn't realize that? Yet still there are always those who will say, "Well, the reason it is not appropriate is because it was OK for then, but not for now." They say, "We have all the books. All of the knowledge is there. We don't need anything new. This is from another time and place."

Oh, Human Beings, I will tell you, you are creating a shift on this planet that is very new. Wouldn't you like to know a little more about it? Are you really settled with only those things in the past? Wouldn't you like to know what brings you to the room today? Perhaps you would like to know more about some of the energies that are spinning here? The message this night is about an overview for you to examine. I want you to hear this.

It is a sweet place this evening. We invite you to feel the entities as they work around you. There are two of you in this audience who have recently lost loved ones and I know who is here… and I know who you are, and I speak to your heart: There is no such thing as death. It is a transitioning energy. The most enduring and profound thing on the planet can never be destroyed. It is love. Yet you feel somehow that it is gone. But it is not, for that loved one who is gone is still here. All they have done is to move between the veil and you.

The dreams that you are having about them are real; the messages that you've received are real, and these loved ones are here in spirit this night. They sit next to you and they cry out to you and they say, "Do not go into sorrow for I am here for the rest of your life." You needed to hear that, and perhaps that's why you came. This is so real to me! I can see the dimensions, both sides of the veil as I come before you now.

I want to explain something to you: There are things that have happened on this planet that are simply against all odds. Human Beings just don't look at them enough to see them for what they are. I wish to walk you through the miracles of the last 20 years.

The Beginning of the Shift

The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 postured the new energy and prepared the earth for the shift, and you moved right into it. Things started happening quickly. In 1989, my partner allowed me to come in and begin channelling. The first information I channelled to him was released in 1993. I said that the magnetic grid of the planet was going to change… greatly. Indeed, it happened in your lifetime, yet it had not ever done so in your parents' lifetime or your grandparents' lifetime. I told you that against all odds you were going to see it move greatly... to move more in 10 years than it had in 100. Against all odds, in your lifetime, this was going to happen. Then it did. Measurable, it is, even today. It's easy to do this with a compass. Against all odds, it moved, and your science took notice.

It's a fact in the scientific records that the heliosphere of the sun has changed greatly also. It has diminished. There is a magnetic resource that is coming into your solar system that is part of the Galactic Alignment, which you are currently experiencing. All of this, on time, all on schedule, all appropriate, my dear Human Beings.

All of this is in alignment with what the Mayans told you: one of the highest vibrations the earth has ever seen is about to be developed in this shift. And it's NOT going to happen in 2012. It happened in 1998! You are in the shift. The only explosion that's going to happen in 2012 is the explosion of the mythology of the western world trying to make you fear a date! You sit in the shift right now and the magnetic grid is part of it, all part of it. I told you this 20 years ago, and now it's here. Against all odds you experienced it.

There are those who would say, "Well, it would have happened anyway. It's not that impressive to me since it's an astronomical event." Humans do that. Even after something very special happens, they will say that it would have happened anyway.

It's true. The Galactic Alignment would have happened anyway, even if Humans were not on the planet to enjoy it. But the esoteric vibratory shift that accompanies it is palatable, and you are seeing it everywhere. Perhaps you need a few more "against all odds" episodes before you'll start to understand that this is a unique time of shift for all of you. It's different. You are seeing things that even your ancient ancestors never saw. It's a time of change.

In the same transcriptions in the same year of 1993, I told you that the weather patterns would change greatly. I said that within 20 years, you would see it dramatically. Seen any? It's here. You'll also notice that certain key words were not spoken. I never said anything about warming, did I? Your warming is a natural cyclical occurrence to the coming cooling! It has to do with the water cycle of this planet, and geologically it has sped up. Time is relative and your best scientists have called it so. In a vibrational shift of this planet, you have sped up time - not the time on your mechanical clocks, nor the time measured by what your radioactive isotopes release… not that kind of time. Instead, it is the interdimensionality of time… something caused by an interdimensional shift. You have sped it up. It's moving far faster, and your body knows it. You're feeling it. You know it's going faster, don't you? And so does the earth.

Geology is speeding up. You are receiving things that the geologists did not expect to happen for another 100 years. That is the water cycle change, which is affecting the weather. We told you that, and you sit in it. Against all odds, the weather has shifted! It didn't do this in your parents' lifetime or in your grandparents' or in their parents'. Against all odds, you're here to see it.

Then there are those who will sit and say, "Well, it would have happened anyway. It doesn't prove anything, Kryon. You're going to have to show me more than that." Well, I will. By the time I'm done, I want you to see this clearly. There are too many coincidences involved in this shift, and the fact that we told you about many of them years before they occurred makes it even more special, does it not? So, if you are going to sit and be intellectual, do so. But at some point, the intellect has to surrender to fact.

The prophecies of old all coordinated an Armageddon scenario. It all coordinated with the approximate time of your recent millennium shift. A confluence of energy was to come together with two great super powers on the earth, each one throwing atomic bombs at the other. Then you had what was called the end of the earth, or at least the end as you knew it. Many prophets gave this to you. This is not something Kryon made up for this discussion, and you know it. Scripturally it is there for you to see in your own religions. It is also there within the quatrains of Nostradamus. It is there even in the indigenous writings of the potentials of the future.

Then, against all odds, something happened; it was something that could not happen on a logical and intellectual level, but it did. Overnight, one of the giants in the scheme of Earth politically fell over. The Soviet Union ceased to exist. If you had asked your parents about that, they'd say, "Impossible." Twenty years ago, if you had asked the Pentagon about the potentials of this, they would have said, "Impossible." And if you asked the Kremlin, they would have said, "Laughable." Yet, against all odds, it happened. It is part of the shift. It is part of this new age of energy that is upon you. The elimination of one of the super powers had to be accomplished. Not one bomb fell. Not one battle was fought. Consciousness did it, if you noticed.

What do you think about that, Human Being? Bringing down a super power just with consciousness? That's the third one on my list, so how many events are you going to need to start to see that against all odds something is happening?

Three years ago, I gave you a prophecy that was not a prophecy, not a fortune telling attribute, but instead a report of one of the strongest potentials that existed in your reality. These are events that we could see coming because you are slowly creating them. This is the ability for us to see the potentials of what you are creating that you cannot see and I saw it, and I gave it to you and I told you. It was that the giant country just below your border [USA] was going to lose the stability of its largest corporations; the bastions of finance would fall over. I said it would start with insurance and it did.

When you look at those corporations, which literally were the American dream, which belonged to the United States, the ones that invented and created the automobile itself for the rest of the world… they're out of "normal business" today. Against all odds.

If you had asked an auto executive 20 years ago if that could happen, he would have said, "No. Strong we are. Nothing could do that." Against all odds, it happened. And it's important you understand why. Dear ones, there's no punishment here. These businesses didn't fall over because they were corrupt. They didn't fall over because they did something wrong. That's not the way it works. If that's the way it worked on Earth, many things would have fallen over a long time ago, wouldn't they? That's not the way it works. Instead, you had the beginning of the seeds of change in finance and banking that spoke of integrity. The consciousness of the masses decided to reinvent the way bankers work their banks, insurance companies work their money. The rules had to change and they are doing so! Many are still wondering what happened. There's a financial pruning going on within this planet, starting in North America, and we told you so some years ago. Against all odds, it happened as we said.

Now what are you going to do with this information? This is the fourth in a series of six events I'm giving you. Against all odds, they happened. Are you starting to get the picture here? How many of you have the courage, the maturity, and the insight to celebrate the recession? Can you say, "Thank you, God, that we are moving forward with a little more integrity in these things that we thought might even sink us." The conspirators will tell you that this and that are going to happen and you're all doomed. And the proof, ironically, is the recession! There still is no understanding that what you're doing is pruning the system for integrity.

Let me tell you some more about that country below you [USA]. Against all odds… all odds, they have a president of color. That wasn't supposed to happen for two more generations. Ask a sociologist about this, for they run studies about potentials. There simply was too much hatred, too much bias, too many issues and too many problems between races to allow for this. Yet it happened. With all the racial strife, perhaps you wondered how they would ever resolve those racial issues? Yet against all odds, they elected a man of color. I would like to tell you this can only happen with a consciousness shift. It was way before it's time, according to those who study these things.

These are not esoteric events. These are events around you in real life, and there's a reason I'm giving you these things to examine. You can look at and see these because when you get to number seven you're going to need to believe, because it won't sound possible. This was number five.

Number six is barely starting to happen, and you saw the evidence of it this year. Again I gave you a potential, not a prophecy of the future as a fortune teller, just the potential of what was in the works that you couldn't see. In the book The Great Shift, compiled by the very Human who organized this meeting (Martine Valeé), I said that there's going to be a revolution in Iran. There was, and now I'd like to give you the rest of the story.

Did you see it? It began this year. The seeds are there for a major Iranian revolution. Oh, it was suppressed… or was it? It grows even as I speak to you right now. The very few control the many there in that country, which has literally been called an Evil Empire. Isn't it odd? So were the Soviets, and look what happened.

Let history show what is going to happen for these are the potentials I give you now. It's number six. The revolution in Iran will be called the Great Revolution. The removal of the mullahs will take place. You will see it. If the potentials are as strong as they are today, you will see it. And with the removal of the mullahs, you will find a young Iranian civilization that is mature in their faith, who knows what they want, and will create stability. In fact, so stable can it become - are you ready for this statement? - that the stability of Iran may eventually lead to a stable Middle East. The Iranian influence may actually lead to what we will give you in number seven (to follow), for the Iranians may very well start to bring about peace in Israel.

Here it is full circle: Twenty years ago I said, "As go the Jews, go Earth." And I'm telling you you've been waiting for a solution and it won't come from North America as many thought it would. They said, "The North Americans are the only ones who can put this together. The United Nations, the only ones who could put this together." Watch how it gets put together! It will be Middle Easterners with Middle Easterners. As I have said before, a mature, stable Iran will make peace with those around them, perhaps even set up a union of Islamic states, and with their resources and their financial maturity, they will see that a one state solution can work in Israel. They will desire to have peace in the region, for it will impact their own stability.

Doesn't this start to make more sense to you? Oh, but I haven't give you number seven. I even hesitate… too unbelievable when you hear it. Listen, my partner: this may not take place in your lifetime, but you'll be here.

This is going to be meaningful to some of you and some of you will scratch your heads and say, "I don't understand." Listen: The final rebuilding of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem will begin to proceed with the help of Islamic funding, combined with funding from supporters of Israel.


"Now you've gone too far, Kryon. That's against all odds and a very naïve statement. It's ignorant and a bit insulting to the Jews." Really?

It's really not that much of a stretch. Let me explain what they have at this moment. In Jerusalem at the moment there is a kind of static peace, for the reality is that you have three major religious players on the opposite ends of the hate scale, having to share the most hallowed, holy ground that exists for each of them. And it just happens to be the same exact place for all of them. In that place, where the Temple is to be rebuilt, is the place of the astral ascension of Mohammad, the profit of Islam. The Temple Mount is the place, and it is also precious to the Jews and Christians.

The Jews would argue that Abraham's son, Isaac, was almost slain there. Their history is clear on this. Even the Christians believe this. However, in the Islamic world, it was Ishmael, the other son of Abraham, who had that experience on the Mount. So they both share the same holy places and they coexist in a peace of necessity. Have you noticed? That's not where the trouble spot is in Israel. It's all around it, but they keep the Temple Mount sacred. By de facto, they have been sharing this space for two generations, you see?

Now, let me insert the new energy. What I'm giving you now is already under way and although it seems far-fetched that the Jews and the Arabs would get together and fund the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, the seeds of this have already been presented. Think for a moment of the incredible resources of both groups!

This would be the third time for the Jewish temple, and in the middle of it would be an allowance for the grandeur of the Islamic Temple of the Mount. Together they would build something they could share and continue to share, but in the process, make it grander than ever… perhaps grander than anything that has ever been built! Together they would create ways where they could both visit each section of their own, and the Palestinians would visit their part for the first time, freely and openly. Even those who are not Islamic would be able to come in and enjoy the beauty of this sacred place, for the first time, without those standing by with weapons in case there's trouble.

Against all odds, and for the first time in history, the Jewish nation and Islam would come together in a neutral area by their own agreement, and with Iran's help. A stability would eventually take place. Who would be the real benefactor of this? It would be Iran, the largest and most stable nation in the Middle East.

There'll come a day, my partner, when the Middle East and the trouble there will be a distant memory. What is your memory of Ireland and their problems? What about Germany, Japan, or Russia? Former enemies of half a century are now trading freely with each other and have economies that are intertwined. It's time to see this same attribute in the Middle East. Impossible? Against all odds?

"As go the Jews, go the earth," I told you. When you see the seed of this potential in Israel, you will know that you are headed for peace on Earth. In that potential attribute, you can see the beginning of what can happen on the planet. Enemies of thousands of years can look in each others' eyes and say, "We don't like each other, but let's cooperate and build something special. Let's make it unique so that we could both enjoy it. Let's create a way. We don't agree and we've had our wars. But this Holy place is too beautiful to let it exist in hate this way." Expect clearer minds because the energy is changing, against all odds. That's number seven.

There is a potential that before all this takes place, there will also be still another flare up in these areas… such is the old energy, and such are those who wish to move the planet backwards in energy. There are, and will be for some time, those who will willingly die to bring the earth back into darkness and a consciousness that is elementary, basic, and unenlightened. But I have given you a glimpse of a future time… somewhat in the distance, but close enough to be real to you.

What are you going to do with all this information? Many will laugh, point at the problems and current hatred and tell you that it's simply "against all odds." If they do, then you can smile, since that is exactly the issue. Against all odds is the energy of the day, and represents the shift.

What is it that is against all odds with your personal life? I know who's here. Is it with family? Is it with your health? What is it you have said, "I can't do"? What is it you have assigned to the impossible. It's part of that three-dimensional list that humans have, the doable and the not doable. Humans treat these as they would laws of physics!

I'm going to ask you tonight to get interdimensional with me because I see who you are and I see the magnificence of those who sit in the chairs. I see the creative ability you all have. Throw away those lists of what you can't do. If there is a number eight in this list, it is you! What is it you've decided you can't do against all odds? You can have that healing. Maybe it's the healing of love, and you know who I'm talking to.

What part of your family don't you talk to anymore? Perhaps they've changed. Maybe you've changed? Did you know what love does on this planet? It is the creator of peace. Reestablish connections you think are gone. Impossible? Against all odds? Who have you met today in the synchronicity of this meeting, who don't you know? Have you thought to yourself, "I'm going to go to somebody who I don't know. Maybe they're here with something I need? Perhaps I have something for them?" That is synchronicity! Do you know that's why old souls get together?

There'll come a time when that's why you will come to a meeting like this. Oh, not to hear the speakers, but to meet each other! But you really haven't recognized that yet, have you? Have you? There is so much here that hides. There's so much potential… against all odds.

This is the Kryon energy. It is a feminine energy given by a male voice, but you knew that, didn't you? It's a Mother-Father energy. This is why we're here, to help you see what is inside each of you. This is what we do to remind you of who you are, and ask you to begin to remember it all.

And so it is.